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great lesson!
but I just wanna know how to plan to learn faster


thank you


    You’re welcome, marinos. I hope it was helpful.


Thank you for this lesson in optimism that helps me start the day with good resolutions for a benevolent mood.
So, I received the message and I am going to sent a small gift to engvid. Thanks Alex.


    You’re very kind, beernaard. Thank you for your support, and I’m glad the video helped you start your day on a good note.


Great quiz and video. I understand everything. Thank you, Alex.


A person is great for the times he gets up, not for the times he falls.

Enrique Otero

    Wise words. What we choose to do next is the most important thing of all.


thanks a lot ,Mr.Alex
I’ve been lovely watching your videolesson


Sir Alex Your teaching of these five idioms is very interesting and we are sure it would be very useful in our daily life .
Thank you very mush sir. your teaching is very simple and fab. I would like to learn more from you
Raju from Tamil Nadu, India.


Great lesson Alex, thanks!


I scored 10 on 10

Deepakshi Gusain

Thanks for the great lessons. I have a question: Can we use hang on in there?


very nice quiz


When we want to start something new, we usually become meticulous about it. We make a lot of plans, but we never find enough time and energy to take action. You can apply it for any situation such as business, dating, weight loss etc. Therefore, we usually adopt delayed behaviour. In fact, this attitude is completely wrong. The most important thing is to give it a shot. I mean we should start without thinking too much. Of course, everything will not be perfect in the beginning, but the key point is to be on the right track and to be patient. Some failures shouldn’t surprise us, like some wrong decisions against our football team during a game, because they are actually natural and expected things. When we face a failure, we should keep our chin up and should not give up. If we believe in ourselves or what we are doing, we should hang in there. The good thing about failure is that they give us a lot of experience because we can never learn something new without trying.
Your lesson Alex made me think about these. Thank you!


    i was read all your comment it”s so perfect and i like you mind


thank for this lesson, it’s some words that I lister all the time.


merci prof


Thank you


Thank you so much for your lessons. Since I`ve been watching your videos, I`ve significantly improved my vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, comprehension, etc. After studying English on your website I`ve become pretty fluent and been able to have a conversation with native speakers without getting lost and getting frustrated. What I like most on your website is that you cover a lot of English ground, especially culture and tips. I downright enjoyed your lessons about books (Alice in Wonderland, 1984). Thank you for your efforts and encouraging us to not give up, keep studying and make a new breakthrough. Looking forward to your new lessons about English books.


Thank you, it’s so nice.

Thanh Bac

Thank you Alex gor this encourage video and a wonderful lesson! Some of the idioms I have known, some I haven’t.
Thanks againg and you are on the right track with Engvid and your listeners!


the best teacher ever

osamah alsharif

“Hang in there”
“Don’t give up”
“You’re on the right track”
“Keep your chin up”
“Give it a shot”


Hieu Tr๏ng Khau

Thank you very much alex


thank you so much it was so great lesson


very helpful


Hello, I am enjoying your great lessons these days. It’s very hopeful and awesome thing that we can see your video for free in any time. It is really helpful to me.
But, I want to ask you somewhat an off topic question though it is off your lesson. [private question] : recently, I saw an expression ” He left me on read” , in this expression, as they pronouced, it sounded like read [red] (past participle).
Does “on + read” consist of preposition and past participle? if it is right, a kind of elllipsis occurs in that? like ” on (having been) read ” or Is “read” in “on read” used as complement of “left me on” ? such as
Mozart died “young” // He lay “exhausted” on the ground.
I want to know how the “read”(past participle) comes after the preposition “on”. If you know, please answer,
Hope you do that ! thanks a lot !


in the quiz question 4
“Hang in there” means don’t quit
is it right?

i think “keep going in this direction”


Great Lesson !! It was a motivation for my day.


Thanks for an encouraging lesson Mr.Alex.


Thank you for taking us to the right direction. Eventually I got 10 correct out of 10 :D 100

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