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Thanks very much Mr Gill, The is really a precious wealth of information, you have done a very clear expaination about “feeling stupid” in a excellant way. take care.

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    lucky you to be the first one.

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      thaks.SKIKDA, but it does not matter to be the first to comment but, the matter to be the first to learn.
      you seem to be from SKIKDA, the east of Algeria , i am from the opposit side , from Mostagenem , the west. however , i like the accent of your region. do you have Facebook compte

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        Talking about feelings and emotions is not that easy, especially if you do not have the means to do it. The lesson -to some good extend- allows us to do so.

        A point I’d like to make here is that personality traits and emotions are two completely defferent dimensions. To avoid getting mixed up, it is always useful to bare this point in mind.

        Well-designed quiz Gill! Thanks

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          Even dictionaries, sometimes, are insufficient to describe emotions, because emotion is something that is usually learnt practically, and its self is used to describe other meaning, just like Euclid’s axioms in Geometry, which is seemed obvious, and can not be proven, meanwhile is used to prove any other results.

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          Philosophers call these kinds of things “qualia”—raw sense experiences that are more than their physical causes.

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Thanks Gill this lesson is very useful…

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Thank you so much Gill!!
I really like lessons about vocabulary and synonyms.

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Am I confused? No, i am not. Why?
Because all your lessons are clear like pure high mountain water.
Thanks Gill and Merry Christmas.

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Hi Gill!
It was great to learn this useful vocabulary.
Thank you very much. Bye!

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Wow. A new lesson again. In these days teachers put new lessons on website sooner than before. Thank you Gill.

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thank you my teacher Gill

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Dear Gill,
I think, if somebody is prickly or touchy, it isn´t their feeling, but it is their personal charakterics. A feeling ist something, that takes little time, it is not permanent for anybody. If somebody is prickly ot touchy, it is for their typical and permanent carackeristics. A think, you are a little wrong in this way.

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Both, timid and timorous, are no emotions as well, but the personal charakteristics.

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Excellent class!!!!

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why i cant to see the video?

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a plenty of vocabulary lesson, i like these kind of lessons, a new words i’ve learnt, thank you gill.

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Amazing way of explaining thank you so much Gill

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Am happy to learn more vocabulary which will assist me in my language life. Am appreciating the Lecturer.

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well that how i got it !!! its really useful form me because today in our institute someone ask question about that who like a public transport in the time i was quite and clam cuz i had not have arrange of vocabulary to express my internal thoughts so i miss the opportunity that time

will thanks dear Madam “Gill”

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Thank u Gill

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Thank you very much, Gill! You’re always so skillful in teaching vocabulary!
May I offer you an idea for a lesson? Would you mind to explain us the difference between such words as shiver, tremble, shudder or any other words with similar meanings.
Thank you one more time:)

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Please could you explain what is the diference between “Very” and “So”.

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hi Gill! Thank’s for all lessons!!

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A very good lesson. Thanks a lot Gill!

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ecellent ! Thanks a lot !

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10/10 after twice ! I think we should review and repeat the quizzes once a month. If you see that some times I have more than two opinions about one special quiz it’s because of that !

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    Hello Soei. It’s great that you’re an Iranian and I’m not alone here. I red your profile and I noticed that you’re a teacher but the information of your profile shows that you are a student. Please change it to a teacher,ofcourse if you like.

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      Hello. I’m also glad you are here! I did what you said ! you were right !

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Hi, everyone! Thanks a lot for the lesson, so good as usual. adrijana, I want you to listen the beginning of the video. It isn’t about fillings only, but states of mind as well. But thank you too. You make me listen more careful to differentiate terms.

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    Hallo Nataana, in video Gill herself has been telling, that to be timid ot timorous means to act ALWAYS in this way. Therefore I fhink, it coun´t be the short-time state of mind. Is only my opinion, but thank you for your comment.

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    Where are you from?

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Thank you Gill.I learn new vocabulary,so it was very useful to me.

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10/10. ☺ nice lesson and quiz too. Thank you ,gill!

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Ur Lessons r pretty useful

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Hi Guys. My school exams are so near and somehow I’m worried and I have stress. Maybe I can’t come and visit the website at least for a month. I just want to say_ if you like_ pray for me. I see you soon. Bye for a short long.

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    Sorry: Bye for a short time

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Thanks a lot!
it is very usefull for me.

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Thank you so much, it’s really useful!

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It was a very important class. Thanks Gill.m

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Cheer! I’ve done it! 100! :)
Thanks a lot Gill! Your lessons are amazing. I didn’t remember all of this yet, but when I will see it in the texts or hear it, I will not confused about it.

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    Hi, from where are you exactly of the Germany?

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The lesson was interesting.Thank you Gill.

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thanks !

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    Hi Ines!

    I think this photo in your profile is about Pietra, isn’t it? I have read an article in the National Geographic Magazine about this rich Ancient City, and I consider it incredible! It must be gorgeous! You are a very lucky person to live in Jordan, very near to such a wonderful place.

    Regards from Brazil!

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Thats wohsome thanks alot….

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thank you

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Thanks, it’s very easy to understand.

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ı was not feeling muddled after ı had watched the video

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thank you

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10/10 Thanks Gill for the Great lesson you made for the entire World.

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Thank you aunt for the Great lesson , I had a lot of vocabulary from this lesson and I’ll Practice it to improve my language .^_^

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Thank you Mr Gill. This lesson has been useful for me, I have learned very well and I will practice those expressions for improve my english skills

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“Anger”, “fear” and “confusion”, they are topics with negative meanings and maybe not easy to identify the word with the concept. You need to remember some English Idioms too and you should use it logically to explain the state of a person’s mind. Thanks a lot teacher Gill like always a very good explanation.

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Thank you very much Gill. Got 10/10. Teach us about the positive emotions.

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oh, wondesr of the century i can write a comment , i did not find the option while not being logged in.I thought something is corrupted computer or software

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I think that there aren’t negative or positive emotions. Emotions simply are.

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i got 8/10 thnkx very much .

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Hello Gill! Thank you for this lesson, it is very interesting. This new vocabulary will help me to express my feelings in a proper and clear way.

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oh dear ^|^ I LIKE THAT

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thank you

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Hi gill ! Thankyou for your lesson and for wearing that batik, its from my country Indonesia ! You look good on that shirt:)

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Hello Gill!

Thank you so much for this very good lesson one more time. I really appreciate your vocabulary videos and the didactic way you teach us. I am never muddled, confused, puzzled nor mixed up after watching your lessons.


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Thank you very much for such an interesting and helpfull lesson!

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Excellent!!! Thank you so much 😃

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Thank you!

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I’ve got eight out of ten. I need more training and to study a lot

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Thank you very a much for useful and helpful lesson to understand all these words related the negative feelings

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Thank you very much,Gill. I’ve learnt a lot of English from you.I have joined this site just yesterday. But before that I used to visit it occasionally. English is very interesting language and it opens up the whole world for you. I don’t know what made like that but it seems to me that everyone speaks in English nowadays in this modern. So, thank for helping me to learn. You’re really an excellent,professional teacher.
Thank you.

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I understood contents of this lesson.
Thank you.

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thank you, your lesson is very useful, I have learned a lot of it.

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Hi my favorite teacher.
I love your teach style.
Please, if possible tell me about “merry & happy”, Why they are Different?
Why English People say “merry christmas and Happy new year”?
Why they use it same word for say that?
Thank you.

Profile photo of MojtabaHas MojtabaHas

    That’s a very good question! Christmas is the only holiday we use “merry” with — if we use it at all. In the UK, they also say “Happy Christmas”, though “Merry Christmas” came first. Here’s one explanation.

    One possible reason: practically all our Christmas traditions were introduced in the Victorian era (mid to late 1800s). “Merry” is what is used in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, one of the most popular Christmas stories from that time. It is also in a lot of Christmas songs that became popular in North America.

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thank you for your lesson

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the lesson is very useful, thank you very much

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Thank you very much Gill

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Thank you very much for helping.The lesson which is very benefit for the us

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Hi I can understood English when someone told to me something and I can answered to him when I am in school but when I am outside like doctor,shopping,in the bus or whatever my speaking going to be dawn I don’t know why also me spelling is bad so can you tell me how can I to improve dose problem?

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Thank you, thank you, thank you Gill.

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Nice, thank you

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Very Nice, Thank you for your effects

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Great job doing by all the teachers.

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Thank you very much for all your clearly explanations. I’ve learnt a lots.

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That’s very interesting to learn the new vocabulary. THX

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amazing, thnks

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Thank you so much teacher Gill… I got a perfect score… I understood your explanations that much…I hope my grammar here is correct… Heheheheheh..Guide me more please!!

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than you very much for this lesson
greetings to you

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Nice lesson!

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Thank you so much my grandma Gill.

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I like your lessons. … Thanks a lot

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Thank you, Gill! very useful vocabulary.

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love you , Gill :) Thanks for your help..

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Hi teacher, Thank you & I feel relax When I watch your lessons

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Very helpful, thanks.

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Thank you, Gill! very useful vocabulary.

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Hi every one

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Thanks for so many helpful lessons you’ve left, Gill.
i really love you, my dear teacher. A lot of thanks from far Vietnam :D Best wishes on your job and life!

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Dear Ms Gill,
I discovered Engvid.com only recently. I´m an elderly one, had lived in the GDR-there we had problems to have experienced teachers of English, because they weren´t allowed to visit the Western countries. I was lucky because our teacher was married to an English husband and she spoke a really good English. Now I have been learning English in evening classes for already a lot of years, but the way you give your lessons at engvid. is absolutely great. I wished I had met you earlier. But I suppose the clarity of your English is much better than most people in GB w

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I’m feeling so happy to be a part of this big family which Gill is an Idol :) .Thanks you so much!I’m progressing step by step thanks to your lessons <3 Peace!

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Gill my favorite teacher on my this website! Thank you to be there for me!!!

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Thank you,Gill, for this enriching lesson. You are
a great teacher. I’ve been learning a lot with your
lessons. Thank you very much for preparing so
thoroughly the subjects you want us to learn.
God Bless you!

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Thank you Gill , your lesson and explanation is really interesting .

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So many new words to describe your feeling and emotions… Thanks for useful expressions..This is gives an opportuninity to better understand English…Thanks.

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Thank you teacher. Very useful vocabulary.

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Thank you Gill

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thank you very much Gill! A very interesting and helpful lesson.

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Thank you,Gill. Have a good day :)

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90🤔 I’m out of my depth 🤥😥

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a good lesson as it were

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Hi Gill,
It’s not original but THANK YOU FOR THIS LESSON 🙄
Have a good day.

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Thanks a lot Ms Gill,great lesson, you are an angle

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I am so happy

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Profile photo of Maryam2019 Maryam2019

Hi Gill, I love every single lesson. When I start watching you, I just cannot stop :-)
I have got a question about feelings. What is the meaning of “to be cross”. I have heard more than once : I am cross, You are going to make me cross. Specially when children are not listening to someone.


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Thank’s Gill. Very nice lesson.

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That was great, Thanks, God bless you

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thanks 1OO.
I,m very so glad

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Thanks Gill. I fully got it

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