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The northern accent in Game of Thrones fits the historical fantasy setting. Which one of the following descriptions does NOT fit the northern accent?

What does Ygritte say to Jon Snow?

How do you describe it when the t sound is missing from the middle of a word, for example fightin' (sounds like figh'in')?

What does Ygritte say to imitate people marching to a drum?

What do the characters say about a change in the seasons?

How does an RP (southern UK) aristocratic speaker appear, compared with a northern speaker in Game of Thrones?

What is a throne?

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Love it so much
Thank you Gill
We need more videos like that, to learn the accent (through the movies or series what we love).

Saturday, August 19th 2017

Hi Gill
The first one .
Not very pationate of game of throne but very impressed by northern uk accent .
Scotland is a very place to go to live this experience .
Hello to Scotland .

Saturday, August 19th 2017

I got 06/07 ☺ Thank you gill ,so sweet of you 😊

Saturday, August 19th 2017

very interesting. I think, it will be useful for people who whatch original videos

Saturday, August 19th 2017

    how abut if you speck with me in English maybe i learn some word from you >>>

    Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

Thanks Gill!!!Although I´ve never watched Game of Thrones, I laughed a lot with your northern accent ;)

Saturday, August 19th 2017

As always, a great opportunity to improve our pronunciation by watching a great fantasy, that is very popular in many countries. Thanks Gill for this lesson!

Saturday, August 19th 2017

Thanks a lot, teacher Gill, for that middle age story you have told us.

Sunday, August 20th 2017

Thanks a lot

Monday, August 21st 2017

Thank you Gill for this accent lesson!!!
Although I’m not “Game-Of-Thrones-Fan”, it was very interesting!!
I appreciate your british humor :-)

Monday, August 21st 2017

what is the difference between Glottal stop and Silent letters ????

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

    Hi Abdellah — thanks for your question. Silent letters (like the b in debt, sounding like ‘det’) are totally silent, as if they don’t exist, but the glottal stop causes a ‘catch’ in the throat. I tried to demonstrate this in the video :-)

    Friday, September 8th 2017


Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

there is no chat in here >>>

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

Hi guys, I have a friend who is studying English and she is always willing to practice speaking English. If any of you here is interested, please contact her so that you guys can practice with one another. Here is her Skype ID: Phuong Vo (01658414230). Thank you :)

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017

    Hi Thuong! Can I add you on facebook?

    Thursday, January 18th 2018

Got 6/7 thank you very much teacher for the lesson

Saturday, August 26th 2017

good one..thanks teacher gil

Saturday, August 26th 2017

The way that you explain and speak is perfect to can understand and learn. Thanks. You got a like!

Saturday, August 26th 2017

Thanks for your lesson, Gill.
Just little note – I think that the homonyms are the words with same spelling and different meaning. The words with same sound and different meaning are homophones.

Tuesday, August 29th 2017

i would like to learn

Wednesday, August 30th 2017

Very good!Thank you!

Sunday, September 3rd 2017

This lesson was very interesting. I clearly understand the difference between those two accents and I’m a fan of Game of Thrones. Thank you for your efforts Gil because this accent doesn’t suit you. I take this opportunity to tell you that I love your native accent.

Sunday, October 1st 2017

Thank you so much

Monday, October 2nd 2017

First of all, Gill
Thanks for your patience to explain so well.
I’m your fan

Wednesday, October 4th 2017

What an interesting lesson,teacher.More than
interesting. exciting and informative. I am a fan
of Game of Thrones.Thank you very much.

Saturday, October 7th 2017

Thank you dear madam! :)

Saturday, November 11th 2017

Thank you Gill

Sunday, December 17th 2017

Love it!!! Sooo true though. I live in Manchester and hear people talking like this, especially from Oldham area:-))

Tuesday, March 6th 2018

100/100 Thanks Madam, you knowwww all ;)

Sunday, September 9th 2018

It may well be that Neanderthals spoke in a similar manner as the characters of this film do. :)

Saturday, February 9th 2019

Thank you Mrs. Gill!

Thursday, February 14th 2019

Thanks for this fun and interesting accent lesson

Monday, August 3rd 2020

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