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    Eah y3ny from Egypt -_-

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      In my view, gerunds are hard to use mainly because they can be placed in any part of a sentence; that is, they can fulfil different functions in a statement.

      Just one question Mr. Makar, what’s the function of the gerund in the following sentence? What’s the meaning of the statement?

      “I got him talking about it”

      Abosorbing lesson and of great use.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

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It was good. I got 100.

skype : mrthartford

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    I didn’t find your skype account , wasn’t existing.

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I got 6 correct out of 10. I review and rethought about mistaking. Now I understand them. Thank you, Alex :)

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i got 5 of 10.. Good :)

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Thanks Alex ..

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Hello Alex .
I got 8 out of 10 . Why in question five the first answer is not correct even if the third answer is correct too ?
The preposition “to” after using the verb “lie” get me confused . I understand when being told ” you lie to me” , “to” indicates an action from the subject to the complement but when saying ” I have been lied to ” the subject doesn’t make the action why using “to” in that case .
Many thanks to you Alex and all Engvid teachers .

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10 out of 10. Thanks Alex!

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Uff 7/10 this one was hard. Thanks, for having been tough on me.

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7/10 its my first time…still need to improve…thanks alex.

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Afsoos,only 40%.

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    2nd time I got only 60%.

    Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Very good and informative lesson! I have learnt a lot. The only thing I missed in the test was one example with active passive gerund.

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    It must be active past gerund…..

    Profile photo of panda7 panda7

Thank you Alex.
There’s a grammar problem confuse me often.
“work from home” in this term why we use ‘from’?

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i got 9/10. 7th question might have 2 answer 1-2?

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Hi, Alex. Your lessons are so interesting and informative, for advanced in the English language students. This is very good. It develops. I like being taught English in that way. Thank you.

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Hi teacher, Thank so much for lesson. It is so great in reminding me of gerunds as I haven’t reviewed it in quite long time. My job is also used English but sometime forget a bit and haven’t focused too deeply in grammar.:)

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How can I use ON and About? I always have a problem with these two words.

I love your classes.

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thank you Adam

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    I apologize teach Alex to say Adam… I thank you once again Alex for this great lesson.

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I’m glad learning English. Having got 7/10 is nice. I like being taught by Alex. Having been taught fluent English is hard. Thanks Alex.

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Thanks Alex.I got 7 out of 10 it’s not perfect but i satisfied.It’s well for the beginner didn’t it?

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10 out of 10! :D Thanks Alex!

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thank you alex :)

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Alex, I got 100% Aren’t you proud of me? Thank you! I could never do it without you.

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Great lesson. i love to learn english being told the grammar rules!
Is correct the above phrase?

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    Maybe in this sentence “by” needs to be added before “being told”.

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      It came to me just by sixth sense)

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Thanks Alex, The exercise is diffiuclt for me so I got 6 correct out of 10, My skype is ukrit_2011 Thank you everyone having been taught me.

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Wow ! 10/10

I can’t thank you enough !

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I got 9 out of 10 but I discovered that one of the questions must be talked about.
That is question No. 5.
I think answer A (teaching english) which also matchs the question “we’re ….”
Therefore, the whole sentence is “we’re teaching english.”
That means that we “are helping” the students english “now.”
What do you think??, Alex.

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    And also, I am delighted to get the advanced and useful grammar our Alex teacher taught!!!

    Profile photo of frankchang frankchang

    Oddly both sounds correct to me. However, “We’re teaching English” seems more natural, or it is just my cold behavior towards passive voice. =p

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Very very useful! Thank you a lot!

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You give some especial lecture that is why I like you the most.

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Thank you for your lesson.It’s every difficult for me to understanding.

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He is one of the students who have/has been invited. i always become confused. plz try to give lecture about the verb of relative pronoun.

Profile photo of bipu bipu

I realised my poor english knowledge. Please trained up me.

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I got 6 correct out of 10but I don’t understand the correct answer s please someone help me

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Thank you Alex for your good explanation.But Ihavea big problem to speak english.

Profile photo of Enkutatash Enkutatash

it was good. i got 7/10.

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Great Alex, thanks!

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Hi Alex! Can you explain us when we use “Relative Clauses” (whom, who, that, which, etc)?

Profile photo of Evalgney Evalgney

Thanks Alex!
great lesson!


Jesus loves you!

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Thank you! I hope more advance lesson coming from Alex. I really enjoy watching all your lessons.

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Dear alex,
I ‘m from Iran. my language is persion.I am English translator. how can Iconnect with you? May I have your an email address?

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Sir how can i improve my english?

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thanks I’ve got 9/10 :)

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Great Alex,I like your videos, It is my Ist day

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It was great and important for basic learning english…!!

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Thank you so much Alex!!! Your lesson is helpful for me and I’ll look forward to watch next one.

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I don’t like to be captured & I don’t like getting captured…What is the major meaning difference between these two?? plz help me

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It good exercise for developing my english skills

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Thanks a lot, It’s a very difficult lesson!

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hihi 8/10:D

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Hi! I just realised that you guys don’t have any lesson specifically about “Future continuous”. Would you guys prepare some lesson abou it? PLease please please!! Thank you

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i got 9 out of ten.

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Thx bro.

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How are u?
5 important phrasal verbs for english for all these u make me 5 sentences esay . total 25 sentences

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Profile photo of VIO87 VIO87

Many Thanks Alex!But I think It would be difficult to catch the difference in real life

Profile photo of kolotusha kolotusha

Hi Alex,
why in question five the first answer is not correct?

Profile photo of greatrob greatrob

Hi alex,

I am still having much confusion about Active and Passive Gerunds & Active and Passive infinitive. what is the difference between “being” & “to be” where both are used with +p.p. Even both meaning seem to be same.

Profile photo of ankii ankii

Okay İ see you what you mean generally in this video.
But cant we say that “she hates being told what to do and she hates to be told what to do” are actually
same meanning in daily english ?

Profile photo of oguz oguz

i got 7 out 10, thanks Alex, more practices and understand will be easier ;)

Profile photo of Manuel Monteiro Manuel Monteiro

Hi Alex,
I want to thank you for your videos, they have help me a lot to review and remember several rules that I have forgotten. I am currently preparing myself to take the introduction test to become a teacher in Los Angeles for K-12, and I found some useful information where more videos can be made. I am enclosing the link for you to take a look and hopeful you can make more videos to help others learn better the English Language.
The link is from the department of Human Resources for the state of California and it’s a great tool for anyone to improve their writing: http://dhrdcap.co.la.ca.us/olt/support_info/docs/EnglishUsageGuide_20091214.pdf

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Alex, excellent class. thanks.

Profile photo of aquilesjpn aquilesjpn

Thanks Alex , sounds good, I learned
very much.

Profile photo of YSUN37 YSUN37

Very very useful … I got 7/10

Profile photo of Hassan Akoshli Hassan Akoshli

For me, it’s hard to understand GERUNDS at all.

Profile photo of Hassan Shah Hassan Shah

I’m sorry but I get confuse with the question 5. Both answers “We’re teaching English” & “We’re being taught English” seem to be right for me!

Profile photo of Gaiduoi Gaiduoi

On question 2, why the answer is “stealing”, not “having stolen”? I think “she was fired”, so it must be in the past. Help me, please.

Profile photo of Gaiduoi Gaiduoi

Hi Alex, I come from Indonesia. Thanks for helping me to understand gerund.

Profile photo of Asti Prima Asti Prima

Dear Alex, in your lesson about gerung you are giving the following example: I saw Jack riding a bike where riding is gerund complement. It is clear and transperant. Recently I’ve read Grammar and Vocabulary for First Certifcicate by Luke Prodromou. I’ve been really surprised when I’ve seen the same example where riding is participle. What is it gerund or participle? There is no lesson about participle in your course. I’ d like to know about participle in your course.

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Alex, hi! Thank you for good lesson. I got 8 out of 10! Good look to all:)

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Thank you very much for every thing.

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You’re a great teacher Alex thanks.

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Good lesson! Thanks Alex! I’m confuse with #5 “We’re teaching English” & “We’re being taught English”.
Thanks a lot!

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Only 5/10. Hu hu!!!

Profile photo of naminvietnam naminvietnam

90% thanx

Profile photo of Ravinath Ravinath

thanks for the lesson

Profile photo of manuelwilliam manuelwilliam

great lesson as always!

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9/10 Good lesson! Thanks, Alex!

Profile photo of viacheslavkr viacheslavkr

9\10 thanks alex

Profile photo of al shimaa al shimaa

Too advanced lesson!

Profile photo of carlos 2138 carlos 2138

Hi Alex:)
gr8 lesson,
would you so kindly to answer to my following question.
What difference in the meaning between these two sentences.

She hates being told what to do. and
She hates to be told what to do.

Profile photo of izinenko izinenko

you’re absolutely perfect,thanks!

Profile photo of jaguarr jaguarr

Hi,I don’t know why the answer of test fifth must be c.If we’re teaching English is wrong?

Profile photo of saeed manzari3 saeed manzari3

I got 10 out of 10. Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Hejong Hejong

The lesson helps me alot. Thank you, Alex!

Profile photo of Teresacc Teresacc

thx Alex! 10 out of 10! :D

Profile photo of smilypeep4 smilypeep4

in not really good in English =(

Profile photo of Benedicto Benedicto

Good, I got 9 out of 10. thanks Alex.

Profile photo of amphibian amphibian

Thank you so much Alex, it was totally clear and perfect. i got 100.

Profile photo of arty125 arty125

hi Alex thanks for this lesson really give me a bush.

Profile photo of Abd.lawaj Abd.lawaj

Finally! I learned about active/passive gerund! Thank you:)

Profile photo of Hye-jin Hye-jin

Its so confused to know when is in the present and past when talking about passive voice.

For example:
6) Jack’s really proud of ____________________.
a)having been chosen to represent the company.
b)choosing to represent the company.
c)having chosen to represent the company.

after a preposition could be: having+pp or having+been+pp. How to know?

Profile photo of Eudessilva Eudessilva

Hi Alex i got, 9/10, but in the 5 th, the first answer is right too, is not it? anyway i was wondering if anyone could answer this question:

over the explanation i noticed this sentence :(i’m still angry about having been fired by her) , might i say in the following way? ;
i’m still angry about her firing me.

thank you early

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I got 5 out of 10 thank you

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Thanks a lot Alex
short and useful lesson .. I love you ^_^

Profile photo of iazooh iazooh

I was very confused in the past, but now I can understand the structure of the active and passive gerunds. Thank you very much, Alex.

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I got 7- 10 points, It’s my first time here… I feel good :)

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Profile photo of zakaria krs zakaria krs

greate ! Thank you.

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    GREAT soei !

    Profile photo of Soei Soei

A tricky lesson, I got 7/10 much less than I expected, next time I will do my best and specially working harder.

Profile photo of jma321 jma321

i saw your video on youtube. regarding gerund its very useful for beginner . thanks alex

Profile photo of tavishmalik tavishmalik

Got 8 out of 10. Thanks alex very useful lesson.

Profile photo of Ryan18 Ryan18

6/10 so difficult this lesson ….i have to work harder about gerund

Profile photo of Sancio Sancio

At his point, the ING form have been the most difficult grammar to learn by myself, it has a bunch of ways to be used. It can be used as a noun, before and after a preposition, there are many verbs plus ING combinations and in addition we have the rules you introduced us, the ones I am completely thankful for.

Profile photo of NOA1991 NOA1991

hi Alex
how to turn following into passive
horses run in the jungle.
is it correct?
the jungle is run by horses.

Profile photo of Taha Aamir Taha Aamir

Finally! I learned about active/passive gerund! Thank Alex ^^”


alex i like your videos))

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Alex made this confusing grammar , easy . Thank you Alex :)

Profile photo of Parisa-D Parisa-D

Hi, Alex. Thanks for the lesson, I find it very useful. But I have some doubt about Active Past gerund construction. I want to compose a sentence like this: “Having worked in IT for the last 5 years, I’ve got a vast experience in smth…”. Is it correct? I want to show that I’m still working in this sphere. Your examples of using active past gerund express completness of action, dont’t they? Can APG be implied in such context instead of regular present perfect continuous construction? Thank you!

Profile photo of Serge8938 Serge8938

Thank you for the great lesson, Alex. I think I need to watch your previous lesson, ‘common verbs followed by gerunds’. See you there!

Profile photo of Hiroki.Y Hiroki.Y

9/10. Thanks teacher . One of the best lessons !

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Wow, That is the best video I have seen here so far. Thanks.

In other words
Never have I seen such a commendable video here!

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Please help me. I have some trouble grammar due to reading cnn news I found something in context that I don’t understand. It said that “the administration is close to completing a revised executive order on immigration” Close is have to follow by gerund all the time ? I always understand that close is followed by verb infinitive.

Profile photo of Paulejusmin Paulejusmin

Thank you, Alex!

Profile photo of travelmama travelmama

Thank you very much!!!!

Profile photo of travelmama travelmama

Step by step I’ll do it… Thank you Alex.

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We have just learned Gerunds and Infinitives at our Upper-Int class and this lesson is just in time) Thanks! 9 correct answers! I’m glad =)

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Cool !!! Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Alexandr1981 Alexandr1981

it was supprising. I expected 30 may be 40. but it was 70.

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I got 9 of 10, but because I am here in the u.s I utilize the English language all the time, thanks for all these great lessons.

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Thanks Alex. I made 9/10

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Thanks, Alex. I got 10. I am in a good mood because of having listened to a lot of lessons in Engvid.com.

Profile photo of Rezajohn Rezajohn

I got six correct answers and 4 got wrong,so difficult to understand, they make me still confusing

Profile photo of Bibin Sudrajat Bibin Sudrajat

Thanks for your lesson Alex, It´s really helpful in order to improve my advance level.

Profile photo of natss natss

Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

I got 7 of 10. Thanks for lesson

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I got 10 too!! Thanks for your efforts!

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I got 10 🙂Thanks Alex

Profile photo of forouz forouz

10/10 Very good lesson. Thanks, Alex!

Profile photo of viacheslavkr viacheslavkr

Hi! It is Basit from pakistan. I’m really happy to find this website as oour guide, I not only learn here, but also use them in my teaching. Thanx for guiding us, Alex!

Profile photo of Basitsiddiqui Basitsiddiqui

Thanks one more Mr. Alex!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

difficult, difficult, difficult! I decided that I will be using other forms of speaking…anyway I got 80/100

Profile photo of pupattola pupattola

I am watwatching you from Turkmenistan. Thanks teacher!!!

Profile photo of Pirmammet Pirmammet

May I have a question, Sir?
The maid arranged the flowers in the vase beautifully.
Tha passive form of th e above sentence-
The flowers in the vase were beautifully arranged by the maid.
The flowers werebeautifully arranged in the vase by the maid.
Which one is correct?
I would like to know the placement of ” in the vase”.
Thanks sir.

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Alex, thank you! Great lesson as always!Grazie!<3.

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Alex you are perfect as usual;)

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Your videos are GREAT!!

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Alex you are a very good teacher
I got 6/10

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