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Thank you so much Alex :)

Profile photo of Yigit96 Yigit96

I should be mentioned is that the car industry is very important for our lives and and thank you for your good explanation of the topic

Profile photo of Miguel Jimenéz Agudelo Miguel Jimenéz Agudelo

    Any time. I’m glad it was useful for you.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Mr. Alex, thank you very much for your lesson. It’s very useful. In the quiz I got 10 correct out of 10. :)

Profile photo of Zenith Zenith

    Nice job! Now the tricky part is remembering the vocabulary and using it in conversation.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Very useful lesson! How many things I didn’t known :(
Thanks Alex

Profile photo of Luke Luke

    Now you know them! I’m happy to help.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

🚙Thanks for a useful lesson, Alex. I wonder if you have ETC toll gates on highways in Canada. The most head-aching problem here in our country is that we must pay sky-high tolls.

Profile photo of FELES FELES

    It depends on the province, but we definitely have toll booths in Canada. We also have some express highways that you have to pay to use. Those are really expensive!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

9/10 thanks alex 👌

Profile photo of Anahita Anahita

    Nice job! Thanks for studying with Engvid!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

I don´t drive very often, but it´s interesting to know this vocabulary. Thanks, teacher Alex.

Profile photo of Erick-Pio Erick-Pio

    No problem. Thanks for watching and commenting, Erick. This vocabulary can still be useful when you’re watching TV shows or movies.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Instead of using the hand gesture, now I can give drivers direction verbally. Talk more, point less. :) Thanks, Alex.

Profile photo of Lfabian2013 Lfabian2013

    Nice! I’m glad I was able to help you out.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Wishing you a happy lunar new year with your new car drive,drive it with extreme caful and don’t get a speeding ticket.Entrance as well as exit ramp very safely.If you don’t mind,would you let me use your new car.

Profile photo of cuong ta cuong ta

    Sure. You can use it any time. It might be difficult because it’s not real, though.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Hello Alex I’m marwa I’m commenting on your video but not appear please help me

      Profile photo of Marwa92.. Marwa92..

      HI Alex,could you answer my question to about base verb and infinitive in the example below:because the recession,walmar closes 20 stores or walmart to close 20 store.Is there any difference these two sentences or they are identical you can any way you want to.thanks a lot.

      Profile photo of cuong ta cuong ta

thank you teacher alex

Profile photo of kman kman

Hi. Nice job teacher. It´s difficult for me speak so fluently . Can you advice me?

Profile photo of Clarin Clarin

I’v got 10 correct out of 10
thank you Alex

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Profile photo of rnyangusi rnyangusi

I’v got 10 correct out of 10

Profile photo of suhail habahbeh suhail habahbeh

Very informative and interesting lesson ! Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of SergeyIrk SergeyIrk

    You’re very welcome! Thanks a lot for clicking.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Very useful vocabulary. It is really interesting your lesson. thanks a lot!!

Profile photo of jean.rodriguez-1 jean.rodriguez-1

    “Your lesson is really interesting.”

    You’re welcome!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Hello Alex.
I’ve got caught for speeding once, when I used to ride a motorcycle. It cost me speeding ticket and 15,000 yen fine. Paying fine is not even fine!

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

    I hate paying fines too. I haven’t had one in a long time, but I’ve received them before for speeding. The worst one I got was for going through a red light.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Hello Alex .
Toll can be excessively expensive in certain countries . I can’t find what are the most expensive highways in the world but I think France must be in the top 5 . It cost 21€ to a return trip of 130 km . Add to this you must pay diesel 1€/L . Imagine how much your travel could be if plus getting caught speeding .
There is another fraudulent action on highways , it is to go through the toll without paying . That must cost a bigger fine , getting caught doing that . Is there a name for that fraud in English ?
Thanks Alex

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

    Hmm, I’ve never heard of this fraud activity in Canada because most tolls won’t let you pass unless you pay.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Hello Alex .
      To avoid paying toll , some make the “little train” . They drive bumper to bumper at the toll station , like their car was the wagon of precededing one . They cross the toll before the turnpike shut down .
      It represents an average amount of 2 million offences / Year in France . Maybe it is not possible in Canada . Anyway, I advise anyone against doing that .

      Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

Thank you Alex!

Profile photo of emekli emekli

    You’re welcome, emekli!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks Alex for one more interesting video.In India while driving some words are used from this gist and for some other substitute words are used.I think this list of vocabulary will be useful for me whenever i am likely to visit Canada :)By for now.See you soon:)

Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

    See you! Thanks a lot for watching. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks Alex for your teaching

Profile photo of AUNG WIN TUn AUNG WIN TUn

Thank you very much Alex!!
Nice Porsche 911 you´re driving in the picture of the video. Engvid.com has really good designers ;)
There was a famous saying which said: “Don´t drink and drive, smoke and fly”

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    I’ve never heard of that. Haha. But I can understand the appeal of the message!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you,Alex I usually drive speed limit at 80 Km/h in town. I wasn’t caught by the police.

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

    The speed limit in town is 80 km/hr?! That’s really fast for city driving! :) Here it’s usually 50 km/hr in the city, and 100 km/hr on the highway.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      I don’t know anywhere but in Bangkok Metropolitan Region is 80 Km/h . I think it is too fast.

      Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

Thanks Alex, for a wonderful lesson.

Profile photo of kobi kobi

    No problem, kobi! Thanks a lot for watching!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Hej Alex i am sorry bothering but could u pls checking an exercise for me pls but i can not post here cuz is photo. could u pls send me ur email . I just wanna make sure if my teacher made a mistake by checking the exam. IN fact my teacher did(in his way explained) but he didnt convice me therefore i would like to know ur opinion about it .or just reply on this email agnese.balaj@universitetiaab.com
PLS in an emergency

Profile photo of agnesebalaj agnesebalaj

    hi my friend

    Profile photo of masoud khlil masoud khlil

Thank you

Profile photo of Yazmin85 Yazmin85

hi I’m new student

Profile photo of Aung Min Oo Aung Min Oo

Thank you very much for this rewarding vocabularies, I like your way of teaching.
I’m from Syria I hope find someone talk to me in English I study English but I find difficult in chatting and talking, please help me

Profile photo of Marwa92.. Marwa92..

    Hi, Marwa92. You can add me on skype to prectice english.

    My skype name is betoparatrooper or send me yours

    Profile photo of Beto Pires Beto Pires

Hi Alex! It looks like you had a car accident at the end of the video! Are you ok? By the way, thanks for the lesson!

Profile photo of Valderí Andrade Valderí Andrade

    I just got a few scratches, but I’ll be fine. Thanks for your concern!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex


Profile photo of josuesoriano josuesoriano

Ok, I got 8 in 10. It is quite good. By the way Alex, might you give a lesson on all the machinery normally used in large projects (construction)for example bulldozers, excavators, etc… Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of John B John B

    Hmm, that’s definitely an interesting idea, but I’m not sure I have enough knowledge in this area to make an effective lesson.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks a million

Profile photo of Marwa92.. Marwa92..

    Why my comment not be appear

    Profile photo of Marwa92.. Marwa92..

Very usefull lesson, you are as always the best. Greeting from Poland :)

Profile photo of geoAdam geoAdam

Hi Alex,
I’v big problem about the words: need, should, have/had
I can’t understand when use each of these words, because in my language
there is only one word for this meaning – Need, sometimes its also “must” meaning but for “must” we have a special word.
i’m very confused.
I’d be happy if you’d record lesson on this matter.
Thank you very much!

Profile photo of kobi kobi

It’s very easy. I’ve got 10 of 10.
anyway, I really appreciate what you do most of ur time u spend it teaching us without any benefit . you deserve more than the word Thanks.

Profile photo of hamlyforever hamlyforever

Hello, Alex! Very useful vocabulary. Thanks for this great lesson! See you in your next video! Júlio César from Brazil.

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

It was a very useful lesson.

Profile photo of genilvan genilvan

Hi Alex, I was looking some classes in Engvid about Future perfect and future perfect continous and I didn’t find anything. Could you or another teacher from Engvid add some clasees about it here? Thank you.

Profile photo of genilvan genilvan


Profile photo of genilvan genilvan

Hi Alex it was a very useful vocabulary many thanks for this lesson it’s exciting

Profile photo of Yasser206 Yasser206

10/10 !!!!
thanks for a useful lesson. It was the inspire for me.

Profile photo of Arseman Arseman

Thanks Alex! It is important to learn vocabulary about highway driving, we might need it sometime.

Profile photo of Aleachi Aleachi


Profile photo of Kleber Marcio Kleber Marcio

I`m sorry.I`m beginner.now I can not watch your video lessons.how can I watch or load your vedio material.

Profile photo of Nazarov Nazarov

thanks, Alex it was really helpful for me to get the new vocab

Profile photo of SAM SINGH SAM SINGH

Alex I`m waiting your answer.Please be quick

Profile photo of Nazarov Nazarov

short lecon and very effective and fun!!
thanks Alex!!

Profile photo of kampor kampor

I get 100!
thanks dear Alex

Profile photo of Humayun Kabir Himel Humayun Kabir Himel

I have got 100 👍🏻
Thank you for lesson!

Profile photo of Malia Malia

May I request, Mr.Alex…
I really wanna to save the videos from this web site in my phone and then share to my friends the classmates of my ENGLISH SPEAKING CLASS.
So…If you don’t mind, could you tell me how to get those,PLEASE?
I look forward to your answer actually.
Thanks a lot, Mr.Alex!

Profile photo of Myo Chit Myo Chit

Thank you Alex

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

Thanks for the lesson.

Profile photo of Dewkanyamas Dewkanyamas

an unexpected and funny ending))) thank`s for the lesoon, Alex!

Profile photo of Rafa507 Rafa507


    Profile photo of Rafa507 Rafa507

thank you alex, so even the level is beginner this lesson is very helpful for those who drive a lot! in case to drive abrod we’ll know how to speak rightly on the roads hehehe

Profile photo of lemp lemp

It was a very nice explanation and your pronunciation is so clear. Thanks!

Profile photo of pedrogil07 pedrogil07

Thanks for your class. I learned a lot.

Profile photo of JR Chavier JR Chavier

thank me
i do good job 7/10 :) :) :)

Profile photo of Dr.hamood Dr.hamood

    hey abu Yemen , why thank yourself :)

    Profile photo of Hamedmohammad Hamedmohammad

Teacher, nice lesson!
Thank you so much.

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Profile photo of phamquynhanh phamquynhanh

I got 10 correct, I learned on-ramp/off-ramp ,thank you!!!

Profile photo of bigli bigli

I just suscribe i like your way of teaching

Profile photo of Luis rolando perez Luis rolando perez

thank you very much for your help,I learn a few thing for this lesson

Profile photo of luciazu luciazu

Very useful lesson, thanks Alex!

Profile photo of byte byte

Thanks Alex , Your lessons are always useful ….

Profile photo of Hamedmohammad Hamedmohammad

As usual, your lessons are very clear and useful. Just one question: in your Country, what does it happen to a driver when he (or she) is caught driving drunk? Fined or kept in jail?

Profile photo of Canardo Canardo

Thank you, Alex! I got 100% on the quiz. It was an easy lesson for me because I have learned this vocabulary during my preparation for the DMV written test.

Profile photo of Elena Elena

hi alex .as you knew, im an english – translation student. will you give some advise to find some use full english grammar books. the books , those which can upgrade my information immensely.

Profile photo of m 16 m 16

Thanks, Alex. Your prononciation is very clear.

Profile photo of Rozenn Rozenn

Thank you, Alex.

Profile photo of MunkieDang MunkieDang

Thanks a lot!!!

Profile photo of Sethli Sethli

Thank for the lesson

Profile photo of Beibarys Beibarys

Thanks.I learned a lot

Profile photo of Aiah Abdalalem Aiah Abdalalem

Thank you Alex.

Profile photo of katerinapas1 katerinapas1

Thank you very much for your wonderfull lesson, Alex.


Profile photo of emrahbulduk emrahbulduk

thank you alex . 9/10 its my score , speeding ticket haha :)

Profile photo of poyys poyys

Thank you ; i really enjoy the course and I learned a lot , Mr Alex.

Profile photo of Rafi31 Rafi31

thank you msr alex for helping us with this kind of vocabulary that we need in our daily life

Profile photo of ali-khalid ali-khalid

i’m sorry
i don’t understand

Profile photo of AnnaSlin AnnaSlin

thanks so much

Profile photo of Gauhar shaikh Gauhar shaikh

teacher alex ,its a really useful lesson

Profile photo of sokdavid sokdavid

Good class

Profile photo of Vitao1800 Vitao1800

Alex what is text and drive?

Profile photo of Tran Thi To Uyen Tran Thi To Uyen

Alex, thank you.:D I got a 100 % right at first time.

Profile photo of Tammyjang1 Tammyjang1

    hi. nice to meet you.
    1’m korean too.
    let’s learn hard english together, so i want to be a good english speaker each other.

    Profile photo of noah noah

Thank you so much.

Profile photo of baraa.alm baraa.alm

Thank’s Teacher. You is great !

Profile photo of Diegoo Diegoo

Hi thank you so much. Was very useful. I will keep watching your videos.

Profile photo of ariannapaladini ariannapaladini

Thanks a lot Alex!! Congratulations for your excelent english class.

Profile photo of Romario Lima Romario Lima

Thank you. .. very nice class

Profile photo of Nandoh Nandoh

This website may have a button to like for each video!

Profile photo of Thiago Thiago

90 out of 100% (Only one mistake) it wasn’t speeding ticket, it was speed ticket!

Profile photo of DeYtH DeYtH

Thanks for this lesson, Alex!

These expressions were almost driving me crazy, but now I know there is a spitting limit even in the pissing lane :-)

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

Got 8 out of 10, thanks alex..

Profile photo of Ryan18 Ryan18

your explanation is great :D thanks so so much Alex ^_^

Profile photo of Dandash Dandash

Thank yout Alex, you are a very clear speaker and teatcher!

Profile photo of wilhansjunior wilhansjunior

really, thank you for this lesson

Profile photo of askp askp

thanks i got 10 out of 10

Profile photo of richardagustin richardagustin

i got 8 correct out of 10.
i’m satisfied with this score because i’m a beginner.
when i watched this vedeo, i feeled really good
at the teacher’s definite explanation and his accent.
thank you very much mr.alex
i’m looking forward to seeing you.

Profile photo of noah noah

thanks Alex for your time you are a excelent teacher where do live well in what city Toronto?

Profile photo of ameca ameca

From Guatemala, Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Jose Lazzo Jose Lazzo

Thanks teacher.

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Thanks for your essential vocabulary about expressions’ driving on the highway.This lesson is very useful for me. :)

Profile photo of Chloe.Lee Chloe.Lee

thx you alex

Profile photo of aldebarant aldebarant

Thank you it’s useful lesson

Profile photo of Knowledge123 Knowledge123

Thank you so much Alex!! I ‘ll try my best.

Profile photo of strongpatch strongpatch

very usefully lesson .i can learn the english and the traffic knowlege. thank you alex.

Profile photo of guoyunlong guoyunlong

Alex, by reading comments I saw you used the word “appeal” which I find really difficult to understand. There are tons of explanations about it, and all of them are different. I think this word deserves a lesson. Could you do a lesson on this? You could include some others as well if you think this word itself is not enough. Thank you in advance.

Profile photo of vladandevla vladandevla

score 9 from 10. thanks a lot i receive
knowledge and useful for myself drive the car.

Profile photo of yamsamer yamsamer

Thanks Alex

Profile photo of Leonoryoli72 Leonoryoli72

Why I still get pulled over by the police?

Profile photo of tutunia tutunia

… And how to call the situation when you drive on the left lane to the right, right to left, to get in lane and be faster…?

Profile photo of tutunia tutunia

thanks, very useful

Profile photo of masszam masszam

thanks sir Alex.. yr style of teaching is too gud.. ans plz also tell about the sign mention on highway why we used them. thansk

Profile photo of danial sheikh danial sheikh

Thank you Alex for choosing this lesson

Profile photo of Samy14 Samy14

This is my first lesson!! 9 out of 10, not so bad, but I need to practice more

Profile photo of gabrielOso gabrielOso

I feakin’ love it!! your lesson always easy to understand, and ofcourse freakin’ helpful!!
:) sorry this’s because i learn the swearing lesson of Ronnie@@thank alot teacher: Alex

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Thank you Alex

Profile photo of Yang Yu Yang Yu

i’m trying to get driver licene. And this lession is very userful for me :) Thank you so much, Alex :) .
Keep doing well !

Profile photo of kimlongap kimlongap

Thanks Alex i got 9/10.

Profile photo of Nebi Habish Nebi Habish

High i try to get better

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Profile photo of Maliban Maliban

Thank you Alex.

Profile photo of KelvinCK KelvinCK

Alex thanks a lot for clear oral speech. Good luck to your business.

Profile photo of Zhvan Zhvan

It’s very useful lesson. I got 10 out of 10. See you my teacher..

Profile photo of polathan polathan

Hey Alex! Your way of speaking is very handful to learning English in such an easy path indeed.I would like to say ‘Sepaas’ means thank you in Persian, yet it is not written in Persian language :)

Profile photo of kami88 kami88

Hi Alex.i cant watch your movie.this massage come
404-not found..what should i do????

Profile photo of ariyan.pl ariyan.pl

Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of maryam.1geo maryam.1geo

Thanks a lot Alex ,now i know more vocabulary.

Profile photo of anphu.vp anphu.vp

thanks Alex

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Profile photo of lama dent lama dent

OMG I got a speed ticket, dzieki Alex

Profile photo of Arthur Arthur

Thanks Mr.Alex

Profile photo of sekti92id sekti92id

Useful lesson, thank you Alex.

Profile photo of JulianS13 JulianS13

Thanks Alex. Now,driving on the highway is easier than before. Bye ;)

Profile photo of ChrysLom89 ChrysLom89

Hello Alex from Honduras , I always learn with these videos . Thanks!!!

Profile photo of Gus Gus

Thank you so much your team.very very very thank you.

Profile photo of emily2050 emily2050

Does it common to speak “fine”?
example: “I got fined!”

Profile photo of Jeck Jeck

Thank you Alex!

Profile photo of allensum1230 allensum1230

thanks alex, very useful this lesson!

Profile photo of cesar leal cesar leal

thank you so much Alex!!

Profile photo of thaitronghiep thaitronghiep

Hi Alex it`s really thanks for your help.

Profile photo of Pac Fan Pac Fan

I love car very much. it was lesson exactly for me

Profile photo of lazare lazare

Thank you sir

Profile photo of Ehsan101 Ehsan101

hi alex this was a good class thanks

I live in south nj usa, I want to know if you can teach us how to use a GPS in english.

Profile photo of wilkinjmnz wilkinjmnz

9/10! Good! Thanks so much Alex for the lesson! Robertino from Italy!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

Thanks Alex! That’s a nice video!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Thank you teacher Alex.

Profile photo of Gamar2016 Gamar2016

Hi Alex!
What are the differences between: turn right, make a left and take a left?
Thank you so much!

Profile photo of norma1921 norma1921

Thank you!very useful

Profile photo of straton mihai straton mihai

Thank you very much, it is useful.

Profile photo of Lawrence Lu Lawrence Lu

Thank you, Alex!

Profile photo of Janetxu Janetxu

10/10. Thank you Alex.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Mr. ALex one of the best teacher ever… I`m gonna try to use more this kinf of vocabulary daily. Thanks a million for it (or that?) hehehe

Profile photo of Deisi da costa Deisi da costa

Thank you Alex
I get 8 /10

Profile photo of Zaineb Auganah 559908 Zaineb Auganah 559908


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

pissing lane :)))))

Profile photo of soozi soozi

thanks for your class was very interesting

Profile photo of JUAN CEA JUAN CEA

Thank you very much Alex :)

Profile photo of ewerton.eff ewerton.eff

I got 100% Yippee
Thanks Alex for the lesson
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Thank you so much, I learn a lot about this topic.

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