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Adam thank you a million for a brilliant lesson!You always made our days.However i didn’t cath up with whether that verb Rat on or Rat out?


    Hi Hermanicus,

    Rat on and rat out are actually similar. It’s to tell a secret about someone. Rat on is to say someone did something bad. Rat out is to show someone who is trying to hide.

    A mafia member will rat on another member before he commits a crime.

    When the police are looking for someone, a friend might rat him out and help the police catch him.

    Does this help?


Hi Adam,

thank you for an amusing lesson.

(Learning English should be a fun).

With the word MONKEY, you have used two phrasal

verbs : MONKEY WITH (on the board) and MONKEY

AROUND WITH (by explaining it verbally).

I have checked up both of them in the dictionary

and they mean exactly the same thing.

Thank you many times.


    Hi Adrijana,

    They can mean the same thing. Monkey around with can also mean play around; for example with kids you can monkey around by play-fighting or something like that.

    Hope this helps :)


Got 09/10 . Adam ,in question no 08 . Why with the apostrophe comma with the word ” people ” came before s . Didn’t it come after “s” like peoples’ lives , instead ” people’s lives ?


    Hi Annie,

    That’s a good eye. It looks it was a typo on the writer’s part. I’ll make sure we’re all more careful in future.

    Thanks for pointing it out.


Thank you Adam.


Thanks Adam! I learned it and got 09/10. Next time I’ll get all questions!


i got 9/10 and feel regret when i wrong the phrase: monkeying with, so i decided review and know it’s very interesting, Thank Adam a lot

nguyen van long

rat out?


    I think rat on and rat out are the same things.
    The difference could be like this:
    1. He ratted on her.
    2. He ratted her out.


      Well used Egghead :)


Thanks Adam! Good job as always.


So Interesting analogies are created with the help of those animals in English


i got 8 out of 10 ,i made mistake in number 6 fishing for !!


i like this words i never knew them


now i got 10 out of 10 .repetition makes perfection /


I got only 6/10…?
But ok?
Thank you for your efforts ????

Khushi Kumari

its very good but Im not understand whats meaning of rat out ?


    Hi Amirfazel,

    It means to tell someone what someone else did. For example, if I know Tom cheated on the test and I rat him out to the teacher, he will get in trouble.

    Does this help?


Adam thank you so much for your advices and for the great content of your videos. They have helped me out a lot. A hug and grettings from Colombia.


I get 7 thank you Adam


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Hi Adam!! What about MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO)))

Ashurov 1986@

    Hi Ashurov,

    That’s a good idiom. It means to copy others :)



      Ashurov 1986@

Oh my gosh! I got 10 correct out of 10. I’m so happy now. Thanks Adam!


Thank you so much Adam!!!Great lesson!


thanks Adam..you always show me how much you are awsome


Thanks Adam! I got 10/10. Wow!


Adam, can I got your offical email?


    Hi Trebinjko,

    You can contact me at writetotop.com in the contact page.


Bob was a casual worker. One day Sera started working as a secretary at the same work. Bob saw her while he was pigging out at the cafeteria. She was so beautiful that Bob did not keep eating. He only watched her. Bob really wanted to go out with Sera but the problem was that he always clamped up in front of her. Whenever he found enough power to ask her out, he always chickened out when she was around. He did not bear with this situation any more. So he decided to go a doctor. The doctor tried to fish for information on his relationships. It turned out that Bob always preferred to weasel out dating if the women were so attractive. He usually belittled himself and found an excuse to duck out of the hangout. The doctor told him that he needed to be good looking. Bob bought some new outfits with money that he squirreled away. He felt more confident now. He asked out Sera and she accepted. Bob was really happy. He knew how to monkey with self-confidence from now on.

Thanks Adam!


Thank you Adam. But I want to know if all these phrasal verbs are formal or informal?

Emmanuel MANDEBI

    Hi Emmanuel,

    These are all informal. Do not use these in a formal academic essay, such as in IELTS or TOEFL.

    You can use them in the speaking section if you use them correctly and in the right context.


Thanks my teacher


Thank you Adam. Very good lesson.

Marcos PM

8/10! Good! I like this phrasal verbs lesson. It easy to understand, and can use it usually.

Jerry Gu

Thanks Adam. it is a really good lesson. Stay safe.


thank you for this interesting lesson

Aml Mounier

9 out of 10

Pereira Santos

Hi dam I am requesting you to turn all your lessons onto the pdf so that we can download or print them, because we have slow internet in our place
TEACHER Rebeeca helped me a lot on her lessons.they are printable and also downloadable


    Hi Abrahamalukdut21,

    I will pass this suggestion onto the site managers.


I got 7 correct out of 10.


Adam thank you very much indeed. I have a request to you. We find difficulties in understanding the sentences with HAVING plus PAST PARTICIPLE. Could you please prepare a lesson and deliver it for us ?

Kedar Aryal

    Hi Kedar,

    I’ll see what I can do :)


Thanks everyone :)


Thanks a lot for great lesson!


thank you so much.


    Thank you


Thank you Adam.




Thank you Mr. Adam for an interesting explanation.


Adam, thx!


Thank you so much. It’s a very interesting lessons. I do appreciated.

wonna htay

Could I use these phrasal verbs ? when I write an academic essay?

Also, I really have benefit from this lesson, thanks a lot ^^


All I can say is, Thanks!


I fish for a lot of informations about idioms with the animal. Thank you very much. I tested myself and I took 7point


Cool) thank you, Adam!


Can I have another example on horse around?


10/10 on first try!! thx for the amazing lesson Adam! enjoyed learning phrasal verbs


I got 100 on first try, thanks

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