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I got 100 % ! Am I first ? :)

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Got 80/100. Thanks Benjamin!

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Very interesting and useful lesson. Thank you Benjamin.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

i have got 90%. thank you Benjamin.

Profile photo of pheladi pheladi

I loved, but you’re very fast speaking!

Profile photo of Adrianv Adrianv

1 got 100.
thanks Mr.Benjamin for this useful lesson.

Profile photo of wafaa1976 wafaa1976

It’s hard to remember those words

Profile photo of Astri Astri

Thank you Benjamin.

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Thanks a lot Benjamin!!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Thanks sir for your lesson💟 you look radiant.

Profile photo of husam simawi husam simawi

I didn’t fully get the lesson, shouldn’t it supposed to be a lesson to describe the exact meaning of these adjectives !? but it almost was about having a positive or negative meaning

Profile photo of aliziaei aliziaei

Thanks a lot, Benjamin! Very useful lesson! Sometimes I lack necessary words to describe persons. I hope your leson will help me. I got 100!

Profile photo of Larisa392 Larisa392

I got 100 Yeah!

Profile photo of docbrown71 docbrown71

Thank Benjamin

Profile photo of dickens dickens

I got 9 score!

Profile photo of joanna198731 joanna198731

i got 90%

Profile photo of Tanvir1995 Tanvir1995

I got 9 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of mohammad177 mohammad177

Benjamin you’re very insteresting and inteligent professor. Thanks for your lesson!

Profile photo of Francisco Carlos Francisco Carlos

it was my first lesson. i answered all questions correctly. i didn’t expect this result. thanks a lot

Profile photo of serkan36 serkan36

Got all right at first try!!! Thanks guys…

Profile photo of sreejithkmenon sreejithkmenon

I got 9/10
good lesson
Thank you

Profile photo of zardos365 zardos365

I got 8 out of 10 although I’m an intermediate student
I never heard most of these adjectives before so I learned a lot from this lesson.

Profile photo of adnanazia adnanazia

thanks Mr.Benjamin

Profile photo of Mekaliismail Mekaliismail

thank you

Profile photo of mohamed sofiane si hamda mohamed sofiane si hamda

I love your pronunciation!

Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165

Thank you very much.

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I have difficulties in decorating.


90% I made a mistake in feeble question

Profile photo of Franklin-bh Franklin-bh

Hi.. Plz help me.. M not able to find quiz.. When I press button it doesn’t show any thing

Profile photo of Vinay1821 Vinay1821

    Hi! First, check if your browser is up to date. You may need to turn on JavaScript. If it still doesn’t work, let me know what browser and operating system you are using.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thanks alot

Profile photo of Umidjon Irmatov 1 Umidjon Irmatov 1

Teacher i do not know that those words thank you teacher i have learned a lot in this website
i hope that you answer me

Profile photo of Adolfito Adolfito

Hi benjamin, ı think, you should write meaning of these words in english on the table. İt will be useful :) thanks a lot 🤓

Profile photo of umit49 umit49

wow!!this my first time to open this site,and i got 90 from my first score,that was amazing…thank you Mr.Benjamin for the lesson

Profile photo of nahlia nahlia

I’m sure you are the one of United fans and I like it.Thanks for the lesson Benjamin,you’re such a lovely guy.

Profile photo of Cholapon Cholapon

Thank you Benjamin , I think this word is hard for me.

Profile photo of masood masood

I got 90%.

Profile photo of leroydebra@att.net leroydebra@att.net

very good

Profile photo of ehabali76 ehabali76

I got 100%, but I`m not a begginer. I think this lesson was very useful for me. Thank you.

Profile photo of Teresa Flores Teresa Flores

Now . I’m gonna use this words in the my family.
Thanks a lot

Profile photo of fatih1hsu fatih1hsu

I’ve got 100 % and so cheerful as it was 100 bucks!!!

Profile photo of achubak79 achubak79

Like your English!

Profile photo of Maira.S Maira.S

😭😭 4 out of 10

Profile photo of Allenvie Allenvie

Thank you to this post

Profile photo of Ashwink01 Ashwink01

I am a bit slight plump, gloomy, moody but smart person.

Profile photo of Patrice De France Patrice De France

Idon’t undertand

Profile photo of Flavio1979 Flavio1979

THank you

Profile photo of Alexbui Alexbui

i got 100. thx lot.

Profile photo of ganganath higgoda ganganath higgoda

    I don’t understand gloomy and greasy.

    Ma sister is plump and she have a bonny baby and her baby is grubby and youthful. He always looks radiant.

    Profile photo of Fariaalrahman Fariaalrahman

      I’m very gloomy. Nowadays I become grubby. Nobody take me slightly. I like smart guy who full uncouth.

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