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Sorry, there was initially a problem with the quiz. It’s now been fixed.


The quiz does not have any relationship to the current lesson.It is a noun and adjective,remember most of time an adjective stands before noun and modifies a noun.thanks Rebecca,it is nice lesson,isn’t it?


    you are completely right


    Thanks for letting us know and thanks for your feedback. All the best.


hi Rebecca can tell me about sources to search more on abbreviation


    Search online for business abbreviations or business acronyms and you should be able to find many more! All the best to you.


Hello Rebecca , hello all ,
I have got 100 at the quiz but I am sure enough that it has no relationship with the lesson . I am looking forward to the right one .
I think the related lesson with this quiz would be the use and position of “enough” in a phrase dépending on the verb .
To be something enough or to have enough something .
This would be a new way of teaching : You give us a bunch of questions and we must guess what is the lesson . That might work !
I am waiting for your comment. Bye


    Haha. Thanks for your sense of humour and your idea! We will have the correct quiz up soon. Please come back to check. All the best to you.


Thank you very much Rebecca!!!
As some people said above, the quiz doesn´t have relationship with what you explained ;)
Just one question: here in Spain, many people say Master IN Business Administration, whereas you said Master OF Business Administration. Is it possible to say IN too?


    As a term, MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. In fact, almost all of the acronyms for degrees are the same, such as:
    BA – Bachelor of Arts
    MA – Master of Arts

    However, if someone is just speaking, they might say ” She has a Masters in Business Administration.” Here, they are not using the acronym, they are just explaining in what subject she has her Masters degree. So, in this case, they might use the preposition “in”. Hope that helps to explain the difference. All the best and keep listening to good music!


guess this is wrong quiz.
the quiz is for “enough” sentence position.
Rebecca please correct it.


    Yes, thanks for letting us know. All the best to you.


even though it’s wrong quiz I got 100 hehe. Looking forward the correct quiz


    Hey! So you got a double benefit from being here! My best wishes to you.


      yes, thank you for your nice lesson


The quiz didn’t pertain the video but I got 100!
So, nice job Rebecca! ^____*


    I think we can say, “nice job” to both of us! Come back soon to do the real quiz. All the best.


Hi Rebecca! Very nice lesson, thanks!!


    Glad to hear it. Thanks and all the best.


Thank you very much! An interesting lesson!


    Glad it helped you. All the best.


I got 10 any way
thank you reppeca

Ib man

    Good for you. Thanks for watching and all the best.


As my classmates are telling the quiz that I visualized was different from this lessons, it was showing a quiz to learn,intensifying the adequate manner to use enough…In any case thanks Rebbecca Your pronunciation is charming


    Thanks, Vicco, for your kind feedback. Do come back to do the correct quiz.


I would like to know when I can find that quiz”business abbreviations” A big hug…


Sorry, everyone! We will have the correct quiz up as soon as possible! Please do check back to do the quiz on Business Abbreviations. Thanks.


Of course, as we all know, a woman can also be the CEO! We can find many female CEOs all over the world.


Great lesson! Thank you, Rebecca :)


Very good lesson

Hasib Nasir

Thank you Rebecca, I got 9 correct out of 10. These words business abbreviations are very useful to learn English language. I often see its on all medias .


The quiz has been fixed so please do try it out! All the best!


Hello Rebecca.
The right quiz had been passed with succes without reviewing. Just a little hésitation about USP .
Many thanks for your replies to my comment on this lesson and the previous ones. Many thanks to each engvid teacher for the work she and he has done .
I wish to everybody a Merry Christmas .


Thank you Rebecca for the great information, I am really much appreciated.

Bassam Abu Yara

Hi Rebecca.Thanks Very Much.
Very pleased to see This lesson.
It’s Was Useful lesson.
I hope This Lesson Really was Interesting lesson and Even Though I want To Try Any words Every Time.

Muad Abdiaziz

thank you very much!!!


the lesson is difficult, but i can’t believe i got 100. :)


Hello, Rebecca. It’s a pretty interesting lesson. I’ve got 100. So, thanks a lot…


Hi. Your lessons are more useful than I thought!



Dear Rebecca,
Know the abbreviations simplify professional life. Thank you.
Yours Sincerely



ann ann

Really great information and I test my self after viewing the movie that I get 9/10 and most of abbreviation were not clear to me for the first time,

Best regards


Very useful lesson!

Júlio César L Sousa

Thank you!


Before I leave my comment,
Trainer Rebecca, it’s more than time to express my fascination by the way you teach.
How to explain this kind of magic ? Smart subjects always enlighted by an incredible soothing pedagogy.
Moreover, and it’s meanfull for me, the goodness and kindness that I guest behind your videos.
My fond thanks for all the attention you offer us.

My comment is about “ISO” acronym, I believed it standed for “International Standarization Organisation”.
But as it means “International Organization for Standarization”, so shouldn’t the acronym be
“IOS” instead ?
Unbelievable ! Since its creation, “International Organization for Standarization” has indeed inhereted “A NON STANDARD” acronymous name… lol
Therefore If we dare and apply some “ISO” process method vocabulary ; “ISO” by itself seems to be
But please, let’s nobody set any “ACTION PLAN” : a such paradox is too funny and absolutely must be saved.

Have a glance at internet, but no clear explanation about the choice of ISO acronym.
1) ISO doesn’t seemed to be related to a specific country (Although, IOS can be used sometimes in England)
2) Some say “ISO” refers to the old greek (ISO for equal), but it figures out that this idea came up late than the organisation’s birth (just after the 2d World WAR). Perhaps a desperate and afterword
attempt to solve the ISO / IOS paradox ?
3) ISA (International Standard Association) is an ancestor of ISA. And maybe ISO founders just prefered to recycle ISA acronym.

The ISO / IOS paradox won’t be broken so easily. And somehow that just makes it even better…

Greeting to everyone great times for the end of year celebrations.

Nico ESL for ever

    Take it as it, language is not logic.
    Language is dynamic and change.

    Best Regard


    Thanks for your interest and feedback. I understand your points. Here’s the explanation to your question from the official ISO website: “Because ‘International Organization for Standardization’ would have different acronyms in different languages (IOS in English, OIN in French for Organisation internationale de normalisation), our founders decided to give it the short form ISO. ISO is derived from the Greek isos, meaning equal. Whatever the country, whatever the language, we are always ISO.” All the best!


      Nico, thank you very much for your kind feedback as well.


Thanks Teacher Rebecca, your classes is very good, I’m Brazil, my English is limeited, the Engvid is learning me much !!!


    Thank you for your kind feedback. One small correction: I am glad the engvid lessons are teaching you a lot and that you, the student, are learning a lot. To remember the difference between “teach” and “learn”, you can say to yourself: “teachers teach, students study and learn”. All the best!


Hi Rebecca, I appreciate this lesson. Thanks a lot.


hello teacher
it is amzing lesson, thanks

Ari Sadeq

Hi Rebecca, Thank you very much it a helpful lesson. example VAT, I saw every time I paid hotel bills and I don’t know the meaning of this word I knew it is related tax deduction but not exactly what is it.so thank you again.

Um Huda

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for the fantastic videos you prepare and publish here. Nowadays I’m preparing myself for TOFEL iBT exam, but I don’t know which kind of English accents is better to be followed (American or British)?
Could you please help tell me that dose accent has role in speaking portion of TOFEL iBT exam?

Hasib Nasir

    Thanks for your comments.

    The TOEFL is an English proficiency exam created by ETS, based in the States. However, that does not mean you have to speak in an American accent to do well. What matters is whether your accent – whatever it may be – can be understood and whether it causes you to make mistakes which change the meaning of what you are trying to convey. For example, Spanish speakers have to work on their pronunciation so they don’t say “jello” instead of “yellow”; similarly, Japanese speakers may say “lice” instead of “rice” and this would confuse the listener. If possible, ask a teacher to analyse your speech and identify any such problems. Otherwise, relax, speak clearly, and be confident. Here are some speaking tips from my toefl site:
    I wish you the best.


Thanks Rebecca

Chau Le

Not bad-9 from 10))))


Yes, that is it






yes that is it


what is your name


Thanks for a nice lessen.


Very useful lesson :-) I have had no idea what CEO stands for, but now I am smarter guy. Thank You dear Teacher.
Aster all my overall band quize score is 9/10 :-)


    Now, when your company offers you the position of CEO, you can say “yes” confidently! Glad I could help! All the best.


beautiful lesson….PR also uses as an abbreviation for proportional representation….thank you

badr mazen

Dear Rebecca
Thanks for your useful lesson.


Nice lesson Rebecca… Thank you


Thanks Rebeca You’re the best


I got 10/10!

marissa rivera

Hi Rebecca, Thank you for all lessons! I’m learning a lot.
Could you please help me? I need score more than 820 points in TOEIC and now I have 670, in this way do you have any advice for I accomplish that?
Thank you,


    * some advice! Rsrsrs


      * any- question I dos the lesson


    Thanks for your feedback.
    If possible, work with a teacher to identify your specific areas of weakness in speaking, writing, listening and speaking. Then, correct those particular kinds of errors, instead of working on everything in general. For example, you should say: I need to score more than 820 points. Now, you know you always have to use “need to” – need to improve, need to study, need to learn, etc. Also, you should say: Do you have any advice for me to accomplish that? From this correction, you know that after a preposition like “for” you must use object pronouns like me, him, her, etc instead of subject pronouns like I, he, she, etc. Identify and correct your mistakes in a positive way to improve your English and get a higher score on the TOEIC. My site may also help you: http://www.goodlucktoeic.com/

    All the best!


      Thank you!! I’m working on everything in general and I need to follow your advice, but here in Brazil I have not found one teacher prepared to help me to do that. Do you have any method through internet? If so, my email is ale_ttoledo@hotmail.com.


thank you rebbeca for the additional knowledge…


I got 10/10. I´ll speak english this 2016. It’s my propuose. Thank you so much Rebecca


    Good for you, Fernando. Motivation makes all the difference and I see that you have it. For even more effective learning, watch the videos interactively. That means, write down notes, create flashcards, play with the new knowledge and keep trying to recall the vocabulary and expressions in fun ways. Then, re-watch the lesson and you will discover that you have improved a lot and your brain can give you the answers more easily! I wish you all the best.




Thank You! It`s been a long time I`m looking for meaning of term CEO. Now I`ve got it.


Oh, thank you so much Rebecca.
I got 80% . I misunderstand about Inc


I do not know correct is the quiz or not but I got 10 out of 10. I want to thank Madam Rebecca for her wonderful explanations. It is really helpful


Thank you, Rebecca! I got 100% :)


Thank you


I understand what she explained about business abbreviation, thank you so much, it is so usefull


I have 10 correct answers!



It is very helpful for me. Thank you very much,Rebecca


Thanks so much Rebecca from your useful lessons.


thank you very much for the information, I actually benefited.


Thank you for wonderful lessons,I benefit a lot.

Eric Chan

This lesson is very important for the business world.


Hİ. My score is 100 :)


Many thanks!!


Thank you Rebecca , very useful lesson by the way I have got 10/10


Hello Rebecca,

Thanks for the explanations.
I have one question:
Why for the CEO you spell the word letter by letter and for VAT, you didn’t, you just read it.
Is there any rule for that?
Thandks in advance.


thank you that is very great


Hi Rebeca, how are you? I hope you fine. I`m trying to learn English but whole alone sometimes it becomes hard… I have written this paragraph with new words than I saw at your lesson.
Does my construction make sense to you?
The press has liability of to give standing to your releases. She is a power entity mainly because spreads meanings to all over people. Than they use it basically how if it was from themselves.

Thank you very much.


Hi Rebecca I got 10 correct out of 10. Thanks.


This video is very hard for me but I got 10.
Of course I know I need to review exactly.
Anyways, I’m proud of myself.
I will continue to practicing my work.

Young Kyung Lee

Thanks Rebeca.
You are a successful teacher.


Thanks Rebeca


Wow .I just got 10/10…Thanks …

Amad Durrani

Thanks, Rebecca! 10/10 as usual.


great lesson




Excellent and practical summary for those that are in need of business vocabulary! Thank yo so much!


You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you…

M kartal

10 out of 10 wow


100% thnx


Thanks teacher Rebecca, VERY GOOD!

Emerson Alves dos Santos

Thank you,Rebecca! I enjoy your lessons! I’ve got 9 of 10!

Greiner Hua

I got 100%. Learning English is fun with Rebecca. Thank you very much!.


Nice lesson, Rebecca! I didn’t know most of the acronyms taught in it. It’s really useful especially in the professional field.

Eduardo França

Dear Rebbeca,
That was very useful. Thanks for your kindness manner.


Dear teacher Rebecca after reviewing this lesson and answering quiz of it I got 100 and it is hard to believe that I have done correct all of 10. in this lesson you did your best to explain all the points to teach us .Thank you very much of your nice teaching

Mohammad mostaan

Thanks a lot for this lesson, Rebecca. You are amazing. (Azores islands, 15May2023);

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