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Great class, Adam. Thanks so much!

Profile photo of Leandro Neves Leandro Neves

Very useful lesson.

Profile photo of Serdan Serdan

I just finish my bussiness by airplane and on the trip i usually heard instructed by the attendant in English. at that time i felt a bit confusing but now I can understanable. Thank Adam so much

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

Why have to be “tamper with”? Why not just “tamper”?

Profile photo of Astri Astri

    Hi Astri,

    There needs to be an object to this action. Tamper by itself actually means nothing. Another way to think of this is as a phrasal verb.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Still confused honestly but thank you for your reply

      Profile photo of Astri Astri

        hmmm… How about this?

        When we fix, we fix something.

        When we tamper, we don’t fix it. We simply make changes to it. It’s almost as though we are playing with it to see what happens.
        So, we tamper with it, meaning we are doing something with it to reach another goal.

        Not sure if that makes it any clearer though. :(

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

          Thanks Adam

          Profile photo of Alhamed Alhamed

      perfect Adam, this class help me a lot!

      Profile photo of Destefani Destefani

Finally I’ve understand what this girls have said.

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    Profile photo of mohammad177 mohammad177

thank you for lesson!

Profile photo of Hoang Thi Quyen Hoang Thi Quyen

Very good lesson. Can you give more aviation lessons? I would be very grateful to you.

Profile photo of Taty Li Taty Li

    I’ll see what I can do Taty :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you very much, Adam! Valuable lesson!

Profile photo of JJulian JJulian

Have a nice flight!

Profile photo of Valery teacher Valery teacher

Got 90%. Excellent lesson Adam. Thanks a lot! <3

Profile photo of Annie Annie

My best teacher I proud of because you are good at how to understand the english language for someone keepgoing to my best teacher.

Profile photo of Salankey Salankey

Very useful lesson, thanks….!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

Everytime I am in a flight, I try to listen attentively the security prescription in order to revise my level of English. This lesson will be a help for a next flight which I hope. Thank you Adam.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

Thanks a lot Adam, although taking a plane is not in my plans. I´m waiting for the hyperloop, which I think it will be more secure and less dangerous ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    Indeed :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam


Profile photo of End saeed End saeed

Thank you Adam. Very useful lesson!

Profile photo of HugoAr HugoAr

Refreshing aviation concepts for travellers, it is one of my favourite tasks, I like very much this video class because I remember some of the procedures every pilot has had to do during all the flights with passengers. A little doubt with life vest but without intention. Thanks a lot teacher Adam.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Hi,Adam! Your lessons are amazing) I do understand you;)
Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of OlgaE_Moscow OlgaE_Moscow

thank u sir

Profile photo of dija arr dija arr

Thank you Adam for the lesson. It is absolutely helpful not only for travelers but also for everyone using flight

Profile photo of keniuj keniuj

got 10 correct of 10
thanks adam

Profile photo of Mozdava Mozdava

thanks Adam

Profile photo of Nosaiba Hasan Nosaiba Hasan

plz adam u said u will make a video on how to construct a noun clause adj clause ….etc

Profile photo of ahmedeleiba4 ahmedeleiba4

Thank you teacher Adam for your useful lessons. I didn’t understand the word fasten when I am on the plane. I also didn’t understand all instruction for flight safety. But with your help, I can understand it well.

Profile photo of Mohaisse Mohaisse

thank you, good lesson.

Profile photo of octaviomanuel octaviomanuel

Thank you Sir,Be in good health !

Profile photo of kyaechan1993@gmail.com kyaechan1993@gmail.com

Thank you Mr. Adam. I like your lessons as well as rate of your speech.

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Thank you sir im a beginning here.

Profile photo of Gilder Gilder

    Welcome Gilder :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Great, goods instructions

Profile photo of Dileydson do Amaral Peixoto Dileydson do Amaral Peixoto

Good, Adam is a good teacher

Profile photo of Huydz Huydz

Adam the best!

Profile photo of Vladimir Vladimir

Adam best
the lesson about flight safety, this lesson really very usefull leson.

Profile photo of Bile98906@gmail.com Bile98906@gmail.com

Adam best.
the lesson about flight safety, this lesson really very usefull leson.

i am new student please help me

Profile photo of Bile98906@gmail.com Bile98906@gmail.com

    Welcome Bile98906 :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

i have been chain engvid.com
for two days ago.
my level that i am choosing is Beginner level.

Profile photo of Bile98906@gmail.com Bile98906@gmail.com

very useful, thanks

Profile photo of Judy-gmd Judy-gmd

Hi sir, hope you are fine and doing well. sir can you please prepare a lesson about the differences between will have to and would have to. when is would have to used. will have to is future perfect we know, but the problem is with would have to. if you can calarify

Profile photo of samir khan patang samir khan patang

    HI Samir, I’ll see what I can do.

    In the meantime, would can also be about future, but it hypothetical, meaning just imaginary, not real.
    Also, for reported speech we go one tense back, so if someone says will and someone else says what that first person said, the second person would say “He said he would…”. In other words, would is the past tense of will.

    I’ll make a more clear explanation in a video.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thanks a million!

Profile photo of lestat220255 lestat220255

Thank you everyone :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam


Profile photo of Maged Mohey Maged Mohey

hello Adam.I am new.
I am amateur in English and I want to know You think I need to start learning which movie at first?
thanks :)

Profile photo of fatima27579 fatima27579

    Hi Fatima,

    Start with videos labeled ‘beginner’. If these are too easy, start watching intermediate videos.

    As far as topics, anything you watch will be helpful to build vocabulary and listening skills. After that, you can start to choose the topics you need.

    Good luck :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Conglats for the explanation, Adam!!

Profile photo of Rafsmouras Rafsmouras

hello adam i am new student i need some advice for learning english

Profile photo of Abdusalamnm1 Abdusalamnm1

    Welcome Abdusalamnm1 :)

    Just watch these videos and practice. You will speak well soon.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you for video, Adam

Profile photo of AmyLe AmyLe

Thanks, Adam

Profile photo of Yunita Stemicima Iba Yunita Stemicima Iba

Good learning

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Thank you

Profile photo of AnnaHill AnnaHill

thank so much

Profile photo of myckbelge myckbelge

Thank you very much, Adam! Valuable lesson!

Profile photo of MarianaUY MarianaUY

Hi Sir, Iam new student but I need your help, first I want to talk with you. Sir, If its possible .I dont know from which point to start ………
Thank you

Profile photo of Zuhal Azizi Zuhal Azizi

Thank you very much, Adam! Valuable lesson!

Profile photo of belalali02 belalali02

Thank you Adam. You`ve been very helpful for aviation :)

Profile photo of escapeepilot escapeepilot

awesome!! :)

Profile photo of haitham.elshennawy haitham.elshennawy

100/100 thank you Adam 🤗

Profile photo of jane.doe jane.doe

Thank you!

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Thank you very much

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Very,very good!

Profile photo of And Martins And Martins

Thanks Adam, you are the best !!!

Profile photo of IliaMikhnev IliaMikhnev

thank you Mr Adam I got 80/100

Profile photo of tebyan tebyan

Very interisting lesseon Adam !!! Thanks a lot.

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tnank you very much

Profile photo of IrinaKaper IrinaKaper

thanks, now I known very important information about flight safe.

Profile photo of palopez palopez

Hi,good lesson,thanks

Profile photo of Bolatkz Bolatkz

Thanks Adam for 100 !

Profile photo of Orkideh Orkideh

Thank you Adam!
Every year I go alone to rusia.
This lesson helpd me a lot!

Profile photo of Lobasolitaria Lobasolitaria

Thanks Adan. Great tips,

Profile photo of marcoslacerda marcoslacerda

Hello please help me.there i cand find quiz and old lesson to take quiz.

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    Hi! Can you tell me more about the problem? Can you see the quiz for this lesson?

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