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Thank you Emma. Very useful lesson.

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    Thank you Emma, this was an excellent presentation.


    your so nice… :)

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      thanks a lot ma’am emma you are a great teacher

      jeanila comenguez

    Thank you Emma.


thanks for the lesson emma,it is very useful


thanks to you my english grows lile an plant

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thanks, I understood so I´ll have to practice.


Thanks Emma …. It was kinda Ez but interesting lesson to me.
your students strength has really grown !! :P


Hi Teacher Emma, I am an english student from Brazil, could you teach us about these subject ( Centimeter, Meter, Liter, Mile, Inch, Foot, Kilometer) is it different from Brazil? please I wll be glad kisses.


I have grown up in my town, all my life. I know most of the people, that’s good. I guess. thank u Emma don’t grew your hair too much.

Efrain Dominguez

    What town are you from Efrain? I’m trying to decide between growing my hair long again or cutting it short. What do you guys think?

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      I’m from Uriangato,Mex. in my point of view u look better with short hair. thanks again 4 the free lesson Emma.

      Efrain Dominguez

      no no no no don’t do it please :) you look so pretty now ;)

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      My first lesson *-*
      Thank you very much Emma!

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      yah, He’s right,.. your so nice teacher emma.. I want to expand my English.. im on philippine. thank you! :)

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      Hi Emma,
      Doesn’t matter too much, you are wonderful.


      n_n! long hair Emma!


      You looks so pretty with a long hair

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Thank you for the lesson,

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just kidding, a mistake was made by me. here’s the right one, Emma don’t grow your hair too much. cya.

Efrain Dominguez

Thanks for your lesson. By the way your dress is so nice;-)


    Thank you Sinan!

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Thanks For useful Lesson.

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Hi Emma
All the time when I logged in for quize, I got blank test question field. Only the tap “next” appears. Please advise me what should I do to stay away such this problem?

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    It’s a flaw in someversions of Internet Explorer, it lacks the player thing that plays the exercise bits – tru Google Chrome or Safari, they work here on my pc

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      Thanks for your advice.

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    Please try again. The quiz was not working in Internet Explorer 9 for a little while, but it should now be fixed!

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Thanks a lot, Emma!
It’s possibly to use this pharasal verb in the Canadian English figuratively, isn’t it.
For instance, ‘A giant car plant grew up here during five last years.’ I mean: from a zero to the state when cars are fabricated in large amount in five yers.

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    This is a possible way to use grow up, although it isn’t so common. In this case, grow up would mean to come into existence.

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      thanks for that emma

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First of all thanks for this lesson. very good differentiate, it will never forget me.


many thanks
could you explain the determiners and quantifiers in next times ?

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your Lesson is fantastic like your sweet smile ..

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Hi Emma
It is very interesting lesson. everyone has to get this opportunity through this website.
This lesson will remain in my memory.


    I’m glad you like our website Hassan. I hope you guys keep tuning in for new videos.

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Hi Emma thanks so much for your efforts to teaching us.
Please, if possible I need the transcript of your explanation to be published with each lesson as a pdf file it will be more enhancing for our English learning.

Ali Murad

Thank you Emma. it was Very useful lesson.


Thank you Emma for good lesson.

I have plan to come to toronto for study and make practice my English with native speakers.
Could you advice me what is the best method to study in school or find some tutor?

Thank you again.

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I haven’t known about that so far.

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Hi Emma. What’s up? Thanks so much for this useful lesson. Now, I know how to say that I grew up in beautiful Fortaleza.Thanks on more time and you are very cute as always. Kisses

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Thanks all of the teachers for so useful and free lessons.


Hi dear teacher ! By the way , i am quiet sure that your audience has grown for the past few months :) Thank you for th

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    Great example Bilel!

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9/10 thanks teacher

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    Well done!

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Thank you so much Emma!

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Thank you very much, very useful lesson

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tks Emma!

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Nice lesson Ms. Emma :)

Vitriyanti Ve

Hi Emma,
Is it incorrect to say ‘Children grow so quickly’?

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    children grow up so quickly!


    Hi Duleepa,

    Thank you for your question. In general, Fatima is right. We say children grow up too quickly which means that they mature and become adults too soon.

    However, we may say children grow too quickly if we want to express that they’re physically growing too quickly, perhaps even outgrowing their clothing. They are not becoming adult-like or mature, rather they are physically becoming larger.

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      Dear Teacher, Emma,

      thank you so much for your lesson, plse read my comment concerning your expression (outgrowing from clothes, it is a real joke, In my country, that Kurdistan (North of Iraq) my people and even I, often say that the clothes have been small-sized for the children, instead of saying that the children have outgrown from their clothes,


Hi Emma.
Thanks for you class


very usefull lesson , but i have a doubt, when you give an example.

i grew up in New York . grew up with objet is not correct, i have dout with this sentence


    I’m glad you asked this question Heman.

    An object and a preposition are two different things. In the sentence “I grew up in New York”, grew up is followed by the preposition “in”. It is grammatically correct to follow grew up with a preposition. For example, we could also say “I grew up on a farm”. In this case, our preposition is “on”.

    If my sentence is “I grew up my plant”, the object is my plant. There is no preposition after grew up. This sentence is grammatically incorrect because we don’t use grow up with an object.

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      Hernan, I recommend to read something about Sentence Patterns, there may be an Object or an Adverbial after verbs, these two are different, object is the receiver of the effect of the verb, but an adverbial, in contrast to object, modifies the verb. take me notes if Emma said OK




Good lesson, thank you Emma

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thank you Emma!!!


Tanx Emma…..

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If I had grown up in New York, I wouldn’t have taken this exam.

Thank you!

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    Neither would I for sure


    Good example!

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Thank you very much.I am from China.

Jack Zhu

Dear Emma,

Hi..thanks alot for your explanations! Its lovely!

Shing mang tun

thanks you! it’s useful. please give more lesson,


Thank a lot. it was very useful.


Thank you Emma, my English knowledge has grown bigger with your lesson. :)

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    I love seeing students use the grammar points from the lesson correctly! :)

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Nice lecture.We learned and enjoyed a lot.
Thanks Emma

Awais and hidayat

thank u Emma.

Abdul mateen

My vocabulary is growing with Envgvid lessons

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Thank you.

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Thank you…Emma


You’re a great teacher, Emma! I love your lessons. Thank you!

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thank u very much about the lesson. u helped me grow my knowledge a lot

tran anh tien

    You guys have helped me to grow as a teacher! Thank you all!

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Outstanding teaching, Emma! It’s only your personality that can match it) You’re one of the best here for sure.
This particular lesson was really helpful. Now there’s much less confusion for me with grow/grow up.
As I remember one of the students suggested in the comments to one of your earlier videos doing a lesson explaining the differences between THAN and THEN. I think that’ll be great too. Hope you’ll do it sometime.
Always a pleasure being in your class.

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    You know my sister who is Canadian confuses “than” and “then” all the time. I think many native English speakers do. If there isn’t a video on this already, I’ll try to cover it! Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hí, Emma , thanks for her classes !!!
Please , I need your help about the preposition (THE )
explain me , please if I can use the for THE ARMY OR THE NAVY

Thanks for your attention , bye bye


    Hi Emma,

    Lovely name :). Our site has some videos on articles. Try watching the following:


    We can say an army or the army and a navy or the navy. It depends on if you are talking about an army generally (use an) or a specific army (use the). I think you will find the link above will help you with your question.

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There’s another meaning for GROW UP:

If you say “grow up” to someone, you are telling the person to stop behaving like a child!

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    Your right! It is pretty insulting to say this to an adult.

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hi every one i love this web really good for me ..i can in prope my english i want more english


good lesson from good teacher
million thanks to you and keep going


that make my english language grow. ;)

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thank you Ema,the lesson is very good take care.


thank you emma your lessons are very nice like you


tks Emma

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Thank you so much!!

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Thankyou teacher EMMA…for this important lesson.



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oyea good lesson thanks emma

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Thanks a million, Emma.


good one, Emma. I have one question not related with this topic but in the following sentence:
have you got something for a headache? in this sentence as we see used have & 2nd form of verb …….this bring little confusion for me

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    This sentence is grammatically correct. In the US, you would more likely hear, “Do you have anything for a headache?”. In the UK, it is common to say “Have you got anything for a headache?”

    Here is a link to a longer explanation if you’re interested:


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      Hi, Emma, i love the way you teach , i access your class everyday, i wish to have a teacher like you at my english course.

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Thanks Emma!

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I can’t thank you enough Emma…

it so marvellous leeson .




Hi Emma!
I can not grow my nails

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    Good example of grow. My nails grow so slow!

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      This is somethihg from philosophy!

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thanks my teacher

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Hey Emma, this is very interesting. I found it difficult to make sentences like I grew a beard. It’s difficult because usually the subject is the “doer”, but in this case the beard grew by itself on my face!! Thank you.

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i would like to thank you alot for this useful lesson and i have a small question
when i use grow up with animals or plant…..is it correct??
for example :
my cat has grown up

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In “My passion for teaching ______________ everyday.”

Why the correct is “grows up”? The subject is “passion”, isn’t? It’s not a person, a child –> adult, right?


    The correct answer is grows, Gina. I’ve checked the quiz, and that is the one that is marked correct there also.

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Thank u very Much Teacher ……. :) :)

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great :)
little bit useful for me :]


Emma hi,

A very useful lesson thank you, but I have a question about a quiz question though.

My son is getting very tall. He ______________ five inches this year.

Well, if I’m not mistaken (according to the lessons about the past perfect tense on engvid), since the action happens in the present (this year) and started in the past, we suppose to use the present perfect tense in that case. So the sentence should look something like: My son is getting very tall. He has grown five inches this year.

Please advise which one is correct. :)




I like drink beer and I can see that my stomach has grown a lot.

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Very good lesson Ema.


thank you Emma,
god bless you :)

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Thank Emma, was a very good time for learn.

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thank you



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Hi emma , would you make us a lesson about might and may ??

thank you


Nice lesson! Thank you!!

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I’ve got 7. Oh my English so for me.

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Thank you


Thanks for the lesson.


thank you . interesting class


Hi Emma, this lesson very wonderful work for all people in this world, this work is evidence tug owner of the heart in favor of the cream, sister
My sister precious recommend you this Alaof to continue to be a cause for Atminank in good condition, and the best that your clothing is best for
I was a guard at this


thank you ….


Very useful lesson. Thanks Emma.


Is this right English?? if i tell to somebody..

“Please go inside the cabin”

Please reply i m waiting..


It was a very nice lesson

amin haidary

Great lesson .Thanks Emma ..

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Thanks for the lesson.


Many thanks dear teacher. I am great to study online with you. And please send me any exercise that you have.


thank u v much


Thank you Emma for good lesson

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Nice lecture.
Thanks Emma


i got 10 correct out of 10.

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Hi Emma Thank you of your extremely nice teaching

sher M Akbar

Tnx Emma Ur Very Intallgent Techer

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Thank you EMMA. I am very much interested in ur teaching style and eager to see the next course.

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I got 1o out of 1o thank you Emma

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thanks Emma for this nice lesson and i hope you grow your hair again.


Hi Teacher Emma, I am an english student from algeria
you remember me
i took this lesson with my teacher chahrazad 5 years ago
she was great
thank you emma about lesson and memory.
thank you very much

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Hi Teacher Emma
I can not grow my mustache
or I can say my mustache grow slowly
Thank you of your extremely nice teaching

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Hi Emma
Its are very interesting lessons. everyone has to get this opportunity through this website.
This lessons will remain in my memory.
This is a humanitarian gesture to help others to learn a foreign language
thank you very much emma and engvid

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It’s really good video! Thanks Emma

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Good night teacher. I took this sentence from a story: “My little Elephant grew up very happily”. Is it correct for animals as It is for people?. You’re really pretty beautiful, thanks very much.

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Hi Emma. I want to thank for all your lessons.They’ve helped a lot. I’m curious, but why did you cut your hair?


Hi Emma, thanks for your wonderful lesson. Menge From Ethiopia.

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Hi Emma, “grow up’ only used in the children became a adult, means its process, right !!
I never understand that difference, thanks a lot.


hi emma i have understood this lesson and i got 10 of 10 degree in the test ..tanks very much


Hi Emma good lesson but i still got 50% :(



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u r lecture are very knowledgeable u r realy A great teacher i want to learn English from u as a student of English if u like then plz reply me madam ok God bless u

kamran hayat

where to use can and could can u help me

kamran hayat

thank you

Antonia Caraballo

thank you Emma

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Hi Emma you look amazing in any way you use you hair


Hi Emma hr r u ? i got much from this lesson . thanks a lot . i’m from pakistan . i’m undergraduate student of industrial engineering . from which country do u belong ?


Thank you. its very useful for my English lesson


thank you very much for the lesson

mo ali

Hi Emma Iam very weak in geramer thanks for help yuo



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thank you so much!

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thanks again for your lessons


i m very thankful to u because i m learning those things what i have never learnt from other places i m proud of u all and now i follow same thing in my language centre

sir jee



thank you very much, you are my pest teacher in the sit,,

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Is it my hair have grown long or my hair has grown long ?


miss emma,how r u . and thanx 4 u r lesson


You’re very helpful Emma thank you very much


hi Emma,
my first time seeing you.i really love your english teaching.your explain and deliver explanations really excellent!


Usefull, thank you :)

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thank fere match Emma you are the paste

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Great lesson , thanks Emma!


Thank you Emma

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If I grown up in USA , certainly my English will be very clear .. Hugs from Brazil…

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Thank you so much!


I grow up in Palestine .
thanks so much Emma you are good teacher

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the Emma it’s really helpful lesson now i can see the different between both of grow up and grow

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HI Emme, I have always doubt these two words. but
you says that a sentence the line up has grown. I think that more people is coming this line.so can i siger the line -up grows up. please explain me.


i really learned a lot form this video


my hair has grown longer or long. which is correct. please explain.


my quiz 100 :)


Thanks dear teacher

from azerbaijan

This is very useful lesson. Thank you Emma.

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thanx aloooooooooooooot


10 correct out of 10
Thank you Emma
Every time I visit this site my English grows more and more

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i am very greatful for you teacher’s


hi emma, keep your hair short, you look cuter in that style :)


thank you so much teacher Emma^^ your voice is such a beautiful voice!~

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Well done and thank you.
I got 9 out of 10

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thanks Emma and hope to show more videos about all learned courses . and hope to talk your email


thanks a lot.


thank u alot of

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hi Emma
first at all, i really apreciate your lessons
and i’d like to know if this sentence is right or wrong, here it goes ” the populatation is growing up fast”


teacher: u have overgrown my expection from the lessons.


julio: i think it’s “growing” because the populations isn’t people, the meaning of that word is a thing, so we don’t use “grow up”.


thanx mam please tell me why use grew i can not under stand and i got 9/10
My son is getting very tall. He _______________ five inches this year

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I got 100


Thank you very much Emma, I’ve got no doubts now :D

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    hello, eu sunt George, poti sa-mi dai idei pentru imbunatatirea englezei?

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Thanks Emma you are very good teacher


Hi Emma! Thanks for your lesson! I have a question
around the sentence below extracted from “Hotel California – Eagles”
“…My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim…”. For the grow verb theres no object, however it has adjective “heavy” for the “head”. It means that head became heavy and… . What do you have to talk about? It’s just idiomatic expression or grammatical?

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thanx mam

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Hi Emma!
Ur teaching method is awesomer.Ur words directly enter into the brain and heart.God bless U!


Hi Emma, when I was watching this vedio, a question came to my mind. Here is the query, can I say “My cat grew up in my father’s house.” ?


Tnks a ton mam……….u r just doing a fantabulous work……i eagerly watch up your videos ….keep up the good work.

rockig khurana

No one can deny you are very good

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Thanks Emma for youre efforts.
I ask you kindly to make a video on “into” and “onto” prepositions!
they make me confused when I write.
Thanks in advance :)




Hi Emma

Are brought up and raised similar to grew up ??

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wonderful lesson, thanks a million

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This’s fantastic video teaching!
Thanks Emma!


Thank you very much my professor for this wonderful lesson. You know Emma my english speaking and writing skills was grew grace to the interesting course.


10/10!!! Thank you Emma!! A perfect lesson!!!

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Very enlightening lesson.Thanks Emma.

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Hi! Emma,
Can we see hall of our exercise results in a file ?
Thak you for your repy ba my mail:


90/100, just a stupid mistake in question 7.

Thank you Emma.

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thanks Emma


thanks Emma

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10 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx

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you are great teacher thank you Emma

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I love your lessons! You’re the best!


Hello,Emma I’m frome Iran.I found this website newly.Now I’m student at 3level.Sorry my writing is not good.You are very good teacher and of cours beautiful.Your lessons are useful for me.thanks


Thank you, Emma. I am a portuguese speaker and your videos have helped me a lot. I’m trying to “grow” my english abillities and I believe that with your classes I’ll achieve my goal. I would ask you one thing: in the last sentence the use of the word “that” is correct? I have doubt about this. Thank you one more time.


Спасибо Эмма, идея ясна! меня расстраивает то, что я понимая текстовый вариант, но на слух узнаю отдельные слова.

Thank you Emma, ​​the concept is clear! I’m being upset that I understand the text version but in hearing recognize seldom words.

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It was a nice English class!

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hi Mrs Emma i am yogi from indonesia thank you for this video :)


this will help me a lot.



Thank you, Emma

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thaaaaaaaaaaaanx iam anew student in ur class

Profile photo of husham husham

Thanks a lot teacher Emma.

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oh..I have got 9 correct that mean I understand this lesson.Iam anew student in your class thank you my teacher Emma

Profile photo of haithamholi haithamholi

I got full mark.thanks great EMMA.

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thanx Emma

Profile photo of olaa olaa

Thank you very much Emma, my english understanding, listening, writing and speaking is growing with your lessons. I love you!

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I’m sure your audience will still grow Emma ! Very useful lesson.

Profile photo of caro6589 caro6589

which of these is correct?

“I grew up on a farm”. or

“I grew up in a farm”.

Profile photo of matthewn matthewn

Thank you Emma!

Profile photo of artak80 artak80

you said “when my son grows up ” i guess it is wrong use of english grammar, i guess it should be “when my son grow up” let me know if you think different.

Profile photo of satishgiri satishgiri

    ‘my son’ could be replaced by ‘he’ then
    between ‘when he grow up’ and ‘when he grows up’ which one do you think is correct?

    Profile photo of tan90v tan90v

      May be i am wrong but i think ‘when he grow up is correct’ if we take it as Interrogative sentence

      Profile photo of satishgiri satishgiri

        Okay I think I know what you mean.
        To make a sentence as you said ( interrogative sentence) , I guess it goes like ‘ When does he grow up? ‘ Is that what you meant? but that sentence doesn’t make sense.. Please read it again. When..? ‘Where’ would be okay but when..?

        Profile photo of tan90v tan90v

Thank you Emma XD

Profile photo of tan90v tan90v

thank you Emma . my English langauge grows .

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You’re so pretty, especially when you add more details with an easier way.
Thank you in advence

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thank you , I hope that my English will grow with your lessons

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Thanks Emma.

Profile photo of wiltoncleiton wiltoncleiton

Thanks Emma we need a video on (for,to) what are the differences between them

Thanks a lot
I grew up in Iraq with my family they are wonderful

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Emma you are wonderful , thank you so much

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emma you are the best keep going

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Thank you Emma

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it was very helpful, Thanks

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Thankyou very much. I made a lot of mistakes with this verb before your class. :-)

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As always too.. I´m a little bit late in order to make compliments but I´ve heard that it´s never too late ! Dear miss Emma you look it´s like spring flowers, almost perfect and I have to confess that your classes Miss Emma have being brought me some king of concentration troubles because of you beauty.., Have a very good day and please excuse me in adavance if you take these words misappropiate. Take care, from Argentina.

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Thanks Emma! I got 100.

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Thanks Emma, I got 100%, you teach very well,I will continuous learn English as well.

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I have some question unanswered in mind
1) What does language mean to you?
2) How can student articulate their thinking in writing?
3) What is the difference between language and speech?
4) What is PLS or pictological system?
5) I have heard that we have some formula to creat iiregular verbs in English I want know how a verb changes to be an irregular one.
6) what is the defference between the activator and the synonym of a word?
thanks in advance

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that is so useful leasing

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thank you :)

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Thanks,Emma. You’re amazing.

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10/10 Thanks :)

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Thnaks I got 70%.

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Even I am not grew up in US, but I will grow my English skill after I finished all Emma’s lesson.
Hi Emma
Speaking of long hair or short hair; If you me ask me,the long hair will be the best for you.

Profile photo of water meter check please water meter check please

Very good explanation Emma. I grew up in Curitiba Brazil. Thanks for all.

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I got 100.thanks emma.

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Hello,Emma! Thank you for your lesson. I have a question, actually not referring to the topic. In your last test it is written: “If you had [grown up] in New York, your English would probably be better.”. I thought that the correct form is: “If you had [grown up] in New York, your English would HAVE probably BEEN better.” Please, explain to me where I am wrong. Thanks a lot.

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Hi,Emma. I Got 90%. Thanks for this useful lesson. What is your Full name Please..?

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Thanks Emma, our knowledge is growing

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Thanks Emma, our knowledge is growing

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Hi, Ma’am Emma I have a sentence and I would to if it’s correct,
Arrived Roma and Bautista to make follow up clean the confort room.

Thank you so much, I will wait your reply.

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9) I will teach you to _________ your own tomatoes.

grow up
Hi Emma!Excuse me, Emma, but I do not understand why the right answer “grow” instead “grow up” ??? Thans!

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    i think, simple object is plant(tomatoes).

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i don’t really understand with this lesson. i got 8 correct in this quiz. there are two questions which are wrong answer, they are number 7 and 8. can you tell me why we use “Grow” in those sentences?

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    you should use Grow in all cases (for people sometimes) but for Grow up it’s always be with a people / in Qst 7 & 8 it’s talking about son & audience so u should use Grew (past) and grown :)

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I have one doubt for animals should we use grow or grow up!!!

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I wonder about that the usage of “grow up” is just one thing which is to be adult?
Exception this case, All of things are proper “grow”?

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Thanks Emma,always.

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Thank you so much Emma!

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Hi Emma, the lyrics from Maroon 5’s latest song “What Lovers Do” below, I was just wondering if this is correct grammar?

Aren’t we too grown for games?
Aren’t we too grown to play around?

Profile photo of tmudza tmudza

    Grown can be used as an adjective—for example, “You’re not a teenager any more, you’re a grown man.” But grown on its own to mean “mature” or “grown up”, like in the song, is from AAVE (African-American Vernacular English). Another recent example: college sitcom Grown-ish.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Hello!! Why example 2 is grew up and example 1 is just grew. Both have object, not ?

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I got confuse when I chose grew up & the answer became grew for bellow question although the question relates son growing up

Please Emma explain this point

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