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Hi Adam, thanks for the wonderful lesson. I got 7/10. I am improving my English as much as I can. Thank you for this wonderful lesson and stay safe.

palakshi nautiyal

Hi Adam, I learn a lot through your English lessons. I love the way you teach. Thank you so much for your wonderful help for the people like me. God bless.


Thank you Mr. Adam for an interesting lesson.


thank Adam for the lessons. I scored 9/10. I am happy.

Anne Marie Lazare

Thanks Adam!

Silas da Silva

09/10 :). Thank you !


It was quite difficult for me. But I have 10/10 :)
Thanks a lot Adam! You are the best teacher


Great lesson Adam, the topic was very interesting and it was perfect explained as usual. Thanks a lot!!


Hello Adam. You may not believe it, but I am crazy about you & your lessons. Even while I am going to take a nap, or before sleep, I pick my mobile beside me and let your lessons on to feel relax.
When I am free, I imitate the way you speak, pronunciation, intonation, manners, etc.
I have one question and two requests for you please and I would be happy if you reply me,
1-Please add/put more lessons regarding the cultural and moral topics, exactly like the one you created for the SOFT SKILLS.
2-I asked you before, but again, a course that covers Preposition+Which is needed on Engvid.
Finally, I beg your pardon, why sometimes do you type words in capital and lower case together?
Thank you so much, ALi from Iran.


    Hi Ali,

    First of all, thank you :)

    As for your requests:
    1 – these are coming
    2- I think this lesson is coming, but as for scheduling, that is not really up to me. I hope it will come soon.

    Lastly, unfortunately I do not have pretty handwriting. People have mentioned that it’s hard to read what I write sometimes, so a request has been made that I use only block letters from now on to make it easier to read on all screens. That is really the only reason ;)

    I hope that helps.


      Hello again, Adam.
      Words cannot express how much I am thankful to you.
      And I am not gonna flatter, but you have had a great impact on my English. I hope one day I can see you face to face.
      I live with your lessons.
      Best of luck to you.
      God bless.


Oh,I almost can understand these vocabulary without subtitle because of your great explanation.
Thank you Mr. Adam for an interesting lesson.


Thank you very much for the interesting lesson

Marielena Berra

Thank you for this lesson.


Thank you Sir!


Thank you! great lesson. Very helpful and informative.


Thank you Adam for this good lesson in everyday life.


Excuse me adam your english is anerican english, Am I right or not?


    Hi Dfantauzzi769,

    I’m Canadian, which is very similar to standard American accents. :)


Thank you for this, Mr. Adam! I’ve learned some vocabulary words about real state.


Thank you for the lesson, Mr. Adam.

David Bui

I thank you for this lesson Mister Adam. I learned interesting things especially the different between real estate and estate.


I liked your explanation about
this topic, I’ve never studied this subject.
Thanks for your help.


Thanks for this wonderful lesson, Adam

Seif Eldawla

Hi Sir thanks for that lecture, I got 8/10..it really help my knowledge.


Hi, Adam, How are you? I need a Private English Teacher. I requir some advice,


    Hi Balimetin,

    I do not tutor, but you should look at classified ads in your area. You can also do a search for classified sections in some big cities and find a tutor who works online to help.

    Good luck :)


10/10, thanks Adam!


thank you it s very helpful . i wish you good luck


Thank you


Thank you. very useful


Thank you, it is very useful.


Thank you Mr adam,you have set me through


I like this web site thank you so much

Abdo mouk 27.@

thanks a lot, this so affective


Hello….I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis?
My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.
Thank you.


i got 5/10 only ..damn it


Thank you everyone :)


Hi Adam, I have 2 questions, looking forward to your reply
1. if you breach the contract, the landlord can evict or vacate you, to vacate you means to terminate the contract earlier than the agreed upon or just not to renew the contract with you ?
2. what’d difference between superintendent and property manager ? their jobs just sound same to me. could you please give more explanation

thank you for your help

Jasper Brayson

    Hi Jasper,

    1. The landlord can evict you or vacate the contract. Evict means remove you. Vacate means leave the contract early (and then evict you).
    2. a superintendent lives in the building and takes care of the physical premises. A property manager finds tenants and signs contracts. He/she also hires the superintendent to take care of the physical property.

    Does this help?


Thank you MR ADAM


thank u for this good lesson


Thanks Adam I had 70


90/100 I’m getting better. But I just start again.


the lesson is not an easy one (Kazakhstan 13oct2021)


Hope to see another video which introduces words about the house itself, like “bedroom/living room/ xxx room”
or “townhouse/villa”


Hi, Adam. Thank you for your lesson. It’s really interesting and your explanations are very clear.


10/10 quiz-second prompt
best regards,Adam
hi from Kazakhstan 23 Nov2021


Very great


This lesson is rich in vocabulary.


8/10! Good! Thanks, Adam! Your lesson always gives professional knowledge.

Jerry Gu
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