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oh sorry


yes i scored 100% on my second go


    try 1 more time


Great Lesson, Ronnie! I think my favorite colors are crimson red, sky blue and plum. I can’t choose only one.


Thank You, Ronnie, Because we have variety of color with different name and remembering them is not so easy, IF I want to buy a color, I prefer to use color code instead of the name. Do you know the “Kelly” color will be number 335 in Panton?


it’s wealth of imformations lesson about colours but let me say: it’s really diffuclt to distinguish between all these colors, i am happy to be the first one. thank you ronnie.


    SKIKDA you seem you are surious about learning english, i see you always in this websit.this is good and motavating, i’ll see the video now.


      of course, i am determinated to be advanced learner english and am lucky to find like this useful website,شكرا يا ولد بلادي


        why my comment become the fiveth , i was the first one when i put it, i don’t accept that.


Very well lecture about colours.

Muhammad Abbas

Thank you,Ronnie.
There are lots of colors here.
I have a problem which is about pronouncing with ‘ll.
For example,I’ll,He’ll,You’ll,etc.
I can’t pronounce them correctly.
I come from Taiwan.
I speak Chinese.
I think it’s hard for me and other Chineses,too.

Sonny Hsu

    That’s a good idea for a lesson! I’ve added it to the list of requests.

    engVid Moderator

thank you for the lesson , i have one question please , what is the meaning of the word ” hue ” because it is used sometimes when talking about colors , does it have the same meaning as ” shades ” ?


I learned more knowledge that I didn’t know in the past. It’s amazing


That’s so wierd but now i know what’s my favorit color :D


Wohoo ! I’m so happy to get all done cortectly 09 out of 09 ☺. I must say Ronnie ,it’s an incredibly amazing amaxing lesson you have chosen for delivering us. I just loved and i would watch this lesson again and again until i soundly memorize them all. That will definitely help me forever in my for selecting fascinating ornaments, clothes etc. Love you Ronnie.Give your best always and lots of thanks to you.


thank you very match Ronnie you are very fun


I got 09 out of 09. Thank you , ronnie!


    well done


I got 9. Thanks


It was a good explanation about Nine different type of colours, I think the Seven colours of the rainbow plus white and black. I have understood many expressions but I have had to search some of them in the dictionary and I almost remember the favourite Ronnie’s colour but I failed at the end, it was indigo, the blue one from the rainbow, what’s a pity. Anyhow, I have to be grateful by teacher Ronnie’s lesson. Thanks a lot.



Rodrigo Ribeiro

I am tired because this is too much .. I can not rememper all of these

prof sara


prof sara

Hello Ronnie!

Are these sentences correct to say?
1. I did a wheelspin to my car
2. I had a wheelspin
3. The car did a wheelspin
4. The car had a wheelspin
Thank you.

Markos Ferreira

Great lesson!


Always useful and funny.Thank you Ronnie:)




Thanks Ronnie!!


love you ronnie and my favourite colour is indigo too :)


thank you it is useful.


Well done, Ronnie. Thank you!

Júlio César L Sousa

thanks for shades of white!!! It`s more useful then higher education in Russia

sjomkin nikita

In this class Room I got good feeling and Understanding with the Adam’s Class Its very good..


Just 2 notes:
1. That’s Alex’s car, not yours!!(unless you save petrol by sharing it with him when you were kids).
2. You forget about Ferrari’s red, worldwide known.
Jokes apart, nice lesson as usual, thank you so much Ronnie!!


Thank you!!
It’s really helpful.


Thank you very much Ronnie.


This is awesome! As usual!
Now I feel lack of slang lessons. It’s very funny to talk about rude crazy slang things in English but it’s difficult when you’re live in non-English speaking country. Really need some. Thank you.


How I can learn English well soon, can you help me please please please

Rasel islam

Ronnie you’re a good teacher,you know how explain the class to the student..


As it happens I got ten out of ten but I even don´t remermber any color you mentioned. Thank you teacher


My fave color is rose. I can’t see the differences between those shades of white :(


Anyway, please subscribe to my youtube channel (Astri Dwidiyanti)! :)


I didn’t get you because I’m colorblind.
I’m lying, of course; I found this video particularly interesting, with a lot of new stuff to learn.
By the way, I learnt that that the italian word “daltonico” is “colorblind” in English.


hallo guys for some of you who wanna improve their english, we’ve got whatsapp english group. If you wanna be a member send me a sms.


Thank you for this interesting class. I must admit that I had to see the vid again to check what is your favorite color Ronnie… and just to have this answer correct.


Wow, my score is bad!!


Joke with hair is very funny. I’ve got a lot of pleasure listening for you. Thank you Ronnie!


Liked the lesson!




thank you

youssef larhlid

Thanks for the lesson Ronnie! In fact, such lessons as this are useful ’cause you start searching more words on the subject in your memory.


We also have zillions of crazy names for the basic colors in Portuguese. For example, we have “bastard amber” (a kind of pink), “drake’s neck” (a kind of “bottle-green” :D ), “let’s kiss” (a red), “pink possession” (a dark and strong shade of pink), “superfantastic magic pink” (another pink variation), “mutant brown” (a very beautiful greyish brown), “scandal red” (a red that… screams :O ), “drunken green” (maybe because a drunkard’s face), “purple tragedy” and so on. :)


Thanks Ronny
btw i wanna improve my english so add me on skype mitrayuliawati


thanks. 9/10 in the second try . but witout watching the video.


Thank you Ronnie.I really had good time with you. You are (o’v`b)bGOOD☆


It’s 100! But where is turquoise – one of my favourite shades of blue =)


Indigo is my favorite color too :)


I’m really a color blind, I sometimes can’t tell the difference between some kind of green and blue .


Dear All,
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year 2017.
Regards, Emad


Hard to remember but very informative.


Thank I like the test. 9/10


Good! I believe next time I will get better note


I make good progress


These shade are for women for men there are only 6 colors red, blue, white, green, black and yellow.

just kidding, but its difficult even for me


My life will never be the same )))


Thanks !!! I got 100%.


Good lesson!:) Thnx! 100%




Hello, Ronnie,
Thanks again for your lesson, we have also indigo, khaki, turquoise and many others…I think, as you told, we can named the colors by itselfs LOL
Have a great time :)

Christina FoX

Thanks, Ronni??? I just fell in love with the Salmon pink ? Hope to see more funny videos from you ❤

Leila Nguyễn

Thanks Ronnie!

Here we have “flag green” (“verde bandeira”), which, I deduce, only makes sense here. Something like “flag red” in Canada. :)

Fabio Cicerre

great!i didnt even know this amount of colors exist!


    Hey Ahmad! You can chat and practice with me if you want! (according to your profile)
    I am available ? Hugs


      yes sure.why not,where can i find u?


You have twitter?? We can chat there if you want! ? xx


Thanks Ronnie :)


That is so colourful information madam Ronnie!
Thank you for such beautiful information about the shades of colour!
I really want to specify that colours are beautiful like their shades!!!!so is engvid!


Thanks Ronnie for good information. Even i was born on 11 February and my colour is indiago like same pinch.


very nice




10/10 thanks lot ronnie


Your way of teaching is amazing and I never get bored When I am watching your videos.Thanks a bunch


Thanks Ronnie


thank Ronni my scored 8/9 ?

haneen Adnan

I love colors! ?


Hi Ronnie! I have many favorite colors,I like beige very much and the several shades of blue. definitely I like colors.


Aquariuses rule because we have Ronnie, Matt Dillon, and Luna Lovegood XD


Thanks! Ronnie


Thanks!!!! I got 9 :)


Thank you Ronnie!(^^)! I like your lesson.


Thank you Ronnie !


crimson comes from watermelon

Adrian Hatcau

thank you Ronnie , you are the best !!!


You got 6 correct out of 9.

M kartal

anybody from new york?????


Thanks Mrs. Ronnie.


Hello everyone,
this lesson was rally useful for me.I very frequently use colors without knowing it.
I’m going to give you examples each of them.
RED: I drink sparkling wine only on December 31.
Black and Gray: There are many ravens and doves in my town.
Purple: My mother made a delicious plum cake yesterday.
Orange: I prefer a Yellow melon to cantaloupe.
Green and Yellow:I think that, the most common sour fruits are:lime and lemon.
Blue: I knew a gentleman who was in a navy.
Pink: I would rather eat Miruna than Salmon.Salmon is too greasy for me.
White: I drink only lactose-free milk.

Very simple instances.
See you late in the next lesson :)



al willis

It was superb lesson and i learned
a lot.


I have only two wrong answer but my grade still wrong


Yas, Ronnie is the best teacher and Emma. I got 10/10!!


Thanks for a colourful journey! It’s a pleasure to hear that somebody loves indigo too, once I even dared to dye my hair indigo… It was an interesting experience). Colour is also an experience and I think that this video is a great base to form the experience of a colour in mind. When you think of something similar or, at least, connected to the shade that you see, it creates a special way of vision for you to identify the colour.
Such vibe is really important for me as for an artist. For me shades are memories, for example: salmon is a sunset in July, lime is a grasshooper in hay in August, and so on…
Anyway, the video is suuuuuuper useful). Ronnie made a great job. It introduced me some new shades and I really hope to see and use them soon!

Sveta Borisova

I’ve been painting all my life (I’m 19 years old). always knew only the basic colors, never heard of others. just now I found out about so many color names in English .. there are many of them, it will be difficult to remember, but it is very interesting! it was a great video tutorial. very interesting manner of presenting the material. Thanks to the host for the sincere emotions, because of them I want to watch this video carefully! for my future work, it is extremely important for me to know all these colors. I will tell the students about colors as you do. I also want to note that the quiz was also interesting.

Vasilieva Katya

8/9! Good! My goodness! What a hell! So many colors words, I was confused by these words! How can I control these colors! I need calm.

Jerry Gu

Happy that I got 9/9 correct! Such an improvement compared to when I started :D

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