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Thanks to all of you.

Myriam Patricia

Hi Brother Alex,
Thanks for your video’s
past days i am worried about my english communication,when i was seen your youtube class’s really iam impressed your teaching way,now i hope i can do my best.


Hi Alex,

thank you very much for this lesson, which is, like always, a lesson of excellent teacher. Complicated or annoying thinks are taught in a easy and effective way. Also, I´ve really enjoyed this lesson´s quiz as well, especially the last question, which was the funniest one.


    I agree! :) But for me the second question is Shakespeare’s dilemma! To be or not to be?


    I’m glad it was clear! Thanks for checking it out, adrijana! :)


      Hi Alex! How’ve you been? Long time no see!

      Being aware of all the language problems that will come up when you are learning the target language helps a great deal. Language awareness, however, is seldom addressed in language courses, the focus –I would say- is primarily on form and meaning. So students are practically left to their own devices in the process . Being aware of all these potential problem areas and how to cope with them is what really makes the learning experience challenging and interesting.

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us Alex.


        Nice to see you too, Regino! Hope you’ve been doing well. :)


I got 8/10, the lesson is exactly the problem I’m facing them, I’m usually contruggle with them everytime i learn English, Thank you very much

nguyen van long

    I hope this helps you to feel better about your studies!


Thanks a lot for all the materials for free!!! I am gonna parse them all!


Hi Alex. One of the easy aspects of English – no suffixes in conjugation, has also its dark side. Which of the following is correct – traffic control device development, development of traffic control device, the developing of the device controlling the traffic, development of the traffic-controlling device? Which of them sounds best or is most understandable for a native English speaker?

As for phrasal verbs, they are probably not that special to English. In Polish, verbs formed by adding a prefix to a verb’s root seem to be something very similar (consider dotrzeć, przyprawić, przejrzeć, opuścić).



Hi Alex, the leason is great. We could improve our english, only when we aware where is the problem we need focus on.


Thanks for helpful lesson. I try to check out the latest videos from engVid. I thought speaking English fluently was impossible for me until last year, but I set a goal to speak English fluently someday and I just keep going everyday. I try to study English at least 15 minutes a day through watching one or two engVid videos and speak with a native speaker online everyday. Sometimes I feel I go smoothly and sometimes I feel frustrated because I think I don’t improve at all. I feel basic vocabulary is very important but concentration is also equally or more important when we want to improve our English or other languages.
One more thing to mention. I always thought why people from the Netherlands or Sweden learn English faster and speak very fluently than people from other countries. Maybe because their languages are similiar to each other or because their learning method is fantastic. Well, thanks engVid for providing amazing lessons to the world for more than 10 years. All the best!

Insoo Yeo

Before this lesson I thought that 3000 or 5000 words are enough for normal conversation but Alex corrected me) I am very surprised that most people have used near 20 000 words.


Hi Alex. I got 5/10 before your lesson. Is it possible to retake the test after the lesson? Thanks

Inna Sokolovsky

Thank you so much Alex!!!


Alex, thank you very much for a wonderfull lesson and for mentioning russian as well:-)


Alex today you inspired me and encouraged for keep going with learning English.Thanks a lot, after this lesson I want to study English and improve my language skills again.Yor are such a kind person and you have a sincere smile.Take care and be well)


I got 7 out of 10 not bad!


Ukraine not *the Ukraine*


    That’s right


    Check this out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name_of_Ukraine
    In English, the traditional use was “the Ukraine”, which is nowadays less common and officially deprecated by the Ukrainian government and many English language media publications.


I live in Ukraine




Hi Alex,you explain everything very well,and it’s nice to listen compatriot.


If I had met this lesson earlier, may be my learning English would went faster. :-)


I got 9/10 in the kick, I think that the people who can want to start in English they should watch this video, I am studing for a long time, but this video it is interesting, and will help me in the future in my race to be the best in my English,thantks for the video, and bye, take care guys #AllDayWorking


    We have some fails xd

    I wanted to say *quiz not *kick and *thanks not *thankts, I learn with my own errors, LETS GOOO


Thank you so much. I would like to know the easy way to figure out the definite article. Coz I was almost always problem with remembering it. It would be very helpful for me if you give me the tips about it. Thanks a lot.

wonna htay

Why is English so hard to learn? Please help ?
Someone out there som has some answers?
What would a native English speaker choose and why (what’s the rule)?

1 angry angrier the angriest or
2 angry furious the furiousest

3 likely likelier the likeliest or
4 likely more likely the most likely

5 shy shier the shiest or
6 shy shyer the shyest

7 stable stabler the stablest or
8 stable more stable the most stable

9 stupid stupider the stupidest or
10 stupid more stupid the most stupid

11 subtle subtler the subtlest or
12 subtle more subtle the most subtle

13 sure surer the surest or
14 sure more sure the most sure

15 well better the best or
16 well weller the wellest or
17 well more well the most well

Thanks a lot!
Best regards from a beginner.


I watched this video on september 6, 2021.
9/10 this lesson makes my English skill better
i enjoy the website.Thank you Alex, you made me wanting to learn more on Engvid.


i got 10-10.
i decided to continue watching engvid forever.


Alex, thx a lot!!

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