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it’s a very nice lesson, I understood a lot of things that I didn’t know about it. I hope you continue sharing with us lessons like this.
And Adam remember you’re the best to me (my favorite in EngVid):)

Profile photo of othmane idrissi othmane idrissi

Thanks for teaching us “anger” expressions. I learn some new expressions that I didn’t know so far. I’ll repeat reading and get used to them.

Profile photo of Insoo Yeo Insoo Yeo

It’s a useful lesson for knowledge expansion but let’s hope that we’ll needn’t it in practice. :-)

Profile photo of krig krig

I think it’s absolutely right. It is a very important thing to know how to express anger. The way people express anger and other feelings can say a lot about a person or a relationship as well.
Thank you for this new vocabulary and for teaching the correct way to express it.

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

10/10…thanks Adam…My husband is very grumpy and cranky every morning of the year.

Profile photo of Patrizia Patrizia

Thank you Adam

Profile photo of Prabhasuresh Prabhasuresh

Thank you so much for your topic. I often upset with my boss when she talk to me sometimes I have a fit I don’t know how to control it.

Profile photo of Sunantha Atsawakitthada Sunantha Atsawakitthada

Thank you so much, Adam, for this excellent lesson. I think that lessons like that are so important as grammar.
I like to wake up early. What makes me grumpy is when I have to wait for something in a line

Profile photo of AnittaRodrigues AnittaRodrigues

Hi…I have sometimes heard the expression ” do your nut” to express anger…is that used mainly in Britain?

Profile photo of maury maury

    Hi Maury,

    Yes, that’s a British expression. I’ve never heard it used myself, but I looked it up :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hello there how can we talk to the teacher? Any Skype or WhatsApp?

Profile photo of Alihammadninty Alihammadninty

    Hi Alihammadninty,

    You can ask us questions here. I myself don’t do private lessons though.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Adam, You’re amazing teacher. I love your explanations. Thank you very much

Profile photo of Alex Oliv.ira Alex Oliv.ira

Hi Adam! Only 8 out of 10. I missed at 4th and 7th questions. Tell me about 4th – why “pissed off AT”, drivers are unknown to Phil and because it I selected “mad WITH”. And in 7 very naturally to say that child “wakes up on the wrong side of the bed” why not?

I am very like this expression “do you get upon the wrong side of the bed”. Can you get me something similar polite and fun?

Profile photo of DinDim DinDim

    Hi DinDim,

    Both pissed off and mad use the preposition at. angry uses with.

    If a child wakes up on the wrong side of the bed he can still be calm, just in a bad mood.A tantrum is when he is screaming and yelling and maybe kicking, etc. Then it’s important to wait until the rage passes and then talk to him.

    Hope this helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Yeah, thanks!

      Profile photo of DinDim DinDim

This was kind of easy and I enjoyed it!

Profile photo of VedanthRaajM VedanthRaajM

Hello, Thank you
I have learned a lot about slightly different meanings of words in the same group. I will use them in practice to familiarise them with myself.

Profile photo of Garvaa Garvaa

Hi mr. Adam. I really enjoyed your class. I am trying to improve my english and your lesson was very cool. Thnk you, it helped me a lot.

Profile photo of denysson denysson

Thanks a lot Sir 😊

Profile photo of Lyydiaa Lyydiaa

Hi, thank you so much for an amazing lesson

If you don’t mind can i have your email address?

Profile photo of Khadijah1999 Khadijah1999

    Hi Khadijah,

    You can ask me questions here.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I did 90/100! Not bad! Thanks, Adam! I’m not disappointed!

Profile photo of HudsonengVid HudsonengVid

    Glad to hear it Hudson :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hello Adam!! I love your classes they’re always fun. Keep it up the good job my man. Regards from Morelia, Mexico.

Profile photo of @Luigie @Luigie

thank you so much for this lesson :) I take note of all these expressions.

Profile photo of khaoula EL HADDAD khaoula EL HADDAD

nice lesson.

Profile photo of crown21533 crown21533

Hi , sorry i still have problems in despite and in spite of I don’t know when which one we must use

Profile photo of Angyad Angyad

    Hi Angryad,

    They can both mean the same thing. You can use one or the other:

    Despite his age, he was accepted to the college.
    In spite of his age, he was accepted to the college.

    In spite of has other uses, but it would be a bit complicated to explain it here. I will try to make a video about it.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam


Profile photo of Rafael Silveira Rafael Silveira

thank you adam

Profile photo of shyam1981@ shyam1981@

greetings adam,
could you explain how to write the biography

Profile photo of shyam1981@ shyam1981@

    Hi Shyam,

    I’m afraid it would take more than a sentence or two to do that :) The main thing is to do a lot of research about the person you’re writing about and present a complete picture of him or her.

    You should do an online search for samples or go to the book store and read some biographies to see how they are done.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I like English,just wanna improve my ability of speaking.Thanks.

Profile photo of xiong 14769158375 xiong 14769158375

Thank you for this lesson it’s very useful

Profile photo of Nadia zouine Nadia zouine

thank you so much

Profile photo of akr30 akr30

very nice lesson , new words for me, new vocabulary. thanks.

Profile photo of Santheterrible Santheterrible

thats amazing.kepp going.thank you

Profile photo of sati.creador sati.creador

It’s a very funny lesson!!
Ty, Adam!

Profile photo of sherite sherite

Thank you everyone :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

Dear Adam,
That was nice.

Profile photo of M.Karbalaei M.Karbalaei

Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of Farah khalify Farah khalify

I can’t believe that, i got bands 9/10 and i’m so happy about it. Thanks Mr. Adam for this lesson. now i have a new vocabulary on my books. this lessons it’s so good and i love it.

Profile photo of ILham Kasim ILham Kasim

thanks alot

Profile photo of samanjafary samanjafary

Hi, Adam. I want to know about “some what..”.
Is that usage only for someone’s act?
Or is it able to use myself?

Eg. I’m some what feeling upset.

Profile photo of km102 km102

I really love this lesson! Very useful! Thank you Adam

Profile photo of Ylo@ni Ylo@ni

I really benefit from this lesson. It was very interesting and useful. ♥

Profile photo of Hagar Abdellatif Hagar Abdellatif

“We must be very angry people” That’s right! Anyway the lesson was superb, I enjoyed it! Got 9 out of 10, I made a mistake on the second one.

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