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thanks Adam, great explanation and interesting lesson.. I got 9, I was confused about the number 10, then I have notice that there is ‘have’ so the answer should ‘get’


    oh! I’m sorry, i got 8 correct i’ve noticed that the items are only 9


      bingo !! me 2 i got 8 out of 9

      Ahmed Ikjam

    hello friend.please.can you help me?we are together study.

    pilot bagiroff

      Hi yes i want a polit friend to practice english


      Heloo i can,i m english teacher.

      Nigar Rustam

    hi drmmbae.i’m happy to read about you i’m a future teacher of english.


I made dumb mistakes. Second guessed myself.


Thank you very much for your useful lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks I got 67%.

Abdul Qayum

    Yeah, difficult quiz! But the clue to succeed in doing something is NEVER to give up.

    Regards Abdul


    You are Better then me :(




Thank You Adam! After first listening this lesson i tried to do quiz. But it was very wrong idea. Level 3-Advanced of grammar require more attention. My score 57%.


this is bit confusing lesson…i got 47 marks


Thank you, Adam. It was interesting lesson :) I mistook No. 3 and No. 5. I understand No. 5’s correct answer. But about No.3…. “Win” was plural. So I was influenced by “wins,” wasn’t I? I was still confused :(


    Gee!!! Hope Adam can help us out soon.

    Regards Happy04


    3. “The couple that correctly answer the most questions about each other, wins the trip to Hawaii.”

    I think that in the first part of the sentence (before the comma) you’re talking about each person of the couple (two members, plural) you notice that because it says “..answer the most questions about each other” the answers are individual but in the second part you’re talking about the couple like a singular (one of all the couples wins the trip).
    It’s really confusing at first because you have to see that “The couple that correctly answer the most questions about each other” all that, is the subject of the second part (wins) – THAT couple will win.

    I don’t know if it’s correct what I am saying but I understood that ):


      Good job Maruu


    Hi Happy,

    Maruu gave an excellent answer. In the first part, the expression ‘about each other’ means that each member of the couple must answer as individuals. In the second part of the sentence, the couple as a unit the two people together) will win the trip.

    You are right, though; this was a difficult question.


      Oh, I see…really difficult for me. But I feel like I more or less understood that. This time, I could answer No.3 correctly. Instead of it, I couldn’t answer No. 7 correctly…hahaha…maybe I’m still confused about corrective nouns. I have to review.
      Thank you so much, Adam and Maruu :D


      very interesting… thanks.)


      though confusing but very interesting… thanks.)




      Hello Adam,

      exactly, i am confused about “peoples”,”fishes”,”fruits”, etc. is it always form as singular or plural. eq : ‘In 1980 the floralies, the flower festival, was held in North America for the first time in Montreal.’ Would you like to explain a little bit for me? Thank you for your help.


      The question number 3 should be WIN (not wins)

      3. The couple that correctly __________ the most questions about each other, wins the trip to Hawaii.



        Ops.. My mistake. I was wrong hahaha.. sorry


I got 56. it was difficult to me to get the correct answer.


It´s very interesting but it´s not very to understand from me because in Spanish it´s completely different.I´m going to watch it many times till I understand it perfectly. Thanks Adam from Spain.


it is really helping me to improve.. thank you


i got 67 %. so glad


70% :)


Hi Adam. This class was great!! thanks a lot. See you soon


thank you so much Mr.Adam
the two sentence mentioned below as they are very similar as they are very important
The team ________ won nine – has
The team ______ lost faith – have



    Good examples :)


Thanks Adam.



Mehran Sky

Thank you, Adam, for this useful lesson! From now I won’t be confused with these collective nouns.


Thanks again Adam. Hard lesson to me. The worse score I’ve ever had, 44%, 4 of 9.


    You got 4 OUT OF 9? Well… that’s not to bad.

    … I would say . . . this lesson was hard FOR most of us.

    Regards Sanuser


      Correction: Well…that’s not TOO bad.
      Sorry, my mistake.


        No worries :)


      I think, this is a good example about use of “to” and “for”. “to” when I express my personal opinion, and “for” when you express your own opinion and the other external people.

      What do you think?? am I right?? or might, have I made a wrong use of “to” in that sentence??

      I always make mistakes with this topic, “to” and “for”. I have to work a lot in my English.


        I’m talking about these sentences:

        “Hard lesson to me.”


        “this lesson was hard FOR most of us.”


          The use of TO and FOR is a problem to ( for?) me too! I always confuse them… :(


          IT + to Be +adjective + FOR ___ TO + VERB:


          It IS hard FOR me TO explain this TO you.

          I think it IS also hard FOR Janilza TO explain this TO you.

          I think it IS now much easier FOR you TO explain this TO everybody, right?

          Hope this may help.
          P.S. Any comments are welcomed


          you are a clever person


          thank you

          Sally S

          I have the same problem!

          Sally S

          IT + to Be +adjective + FOR ___ TO + VERB:


          It IS hard FOR me TO explain this TO you.

          I think it IS also difficult FOR Janilza TO explain this TO me.

          I think it IS now much easier FOR you TO explain this TO everybody, right?

          Hope this may help.
          P.S. Any comments are welcomed


          Hello Regino, this lesson was also hard for me to understood . In this sentence, can I say: this lesson was also hard to understood? The both sentences have the same meaning?
          Regards from Brazil


          IT + to Be +adjective + FOR ___ TO + VERB:


          It IS hard FOR me TO explain this TO you.

          I think it IS also hard FOR Janilza TO explain this TO me.

          I think it IS now much easier FOR you TO explain this TO everybody, right?

          Hope this may help.
          P.S. Any comments are welcomed


          Hi, Regino…I liked your explanation…It’s useful, for sure! Thanks a lot and regards from Brazil! :)


          …oh, Gosh!!! I didn´t know you were online at this moment.

          Well, thanks and regards from Mexico


          Hi Sanuser,

          You’re partially right. Use ‘to’ to express an opinion, or when something seems difficult to you (in your judgement). Use ‘for’ to show that some action is difficult for you TO DO.

          This lesson is interesting to me (in my opinion). This lesson is difficult for me (to understand).

          Does this help?


          Yes, absolutely !!!

          Thank you so much Adam.


          I didn’t know that. Glad to learn it.

          Sally S

i got 44 marks but anyway its my start i will try to get full marks

Sonu Ambure

Yes, it’s a hard lesson.
I need to practice more


9 out of 9


thanks adams


8 out of 9


Thanks Adam. The lesson was so helpful :)


i love this…


Collective nouns -I would say- are not easy to test since you never know what the test designer really intends to communicate; I mean, what s/he really wants to express?
What do you think of it Adam?

Challenging topic for a lesson!
Thanks for your feedback in advance.

Have a great weekend Adam!!!


…an interesting point about your quizes Adam is that they always make us think twice about the correct answer. To reflect constantly on what we do, makes learning more interesting.

Thanks again Adam.


    Thank you Regino.

    And you’re right; to test this, the test maker needs to give extra clues if the situation is not obvious.


thank you engvid for this awesome site. it really helps us improve our english.


    We’re all glad you like it Waelshady.


Hi! How are you doing?
I’d like to ask what “The very fabric of something” means? I’ve seen it in the movie Thor and the girl Jane says “The very fabric of reality will be torn apart if we fail” and also on the Book Percy Jackson:The last Olympian, Percy says “The very fabric of your puny little civilization….”


    Hi Henrique,

    It means the essence, the essential structure (hence ‘fabric’) of something. f we think of reality as a construct (like a woven rug).

    Does this help?


hi! I have a problem with website ebgvid :( I don’t have everuthing lessons… I can see only recent Adam’s lesson :( what happened? :(


Sorry for my mistakes.. ( engvid* everuthing = all )
I can not see all lessons for beginner , advanced etc.. :( I hope that it is problem awhile :(


    Hi Kinmini,

    I hope it’s just a temporary issue. If it’s not solved, email the site admin. Maybe they can help.


I have tried the quiz before and after watching the video. The first try 4/9, the second 9/9.
I got it! (in my language we use the singular in these cases)


Hi Adam. easy lession, hard quiz.
The worse score ever for me
anyway I’ll keep strong and not give up.


    hi:) Do you have problem with website? :) Do you can check for me;)?


      I have had problems with website during all day too.


        Thank You for your message :) I hope.. that it will be ok:) because I am so sad..:(


          I have seen the lessons in the teacher’s youtube channel directly during this issue, but you can’t make the quiz :(


          I want to say, ON the teacher’s youtube channel, sorry.


          I know that I can see it on youtube but I’ve started lessons for begginer in order to.

          (sorry for my language..:P )


          I got it.

          Never ever say sorry when you’re trying to improve, remember, all of us are learning here.



          thanks :)

          best, K.


          Yep, you hit the nail on the head! We all are learning here.

          Have a nice weekend!!!




          Nice expression, “hit the nail on the head”, I never hear this expression . Thanks for share your Knowledge. Best.


        It might have been a maintenance day. Is it ok now?


          Yes, there is no issue now


5 out of 9…My worse score till now! Really confusing…


    …mmm…mmm… yeah we didn’t do well on the quiz… I think we have to watch the lesson again and retake the quiz; I do not see any other solution in sight.



      You are nice, Regino! :)

      See you!


    Janilza, long time no see!


      Nice to hear from you again, Thalinho! Welcome back! :)




many thanks


Hello. Before everything, SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH.
I have an important doubt.
I don’t know when I have to use the form ING.
I know If I’m taking about PRESENT SIMPLE, I have to use ING.
But I read many sentences (in songs, tales, etc.) in which people uses ING.
For example: “Friday I go PAINTING in the Louvre”.
“I feel like no one even told the truth to me about GROWING up…”
I know after a preposition I have to use ING.
But I read other examples in which there’s no prepositions and they are not about PRESENT SIMPLE.
Thanks and excuse me!
Greetings from Argentina!


    I wanted to write “TALKING”. Not “TAKING.”


    Hi Mattorres,

    Actually, when using the ing as a verb, it is in the present continuous, not the present simple. But you may be confusing different things.

    The ing is confusing because it can be a verb, a noun (gerund), an adjective, or an adverb (participles).

    I’ll try to make a lesson about this soon. In the meantime:

    I was running when it started to rain. (verb)
    Running is good for your health. (gerund)
    The village has no running water (adjective)
    Running through the town, I noticed that everyone was staring at me (adverb)

    Hope that helps a little.


Can I ask any question? What this sentence mean? “My family are going to be citizens soon.” I have no idea.


    Soon, each member of my family will take the citizenship test, and after passing (hopefully), we will all be citizens (of this country).

    Does that help?


      Thank You Adam. This is precision answer.


This is so confusing. I still don’t get it…


    Keep trying Mahyerye. :)


Hi everybody, and thank you Adam for this important topic… I got 9 out of 10.

Azado Bejou

super .Thanks :)

pilot bagiroff

Hi Adam
I had to look in my dictionary what means BBQ ! Please I would like that Engvid ‘s teachers not to use abbreviations only if they
explain it in full words



    I prefer usual and useful expressions, if all people say BBQ, I need and I want to know this abbreviation, and actually, all people in the States say BBQ, I have to know what they mean.

    Anyway, Adam said barbecue several times in this lesson.

    This is only my opinion, I respect others points of view, of course.

    Best regards.


    Fair enough Vilain,

    Although BBQ kind of sounds like barbecue, no?


iam sorry for mistake . i hev got 5 correct ansvers . thenk you .

rusudan kh

what does one up mean?


    Hi Syedno,

    You’ll have to give me the full sentence, but it might mean to do something better than someone else.

    I’ll need more context.


Love the way to teach but this for me lesson is a trick.
I thoght to have understood. everything seemed easy and clear and then…..67:(


errata corrige: thought – everything


hi Mrs adam i am just confused about the world stuff sometime i heard in movie they said ” ot stuff like that” is that mean stuff= things or they mean stuff= employees ???


    Hi Sami,

    Stuff means things.


Well, this one was really difficult for me. If you mean the individuals in a collective group then it’s plural, otherwise the collective group is used as a singular nount and it uses the third person singular, like he/she/it. Is it the same with “a group of people”? Eg “A group of people fancying him is going to support him tonight” while “There’s a riot in Los Angeles. A group of people are fighting in the streets”?
Thanks in advance


I got 100 % marks


Hi if you want practise english as me .come skype this is my name in skype: aliyev.natiq587


Hello everyone: The lesson was very practical. I liked very much. It is very usefull and interesting.

Marce 2014

hi everybody and thanks adam. I have a quation about nm 3 why – answer not answers- there is wins the trip. not win. any one can help me


    Hi magd63m. They answer personally about each other and wins the trip as a couple.


      Good answer Katya :)


    Hi Magd,

    Katya has the correct answer: they have to answer about EACH OTHER (individually, then win the trip together, as one unit.

    This was a tricky question.


Thank you for your lesson.


Hello Adam:

I never thought I would get 75 points of 100
The lesson was difficult, at least my ears paid attention and I´m used to be glad when I got something like that.

Your videos have served me to learn much more especially “ADVANCED LESSONS”
Thank you so much and my best regards.


Great Adam! I got 8/9, I didn’t understand the number 1, I thought that ‘ team’ had the same meaning of a group, couple. It is hard to figure it out,


    Hi Henri,

    When we talk about winning a team sport, it takes the whole group to do it. that’s why we use the singular, to show the whole unit.


I’m an ESL teacher and am thrilled to find your site! I must say, though, that I don’t agree with the plural verb for #3, because a singular verb is used later. I also would NEVER use a plural verb for “family” or “team” or some other words without the additional word, “members”.


    Hi FrauA1,

    #3 was a bit tricky because they had to answer as individuals about each other, but win as a unit.

    I agree about family; I also use members after it, but technically it is correct to treat the word as a plural.


Thanks Adam for the great lesson.


    Hi,Katya ( kak de la ) that how are you in Russain is that right! my english is very good and I want to learn russain can I please…..


      Hi (pri vet) alhappy. Yes ‘kak de la’ stands for ‘how are you’. We have a joke (it’s more about Americans, not sure about English people) If you ask them ‘how are you’ they just smile you back and say ‘ok’. If you ask Russians they start answering the question. Hope it’s understandable:-)




Hi ,Mr. Adam

I don’t understand the question about team in the quiz!
Can you please teach again?

Mohsen Basurrah

    Hi Mohsen,

    If the team is acting as one unit (for example, to win the game), then they are a singular unit. If we want to say that each member of the team agrees with something, then we talk about the members, as a plural.

    Does that help?


oh, I got 9 out of 9. Thanks a lot Adam.:)


Thank you Adam!
It was a very interesting lesson.
I’ve always made mistakes with collective nouns, but now I finally get it!


Thanks Adam. I got 8 correct out of 9.


Thanks Adam for the great lesson.

Wael Rashed

Thank you for the amazing lesson!!
What does “a collective, blind faith” mean?


    Hi Minyoun,

    It means that a large group of people believe in something together, with everyone accepting the same thing, even if they don’t understand it. If you believe in something that has no proof, then you believe with a blind faith.

    Does this help?


Thank you so much for the lesson.
I do not know the meaning of “to go up the hill”. I think that in such a situation it does not mean “to climb on top of the hill”… Does it?


    Hi JP,

    Actually, without more context to guide me, I have to say that yes, it does mean to go to the top of the hill.


thank you katy it is very kind from you thanks again.


my first class in here, Adam, you are awesome!
get 7 out of 9 by the way :)

abdul algarayen

very helpful lesson


hi mr Adam…please explain about {just }.i cant get certian meaning at new sentences

Barat Parnia

    Hi Barat,

    I’m afraid you’ll need to give some examples. Otherwise, just means only.


    Hello Barat. I would like to add you on skype or facebook,so that we can talk to each other! I am trying to speak with arabian speakers.

    Add me on Facebook> frailyn52@hotmail.com
    Thank you


      turkish.. sorry


Thanks teacher,but I had stumbled No.5.


    Hi 25mom,

    Here we are talking about the members of the team. It is only the individuals that can lose faith in the coach, that is why we refer to them as plural.

    Does that help?


      Thanks teacher for explaining that clearly.Very helpful.


I got 89. Interesting lesson.


thanks adam it was graet

chaimae 20

Thanks Adam,. very good explanation


I got 8 woow great :)


Ii’m agree, this lesson was a little difficult.
I got 6 correct out of 9, 67 points, the worst score that I have had till now. :/


it kind of helpful but I need much help in it


Thanks Adam. I love this site


I do not understand that in the third question the sentence use the word “wins” while for the blank it use the word “answer”. I just get confused about “wins”.


    Yeah, I’m confused as well. Adam, could you explain? This “wins” made me choose “answers” that turned out to be wrong:(


      Hi Dosya,

      Please check the answer above :)


    Hi Lin Young,

    In the first part, the expression ‘about each other’ means that each member of the couple must answer as individuals. In the second part of the sentence, the couple as a unit (the two people together) will win the trip.

    You are right, though; this was a difficult question.


Hello, Adam! Thank you for your detailed comprehensive explanations. I think now I’ve sorted it out and have no difficulty with. I’d also like to make a request on a vocabulary lesson. What is the difference between preserve\conserve; prohibit\forbid?
Hope there’s no problem about it. Thanks a lot, Adam!


    Hi Gustav,

    For the most part, these words are synonym pairs that can usually be interchanged. However:

    prohibit and forbid both mean to not allow something. Prohibit has more a sense of legal authority behind it, while forbid is something your parents would do.
    conserve and preserve, in many cases, mean the same thing. In other cases they are more specific. or example, in the desert you want to conserve your water, not preserve it. Conserve means save, use wisely. Preserve, means not drink at all, keep as it is.

    The best way to judge is to understand the context and check your dictionary for the nuances that would suit that context.

    Hope that helps a little.


      All right. Now I see the point. Thank you!


Its hard, sometimes you do have to read the entire sentence little by little to really get the right answer. But thanks, makes me think !


By the way, I love this site, you all are great!


helpful lesson thanks Adam :)

Nadia wei

78% Thank you Adam for very helpfull lessons!!!! Greetings from Belarus))


thank you Adam :)


Very good explanation and very useful too.


Hi Adam! Thank You for that lesson. It is very
useful. May I ask You an extra question? In mo-
vies You can hear very often: “will be my wife..” But can it be polite if some one will say: “Please be my wife”?


    Hi Katrin,

    Both are equally polite and nice (I imagine) to the one being asked :)


      Thank You Adam!


Thanks Adam,I made 100%!!! I got it now, I think that the clue is thinking if you can replace the collective noun with the word “members”. in that case you have to use the plural.


    That works, Newgirl :)


By the way Adam, is there any difference between
“But can it be polite…” and “But can it be polite way…”


    Almost the same; just add ‘a’. …be a polite way…


      I’m sorry!(I always forget an article). Thank You!


hi Adam

please give me your email address !


    Hi Dania,

    You can email the site if you have any questions :)


8 of 9! I failed in the last one, but I understand it now.

Thank you! (:


Adam, could you make a lesson concerning “as below”, “as follows”, “the following” and other things like this when it comes to writing?


    Will get on it Morfik.


Hi Adam
It is very important ,helpful lesson my teacher.Thanks very much.I’m grateful to you for all your help…Again I have a trivial question which concerns to( I don’t know to or about) passive voice.
“I have broken that chair”-“The chair has been broken BY ME”…In my test I wrote “by me” and lost scors.Please , explain why this version is wrong ?


    Hi Anahit,

    To be honest, I’d need more information about the test. That being said, I’m not sure why you would change that sentence to a passive to begin with, unless you were instructed to. If you were instructed to, then don”t really know why you lost points.
    It could be (maybe) in the active you have “that chair” and the passive “the chair”.

    Not sure. Sorry.


I’d like to know when and how I could use to damage/to harm/ to impair/ to injure/


    Hi Lane,

    to damage a person’s reputation (something abstract)
    to harm someone
    to impair his judgement
    to injure (cause bodily harm).
    damage and harm can be used in many situations interchangeably. Injure is only to a person or animal. Impair means to lower someone’s ability.

    You should check the dictionary and see if any one of these suits your needs for a specific sentence.


      but to damage a house – it is not an abstract idea
      This is a great damage to my property\ estate/ Insurance industry means damage as direct loss to actual estate?!


    To harm means:physical injury or mental damage; hurt: to do him bodily harm;
    It also may be:
    a moral injury; evil; wrong;
    to do or cause harm to; injure; damage; hurt: eg> to harm one’s reputation.
    Injure means:
    to do or cause harm of any kind to; damage; hurt; impair: to injure one’s hand.
    to do wrong or injustice to.
    to wound or offend: to injure a friend’s feelings.
    Source: dictionary.com


hello , for all, so i haven’t fisited that website for 8 month later i’m sorry i have lost a lot of lessons into that , so i back again thank you Adam and all people around here good luck..


awesome :) thank you Adam

aya sabry

thanks Adam


Adam, what is the difference between “graphic” and “graphical”?


    Hi Morfik,

    Actually had to look that up. Never really heard graphical, but apparently it relates to graphs only, while graphic relates to an extreme illustration/ demonstration (eg graphic violence on tv). It sounds a little like problematic and problematical, the latter being one of those words that drive an editor nuts because there is no reason whatsoever for its existence.

    In what context did you see these two?


      Phrases like “graphical applications”, “graphical stuff”, “graphical environment”, and other similar things concerning operating systems, usually the GUI mode. GUI also has “graphical” in its name — “Graphical User Interface”. So, as you can see, it’s being used a lot in IT. :)

      Usually I hear or see “graphical”, but as you mentioned, I heard once or twice something like “It’s pretty graphic”, and that meant that some people shouldn’t watch the vid, or whatever that was.

      So, I can’t use them interchangeably, right?


Hi sir Adam,
I create a new account here co’z i forgot the username the one that i created 2 days ago.Actually sir,can i ask you a question of how can we use however and then..can you give me complete explanation on how and when to use those words?How and Then…thank you so much sir for all the good things you had done here…I learn a lot and I downloaded some of your lessons in my phone.I watch and listen it everyday when i have a vacant time in my work.Like everyone said your a very good teacher.Thank you and more power to engvid.


    Hi Darvz,

    We use ‘however’ like but, except that we do not start an independent clause with it. We can place it at the beginning, or in the middle of a sentence:
    I am a great fan of hockey; however, I believe the game has become too commercialized.

    ‘Then’ is similar to however, in that they are discourse markers, meaning that they change the direction of the ideas in a passage. ‘Then’ means something like in that case, or that being the case:
    Do it, then,. if it’ll make you happy.

    To tell the truth, ‘then’ has many uses. I hope I got the one you wanted, but if not, a good dictionary will explain it just as well. Or send me specific sentences and I can explain those.


      I`ve got a question for Adam.
      Isn`t The Police always plural (e.g the police are coming) as i`ve always been taught? Why is it singular here, i dont get it! ) Could you please explain it for me and possibly for everybody?


Thanks Adam :) are you american or Canadian ? Just curious ^^


9 out 9 !!!! May i ask you a question ? Are there any possibilities to get in touch with you on “facebook” or “skype” or “emails” to help us in different times ? Thanks Adam .


first I answered these questions I got only 40 marks but this time I got 100 :)

Amrita Jaiswal

Thank you so much


You said the people usually use verb with singular form in us, so can we use verb singular form for most collective nuns? Thank you!


thank you Mr Adam :) .

Mohammed Hamdy

TY Adam.


    hey u have written incorrect spell of live


Thank you Mr.Adam, Why you write individual Police is Police officiers?

Ahmed ALAli

thanks alot Mr.Adam :)

nesma salama

Thanks a lot, Adam! Greetings for everyone in the Comment Section! Everyone feel free to keep in touch!


7 correct :(


thank you Mr.Adam .
I got 7/9


Thank You Adam.


hey i really liked it however as per the uk english is concerned they use collective noun as singular its difficult which one to be followed.


It’s really tricky and needs more practice. But practice makes perfect! Thank you, Adam!


9. I love Christmas. Every year my family _________ together and have a great dinner and tell stories till late into the night.
Teacher! “My family” is the whole group of members, why “get” is correct. I don’t know.Because it sometime is a singular or plural that likes “The team”. All of members or a whole group of members, I think “gets” or “get” both is correct. Can you explain it more deeply about it for me please?


thank u


    I would like to talk together, fifi_zozo ( shona akira)would you please add me ?


Hello, Adam! it’s not surprising that your lessons are very interesting. but… don’t you give lessons on skype, for example? it would be great…


Professor Adam,
you explain every detail as good as Professor Emma. At the same time your styles are diffrent. Cullture values trassmited in explanations are great. You explain easily and know which details are important for “frustrated donkyes” students.
The only problem with you is that sometimes your specific sentence exaples are said without pointing the rule the example represents or is not put down on tje blackboard.

Many thanks for your great lesson. Unfortunately I am not very happy with my score.


Got 89%) thank you!


I got 89 Marks…Thank You a lot Sir ^_^


Thank you Adam. The video was really helpful.


Not good 67 %. Ok thanks.


Thank you.


I got 67


I got 7 correct. This lesson was effective.
Thank You very much @Adam..:)

asm towhid

It’s not easy to choose plural or singular verb for collective nouns. I just got 67 :-(


i dont get this on number 9 why is it not gets an on number 4 are?????????????????/


only 5 correct out of 9 :(


A little be difficult at first but I got 8 out of 9 wich is still good!!


Hi, I have a question. In number 3, why is the right answer “answer” and not “answers”? I can see in the sentence that you used “wins” as a verb for the same subject (couple)

The couple that correctly __________ the most questions about each other, WINS the trip to Hawaii.


    Same question about the couple that ‘WINS’ but ‘ANSWER’=) [God bless them]Looking forward to the answer.


hey adam is that a mike or is that a flower on your t-shirt whatever it is it looking nice n you are a very good teacher sir ..:)


Thank you Adam!


Hi Adam;
how about people? both singular and plural?
if yes, please make an example.
by the way, reading comments is as useful as watching the videos; thank you for both.


how about saying
all of whom ,none of whom, most of whom…
Are they plural or single?
could you answer ? thanks in advance


Hi Adam,
is “people” a collective noun?
Thanks in advance


Hello Adam! I’m your huge fan from Moscow.
Very clear & simple explanation


Still a tricky subject but Adam you were super helpful and encouraging. Many Thanks :)


Hi, Adam! thank you a lot! It is still difficult for me to make the difference between them.
Tell me please, how could we require specific grammar topics. I am new on this site. Thanks!

allionna a

Well, the topic is rather confusing and it’s easy to make mistakes. But…”He does nothing who makes no mistakes”. It sounds like this if I’m not mistaken)


Hi, Sir Adam ! I got 78% it was soo difficult for me to understand..!The sentence question quiz makes me confusing ,Looks like a fit false quiz ..! But very interesting i’ve learned a lots thanks Sir Adam


Sir, Adam!Please correct my english sentence comment that I wrote ..! I don’t know yet the exactly connecting combination sentence ..! Hard for me to explain ,Wish you understand what I’m trying to say always thanks in advances


Thank you, Adam!


Hi Adam and all of you,

are there many nouns for which we cannot use helping words member or officer? Like cattle?
As for cattle, I suggest “a head” (of cattle),for “the public” I thought of “an individual” (which is probably not right) and as for some nouns, like “crew” or “crowd”, “minority” and “majority”, I think no such helping word can be used.

What do you people think? Thanks for any comments.

Adam, thanks a lot for a lesson, I just wish it was more detailed.


Hi, Mr. I really thank you alot for all your lessons . I wanna ask a question . How could (have) be a singular verb ?
I read that in a book and it says that( you can use the singular verb have with the collective nouns)
I’m sorry but it really puzzled me.


oh, I’m sorry.
I put ( ) insted of ” ” .That’s how we do in Arabic actually .




Thanks, a very useful site

Reji Varghese

7 not bad. It was hard




I have got 7 correct out of 9. As for me it’s a little bit hard. Thanks.


i got 89%, thank you Adam!:)


thanks ….ADAM … its nice….


I`ve got a question for Adam.
Isn`t The Police always plural (e.g the police are coming) as i`ve always been taught? Why is it singular here, i dont get it! ) Could you please explain it for me and possibly for everybody?


Mr. Adam,
The couple that correctly __________ the most questions about each other, wins the trip to Hawaii.
You said that the correct answer is “Answer (not Answers) / as plural.

But, the extra information after comma, WINS (single verb) why not WIN.
I chose Answers because of the WINS

I’m looking forward to seeing your explanation.
Thanks a lot :)


How intersting lesson ! Thanks.


Thank you very much, it was difficult for me -4 from 9,but it became clearly when I read your examples.
Thank you!!!


thank you. I got 67% and I want to have better result than me


Thank you Adam very much .


Thank you but this lesson is very hard , but I try to watch it more time until I understand it.


Thanks, Adam. You are my hero among other staff.


Hi dear teacher
I have followed most of your lessons
they’re really interesting and helpful to me.
although I’m an English teacher, I have never visited native speakers that I liked to.
a few days ago I was asked that why in the following sentences MOON is used with and without apostrophe s. I searched a lot but all roads were closed. If possible, please help.thanks 100000000000 times.

For example, some of the MOO’S rocks have oxygen.

Recently a probe discovered enough ice at the MOON poles to provide a MOON base with water.


67 is not satisfied! Please more


Thanks Mr. Adam!


hey guys here’s my poem about scoobydoo please dont be mean or else i will remove your ribcage

scooby doo crying in forest blue
dying from hypothermia because of earlier
when he fell in the sea dooming him to decease
craving one last scooby snack knowing he will never come back

shaggy rogers confronted with robbers
alone on a quiet night with no way of sight
panicked and alarmed he knows they are all armed
taking a final dose of crack knowing he will never come back (this is a explicit version)

fred jones facing his multiple clones
having found the factory his quest will not be satisfactory
their combined mass will soon surpass
his fragile sanity, and prove his mortality

velma dinkley needs to run quickly
the shambling mass behind her will bring a horrifying reminder
That she’s tired on her feet and she will soon meet
a solemn end with her once friend

daphne blake for goodness sake
trying to restore their mortal coil even though they’ve already spoil?
their flesh and bone will not make it home
due for cremation you’ll have to undo your creation

thanks please like also friendly reminder that you have no blood


Was explanó very well


oh great I got 78°/.

kabira EL

Oh! Need more practice in grammar


Question number 3 there is no comma after “each other”


Hi Adam,
How do we recognize a collective noun in a sentence? How to distinguish between a collective noun from a plural of a common noun?


7/9! I alway get 7 right answer. 7 is my favorite number!

Jerry Gu

I get 78 thanks adam for useful lesson!


thanks Adam,great explanation and also interesting lesson.I got 2 mistake 79 percentage.I am very confused about the number 6 but I understood the task with the explanation below the answer)


After repeating the lesson again.I got 100 percentage from the test.

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