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Adaammmmmmmmmmmmmm, Long time no see..How are you, sir?


    I’m good Ali. Where have you been? :)


well done,Mr.Adam
thanks a lot


this guy helps me a lot

Jeremiah sorzano

I’m so stupid


    You’re not stupid, you just have a lot to learn! Try using our English Lesson Finder to find beginner-level writing lessons.

    engVid Moderator

    No, Yellowwine, you’re not. Learning a language takes time, more than anything else. Be patient.


Great lesson, dear Adam!!!
I think that is very important create a vivid picture in our reader’s mind.
Let’s study inglish more and more, every day!
God bless you!
Thank you very much!!!

Miguel Geronimo

Great lesson as always Adam!!!
Thanks a lot!!


Dear sir Adam,

I’ve been watching your vedio on and off for years on YouTuBe, you are the best writing teacher ever. I tried to reach you by email many times and failed. I want you to be my teacher on IELTS writing of that I always wanted to pass for personal learning intest only. Please let me know if you could find time to cove me on this.

Your sincerely,



    Hi Caroline,

    Thank you for your note :). I appreciate that. I’m afraid I don’t teach privately, but I do offer writing assessments on my website, writetotop.com that might be helpful. You can also see my other videos there that focus on writing.

    I hope that helps.


Hello…I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +88 01812788727. Thank you. Rasho.


Thank you Adam.


thank you Mr. Adam

such a useful lesson!

Aml Mounier

It is a helpful lesson, especially for those who want to pursue a career as a content creator. Videos like this can pave the way for finding a job. Thank you


Good job, Adam.

Seif Eldawla

I’ve got this! 9/10 Thanks, Adam!


Hi Adam.
Another very helpful and encouraging video lesson to us!
Much appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!
Greetings from Barcelona. ?


I do understand every thing , i can read every words but i am not able to speak, when i try to explain your lesson i am speechless nada zero no words from my mouth ..

Luz Sierra

    Hi Luz,

    The key is to find someone to practice with if you can. Speaking is all about practice.


Was integrested test


After 12 hours night work it was integrested


Hello everyone. I search a patient person with whom I can practice my english. I know enough english words but I speak poorly.Ill be really happy if you practice English with me. My skype: MariaSK P.s Thank you Adam for the lesson!


MCQ. are the easiest and most helpful way in assesment..thanks for this lesson


Hi Adam,
this is Liliane from Lebanon, your content is very useful, looking for more videos to improve my English.


Thanks everyone :)


Hi Adam
I know all the process of writing but when i want to write sth i face lake of information,
I write two or three sentence i become run out of ideas.
I dont know what to do.?

Sara Didari

Thanks Adam the lesson is useful for me and others. I request to have much more sessions of this kind.

Ali yussuf Aden

Repeatedly answered the questions and got 9/10.

Ali yussuf Aden

Hi, Adam. Thank you for these tools. I think it can be very useful. I will definitely try to use these tools in my practice. I think it’s important not only to improve writing skills but also to help improve the ability to describe something to someone.


Hello, Adam. I wanted to ask you about The TOEFL exam.Do the TOEFL examiners focus hard on punctuation?
Punctuation is too hard with some transitions.


    Hi Sumaia4,

    They look at punctuation as part of the whole package. More importantly, if the punctuation confuses the message, then yes, they will notice. Otherwise they don’t necessarily look at it as a specific issue.

    Hope this helps.


Dear Adam Sir

Please tell how to read a novel
So that our language flow like water of rain , river …

Arvind kumar.

Lot of respect from Pakistan

Azzam khan

10/10! Great! I got a full mark on Adam’s quiz!

Jerry Gu

I got 80%. Thanks! But I had to watch the video again. Because It was difficult to see examples.

Hieu Tr๏ng Khau

Thanks a lot sir your appreciative effort..

Rai Bilal

thank you Adam .


hi all im new


thank you so much tomorrow ihave exam and this is help me to study


It was a significant lesson . I start getting my head around it


Thank you Sir


dear professor Adam
i’ve been watching your videos since last year and they are definitly beneficial , i appreciate your efforts thanks! i”m kindly asking you to put more videos on how do we expand our voccabulary to improve our writing style specifaclly the acadamic writing

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