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The __________ rabbit hopped his way through the forest.

The old teacher was too ___________ to lift the school desks.

Ella looked so ___________ in her new dress that Kyle fell in love at first sight.

A __________ person is one who has "good" preferences.

____________ means small.

To be ___________ means to be dirty.

A person who is __________ gives off a good energy.

A person is ____________ when showing a mix of anger and sadness.

___________ means a little bit fat.

__________ is the opposite of being dishevelled.

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I got 100 % ! Am I first ? :)

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Got 80/100. Thanks Benjamin!

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Very interesting and useful lesson. Thank you Benjamin.

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

i have got 90%. thank you Benjamin.

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

I loved, but you’re very fast speaking!

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

1 got 100.
thanks Mr.Benjamin for this useful lesson.

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

It’s hard to remember those words

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Thank you Benjamin.

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Thanks a lot Benjamin!!

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Thanks sir for your lesson💟 you look radiant.

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

I didn’t fully get the lesson, shouldn’t it supposed to be a lesson to describe the exact meaning of these adjectives !? but it almost was about having a positive or negative meaning

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Thanks a lot, Benjamin! Very useful lesson! Sometimes I lack necessary words to describe persons. I hope your leson will help me. I got 100!

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

I got 100 Yeah!

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Thank Benjamin

Wednesday, February 6th 2019

I got 9 score!

Wednesday, February 6th 2019

i got 90%

Wednesday, February 6th 2019

I got 9 correct out of 10.

Wednesday, February 6th 2019

Benjamin you’re very insteresting and inteligent professor. Thanks for your lesson!

Wednesday, February 6th 2019

it was my first lesson. i answered all questions correctly. i didn’t expect this result. thanks a lot

Thursday, February 7th 2019

Got all right at first try!!! Thanks guys…

Friday, February 8th 2019

I got 9/10
good lesson
Thank you

Friday, February 8th 2019

I got 8 out of 10 although I’m an intermediate student
I never heard most of these adjectives before so I learned a lot from this lesson.

Friday, February 8th 2019

thanks Mr.Benjamin

Saturday, February 9th 2019

thank you

Monday, February 11th 2019

I love your pronunciation!

Monday, February 11th 2019

Thank you very much.

Tuesday, February 12th 2019


Wednesday, February 13th 2019

I have difficulties in decorating.

Wednesday, February 13th 2019

90% I made a mistake in feeble question

Wednesday, February 13th 2019

Hi.. Plz help me.. M not able to find quiz.. When I press button it doesn’t show any thing

Saturday, February 16th 2019

Thanks alot

Saturday, February 16th 2019

Teacher i do not know that those words thank you teacher i have learned a lot in this website
i hope that you answer me

Wednesday, February 20th 2019

Hi benjamin, ı think, you should write meaning of these words in english on the table. İt will be useful :) thanks a lot 🤓

Sunday, February 24th 2019

wow!!this my first time to open this site,and i got 90 from my first score,that was amazing…thank you Mr.Benjamin for the lesson

Friday, March 8th 2019

I’m sure you are the one of United fans and I like it.Thanks for the lesson Benjamin,you’re such a lovely guy.

Wednesday, March 13th 2019

Thank you Benjamin , I think this word is hard for me.

Saturday, March 16th 2019

I got 90%.

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

very good

Tuesday, March 26th 2019

I got 100%, but I`m not a begginer. I think this lesson was very useful for me. Thank you.

Monday, April 1st 2019

Now . I’m gonna use this words in the my family.
Thanks a lot

Tuesday, April 2nd 2019

I’ve got 100 % and so cheerful as it was 100 bucks!!!

Wednesday, April 10th 2019

Like your English!

Wednesday, April 10th 2019

😭😭 4 out of 10

Wednesday, May 1st 2019

Thank you to this post

Wednesday, May 22nd 2019

I am a bit slight plump, gloomy, moody but smart person.

Thursday, August 1st 2019

Idon’t undertand

Wednesday, August 14th 2019

THank you

Wednesday, March 18th 2020

i got 100. thx lot.

Sunday, April 19th 2020

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