Privacy Policy

Scope and Tone

This electronic document defines this service’s collection, use of, and practices surrounding the data of users accessing it. Everything in this document is very serious. Please do not smile while reading this document. It is about your privacy, which we take seriously.

Cookies, local storage, local cache, and other types of local data

Cookies are small files containing data that services create on your system when you use those services. If you do not understand what a cookie is, please read about this until you understand it. Then return here and continue reading. Local storage, session storage, indexedDB, webSQL, cache storage, and application cache are other types of local data storage. This service uses cookies and a mix of the aforementioned local storage types. We do not use cookies to track your browsing activity on other websites. We do use cookies and local storage to track your activity and retain your preferences and session state on our own service. If you do not wish this service to store cookies and other local data on your system, you can turn off these features in your browser, and delete all existing cookies and local data. Refer to your specific browser’s user manual or instruction booklet if you need to learn how to accomplish this task. If you turn off these features in your browser, some or all features of the service may cease to function. That is because cookies and local storage store your settings, preferences, login state, and other important information. It’s your choice. If you don’t want this data stored on your system anymore, just delete it, and if you don’t want it to be saved in the first place, then change your browser settings to reflect your own wishes. The browser is the tool with which you access the internet. Set it up to reflect your personal desires.

Other information we collect and store about users

We also store the following information about users, for security, logging, and optimization purposes: IP address, browser, system language, referrer URL, and other standard data points included in HTTP headers. We store usernames, hashed passwords, user metadata such as language, description, submitted to us by users proactively, user comments submitted to us by users proactively, quiz and test data submitted to us by users proactively, and user preferences and website settings.

How we protect your data

Our service uses HTTPS encrypted communication to prevent unwarranted monitoring of or tampering with data between your system and our service. In the event that you create an account with us, your password will be stored in our database only in a hashed, encrypted form. In the event that you submit payment data to us, it will only, at most, be stored in a tokenized form. Your data is stored only in data centers.


If we suffer a data breach, we will attempt to notify all affected users within 72 hours of said penetration.

Special Notice to Parents

Our service was not created to be used by minors. We have no intention of seeking personal information about minors. Please monitor the behaviour of minors under your ownership at all times and ensure that they do not use our service. If we can identify a user as a minor, we reserve the right to terminate that user’s account and/or access to our service, and to delete all of that user’s data stored on our systems.

Special Notice to Children (“Minors”)

The world governments do not currently grant you, humans below a certain age who they have designated “minor”, the same rights as adults. We are unable to legally serve you. Please disconnect from this service and, if you wish, return when your body has aged to the number of years defined in your country of residence as the age of maturity.

How to Contact Us: Access to Information

To request a copy of or deletion of any records or data of yours we may have stored, please contact us at: You may need to provide proof of your identity in order for us to process request. Make your request from the email address registered with us and include any relevant information to help us identify the account and data you wish to delete.