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Good Explanations!. I really love the nursery rhyme. I am still singing. Thanks!

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Thank you Gill.

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Nice And Good! Thank you

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Good lesson:-)

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I took this lesson while reviewing your last lesson about metaphor. They mean making a connection between two different thing. Simile uses “as” or “like” but metaphor doesn’t. Thanks for your helpful lesson!

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Hi, Jill. Your lesson was perfect. It affected to my knowledge from a good side.
Thank you very much about your lesson. I enjoyed it

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Thank you very much Gill!!
Listening to your lessons is a real pleasure. I do love your accent ;)

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Thank you, Gill. You are very good teacher. I like enjoy your lessons. The way you are teaching is good for remembering and listening.

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Dear Ma’am, I love your teaching style! Your lessons are as clear as water.

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I like your way in teaching.

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Thank you, Gill and congratulations, you sing very well !!

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thank you Gill lesson was very very beautifull

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Do not be afraid, your lessons are always as clear as sunshine.

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You are a talented teacher. Thank you for your wonderful lesson, it was as clear as

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Thank you very much! Your lesson made me think of other examples:
as right as rain…
as sound as a bell…
like a bat out of hell…
And of course the prosecuting phrase in ‘a hard day’s night’: I should be sleeping like a log!

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    how to submit comment because i am facing music on it i think my account is not approved by engvid.com?
    can you answer me?

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hello mam, could you tell me the using of whether if in a same sentence e.g. he however gave a circuitous reply to posers as to whether the left would approach the congress if it did not make the first move. please let me know soon.

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I must admit, EngVid is the best website to learn English language. Thank you very much :)

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My teacher, Gill

Thank you very much for your wonderful lesson. Your voice is perfect!!!!! I listen your poetry twice.

Thank you..

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Thanks Gill :)

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Hello Gill .
Thank you for this great lesson . Speaking a tongue needs us thinking like those who use it . Metaphors , similes help us feel like fishes in water .

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Enjoyed listen

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Thank you Gill.

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Thank you for your lesson.I passes my quiz test and I got 10 correct,100%.
Thank you very much.

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Following your lessons English becomes as easy as my own language. :)

Thank you

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Thank you for the lesson Gill!!

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Thank you Gill!!
I got 10!!
I love your accent!!

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Thanks for the lesson :) I enjoyed it so much

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Hi Gill,
thank you so much for your useful lessons

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Thank you very much for these very clear explanations. With you, we can’t say that you say is as clear as mud.
Congratulation, you sing very well.
Kind regards love XXX Francis

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Hi Gill,your course is realy clear like “l’eau de roche”.


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This is really nice lesson. And you have beautiful voice! Unfortunately, mine isn’t as beautiful as yours.

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Thank you for the amazing lesson.
Your explanation is crystal ​clear (=

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As your bright and tiny spark lights the traveller in the dark,
Though I know not what you are
Twinkle, twinkle little star.

Your lessons are like lights in the dark.
Thanks Milady Gill.

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here you twinkle like a star, gill
thank you for that great lesson and fun :D

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Hi Gill
Thank you
I want help more to learning English

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Thank you teacher Gill. You`re adorable!

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it was a great video, thank

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oh yes bats have radar and nuclear bombs too

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I’m learning every day with these videos.

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Thank you Gill! :)

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Hi Teacher. your lessons are very useful. Thank you very much indeed.
Please tell me, the situations we use present perfect tense. had, have when should we use them.
Thank you…

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    We use The Present Perfect Tense for the actions that started at a definite point in the past, and still last, their effect is felt in the present. E. g. I’ve bought a car (recently, today). We have lived in America for 20 years (we came to America 20 years ago, and we are still there). Hope this helps.

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Great lesson, and you sing pretty well. Thanks Gill!!

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Thank you Jill, I got 10 correct out of 10 .Your lesson is very interesting.

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    And I got 11 out of 10! I win :D

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Thank you, Gill. You are amazing.

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Hi Gill,
I love you. I enjoy the way you are teaching. you are very nice and pretty and sweetheart. I feel it. Thank you for song :)

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Hello Gill!
Your lessons are very well! I like you, you are doing the best in order we understand English lessons and you are very positive!
Thank all of you EngVid team for your job!
God bless you all!

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thanks a lot Ms Gill…… you’re such a humble person.. :)
i love you, you’re so nice.. :)

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Thank you Gill!

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It’s not easy to memorize all of those expressions. yet I do remember “work like a log”thanks to the Beatles – a Hard Day’s Night! Thank you for your lesson, and also for the example of that expression.

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    Sorry, not log, but dog :-P.

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Thank you so much for your explanation, Gill!

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Thanx a lot, Gill!!! Great job;)

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thanks for this lesson as its explained as clear as water..

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I have really enjoyed this lesson. Thanks,Gill.

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good lesson!
It is easy to understand

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Thanks, Gill :)

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thanks Gill

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Thank you Gill

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Hii Gill¡¡
What a surpirse¡¡ I’m learning to play violin and is your song, now I can sing it in English¡ Great¡
Good lesson¡

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I`m new here. BUt I like it already. Awesome!!!

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Great class!

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Thank you so much for your lesson Gill ♥

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Thank Gill! Your lessons are very helpful and I like your singing too! :)

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Thank you for amazing informations Gill

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Truly your lessons are helpful.thank you so much teacher.

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Thank you,the very nice lady!

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Thank you

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Hello, Gill. Great job! I liked this lesson a lot. Your explanation was as clear as mineral water. Thank you very much. Júlio César from Brazil.
*You sing very well!

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Thank you teacher nice lesson, and i have to say that you have a beautiful voice and i sang the song with you.
Thanks again!.

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Thank you Gill. Could you please teach us the difference between the following verbs: to switch,to change and to exchange? I sometimes get confused with these verbs. Thank you so much in advanced!:)

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    There is not a lot of difference between switch and change, but to exchange means to swap, it’s an act of giving one thing and receiving another. E. g. They exchanged phone numbers. So, A person gave his/her phone number to B person, and vice versa.

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Thanks Gill! It was a very useful lesson.

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Thank you Gill, for this useful lesson, i really love watching your lessons they’re always as clear as water and it’s a real pleasure listen to you, you’re a wonderful teacher! :)

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Hi Gill ! I loved the way you presented these topics. I like when you insert poetry… in the final frame, this wonderful nursery rhyme.
Loved it all ! Thank you very much !!!
Best wishes !

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Thank you very much for your explanat

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Thank you very much for your explanation. I haven’t known such a lot things, but now I know well

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thank very much my teacher for your useful explanation

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Amazing class… and btw… I’ve loved rear you singing.

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thank you very much

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Dear Gill, I absolutely enjoyed the way you sang the song. I replayed it over and over again. Thank you :)

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Thanks Gill for this lesson!

This evening I was watching videos and making quizzes like “a child with schoolbooks and pencils”. (The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje) :-)

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Good Explanations! Thank you Gill. :D

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Thanks 4 ur lesson. Ur lessons were as clear as crystal clear

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Thank you so much! Your lesson has been precious like a prise…!

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Hello and thanks fot your precious teachings. I’ve got two questions not related to this topic but to one of Shakespeare’s poem from play “Love’s Labor’s Lost”.
1st question: what’s the meaning of the name of this play?
2nd: in one verse he says:” When blood is nipped and ways be faul” what’s the grammatical point of ‘be’ in this verse?
I’ll be thankful if you answer!

Profile photo of hoseinkeshavarz hoseinkeshavarz

    Hi Hosein — thanks for your question. Love’s Labour’s Lost means people who have wasted their time loving someone because the love was not returned. In other words, their labour (of love) was lost or wasted. The play involves courtship and temporary rejection, but everything seems to work out ok in the end ;-) Your quotation is from a song about the winter — the idea of blood being nipped is when you feel physically cold, and your blood feels as if it’s freezing. Foul ways means roads and pathways which are muddy etc and therefore difficult to travel through, again because of the bad weather. The use of ‘be’ is rather old-fashioned — it’s from the verb ‘to be’, but nowadays we would say ‘ways ARE foul’. I hope this is helpful :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

      Thank you, yes it was very helpful

      Profile photo of hoseinkeshavarz hoseinkeshavarz

Thank you very much! You are good to sing!

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    “You are good at singing” is correct, and you, Katerina, are very beautiful, I can be your teacher anytime you want :3 :*

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Once again thank you very much. I’ve got 100% in test. I will sing the song to my children :)
Greetings from Poznań from Poland :)

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thanks a lot :D

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Thank you everyone for your kind words about my singing !!!

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Thank you very much! You are the best teacher ever!

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Thank you gill mam

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You are a very good teacher

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Hello egain, l’ve got another question from you,
In my language, persian, there are some old poets and writers and also some new belletrists and orators who use old-fashioned grammer and vocabulary, I think for example like Shakespeare for you, and they’re not only understandable for me most of time but also lovely and containing great treasures in themselves, and my question is that whether this is true for English language and are there those in your language who still speak and write that way and people like their style?

Profile photo of hoseinkeshavarz hoseinkeshavarz

Thank you.

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Thanks for the help, Gill. Your explanation was as clear as water! And I love your accent!

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it is very interesting lesson. Thank you

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bat from batman :))

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Lovely teachers, I have a suggestion for you. Upgrading the site won’t do us any damage, what do you say? We don’t receive any notification when someone replies to out comments, that could be the first thing to do concerning the upgrade. I hope you will consider my proposition. Thank you.

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    I totally agree with you.

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      I came up with a new idea on the spot. I realized I made a mistake in the comment I wrote above, those who read it will notice, and there is no way to correct it, so it makes me write another comment in the sequence. Adding the option “Edit your comment” would be a great thing, don’t you think? Come on guys, consider this message ASAP, we really do need the upgrade. Thx!

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      Glad I have a supporter, hoseinkeshavarz!

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        Me too !

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Great lesson. I like it.

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Good lesson and … beautiful voice! Thanks.

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I really enjoyed listing your video. Thanks Gill, you are amazing

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You’re so lovely, Gill! Pleased to watch your classes. You’re an example for us!

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This video is great! Thank you, Gill! I’ve scored 100. Certainly, this happened owing to the teacher and her ability to explain))

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I loved the song, I know it is for children, but I understand it. Thank you for this lesson.

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I like her.

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It’s amaizing. I understand you. For me is wonderful. I am glad. Thank you so much. You’re remember when I was a little boy at school.

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This lesson was wonderful, specially the twinkle twinkle song by you, excellent.

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Thank you, Gill. Your explanation is as clear as water.

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Thank Gill
Your explanation as clear as the full moon

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Thank you Gill. In my eyes you are like a red, red rose because you are my favorite teacher on this site.

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It’s always a pleasure to learn English with you.
Thanks a lot.

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Thank you, your class was good and clear!!!

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Hi Gill! Thank you very much.

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thanks deeply 💐

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Hello Gill! I’m really impressed about your lesson. It was so clear and motivating! Thanks a lot! Also your singing was great and helpful!
God bless you!

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Thank you very much…Gill. Great lesson

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Thanks a lot, dear Gill!

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Thank you for your sweet lesson. Some of those expressions are really picturesque, besides we Iranian use many of them quite a lot.

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Thank you for your lesson i got 10/10

a wonderful lesson

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It’s for me.

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Thank you Gill. Hugs from Mexico City. So this lesson are so enjoyable.

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Thank you madam :) I got 100:D Yahoo specially I love your expression while you’re teaching thank you so much 😊 why don’t come here INDIA we can learn good language at you. Plz if it’s possible you must come here I’m requesting to you not order. We give more respects to our elders thank you.I hope you can understand words

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100/100 thank you gill

Profile photo of Ajayfrench Ajayfrench

thank you very much teacher, really you are angel, but please, don’t say that your expalnation is as clear as a bat, ti is for me as clear as the sun in august in south of algéria ” the big sahara ” , i hope that i am not as clear as a bat

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Thanks Gill, you are great.

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Thank you Gill,your explanation is as clear as sun light. You are a good teacher .

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Thanks a lot Gill! Perfectly clear explanation…..Don’t worry it wasn’t as clear as mud! best regards

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Thanks a lot

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“She is timid as a mouse”, is it wrong?.

And about “She is timid like a mouse”, is it wrong too?.

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Thanks Gill!

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Thanks Gill.. its very useful lessons

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Gill, You are like a red, red rose.
Merci beaucoup.

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Thank you, Gill! You are a lovely soprano. I confess that I sang the song a couple of times to memorize it.

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Good song :) Thanks

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I have got 90 ,,,
You are the best madam

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you’re definitely wonderful teacher. I understand everything you teach. Thanks a lot Gil

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Wow! It’s amazing! I’ve got it 100 percent in the quiz!:D

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to evite/avoid the paradox we can say ”the explenation is as clear as a window not mud”? (after you tell me what is mud mean).

Profile photo of LucianV LucianV

    Mud is wet dirt, which is not transparent at all.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Hi! You sing very well :)

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10/10 Hello Gill , I love and enjoy your lessons .

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Dear Gill,
thank you for your passion , your way for teaching is great.
You can explain everything using a simplicity, so kind so calm.
You are a good singer too.
Gill…..Thank you

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Howday Gill,

I just joined and scored 10/10 in this quiz!

I think I might check out some other of your tutorials . . .


Paul David Seaman (UK)

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You are explanation is as clear as white sheet. You sing like a bird! Anyway Thanks alot.

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Thanks Gill,you are really amazing

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Good lesson and easy to understand. I love it. Thank so much.

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You’re really cute, Gill. I’ve been learning a lot of English from you, thank you so much, you are a good teacher.

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Thank you so much for your good lesson Gill. You are so professional in teaching something. Is the total time so far 33 years? Healthy days.

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Thank you Gill. Your explanation is as clear as an ice!

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Thank you for this useful lesson, Gill.
you are really nice, and have a lovely voice :)
I just have a question regarding this; you said that similes are quite like idioms, so are all similes fixed like idioms? …….. Can’t I compare someone’s eating to an animal other than pig, for example??? And can other actions of somebody be compared to the same animal???

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9/10, it is useful for me.

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Thank you Gill.

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Gil, I love listen to you . Your voice is as lovely as bird song

Profile photo of Marmelo Marmelo

Oh, thank you! It was magical like fairy tale!)

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That was unexpected ending of this lesson. Great job Gill!

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I love the way you explain !

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YOLO 100%

Profile photo of Frosti YeTi Frosti YeTi

I got perfect, thanks a lot..great explanation…

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thank you, Gill 10/10

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Hi!I am Ray.Your lessons are so good.

Profile photo of Ray101102 Ray101102

thank you Gill

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I love, enjoy and thank you for your nice easy simple lesson

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Thank you , actually your explanation in this lesson was as clear as clear water.

Profile photo of hassouna hassouna

A millions thanks for you, Gill!!! i’ve learned a lot from this lesson. now i can make a distinguish between Simile and Metaphor clearly !!! :D

Profile photo of Rickyyyy Rickyyyy

Thank you for your fun lesson. And how charmingly you sing!

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Lov u Gill………ur explanation is really awesome

Profile photo of ng51 ng51

Hi Gill, thanks for the lesson. I just watched the lesson about metaphors and have two questions. First one: how do I choose which one to use (simile or metaphor)? For example:
– He is a pig or He is like a pig.
– She is an angel or She is like an angel.
Second one:
Can I say: they are fighting like catS and dogS? Do I have to use always singular?
Thanks in advance

Profile photo of Macarguz Macarguz

Gill, you are brilliant! Thank you very much! Speciall thanks for singing!

Profile photo of tranana tranana

You got 10 correct out of 10

Profile photo of KARTAL KARTAL

Thank you for your lesson and nice song at the end!

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Excellent lessons,thanks.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thanks for the sweet song

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this was easy as a pie thanks gill

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Thank you very much! You so easily explain!

Profile photo of Eliza21 Eliza21

I got 100% in this quiz. I very like the Gill ascent ! Thanks Gill you’re Clear as a cup of water.

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thanks Gill

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It was literally perfect*-*THANKS

Profile photo of Moheeeeeh Moheeeeeh

Thanks ma’am, your explanation is as clear as crystal. By the way, I loved you singing, please, do it more times. My best wishes.

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Sometimes its much more easy to listen to a teacher like Mrs. Gill. Thank you so much I will follow you in more of your lesson.

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Thank you for this leeson. Song is so beutiful. I sing it and my doxie with me

Profile photo of G.E.S G.E.S

wow, I’ve got 100/100. Thank you Gill. I love your lessons

Profile photo of Kasia01 Kasia01

What’s wonderful Gill…

Profile photo of Thanh Tri Nguyen Thanh Tri Nguyen

Gill your explanations are as clear as pure crystal

Profile photo of molivakis molivakis

Thanks Gill for the song. You are great. In Ukraine says, he works so hard like a horse.

Profile photo of ElenaKuch ElenaKuch

thank you so much indeed Gill

Profile photo of emrece emrece

Again 100%. Thank you Gill!

Profile photo of WiktoriaSzmi WiktoriaSzmi

I so happy with you lessons. Thank you.

Profile photo of cfernanda8 cfernanda8

Teacher Gill, can you please make a lesson on how to motivate us to study for a long-term period? Or a video about English Vocabulary? I can’t find anything when I search it up. Make one in general, please. Thank you Gill. I’ll stay tuned!

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