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Got 80. Thanks Emma! Lesson was remarkable ! <3


Dear colleagues and teachers,
I want to get you information about how works this site? I registered before 3 days I decided to start beginning level but I don’t understand how the lessons are serial as I have seen in one page including the lessons of 3 levels also I didn’t see any teacher responsible specific part or level? I am looking forward your kind feedback.

Hawo Ali

    Welcome to engVid, Hawo Ali!

    Use the English Lesson Finder in the sidebar on this page to sort lessons by level, teacher, or topic. Some lessons are part of a series (if they are, the teacher will say so in the video), but most stand on their own. On each lesson page, right after the video there is a list of related lessons.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    engVid Moderator

90 %! Thank You! Lesson was very interesting and useful :)


Thanks a lot Emma!!Although I can´t find jobs on the Internet to work on EngVid.com, I´ll send you my resume and a cover letter to be part of your team :)


    Sound great! :D


Hi Emma! Interesting and very useful lesson. Actually I’m reviewing my resume (once again) so this lesson is really for me. I’v been working many years in IT in many differents jobs at different companies using many technologies. It’s hard for me to summarize my experience in a few pages but I agree that nobody reads a resume of more than 2 or 3 pages.


Great lesson. Thanks.


The most useful lesson,thanks
How can I know if someone reply on my comment?
Is there notifications just like facebook

Zad Had

    Hi, there are two ways to know that. check out this lesson repeatedly and frequently or simply check out your email inbox.

    Hassan ABS

      Thanks alot for explaniation
      I apperciate it

      Zad Had

    Hi, Zad!

    In your profile settings, you can choose to get an email whenever someone responds to your comments. Look for “Comment Alerts”.

    engVid Moderator

Nice sweater )


Very useful for me. We have different kind of system in Transdniestria. In Moldova the system is something like this, but they call Resume as CV and they don’t ask you to create a cover letter.
In Transdniestria most of employers have their forms of resumes,that contain only information that employer wants to know about you, in most cases:1)personal information; 2) education 3)work experience- every previous employer but without responsibilities 4) military service; but in one bank I met 2 pages of psychological questions in a resume blank. They don’t need cover letters because in case they are interested in you- you will be invited for an interview, in some situations- to pass a test, and then- an interview. So in the interview they will see if you fit to the position. Sometimes a man wants to get a job in one position, but employer can decide that it would be better if the person gets another role.


Thank you you are gentle????

îkrãm chãllãl

    Hello. You are right

    Solay Mani

Good lesson. I would like to work in the USA.


It would be out of context but I have wanted to ask what the word “into” stand for in these sentences:- ” he’s into surfing” and ” he is just not that into you”.
Please, may you explain that in a separate lesson or in a replay? thanks

Hassan ABS

    That’s a great idea for a lesson!

    If you’re “into” something, you’re really interested in it or passionate about it. Someone who is “into surfing” probably has a surfboard and goes on vacation to great surfing spots. If someone’s “not that into you”, they aren’t as interested in you as you are in them (in a romantic sense).

    engVid Moderator

      Thank you a lot, I really appreciate your response. your answer was very adequate and hitting the bullseye but I hope you would forgive my insistence if I may ask a further question, how does “into” act in a sentence?

      Hassan ABS

Thanks you so much, Emmma. It’s a very useful lesson


Very useful video! I really appreciate that. Thank you Emma!

John B

thanks for what you show and all the information you give it help so mush


thanks,I don’t have much to say. But I sure learn a lot from your course.


Thank you Ms.Emma! see you next.


thanks Ema. Was cool.


Is there a whatsapp group to learn English?

Thanks Ema :)


Thank you emma!. you are very kind person.



Maher 1986


Maher 1986

Ema, you’re a great teacher and motivates me to learn. I always see your videos.

Ottoni Ferreira Filho

Hi Emma,

this lesson is very clear and interesting,

thanks a lot! :-)


Emma, thank you very much! You are perfect teacher! A teacher from God! :-) Many warm wishes from Moscow, Russia!


ths Emma , it is the first time for me to see u wearing glasses , you look good

yasser Daoud

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Hi teacher Emma
tank you for lesson i have 90 in quiz you perfect teacher thanks “EMMA”


Tks EMMA, Very Good


thank you very much EMMA


    thank you very much EMMA


I got 80/100, thank you


Great video. Thanks Emma :)


Emma Many thanks, great class and examples I learned many things.

Giovani Celeghini

Thank you Emma.

Jesan Chuang

Thank s

Nasser Alotaibi

Got 90 .thanks for info.

Rashmi Malde

Thank you! I got 80 percent.

Soteara Kit

It’s really useful, thank you very much!

Michael li

Hello Emma, thank you for you explanation, I got 70%, maybe you should recommend me how can I practice my speech for ex: in this page or another page?


thanks a lot. It’s useful.


90 degree. Wow


Excelellent class was useful for me, thanks


80%, thank you very much.


I loved the lesson it was so good

Osvaldo Figueira

Thank you for the lesson. It’s my first lesson in this page and I like it so much. I get 70%


thanks for the lesson was great I got 90.


Great Emma.you are Number 1


Thanks Emma.


Thanks Emma. Now I know how to write a good cover letter and a perfect resume .

S Chit Chit Win

It very helped, thanks.


Thanks Mrs. Emma!


I got 10 corrected out of 10.
Hi,Emma. How are you?
You are wonderful person.
I wish I’m a English teacher,too. like you,Emma.


    Sounds great, I wish you the best..



I have 90, thank you Emma for your support..

Best regards!!


It would be out of context but I have wanted to ask what the word “into” stand for in these sentences:- ” he’s into surfing” and ” he is just not that into you”.
Please, may you explain that in a separate lesson or in a replay? thanks


thanks emma 50%


l,m intresting to get english class via Skype


This lesson is really important. Thanks Emma!

Henrique Alves

I got 10 correct out of 10


    Thanks Emma


Thank you Emma! Great lesson!

Marcio R Santos

Thank you very much Emma.

Hasan Soledad

Hi, Emma, thank you so much for nice teaching ,
I got 9/10.

Nooreddin Asadi

sorry to be late good lesson I loved it

Osvaldo Figueira
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