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We enjoy your lesson.
Could you do the same lesson related to the cinema?
Thank you very much.

Enrique Otero

Hi Gill,
thank you for this highly interesting lesson, however, at this moment, unfortunately, for the rest part of the world, it is quite unnecessary. All the amenities (schools, museums, shops, theatres… ) are closed because of the coronavirus, all the streets are empty and scary. There is strict curfew here. That said, in two or three weeks, we could it need again. I hope so strongly.


Thank you so much, Gill. Take care CONVID-19


Hi Gill, many thanks for your lesson. It was very helpful, easy to understand, enjoyable and informative. I’ve learned new words and improved my pronunciation and did the quiz achieving a great 100% result.I’m sure that I will enjoy all your lessons. Would you be happy for me to suggest any new topics, please? Best regards


    Hi Simona. Amazing photo!!! Let’s practice English together?


Thank you Gill!


IMO The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow is the best theatre in the world. What do you think about it?


    what makes you state that it is the best in the world? I just think that it will be good if you can back up your statement wiht few arguments and comparations and then I’ll be able to aggre or disagee and explain my rational :)


      Hi Simona! Thank you for your reply. I made my state relied on memorial history ofThe Bolshoi Theatre and plenty of talented dancers famous around the world. One of them was Maya Plisetskaya. Her skills as a dancer changed the world of ballet. She set a higher standard for ballerinas, both in terms of technical brilliance and dramatic presence. The Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera are amongst the oldest and most renowned ballet and opera companies in the world. It is by far the world’s biggest ballet company, with more than 200 dancers. Have you ever been in Moscow? My Skype is radydin, you can write me and I will tell you more interesting about that theatre and about Moscow.


Very nice lesson!

Daniel Vitor

Many thanks.. it was very enjoyable lesson to me because i like going to theatre very much , ana i’ve learned alots of new words .


i like going to theatre very much .. and i’ve learned alot of things about theatre ..thank very much



Malak Sharif

Very interesting lesson. Can I get access to real time english lessons, so I can have a conversation with english teachers?

Joel Sanez

Thanks Gill, good lesson!!, new vocabulary..It’s great! for continue practice english..

Leydi Leon

thank you Gill!
QUIZ: the question six ,I find the meaning of “interlude” that also means has a rest in the play ,and maybe equal to “interval”, is it right? somebody who knows. thank you !


thanks for the lesson!! it was enjoyeble!! I work in a theater so was exciting take this lesson!
thanks again



Mohammad AIsamara

I would like to say this lesson really captivated me ,and the explanation more more attractive , It’s really haven’t see like this before it’s amazing !

Sant San

I would like to say this lesson really captivated me ,and the explanation more more attractive , I really haven’t see like this before it’s amazing !

Sant San

Thank you Gill


10 Gill you are really amazing


Thank you teacher!


Thank you teacher, for the lesson.


thanks you, it is very use for me.


great job Gill, thanks

Alia Ali

Thank you!!


you explain the lesson very well. you are an extremely excellent teacher. you follow the good steps to reach your target.thanks a lot.




One of the best lessons, I’ve got 10 of 10. Thanks Gill.

Sam Island

Thank you! Great job! I really appreciated it!

Maria do Carmo Palmeira

Thank you Gill, your lessons are very useful and your explications are very simple to understand. When will you do new video lessons?


thank you, a very interesting lesson


thank you very much . it was good lesson

Ayman Elsied

I enjoy this lesson.amazing.I got it all.


I got full marks.

Christopher Chou

Hi Gill excellent as ever, God bless you


Thank you Jill, hugs. (Kazakhstan, 10 october2021);
i benefit so much from your lessons


9/10 i benefit a lot, thanks for your effort

abdalla eisa
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