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A very useful lesson and interesting slang. Thank you for the lesson, Ronnie. I like your personality and enjoy watching your videos.

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Hi Ronnie.Its very useful lesson with a big sence)

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Thank you, teacher for the quiz

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Hi Ronnie! That has been great! Thanks a lot for so full of energy & emotional video & for good advice don’t give advice to anybody. I always used to give some advices to my ex-girlfriend: study English, leave me alone for short time & have smth done at home. But she always rejected my concerns. Except one day or to be precise morning. She had washed my jeans (together with my passport & driving license in the pocket) while I was sleeping & flown away to Malta for monthly English intensive course.

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    Hi Sunny Voyager,

    you have written “some adiveces”.

    That is wrong in English. In Russian and in Slovakian is it OK. When I read the subtitle, I thought, Ronnie will focus on this fact as it may be the most often mistake of us – English learners. The lesson would be not only nice but also very useful.

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      Hi Adrijana! Perfect remark about giving some advice. You are good student!

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      Hello my new & useful friend, Adrijana!!! Thank you for attention! You are absolutely right! That’s great! I wish you all the best!!!

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I got 10/10, the lesson is very useful and interesting, before I know this lesson, I usually mistake when i used the modal verb, example I usually plus to after the modal verb, now I know that is incorrect, thank Ronnie so much!

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yepyep and the last yep yep

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Thanks Ronnie!!!

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Wonderful lesson.

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Thanks! Very useful )

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thanks again Ronnie!

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what a good advice grammar lesson! thanks.

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Thank you so much, it’s a good advice and good quiz I got 100% of point.

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hey there, i would recommend this video to my friends.

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here we go 10 out 10

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Tsk Ronnie. I would study English better because I got 9 out 10. I should know that after “should”, “could” and “would” the verb must be in the basic form.

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Great lesson!
I get 10/10

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Hello, Ronnie. This lesson was really useful and easy ;)Thank you so much.
I’ve got 10/10.

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thank you for teaching exciting lessons on how to use English words in a correct grammar.

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I’ve got 10/10 thanks for the great !!!! leasson

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love it

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Thank you!

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Thank all of the techear

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How can I take the quiz I searched out but I can’t got

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Hi Ronnie! This lesson is for life, very helpful. Thanks so much!

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Hi. Can we use “should” with “he or she”.

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I got 9/10 . I loved this Lesson. Thanks teacher Ronnie.

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Thks for this video!

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Thanks Ronnie! You are Best!!!

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Thank Ronnie so much.

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my God, i have very bad. i will be study once again. I’m so sorry

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Thanks 10/10

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than you sooooo much for your real efforts that you help us with

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Thank you Ronnie and all other teacher here in engVid for the effort to teach us english :).

PS.: I know, my avatar looks like a aristocrat coronavirus. Lol

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Thank you for useful video :)

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