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Hi James. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I scored 10/10 in this test. Have a great day!

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Hi James. Thank you for the comprehensive lesson. Have a nice day!

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I’m sluggish in the morning until I have a coffee. Bob, you are too chicken to call that pretty girl.

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OhhI got one mistske

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Thanks for the useful lesson. I improved my understanding of English vocabulary with animals. I need more practice if I want to use them in a real situation. But, as always, engVid is a start and the rest is my job: to keep trying.

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Hi James thank you for your lessons; It’s a great tool for me. I hope learn too whit you. I see You in the next lesson.

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Hello sir,
Thanks for your great lesson. I learned from it very much.
I got 10 correct out of 10.
The answers to homework:
1. sluggish
2. chicken
Thanks again. Have a great time.

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Hai James I got 10 out of 10. The 2 questions of homework answer is:
1.I’m sluggish in the morning until I have a coffee.
2. Bob, you are too chicken to call that pretty girl.

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Thank you James, for giving us a good explanation of those words. It was clear to understand.
1.I’m sluggish in the morning until I have a coffee.
2.Bob, you are too chicken to call that pretty girl.

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very good James!!!

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Hello James,
as always absolutely useful lesson.
Btw. it seems you put on weight. Isn’t it? Probably, because of Covid-19 that accounts for the gyms and any public place where you can train have been closed.
I had the same problem but I lost few kg. I had been bulking when the gyms got closed. Fortunately, everything has been reopened in my country that is Poland. Or maybe you started bulking? Do you? I’m just curious.

All the best. :)

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Hi James

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Thank you for your lesson. The answers for the homework are:

I am sluggish in the morning until i have a coffee
Bob, you are too chicken to call that pretty girl.

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Hey, thanks for the lesson as always, we love you <3

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My favorite teacher! Thank you very much!

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Thank you teacher..
i got 10 score

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Thanks for all. I got 10.
The lesson is useful.👍👍

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Thank you for this lesson!
You ate a very good techer.

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Well, quite tricky questions

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I love it!

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    ME TOO

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I do not like comic movies, you should better to change your pattern about teaching. The women do better, I think. It seems the men do not have enough confidence because they show some body languages. When I want to learn English, I need to listen more. Your body language play nothing role to me. I do not like it.

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That was cool, man. Thanks a lot

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I’m sluggish in the morning until I have a coffee. Bob, you are too chicken to call that pretty girl.

Che wasn’t sheepish and wasn’t a chicken but he had many backstabbers. He never was fishy to them and this mistake cost him a life.

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I’m learning Tanks

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i dont know what ure teaching,just simple sentences。

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1/ Sluggish = slow
2/ Squirrelly = Afraid

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Love the video.

“Asinine” is a new word for me.

Another word for “stupid” is: Asinine.

not sluggish

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Hi James, I got 10 scores (out of 10).Your lesson is really great and helpful for me, with rich body languages and great humor. Very enjoy it.Thanks a lot.

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Yesterday, I ate so much pizza that I seemed like a pig.

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hi Mr.james umm I costantly watch you on youtube ,and I was honestly impressed! I catch on well but by sitting and taking notes from you,and Mr.E i learn much better
Thankyou looking foward to more lesson.

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about the homwork:
1- sluggish
2- chicken

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