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Thank you! Interesting lesson.

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I’m the first! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    You are the first? Yeah! But who’s care? :P

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      I care .

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        manam … ^_^

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      i also care Soei :)

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      I care too.

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thanks, Emma, it is an interesting and useful lesson

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Uf! I almost don’t finish the lesson because my laptop doesn’t have a good or proper connection to the Internet, but I have achieved to understand the concepts at the end although it has some difficult expressions like “I find that hard to believe”. I have to be thankful to teacher Emma because with her we can improve our comprehension and fluency level of English.

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I am grateful to this useful lesson

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I think this lesson was made to confuse people about what the truth really is.
I suspect that Illuminati are behind EngVid…

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    The truth is out there!!

    Illuminati eye-in-a-pyramid symbol

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Is a great learning method

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Thank you, Emma!

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Ohh, I recently learned another word to refer to a lie: a fib. Interestingly I found that on a science news page and they were saying that when we lie, our nose gets warmer and that is called the Pinocchio effect. I thought it was a hoax or fake news so I looked for another source and went to a peer-reviewed journal webpage and found that it was not just BS, but was inaccurate. The study actually said the nose gets colder instead of warmer. Hehe, I am glad I saw your lesson, Emma! Thank you, very much!

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    Good one!

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Good lesson! Interesting questions to find out the way to the true =)

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Thanks, great efforts Emma.

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Thanks Emma!!!

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thnx my favourite teacher <3

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Thank you madam Emma. I got 9 correct.

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Thank you Emma

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What is the difference between ‘me too’ and ‘same here’

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Thanks Emma, I got a seven, but I understood very well, thank you very much again.

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thanks Emma!

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I love your teaching

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thank you

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    Great ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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Thanks Emma

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this lesson is great.i have learned a lot about the fake news, conspiracy theories, hoaxes. Thanks very much.

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Thanks Emma

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Thank you, Emma!

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Very interesting this lesson!

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thank you so much! Now, i know how to argue with people who lie :))

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really very good lesson, i have learned good ( and also bad) and differents ways and vocabulary to discuss with a person giving crazy fake news, my favorite ones are hoaxes, practical jokes, let me get this staight and so on.. thank you Emma :)

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Thank you Emma!

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thank you EMMA . i’am your student from morocco and welcome to me if you visit morocco

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Thank you for this lesson๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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i got 7 of 10 , is just the beginning, thank you EMMA for this useful lesson.

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hi emma
thank you very much for your lessons are great!

I wanna a suggest for practicing English, I live in Brazil, and I really like to study English, but I just watch some movies in English, use Engvid,listen some music and use “write and improve-by Cabridge”. But I don’t have teacher and I can’t pay a English course, I don’t have friends that speak this language, so I don’t have any idea how I can be fluently! I dream speak one day…

Can you give me suggest to practice the conversation alone ?

Do you think that is possible speak fluently one day without teacher ?

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    Hi Juliana I’m form Brazil too, if you wnat we can training English. I work in a big company and I have to speak English with our customers, I have to learning English so much and pratice is the better way to do that.

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      Hello Andal and Juliana.
      Meaby I’m live on the other side of the globe but very willingly try with as improve my English skills.

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    Hi I am in your same situation..i do you want try to speak to me by skype?I know a I aren’t native speaker..but I think this can be usefull for each other,,bye

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    same problem here. and i need practice too. and as you noticed i am not native speakers. but still i think it will work. if you want here you are my mail for make contact: kartal.matak@gmail.com

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      btw emma you are great as usual thank you very much. i am waiting for more. have a great time.

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    Hey, guys! I’m brazilian too. We can help each other!

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rats’ grilled meat can be appreciated by people or can not. i, actually, like it

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Thanks Emma.

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Thank you, Emma, a great lesson! I think it would be funny if somebody left a serious comment like “Emma, how come the Earth isn’t flat? I tell you it’s other way around! And what about the elephants and the turtle? Are you claiming they are not there either?”)))

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thank you Emma !! you are the best !!

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you’re the teacher help me the must, so I call you an awesome teacher.

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thanks a lot Emma

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thank you

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Thank you!

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thank you

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Thank you for excellent presentation.

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Thank you

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Creepy!If we pass the video on reverse, it is clear that we can hear Emma saying “Glory to the Great Reptile”…

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    Even Lizard People want to learn English…

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Thanks for video !

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thank you so much Emma!! you are grate! And your pronunciation, I am so happy I can learn from you. I did subscribe you on youtube just now. Thanks for everything. I am going to keep watching your videos and answering questions that you have asked :)

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Thank you Emma. I learn so much with this video!

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Uff…. At Last! My first 10 correct out of 10 quiz with this english course! No B.S. It is for real! LOL!

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Trank you Emma.
07/10 at quiz :/

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8/10 at quiz.

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Hi Emma tanks a lot for your lesson..about conspiracy theories..Are you Canadian?do you know Paul Hellyer and what he said? does he maybe going to crazy? tanks…and sorry for my bad English..

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very useful

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Thanks I enjoy learning English with yoh

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Thank you for interesting lesson :)

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the fact of the matter
i will remember this expression
Thank u (ใ…‡ใ……ใ…‡โ€)

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Thanks, Emma. Good lesson.

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i got 8 of 10. yeah

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thank you Emma

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Even though i am confused with conspiracy theory

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thanks, emma

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The problem is, its not funny, western people perceive fake news as entertainment but in reality its lies

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thanks Emma!

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Thanks emma

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Thank you for your interesting lesson.

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Thank you Emma

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Great!! Tnx!!

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Thank You so much Emma. I learned a lot!

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I’m learning english… Thank you so much!

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Thank you for this topic

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It’s very interesting,I m very thankful to Emma.she is such a pretty teacher here.

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Thank you Emma

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thanks Emma it is great lesson it is very benefits to me

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Poland is going to win World Cup in Russia. True story :D

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    it’s find that hard to believe. Where did you get the source. How would you are sure that Poland will win the World cup but the fact of matter is that the team win who will do their best in the match!

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      I think his source is an alternative reality))))

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Hi! I’m Lorena from Colombia.
Great topic!!!

I would like to learn about future perfect, I’m not sure when and how to use it… Also (another confusion) I don’t understand when I have to use nobody and no one or they mean the same…

Thank you so much :)

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Miss Emma you are best!i got the expression easily even though i’m not good in listening but the way you teach i easily swallowed. thumps up!

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    Very informative and very interesting as well as challenging for the brain .โ˜บ

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I love the Emma’s class

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I would like to argue about The President.

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Hello how are you tetcher
I’m nice weth you and studant

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thank you Emma this lesson was very intersting

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Very nice

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Good job Emma. Thank you.

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Thanks Emma, you are great !!

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Thanks Emma, this lesson is very useful nowadays

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thank a lot!

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Hi Emma,

Thanks very much for another great lesson. Just want to ask if you offer private English tuition?

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Hi Emma! I like your lesson so much, it’s very interesting and useful for us.
thanks a lot.

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I’ve got 10/10! Thanks for the lesson, Emma!

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    Hello Ken! I’m gonna take a TOEFL exam in 6 months and I’m looking for an English speaking partner to improve my speaking skill. may you help me? if you don’t mind let me know.

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Great lesson, Emma, thanks

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Thanks Emma

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Thanks Emma

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Hi Emma
Thanks for this interesting lesoon. It’s very useful nowadays.
Thank you so much.

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thank you for the useful lesson i really enjoyed the video .

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Thanks Emma

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I didn’t undestud 100% what means Hoax.

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i big 10 on my quiz thanks Emma

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Thanks emma

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Thank you

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your teaching method is amazing , easy to follow , thanks emma .

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I got 100, Thanks for the nice lesson Emma

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Thanks Emma i got 7

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thanks Emma i have 7/10

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Thanks for this lesson! Could you please make a video about the words against and apart? How to use them, I don’t know why but they are confusing for me.
Also it would be great to watch a lesson about broken things (torn, soiled, etc), how to describe this situations, how to fix it
Thank you!๐Ÿ˜Š

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I love your speaking and teaching Emma

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Thank Emma

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This is my first class and I enjoy this class.

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Thank you, Emma!

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You got 10 correct out of 10.
Thanks Emma, it’s a very good learning!!

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Pefect lesson, I like them.

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thank you Emma

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Great thank

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Thanks a lot, Emma. As a fan of The X Files, I’m used to hearing a lot of conspiracy theories. Long live Mulder and Scully :)

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Hey Emma, you are great teacher and I have learned from you a lot.
Thank you for helping us improve our English dear :)

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Thanks Emma and thanks engvid.

More one lesson done and good test result.

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thank you emma :)

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Thank you so much Emma.

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I got 5 out of 10. :( I have to learn again on this video.

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Thanks Emma.

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Your lessons always helpful for me. I am learning new words and expressions. Really thanks a lot! Best wishes! :)

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New skills get!

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Oh Emma I love your lesson , Thanks.

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10/10. Thank you Emma.

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thanks Emma

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very good lesson Emma, thanks you!

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Thank you Emma, I think you are the best her

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Thank you so much for the lesson Teacher Emma. I’ve just got two new words hoax and conspiracy theory

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Thank you so much for the lesson Teacher Emma. I’ve just got two new words hoax and conspiracy theory

Profile photo of parnid nps parnid nps

Hello guys!! So, I’m a English teacher from Brazil and I love to practice my English,especially with people all around the world. I love to make friends and talk with them.
I use to show to my students how important it’s to speak in English and Practice.
If you guys want to talk to me (for free) “I don’t work with English class via Skype” to have and create a good friendship. Send me a message in my E-mail:cesarboladogt500.f430@gmail.com


Nice lesson. Thank you, Emma:-)

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Yes, you are my best teacher.
Thank you for lucid explanation.

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Thanks Emma! It’s a ery interesting lesson,we learned a lot.

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Thank you Emma, it was an interesting lesson, but I would like to know why I got 80 of 100 while I answered correctelly 9 questions?..
Thanks again and will keep following your wonderfull lessons.

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Emma, you are the best teacher ever

Profile photo of Ahmed Elshayep Ahmed Elshayep

Emma, I think you are not a good teacher, because when you speak I understand you, all your Words and sentences. But, there are many others teachers that I donโ€™t understand. Why? Perhaps, you do not speak correctly? Here in Spain there is a joking similar: โ€œIf you understand the company-electrical bill, someone has explained you badโ€โ€ฆ

Profile photo of Gafin Gafin

Dear Emma,
You speak English to express the information and make others understand, whereas in India, a teacher speaks English to impress (literary words) the students not to express. That is the reason education in America or Canada or in Europe is considered the best one. Thanks keep us posted.

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Dear Emma,
Like others, Hoax is a new for me. Today I got it.
Thank you as well your engvid.com for such a nice course.

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    a new word… sorry

    Profile photo of Mohd Asad Mohd Asad

Great lesson
Thank you Emma

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Thanks Emma. I love your lessons. I got 100%โœŒ๏ธ

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thanks, Emma ,my teaher

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Dear Emma
You have shit loads of experience in teaching English.
Much appreciated.
Wishing you a very happy and blessed new year!

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Thank you Emma!

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Thank you Mrs. Emma!

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you are a very teacher

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Hello, thanks Emma! I realy like this lesson.

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Thanks, Cool lesson! 8 out of 10

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Hello Emma.thanks for your effort.you are the best one.but can you help us to learning
I have a question.could you answer me please?
which way is the best method for learning English?
I’m confused i don’t have a good goal.i am tired and hopeless.Help me pleeeeease EMMA.

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Thank you Emma, you’re the best teacher)

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To make rat-hamburgers they use just the best part of the rat not the tail for example. I assure you, you won’t notice the difference.

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Iam new here, really you are very good

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I got 6 of 10 ti was bad ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜ข

Profile photo of AbdElrahmanon AbdElrahmanon

i get a high degree in quiz and its not a fake news

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Thank you, teacher!

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I’m a mom and I’m a bit angry about to be reckoned as a bad source of news….. as a matter of fact ,in this days, politicians are the worst (or the best) makers of fake news. Much more than moms… !!!!

But at the end of the day i enjoy o lot this lessons from engVid Teachers . They are, all of them, skillful and nice people . Thanks so much for your great job !!

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thank you, teacher, I have a nice day

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You are very nice teacher!
Thank you Emma.

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Thank you emma!!

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Thank you for your great video lesson!

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How did the they get on antarctica ?

Profile photo of Akithanejan Akithanejan

Thank you teacher!!!

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thank you Emma you’re the best.

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Splendid lesson, thanks.

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Oh very good. your teaching is too great. Thank you very much. I like your speaking and your (covering that similar to Kurdish women people).

Profile photo of tebyan tebyan

That is a good lesson which taught me some fraud activities on the internet. I have a question for you about today’s people activity on the internet doing some illegal act which harms people or businesses.So who is responsible for this, what do you think about it?

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I have got 9 correct out of 10,thank you EMMA

Profile photo of Ahmed saleh81 Ahmed saleh81

Fake news is terrible. Thanks for this lesson!

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Tanks Emma

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