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Learn English with me! Follow my lessons on EngVid and subscribe to my YouTube channel to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and speaking skills. With practice, these videos will help you become a fluent speaker of English.

Research shows that we learn better when we are enjoying ourselves. I use my background in acting to make these videos entertaining, because I firmly believe that learning should be fun.

Back in 2003, I spent six months in Kolkata, India where I volunteered for Mother Theresa’s charity and taught English in a local school. It was a fantastic experience and I have continued teaching ever since – from Tibetan exiles in Dharamsala to freelancers in London, to business people in Barcelona to clients all over the world online. After living in London, Los Angeles and Barcelona, I have moved back to Devon, England with my family. I continue to teach in schools, helping students to become confident and expressive in English.

I cover a lot of content in these videos but if you want to consolidate this learning, I would strongly suggest that you work with an English teacher and spend some time in an English speaking country. I offer private, online tuition and also arrange bespoke tours of the UK. You can find more information at:

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