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Thank you Adam


    thank a lot once again thank a lot yours lessons are clear


Thank a 1000000000000000000000000


I liked your explanation, Thanks a lot


although you are a good teacher, I didn’t make it in the quiz :( maybe I need more practice :) thanks

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    Keep trying :)

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      Hello! Sorry but i didn`t understand one thing.
      You said that if “though“ is standing between 2 parts of sentence we don`t use comma. But here I have a quiz and the question is :

      You did very well on your test, ________ I recommend you practice reading some more for the next one.
      even though
      in spite of

      and the coorect is “though“]
      but I see the comma in the sentence before this word
      Sorry if you don`t understand
      I only try to learn english well
      Look forward from hearing you

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        Adam already made that mistake in video. It’s the same mistake, I reckon)

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          Russia beautiful country
          by the way

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      Thank you sir

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    You should use other one which is “even though” in the comment… Shouldn’t she, teacher?





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Although i am not that much good at English, i think i can mange with the native speakers.. it easy now :)

Shuaib Ahmed

thanks sir

Manish Tiwari

Hi,thanks but still confusing wich one should use if all mean the same.


    Hi Mimo,

    Watch the vid again, but remember that there are subtle differences. Even though has a stronger focus on the expectation, though is informal, etc.

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Thanks for this lesson sir :)

May i know what’s the difference between Suggest and recommend?

i.e You should not do this
Do not do this.

They both mean the same right?

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    They could mean the same. But it depend on situation you are dealing with.

    Try to imagine this: You have a kid, and you are on a boat in the middle of a sea, and the kid wants to swim. But you saw something, and that was a shark. You know, a big fish with sharp teeth — you should see the movie titled “jaws”. xD So, what would you say to your child?

    “Look, there is a shark. You shouldn’t jump to the water.”
    “Look, there is a shark. Don’t jump to the water!!! xD

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      I would like to give a suggestion of an answer as well.
      As I read, a “suggestion” is a plan or idea put forward for consideration while a “recommendation” is a suggestion as to be the best one to be considered (taken, accepted).
      Suggestion = option
      Recommendation = preferable option

      I hope it helped.

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        Good answer Carlos

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      thriller example … :P but still nice .. :D

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    Hi Poongkundran,

    I’m not sure about the examples you gave, but ‘suggest’ is ot offer up a possibility and it is up to you to decide. ‘recommend’ is more to give a favorable opinion about something.

    For example: If you ask me about a good restaurant in Toronto, I can suggest a few. But if I recommend a few, it means i really like them and you should try them.

    As for “You should do this.’ vs. ‘do this.’ The first probably has no consequences if you ignore, while the second might have consequences.

    I hope this helps.

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you’re superb dear adam
thank you sooooo Much

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i love this lesson……………i would like a lesson on CHOSE,CHOOSE AND CHOSEN..not sure of their pronounciations and how to use them…thanks…….jonescyras from nigeria…

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    I’ll see what i can do :)

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thanks a lot

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Thank you.
Good lesson and likeable person, like all Engvid teachers. Really nice team.


Thank so much for lesson very interesting, even though my quiz result was 40/100….I will better next time..Perhaps I don’t understand well the using difference between though and although…
Kind Regards

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    Keep trying. It’ll come to you :)

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thank you.
Can you use ‘not’with as long as in an if clause?


thts first lecon i see you and you surprised me by your teaching style, and please may explain me why this answer in first quiz, i couldnt get it, why not :
. I still love you, ___despite_______ you treat me


    Hi, I’d like to answer and hope that you’re ok with it.
    The reason is because there’s a S+V after the blank.
    I still love you, __________ (S)you + (V)treat me. So as he explained you must use although or though.
    If you’d like to use “Despite” the phrase should end up like this:
    I still love you, ___despite_______ your way of treating me /or/ despite your behavior.

    I hope it helped you.


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    Hi Karim,

    Carlos gives a good answer here, but I will add one point. You can say ” I still love you despite how you treat me.” It’s not as common, but you can follow despite/in spite of with a full noun clause (including the conjunction– how you treat). Better stay with the phrase though.

    Hope that helps.

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Very nice lesson.. Ty Adam =D

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Well down, Thanks

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Amazing job. I’ll practice a lot this lesson


Thank you Adam
It was so helpful


    i need more understanding of english.

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I need to practice it back to back :)
didn’t swallow this Lec yet …. !
kinda mixed up
but thanks anyway :)

salman Freshie

Thanks Adam

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Adam, I have, as always, a couple questions. xD

The first one regarding my previous question to you — “I’m done”. You gave an example, and I wanted to know if I’ve understood it well. So, when I’m doing something and saying “I’m done”, this actually describes me, not the activity that was finished? Perhaps, the action was so exhausting that I only want to go to bed and rest. And in this sense it means that “I’m done”. Is that correct?

The second question is about this sentence below.

“There don’t seem to be any houses in the area.”

It took my a while why there is “don’t”. Because of “houses” which is plural. But when I typed the phrase “There don’t seem to be” in google, it corrected that piece to “there doesn’t seem to be” My question is: When we speak, is there a possibility of using “doesn’t” even if we have plural subject? Something like “There is two things”. I know that this isn’t grammatically correct, but I’m just wondering if it’s possible.

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    I done is when u quit. no more alcohol 4 me in my life, I done. I guess so. lol.

    Efrain Dominguez

    HI, I’d like to give you my opinion dispite your question was asked to Adam.
    First I’d like to say that there’s a much easier way of understanding the expression “I’m done”. It’s simply that the person who says it considers that he won’t do it anymore beacause he has finished what he was supposed to do or because he can’t stand doing it anymore.
    About the second question, the right way I found is:
    There seems to be “singular”
    There seem to be “plural”
    There doesn’t seem to be “singular”
    There don’t seem to be “plural”
    Try inverting like this just for understanding purposes:
    There don’t seem to be any problems.
    Problems don’t seem to be there.
    There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong.
    Anything wrong doesn’t seem to be there.

    I hope it helped.

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      Ok, but it’s a little bit different when you are listening to people as they speak. For example “There is two things.” Many people (native speakers) use singular verb even if the subject is plural. They should say “There are two things.”, but they use “is” instead of “are”. In the sentence I gave, there is also the word “there”. So, I’m just wondering if we can apply this here, too.

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        Hi Morfik.

        Ok. I’m done, technically refers to the completion of the activity, but it also takes on a personal tone, aka I’ve achieved my goal.
        In slang use, it means I’m tired, or I quit (eg., the drinking/smoking examples).

        As for there is/are, don’t/doesn’t– is and doesn’t with singulars, are and don’t with plurals. That being said, you’re asking about spoken English. You need to keep in mind that many (if not most) native English speakers make grammar mistakes on a regular basis. In fact, it is so regular that eventually it becomes acceptable and later on, it might even be considered correct. Try saying out loud the following: there’s vs.there’re/there are. The first is much easier, right? So that’s what people go for (really, the reason is that simple).

        I’m not sure what your native language is, but I’m pretty sure that if you pay close attention to native speakers of your language, you’ll realize they do it too. Not a good thing, necessarily, but it happens.

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          Yep, I noticed this in my native language (Polish). Even I speak in that way. :)

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          I’m afraid to say that so do I :)

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Great explanation, Adam. I really like watching your videos.


Hello Adam although,though, even tough it can use only in the past?

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    Although I’m not a teacher I will answer your question.
    Ex: Smoking will kill her. She won’t stop though.
    Although Adam will answer you eventually I wanted to give you my opinion.
    I hope it helped.

    Bye, Carlos.

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    Nope. Any time is good Dinoalb.

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Thanks Adam.


Thanks for the lesson, Adam. It’s pretty clear and useful.
However, I still have one query. Is “despite that/ in spite that + clause” correct? I really wonder.

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    I don’t think so.
    If I remember what was written on the board of his video, Although/ though + clause ans despite/in spite of +phrase.

    I’ll check it again.

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      Yes, i know. Well, actually, the reason I asked such a question like that is my teacher have taught me that structure – “in spite that + clause”. It’s not popular, not common though.

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        My teacher have taught me “despite/in spite of + the fact that + clause”.. I think it is the same as “despite/ in spite of + phrase”. however, it isn’t popular. when we do rewriting the sentences exercises, we can use this structure, if we can’t find phrase instead of clause.

        Hoang Thi Bich Hong

        Hi Tonnguyenkieuthuc, You got good answers from your peers here, but I’ll add one more point. You can use a clause after despite/in spite of. It’s not common, but if you use a full noun clause (including the conjunction) then it’s ok.
        e.g., Despite what people say, I will vote for him. or,

        In spite of what the results are, I will follow him.

        Both of these are correct. But… a) I find that many ESL students are not comfortable with noun clauses, and b) why write more when you can write less?

        eg. Despite others’ opinions, I’ll vote for him.

        In spite of the results, I’ll follow him.

        The main thing to remember is that you can’t follow despite directly by the S+V.

        Hope that helps.

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          Thank you all for your helps. Now I understand that both “in spite of that +S +V” and “despite that + S + V” are wrong.

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          There is another form though:

          Despite his coming home late, his girlfriend wasn’t angry.

          I’ll try to make a lesson about this form because it’s a little complicated.

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          Thanks a lot for your extra explanation. You’re really one of the most enthusiastic teachers that I have ever known.

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your lesson is very interesting. It was my gop when I was taking ESL classes……:)


Very good lesson Adam ! Way to go. That was very insightful with your explanations. Keep that way.

Bye, Carlos.

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Thanks a lot! Veru useful )

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Oops, plz, correct my verY )))

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thanks alot adam

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very interest!!!
and good explication!!


Thak you soooo much dear Adam :)


Thanks Adam!

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Hi,how are you? Teacher Adam, your lesson is interesting, this is a way to understanding the grammar of English such as: though, although, even though, despite,in spite of.
thank you so much.


thank you Adam! is there any difference bet. Group of Companies and Group Comprises?

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    Hi Apoako,

    I’m not really sure if this is what you meant. Companies is a noun and comprises is a verb. The group comprises (is made up of) several companies.

    Does that help?

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      hello Adam, it’s a privileged to hear from you… hmmmm… nope Adam.. was encountered the “Group of Comprises” at the end of the page while reading on one of company’s website. it goes like this “About the company ….. bla bla… then Let’s say the name of the company was,
      “EngVid Group Comprises”
      (listed all the companies linked to above mentioned)

      got confused anyway :D that’s why I asked if there is any difference between GRoup of Companies and Group of Comprises.. seemingly the same meaning though, wanted to make sure…


        Ok. If you say Engvid group comprises A, b, and C, then it means those three make up the whole group. Check again to see if there is ‘of’ there. That’s what’s confusing.

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          it’s clear now…. thank you so much!


Sorry dear Adam I think something is wrong with two questions in the test. Questions four and nine. Although I knew the correct answer but these two answers confused me “ALL the answers are correct” and “NONE of the answers are correct”. I thought how could all the answers be correct when one of them is “none of the answers are correct”? So I ignored them :D or maybe I am wrong :)


    Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that there are 3 possible answers PLUS two other options: those 3 answers being all right OR those 3 answers being all wrong. So you have to pick one of the 3 answers OR one of the 2 possible options.


      Andy, Sorry to say this but I never asked your opinion.

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    Hi Meliha,

    Actually, Andy answered the question, but it’s good that you ask questions if you’re not sure. :)

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      This is not the answer that I was waiting for. I will find it out, thank you :)

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Nice lesson, many thanks!

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Hi my best teacher in the world!
first and foremost thank you for teaching and helping people, I love your lessons and it is the best way to help humanism


Thanks Adam even though i was busy i watched your cool video is that phrase correct?


    Hi Anis,

    Yes it is, just don’t forget capitals and periods. :)

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thanks sir.


I have got 90% Thank you for your explanation.

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Thank very much sir,
These are the exact rules that I’ve searched for . I don’t know how can you and other teacher in ENGVID recognize the things that we need.
Thank you again,and I hope you keep supporting us in videos like these.

Yazan ka

thank you Adam,
I spend too much time to understand “though” at the end of a sentence.With your simple explanation, now I understand.Thanka again.
While I was reading comments, I had a question .What’s the difference between consider and think.Which one we must use in different situations.


    Hi Cute,

    They’re almost the same. Consider means think about carefully. Think can be used in other ways that consider can’t, such as to have an opinion, or come up with an idea, etc.

    Hope that helps.

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Thankyou Adam :D


Thank you so much!
But it was a little difficult to me.


Thank you so much.
But it was i little difficult to me.


Thank you!


thanks Adam,
I have one question;
— What different “Even though”, “even when”, “even if”, “even so”


    Hi Semih,

    Good question. I think that’ll need a whole lesson of its own to answer. I’ll make one for you soon.


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thanks Adam

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Only 70%… But, it’s okay!

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Lovely lesson Thanks Adam.


Can you have some lesson on the following vocabularies,

2.In fact


Tamil Eelavan

Tamil Eelavan

    Actually is coming up soon. I’ll get to the others as soon as possible. :)

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      Hi Adam!
      I really enjoy your lesson.
      What about “even if” ?
      Many thanks!

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Thank you for your lesson! I have some problems with journey, trip, travel, voyage…Could you explain it?

Thank you in advance!


    Hi Cati,

    Not much room here, but I’ll give you the basics:

    Trip- the activity of going somewhere, including the packing the transportation, the lodging, etc.

    Travel- any trip you take.

    Journey- this is usually used when we talk about a trip that will change the person doing it. Can be spiritual too.

    Voyage- a very long trip.

    Hope that helps.

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Thanks Adam for this very useful lesson.
You explained it very well.


Thank you. I’ve read the comments. Why you have not yet given any answers to them?


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    Hi Ariunbolor,

    Fair question. I always answer the questions, I just wait a little while after the lesson appears here for 2 main reasons:

    1- I like to give others a chance to offer answers first. Some viewers are eager to do this and I encourage it.

    2- Not everyone reads the comments, s sometimes I see the same questions repeated. If I wait a bit, I can answer the repeated questions once.


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I liked your video lesson. But a have a point to put on it.

I researched the sense of “in spite of” in a dictionary and its sense was not preposition, but rather a idiom.

I would ask you to speak a little bit slower. Sometimes you speak so much fast.

Good lucky and thanks!


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    Hi john,

    I’ll work on my speed. No problem.

    As for in spite of, it begins with a preposition so is technically a prepositional phrase, but I see your point. The word idiom usually has other connotations so I’m careful in using it.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam



I would you ask you to teach us “somewhat and somehow”.

Thank you

Profile photo of ariunbolor ariunbolor

    Somewhat generally means ‘a little’. Somehow means that there is a way, but it might not be very clear.

    He’s somewhat handsome = not ugly, but not gorgeous. good looking.

    I’ll get there somehow- I don’t know how, but I’ll find a way.

    Does that help? (maybe I’ll make a lesson about this)

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The teaching was wonderful thanks ,may God fill you with more knowledge and strength

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Hi Adam
Althoug it is kind of a difficult vocabulary lesso I think I got it quite well.
I’ll see you next time and thank you


thanks Adam

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Very good lesson Adam, now it is so clear for me the use of this words that I got 90 in the quiz. I´ll keep practicing though.

Salvador G

Thanks sir .

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Althouh i am not good in english, but you are very good teacher.I will like you to give me more test to improfed my knowledge


Thank you Adam, even though i made just 70% out of the test, but i think i did well.


Adam, thank you for your lessons. Your explanations are very understandable. very good!


Thank you very much!!!

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thank you soooooo much dear Adam, your lesson was so clear and useful.

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Hi everyone.im new member in this site and i have no idea how to use.please help me.thanks.

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thank you my teacher

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thank you,

roushan khan

thank u
i hope to be good in the future >>> i need more practice.

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cristal clear

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Adam I think that in the seventh question of the quiz you did a mistake putting the comma. don’t you think?

Profile photo of brues11 brues11

    Hi Brues,

    Very good eye. Technically, I should have put a period and started a new sentence (even with the ‘though’). The problem here is that I didn’t mean to make a direct contrast but rather add an afterthought. That might sound confusing. But, if you remove the comma, it will be correct-it will, however, slightly alter the tone of the sentence.

    Does that help?

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I’m Still confused … :( i couldn’t understand clearly Adam … and I did the Quiz 30% horrible … :((

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    May be your are not that clever. Or may be you should spend some of your time studying the subject.


      I think you need more education about social conversation …!! you are enough clever, it’s alright…

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      Hi Andy,

      Everyone learns at their own pace. Please show a little more patience.


      Profile photo of Adam Adam

    i feel same as you

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    Hi Hrv,

    I think I’ll be able to help if you let me know what specifically confused you.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Hi dear Adam. Thanks for your answer . I took the quiz again and I got 80% without I watched the lesson again. I think i can understand it better now.In spite of I think I have to practice more this object.. :). Is my sentence is correct now?

      Profile photo of hrv84 hrv84

Thanks a lot :)

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Thanks, you make English so easy to understand. I ready want to speak English, i’m always shy went it comes to having conversation with friends. Hope u can help me learn English better.

Martina Johnson

I did the quiz before and after the lesson. I got 5 before and 8 after . It was really useful for me .. It is an amazing website.


You made it clear to me! Thanks a lot.

Greetings from Brazil.


Thank you so much Adam !


thank you


We have a new handsome teacher- Adam.. :P
i still love you , even though you treat me badly.
In spite of the public s anger, the govener passed the new law
i cant wait for the party. you arew coming , rigt ?
i have to work late, i ll be there later, though.
they decided to go ahead with the picnic, despite the bad weather.
You did very well on your test, though i recommend you practise reading some more for the next one.
You should be very careful what you eat, even though you are very thin.

i have one question , it is not connected with the theme, i know –to go picnic-, but what does it mean -to go ahead with picnic ?

Profile photo of fakhranda fakhranda

    Hi Fakhranda,

    To go ahead with something means that you thought of cancelling it, but then decided to go ahead with it, that is, continue with the original plan.

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi..i.m kevin from south korea..Adam in tag question case..i.m a teacher,aren,t i? or am i not? or ain,t i? which one is correct plz answer me as soon as you can thank you..


    Hi Kevin,

    Aren’t I and am I not are both correct, though we more often go with the contraction.

    Ain’t I is an Americanism that I generally don’t recommend anyone use other than Americans.


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As usuañ excellent explanation…and interesting lesson…thanks a lot Adam

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Adam, that was a great lesson and truly helpful. I now understand the difference between though and although. Thanks.

Profile photo of franciscocu franciscocu

Thank you very much. You’ve got a talent!


i cant get lessons, today youtube is not working well

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Can you do a video on how to pronounce the words like ” Used to”, “Forced to”,’Managed to” etc…
’cause when native speakers say them, the “ed”seems to be not prounounced.

Profile photo of henry19 henry19

    Hi Henriquecorrea

    Anytime a word ends in d or t and the next word begins with d or t, go with the second sound.

    Hot dog= hodog
    lead to= leato

    It’s the same any time one word ends with the same sound as the next word begins.

    black coffee= bla coffee
    six cents= sik cents

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Nice tip!

      Profile photo of morfik morfik

      Thanks. I appreciate it!!!

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hi adam

i can’t understand anything sorry

Profile photo of pranav9061 pranav9061

    Hi Pranav,

    I’m sure you understand some of it. Can you tell me more specifically what is difficult? Maybe I can help.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I have two more questions. :)

1. I was reading about do/would difference and came across this sentence: “So one of the most common uses of ‘would’ or ‘wouldn’t’ is to hypothesis or imagine a situation or action” My question is: Do we use an article after “or” — “.. imagine a situation or an action.”?

2. Words “barely” and “hardly” — For example a sentence: “I don’t understand you.” Is there a possibility of using those words in the sentence?

I barely understand you.
I don’t barely understand you.
I hardly understand you.
I don’t hardly understand you.

Are all of them correct and mean basically the same as “I don’t understand you.”?

Profile photo of morfik morfik

    1. generally, when we use compound conjunctions (and,but,or) and the items on both sides of the conjunction are clear, we can “carry over” the first article, that is, omit the second. Therefore “imagine a situation or action” is ok because a and an are identical (in meaning and function). If you need a and the, then you have to use both.

    What do I mean by clear?

    You go to a store. There is a white shirt, a blue shirt, and a blue and white shirt. You want 2 shirts.

    I want the blue and white ones
    I want the blue and the white ones.
    In the first sentence you’ll get 2 dual-colored shirts. In the second you’ll get 1 white and 1 blue.

    Not sure it’s that clear here, but let me know.


    barely and hardly mean ‘almost not’.
    So, I barely understand means I understand a little and can work my way to a full understanding. I don’t understand means you need to explain it again.
    I don’t barely understand, comes across as a double negative( though technically it’s not). But then, if we’re being technical, I don’t barely understand means understand well.
    But the idea will still come across, Which is why people say it. (though never write it-it makes editors cringe)

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      1. I get it now. :)
      2. I always try to avoid using double negative. I know that it can confuse people. So, if I understood you well, both “I don’t hardly understand” and “I hardly understand” basically mean the same?

      Profile photo of morfik morfik

        In terms of what people will understand, yes.

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

Lovely lesson Thanks


though i have watched this video very carefully ,i have got 7/10.. :(. will watch it again .. thanx 4 the video. :)


This lesson was difficult to understand totally. I’ve passed so much time to get it.

Profile photo of johnjohn johnjohn

    Feel free to ask any questions about difficulties.

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thanks, i really appreciate your way of teaching which is execellent thanks again.
am somali guy live in somaliland,my fellow somalians have a problem with english language how ever i my self improve it by visiting this deluxe website.keep uploading..

Abdirahman jenaqow

Thank u Teacher ^.^

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Hi Adam, I’m Francisco from Argentina, could you please make a lesson with the difference between improve and enhance; achieve and accomplish? That will be truly helpful like this lesson was. Thanks.

Profile photo of franciscocu franciscocu

    I’ll see what I can do. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

The topic was a little confusing but very, very important. Tank you very much! Adam.

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Thank you Adam

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Hi Adam,
what is your phone number ?


    Sorry Waldemar, I don’t give that out here. If you want to ask me anything, please do so here.


    Profile photo of Adam Adam

you do well thank you

rachid bermache

Hi prof. Adam ,I need some more examples to show the difference between although & even though concerning the idea of emphasis & confirmation . My sincere regards

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hi adam..please help me
“you have been advised to have an oppointement with your gp ”
“advised ” Is it a noun or a verb or.. verbal adjective or what
Does the majority of the verbs which comes after”present perfect” comes on this form
or is it possible to comes as “infinitive”
Is it a rule which Says
s+present perfect (have/has+vpp)+v ed

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    Hi Nino,

    First of all, advise-verb, advice-noun.

    Second, with present perfect you must always use the past participle (v3) of a verb.

    I’m going to assume here, that you haven’t noticed that the example you gave me is in the passive voice. You (s) have (pres perf) been advised (pres perf passive). Maybe that’s where the trouble lies?

    active: I advise you (to) see your GP.
    or I recommend you see your GP.

    Does that help?

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      Maybe that’s where the trouble lies?
      yes sir…
      Does that help?

      yep ..thank you so Much .may God bless you (:

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i don’t understand properly sir
and please prepare a video for learn English spelling as soon as possible


    Hi Mahesh,

    I’m afraid you’ll need to be more specific about what the problem is. Then I can help.
    I’ll try to get a spelling lesson for you.

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thank you very much providing in this information


Question #1 and 7 should not have commer before the adverd clause.

Cuong ta

    Hi Cuong ta,

    Good eye. On question 1 you’re right and I apologize. It’s a typo.
    As for 7, Technically, I should have put a period and started a new sentence (even with the ‘though’). The problem here is that I didn’t mean to make a direct contrast but rather add an afterthought. That might sound confusing. But, if you remove the comma, it will be correct-it will, however, slightly alter the tone of the sentence.

    Does that help?

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I like more explanation…….thanks


thank you ADAM

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Thanks.Could you please explain about : afraid,scared,frightened,fear and their different usages in one of your lessons.


    I’ll try to get to that :)

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Thanks everybody. Good questions here. Read each others comments- it helps.

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How did u know grammar? I will practice it when I call u but question wrong or answer. U correct then u send me.


I am confused.I ask u but wrong or right. Why were you hate me last year?


Hi adam that was really helpful for me.
I would like to know what are the words in what I can use ´´TO´´ after the verb. for example

´´WAIT ME´´ or ´´WAIT FOR ME´´

IF there is somthing else I want to know.
thank you and blesings.

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To day I learnt much more about Inspite of and Despite” The manner in which you tought is so nice and friendly that easily one can understand. Thanks for such a good and brellinat job for the learners of English Language.

Mohammad shafiq

Thank you : )

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Hi Adam!
i am little bit confused in video you told to not to keep comma before though/although if you use these adverbs in mid but in quiz comma is there and have to put although / though in answer what to do?
and in even though is the same comma rule is there…
please help

Regards Yogi


I have got 20 scores only. It hard to under stand. ;-(

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Although I got 10 out of 10 in the quiz, I was a bit confused by question 7. Would it not be more accurate to use “Still” or “Yet” in that context instead of “Though”?


still confuse. got only 50/100, thankss teacher adam it helps me, though

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Hi thanks for your teaching. i have one question for you , could you tell me what despite mean and when we use it plz give me more example. i confused it. thank you again. i am waiting for your asnwer


u are the best teacher


Thank you very much for your well taught lesson. However, I have some questions on the quiz #7 and #8.
#7. You did very well on your test, ________ I recommend you practice reading some more for the next one.
Shouldn’t there be a period before I? Otherwise, I think the answer would be awkward.
#8. Harry, you should be careful what you eat, _________ you are very thin.
I thought “be careful WITH + noun” is the correct grammar. Is it a typo? Or am I wrong?
Please give me advise. I am a girl who wants my English to be in native level. Thanks!


    we all admire the work they do…yes Noemi you are technically correct ..those are the mistakes that i was thinking of when i was doing the quiz. if you wish you can see my comment dated 0n the 13th of March 2013. My username is ”roystanbonzo”if you did pls make a reply of your thoughts..

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Адам, на слух я понимаю 10-15% содержания, а титры вызывают недоумение! Какая то Мелиса, Арон, Гора Анны, Хубер, Джаред и Инга. Откуда взялись апельсины, свиньи и кредит на оборону?

Adam, in hearing I understand 10-15% of the content but titles are puzzling. What is Melissa, Aaron, AnneBerg, Jared and Ingi,Huber. Where did the oranges,contractor, swines and credit of the defense?

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Hi, Adam! Thank you for the lesson)
I have a little question: can we use “in spite of” with gerund?


interesting topic Adam
i like it, keep going I’m learning


Thank you for your lesson : conjunctions for contrast and preposition for same way .
recommend + to-v or v-ing .
‘ You did very well on your test, though I recommend you practice reading some more for the next one.’
Can I use recommended ?
…recommend you to practice some more reading for the next one.
or ‘ to ‘ can be omitted ?

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medo sharaf

Dear Sir
all of you do a great job for the benefit of the students all over the world that we being students can be very proud of..i’d wish to make a comment on one of the sentences on the quiz..

8. Harry, you should be careful what you eat, _________ you are very thin.

this sentence sounds incorrect to me unless it has ”with” before the word ”what”.

other than that all the sentences seem to be perfect despite the fact that a few of them have some errors with the comma.

please give me a few sentences that have ”though” at the end.

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Hello Adam.Thank you for helping me well.
I have been writing letter with complain to my Landlord in London,and immagine you that your the lesson about in spite of ,despite…. helped me perfect.Thank you.
By the way I ma able to give engvid a milions provs haw heplful,useful handy the engvid tichers are-indeed.

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Although I confused to use those adverbs and proposition in english, now I feel much better with using all of them in english writing. Thanks you Adam !

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adam sir, i have asked you an query. would you please help me with that.

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thank for Your lectueres.
I like your lectueres very well.
I have one asking to You: Your explanation-speed is very high. Can you put sometimes a little break in your speach ? I try to concentrate on 2 thinks : At first on the new grammar and at second on your explannation. That is sometimes to hard.
Thank you.

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    he won the race even though he had a cold (begin with despite) can you Resolved this Sentence

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could I ask for a lesson on the difference between though and however?I really see no difference, but know they are.
Thank u agn.

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Hi Adam

I am wondering how you could know that after though or although is clause, and after despite is a phrase

I use my dictionary and I couldn’t find a clue

could you please share how it is possible to know after a preposition is clause or phrase?

I want also to give you thanks for the video.

best regards

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Thank you very much, Adam. Finally, I have found out the differences between them.
There are lots of questions, though. For instance, what about words “regardless”, “nevertheless, “however”? They are also to show some contrast, are they not? How can we use them in the right way?
And besides, it would be interesting to learn about words as “nonetheless” and “notwithstanding”. This is not just a question of curiosity to me. At work we sometimes receive letters of official character containing such words. As I understand, all of them are old-fashioned. I do not use them even formally, but sometimes I wonder, if they are appropriate for formal letters or speeches. How is it actually? I have no one to help me to figure this out.

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Despite being intelligent, he could’t reply the whole exam.

help me!

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7. You did very well on your test, ________ I recommend you practice reading some more for the next one.
even though
in spite of

Why even though is not correct in this situation?

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    we use even though whith expectation , when you expect smthing to happen and doesn t

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umm , so I use despite with a phrase ?? when there’s a subject + verb I don’t ??
and in the second ques .. we should use in spite of because its a phrase ?? and we didn’t used even though because it’s not strong contrast ?? >> that’s what I got when I was thinking about my mistakes ,, and what about last question ? pleas tell me why it’s wrong

sorry for my bad english , hope you understand me :)

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Little confusion between ‘even though’ usage. Rest is clear. Thank you very much. I got 70% :-)

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Hello Sir, I need more explanation about even though. Because I need this for my essay. Please tell me if my grammar is correct.
Although I can’t see him, He use some people to help me

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Though in the end of the phrase is an adverb or a conjunction?

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Despite your good explanation, I couldn’t answer correctly(80 point, though). “Although” is more formal than “though.” “Even though” is more emphasized than “although.”
When I use “in spite of” and “despite,” I noticed I mistook the grammar. I might have written “Despite+ S+V” but it isn’t correct, is it? “Despite (or in stead of)+ noun sentence(or verb +ing)” is correct, isn’t it?
This is my summarizing for my understanding. Thank you, Adam. I’ll try the quiz again someday :)

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i d like to warn you that i found some mistakes about subtitles,
you dont want a spot on your great job.

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What’s the difference between EVEN THOUGH and EVEN IF ? When can we use them? In which situation? Thanks xx

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hi adam..please help me.Is this sentence correct?
“Even though the investment is just a restaurant, But mashallah they are really creative”

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what is wrong in this sentence?
“I hated the first movie in the series. Despite, I am going to see the second one”
shoud despite be replaced with even though as there’s a radical contrast?

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But I’m still wondering whether you can say, for example,
” Despite him being talented and ambitious, he didn’t reach the final round.” So, can you use the structure- despite+an object pronoun or possessive adjective + gerund?

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hi Adam Nice lesson.You all are doing great job.keep ip it up.I am new student of yours and have a request, could you please upload a video for explaining the difference between indeed,ofcourse,surely,certainly and
Thanks and best regards ,
Rakesh Rk

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I did 90% because of the question 7. There was a comma before the ‘though’….
I didn’t think it would be right.

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Hi Adam, the question 9 in the Quiz for (Vocabulary – though, although, even though, despite, in spite of)says NONE of the answers are correct, the sentence is ” ___his being hired to fix the company’s computers, Gerald was also in charge of its website management and social media updates. Would you explain why?

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wow thank you so much for explaining that very well and very easy to get and understand. One more thing I wanna be clear with is the ‘ NEVERTHELESS” would you mind explaining this for me? Kinda confused with this one. Thank you so much Teacher Adam.

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Teacher!! I’ve watched your vid and took a test already.
I got 90 points !!!!!!!!!

I have a question…
In the Question 9 .. Why does the correct answer is ‘Despite’ instead of ‘In spite of’ ?
Still confused Despite and In spite of a little bit :P

Please give me an answer
Thank you, you’re best teacher ever !!!

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Hi Adam,

Thank you for your video.

but I have a problem, I have learnt at British Council at Egypt, that when I use ” though ” and ” although” in the middle of sentence, I use the comma. Although you say we have not to use it. This lesson that I am talking about, in the CUTTING EDGE’s student book, Module 8, upper-intermediate.

What do you think?


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Hi Adam!I would like to ask you a question.
“you did very well on your test,though I recommend you practice reading some more for the next one.” Why couldn’t we use”Even though” instead of “though” in this sentence? I hope you’ll give me a nice explanation.Thank in advance!


Hi Adam!
I have a doubt.
When I have to use this expression:
” In spite of the fact that+ clause ”
” Despite the fact that + clause”

It’s an uncommon English grammatical structure ?

Thanks !

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Hi Adam.
I didn´t undertand about the coma, because your video has the next example: “I think I did well though the exam was difficul” but in the test, the first question is “I still love you, though you treat me badly” ¿what about the coma?
Thanks for your answer :D

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thanks very much for all the lessons that you are providing and which I personally find of top quality and very helpful
Could you please tell me if this phrase is grammatically correct : ‘even if you have called me, I couldn’t have come’

Thanks in advance


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Hello there!! I thought I had understood but really I am wondering why this sentence (quiz) should be end with THOUGH when Mr Adam said that doesn’t work?
Jacob: “I can’t wait for the party. You’re coming, right?”
Sarah: “I have to work late; I’ll be there later, _______.”

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    Mr.Adam said we can’t use ” all though ” at the end

    “though ” is the only of them that can be used at the end of the sentence

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” though ” .. can it be used anywhere in the sentence ??? or only at the end ???

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wish I was a cool teacher like u! Thank youuuuuuuuuu
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Thank you Adam, in answer 7, I used “enven though” instead “thouhg” because there is a comma between the two sentences, as mentioned in your video, the correct answer is “though” , though :)

7. You did very well on your test, ________ I recommend you practice reading some more for the next one.

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I have a Question , about (even through) : you say it is for unexpected , i understand your discuss but should it be used to bad expectations only as your video show or it`s a coincidence and can be used to good or bad clauses like it`s previous … Thank you

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Thanks a lot!

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Good lesson I’ve got today. I was really confused. Thank you Adam.

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oh! I have to listen to the lesson to assimilate!!

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Adam, i do not understand why 7. question’s answer is “though”. what is the difference between the two words?

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thank you it waz a good leson

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thanks its important for exams.

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Got 10/10. Thanks Adam!

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Adam thanks a lot for your lessons I love them….In spite of my english is bad,I try getting it

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A very good lesson!

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thank you for this useful and helpful lesson .

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thank you so much..it is helping me in improving my grammer :)

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Although I´m not a native english speaker I got a 90.

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Hi Adam. I don’t understand why do you need a comma before though. Could you explain?

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Thanks Adam, I understood the explanation, though in the Quiz I wasn´t OK.

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Thanks a lot, sir.

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Although I still confused some,I got 8 correct out of 10. ^^

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Hi Adam.

On the internet I saw the following:
” In formal situations, we can use although and though to introduce an -ing clause” example:
Peter, although working harder this term, still needs to put more work into mathematics.
Instead of using ” although”,¿can i use despite?
Peter, dispate working harder this term, still needs to put more work into mathematics.I´ll appreciate you’re explanation. Thank you

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perfect! many thanks!

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Hi, Thank you very much for the wonderful explanation.

I have seen your class in youtube and login engvid immediately, this is First lesson in engvid and get corrected 6 out of 10.

Can I have any suggestion from you to move further as per our engvid in order to improve better spoken and written English?

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you …

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Although there are quite many teachers on Engvid but i like your way of teaching the most.Is this a correct sentence teacher????????? The lesson was awesome and well taught even though it will take time for me to understand it thoroughly.Do mention my mistakes teacher.Waiting for your soooooooooooooooooo late reply.Thank you so much

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Thanks for the very good lesson. Despite slightly disappointing test result, 9 out of 10, I am very happy with the result. Even though Engvid is being offered for free, it has high quality in its contents. I am a big fan of this beautiful wesbite.

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i have put my everything while answering the quiz even though, i got 60… :-(

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Adam, thank you so much for your lessons. They are very helpful.

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even though you marry , you won’t find a home.

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Hi Adam, I really like your way of explaining things. Very helpful for my students (and me!)

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I would like to know ,please..

when I use Despite +gerund, could I use with in spite of?

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still have a confusion in when to use even though and though.

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Such a fantastic lesson.
The quiz is rather good to practise, but the question “Harry, you should be careful what you eat, even though you are very thin” apparently doesn’t make sense. What is the relation between what Harry eats and Harry’s very thin?

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Thank you Mr Adam ,you are really a good teacher !

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Hi Adam, I’d to know why do I got wrong with the question number 10 and for number 6 have all of the correct answer right (all of choices are correct)?

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Thank you for your good work.

I am learning much now than before :)

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Hello! Thanks for your vidéos, i just saw this one but i think that there is a problemes about the resalts of the quiz question 4 …. It’s not correct .. that “all the answers are correct ” because we can start a sentence by “although ” … you tell that in your video… please answer me 🙏 I want to know if is something that I haven’t understood or quize isn’t correct, thanks for your job !

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    Oh I’m sorry… you have right finally….. we can’t finish one sentence…. so it’s ok thx

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Thanks a lot! Although I was confused in my class today, it became clearer after I watched your lesson.

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Very good lesson. Before I was confused with these words but now I am clear how to use them. Thanks a lot Adam.

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You said that if “though“ is standing between 2 parts of sentence we don`t use comma. i can not understand this ……can you me?

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Please make a video that shows the difference between phases and clauses to understand well and what they are

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Thanks Adam.in spite of waking up early this morning after a long rest,my score was not so well in the quizz 7/10.that keeps me follow your well chosen lessons to improve myself .maybe we learn with our mistakes.

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Hi Adam,

In the 7 sentence you put the comma in the middle of it after though.

Should I put comma in the middle of the sentence when I use despite/in spite of.


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Hi there, I failed my test, I guess I have to try harder,this subject it is very difficult to me, you are a great teacher though, I hope i write it correctly hahahah, thanks a lot

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please help me that how can i find even though is better for this sentences or although . i know they are same but although is casual but how can i find now is casual or not .???

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Thanks guys <333

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I still love you, __________ you treat me badly.
even though.

In the video, it is explained that if the independent clause followed by adverbial clause then no comma is required. However, above example is confusing my understanding. Is comma a mistake in above example ?

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Thank you very much, though. XD

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I still love you, even though you treat me badly.

Why using here “though” is not correct? Explain please.

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I got 60.

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Mr. Adam i still don’t get it, why the number 9 the answer is E, could you explain to me please ? i wanna understand bout it. thanks

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Sir, im still confused the different between despite and in spite of:((( can u give me another example for sure…

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Your lessons helps me a lot.thank you Adam.


why can’t i use although in 8.

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I do learn a lot from the comments, I have to say well done to Adam! What a great teacher, sometimes comments are more valuable than the lesson, haha! Thank you so much!

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Dear sir,

Can we use though in front of the clause?

ex – Though the exam was difficult, I think I did well.

Thank You,


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Thank you Adam. This lesson was great!

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Finally Got a 100 after three times, though this means I need to focus more in my study of English.

Thank you, Adam.

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As usual this is a five-star performance. You’re a natural teacher. Adam, could you do a course on sentence structure that emphasize correct placement of ’cause and effect?’


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hello M adam i like your teaching you the best

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very clear !
thank you Teacher :-)


Thank you Adam.
Even though the lesson was difficult, your way very well

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Hello Mr Adam, i made a mistake in the question number six, is it a caluse ?, i was confused when i see a subject “they” and the verb “decided”.
could you give me an idea, please

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Hello Adam, I am a professional internet user, and I did not use your courses or your website. It is really big embarrassment. I just make a decision I will be here until I learn English as a native speakers :)) Thank you for your effort, by the way :)

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Thank you for your good teaching video.I learn it completely now.

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7/10 I will see this lesson once more. Thank you, Adam.

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Adam, that was a great explanation, you make it simple as you said. I understand how to use them even though I should practice them on writing. And despite practicing on that, I need to use them on my speaking correctly.


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Adam, first of all, thanks a lot for the wonderful lecture. I still have a doubt in a sentence of a quiz-
There’s no reason to think that the practice might stop, even on the journey to space, although at first it might be tough.
The solution mentions that it should be ‘though’ not ‘although’. please explain

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Thanks the best teacher

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Thanks the best teacher

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I got score of 40 of 100, Althoug everyting was explained correctly, I Could not pass the quiz

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Even though the exam was easy, I failed because I didn, t check what Adam said when to use (despite or in spite of) you giong to use them when there´s not subjects or verbs just phrases. If I had remembered this I would have had ten XD.

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Thanks Adam for teaching good english

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I have been coming across these words in different context but i was not able to correctly use them.today i definitely got to know these words more i will be applying more correctly than before.thank for your help engvid.

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Thank you Adam! I like the way how you explain. Everything is clear and easy to understand.

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it is very useful for me…

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Dear Adam. I need help with question number 7. i understood not use coma before “though”. Why correct answer is that option?

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Thanks Adam for this wonderful lesson. Please make more videos on phrasal verbs.

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Hi sir… could you please explain the difference between having said that, however and in spite of?

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Although I’ve been studying English everyday, I still get confused!!

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Hi Adam, I always got 10 or 9 correct out of 10. But this quiz I just got 4 correct. omg. I just think that you said when we put although, though, even though between 2 clauses then we do not have comma. So I was confused with some sentences what having comma, I used the exclusion method when I saw comma between 2 clauses. Finally, I got 6 uncorrect. I understand the meaning of those sentences, but I am confusing about “comma”. Can you explain me more? thanks !

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despite my best effort, i faild in the Quiz!
unfortunately i got 4 out of 10 :(



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Thank you very much, Adam. I understood very well, even though I didn’t got a 10.

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A very thankful for your great lesson sir.you have explained eloquently.It’s so useful,very clear and more informative.I really like your lesson as always.

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Teacher , I didn’t understand the phrase that says:
“Despite his being”; I thought it was “he’s being”, so I used Although.
Can you explain why I must use the possessive adjective “his” before the gerund verb?
Thank you.

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hi adam
please you said that there is no comma when though ou although were in the middle
but in the quiz there is coma
I didn’t understand

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6/10! Terrible! I really confused after watching this video. This lesson should be learned again, and I go over the note.

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Thanks for this good video. However I still have a question. Although / even though , do they have another meaning like but/ however?

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