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☺ 100. <3 you Gill.

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Hello mam, I am very interested to learn english and I want to adopt english as my native langusge because i am very fond of this and i want to become a writer and before this it’s mandatory that i cover all aspects of english grammar and i want to absorb into myself, now i am near to complete my post graduate. Kindly help me in this regard that what should i take steps ? And
please recommend me english grammar books. To read them i don’t need to english grammar in future, of course practice will be continued.

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    Hi Awais – my advice is to keep studying every day, and speak/write in English as much as you can. Try different methods – variety is important so that you don’t get tired of doing the same thing all the time. Find at least one native English speaker if you can, to have regular chats with. Look at different websites and use the ones you feel most comfortable with. Wishing you all the best! :-)

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I got it all 💖

Profile photo of Nielgwap Nielgwap

Gill, I LOVE your accent… wish I could speak like that!
…by the way, is there a video about “THIS or THAT”?

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      ❤️Thank you, Gill, Rebecca’s video was very helpful! … and I got 100% in the quiz 😄

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Thanks you very much Gill, I love you jejeje your lessons and your accent are the best.

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very useful

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Dear Mrs Gill,

Since you started working together with the guys from EngVid, I’ve got more and more interest in English culture and language. You know well how to prepare classes short, concise and full of relevant content.

You showed that this impossible mission in fact is way easy and possible.

I’d like to her you talking about English words related to supermarket/bakery, as many off us, those learning a new language, will need be abble to handle more then juts to buy bread and milk.

Exemple.: What type of bread do you can buy?

Kind regards,

Profile photo of Guilherme Guilherme

My respect, dear Gill. Thank you for such a useful lesson. I sort of understood everything, but made two mistakes. Most likely I will look again!

Profile photo of Mir Murad Mir Murad

Thank you Gill. Great class!

Profile photo of Timoni Timoni

thank you GILL for this lesson

Profile photo of Bensalem1 Bensalem1

well done! thank teacher for the lesson.

Profile photo of Anh Ngoc Dinh Anh Ngoc Dinh

Impact from you who is famous in Envid.com to me is visible, my responsibility is harder studies to improve my skill English, that’s irreversible process and that isn’t impossible thing in fact many student could become better. Thank you so much

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

Thanks a lot, Gill.

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Good teacher, thankyou very much to be here.

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Very understandable, thank you!

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This lesson help me a lot
this way is very easy to learn and memorize many words

Thank you Gill!

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Thanks a lot, Gill! Your lesson always are very useful and clear/ My result is 100! You are great teacher!

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      My VK is blocked. How do you use it in Ukraine? Please spill the beans about this secret. Or maybe you know another way to get lessons you offer. Thanks a lot in advance!

      Profile photo of Larisa392 Larisa392

sorry: “lessons”

Profile photo of Larisa392 Larisa392

BIG thanx for one special person who guide me to this great web .. :)

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Thank you so much Gill!!

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Profile photo of Sylvain31 Sylvain31

Dear Mrs Gill,

I’m so happy to be one of your interesting students, the dear teacher this language isn’t my mother Taung but I wanna to learn as a native one and I will put my best efforts and you give me hand in order to achieve my target.

Again and again thank you for your teaching.

Profile photo of Saidsawj Saidsawj

thank you very much mam

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Profile photo of iicaza70 iicaza70

Thanks for this usefull,interesting,rewarding lesson Gill. I’ve found it unforgettable!

Profile photo of Freddy Navas Freddy Navas

Thank you Gill.

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Thanks so much Gill for this helpful lesson.

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Thanks was good

Profile photo of Marisa1950 Marisa1950

Very Good Thanks

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Profile photo of Oyunchimeg Shagdarsuren Oyunchimeg Shagdarsuren

Hi Gill, I hope you are doing well.
When a noun in Portuguese starts with the letters ” P” or ” B “, the letter before has to be ” M ” and never a ” N “. So for the “IM” prefix; could I use it as a rule? Thank you very much. The class was awesome!

Profile photo of fabriciovieirabarreto fabriciovieirabarreto

    Hi Fabricio – that’s an interesting rule – thank you :-) I think in English it might work before P (impossible, impractical), but not before B (unbelievable, unbreakable). Thank you for your kind words and all the best with your studies!

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

10/10 thanks

Profile photo of mazzaomer mazzaomer

I got 10 out of 10! I learned news words are “efficient, legible, literate, pact, lusion, rigate and nite.” I think this lesson is beginning for me. Anyways, thank you Gill!

Profile photo of Chan M. Chan M.

    Hello Chan – thanks for your comment. Just to point out that lusion, rigate and nite are not full English words – please watch the end of the video again for clarification :-) All the best!

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

thanks teacher

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thank you!

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you’re a very good teacher

Profile photo of Dolcececilia Dolcececilia

Thank you.Gill. Perhaps, is there no some principles?

Profile photo of Terrysam Terrysam

Thank you so much, Mrs. Gill. Your lesson brings me much meaning of new words. Hope you continue to contribute such as useful lesson like this.

Profile photo of nguyenducsang nguyenducsang

how to open the video?thank you for telling me

Profile photo of Lanceji Lanceji

    If you are visiting from China, all our videos are hosted on YouTube, so that is probably why you can’t see them.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Love it

Profile photo of Abdelrahman Khalid Abdelrahman Khalid

Hi Gill,
Thank you so much for all of your lessons.
The way that your are using is unique …
Your accent is so wonderful.

Profile photo of BacHas BacHas

10/10 thank you ma’am

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Hey, everybody!
Check out an official EngVid community in VK). Right now we have a giveaway two 45-minute lesson with EngVid teacher! vk.com/engvid

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Thank you for this lesson Gill (:

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dear miss Gill i like your lesson and your way to explain words

Profile photo of Halla23 Halla23

It’s nice, I got all the answers correct. 10 out of 10.

Thanks a lot for your teaching, Gill!

Profile photo of Nina Ginting Nina Ginting

Dear Gill, there was incredible expierence:) Your way of teaching is SO GREAT:) I remembered almost everything:)I can’t find the next lesson about negative prefixes? Please help me:)

Profile photo of Adela65 Adela65

Thank you very much Mrs. Gill!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

I Want to learn English. So I have to read more and more,

Profile photo of habiburmilon786 habiburmilon786

The purpose of learning English is to preach Islam in the USA. The language of USA and UK is English. So I have to learn English. Please give me information in this matter.

Profile photo of habiburmilon786 habiburmilon786

I love the way of your teaching. You’re the best. Thank you so much ❤️

Profile photo of Emma Rodrigues Emma Rodrigues

Thank you so much
That about “loyal”
I am waiting for the second part

Profile photo of Nasr Escobar Nasr Escobar

Hello , everybody i m new student .GILL I REALLY LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE BEST TEACHER .Could you please give me some tips Which are helpful for me to improve my english speaking. I really need it . Could you please tell me which kind of vocabulary are daily use.

Profile photo of gurpreet saini gurpreet saini

Great class, thanks a lot!

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Thank you so much.

Profile photo of @184118 @184118

Am honestly enjoying this

Profile photo of @steven @steven

Hi Gill, as always excellent job

Profile photo of DomenicoFantauzzi DomenicoFantauzzi

Hi Gill I love your class.

Profile photo of Antonio Robson Antonio Robson

Dear Gill,
Thanks alot. Iam a Vietname. I do not have time and money to go English class although i very love English. So I learnt English myself in last year.
This month, I shown your lectures, I was very great. I love your lectures and I watch its every day.
One again, thanhk you alot!

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Thanh Nhat Nguyen Van Thanh Nhat

Hey gill
I got it all,that was a superb lecture 😘. Thank you

Profile photo of Adedimeji1 Adedimeji1

Thank a lot!

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Thank you this very useful lesson

Profile photo of Astrero Astrero

Thank you Gill,very helpful.

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