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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.
Which is not a common supermarket in England?

Which supermarket is the cheapest for your food shopping?

When you go shopping in the United Kingdom, it is important to bring your own ________ or else you will have to pay for one.

________ food is available to buy in supermarkets. However, it is much more expensive than the supermarkets' own brand products.

A common phrase you will hear if you use the self-checkout in a British supermarket is:

What can you not generally buy at a corner shop?

What advice does Jade give about shopping at a corner shop?

What kind of store would you probably not find in the high street of an expensive neighbourhood?

What shop would you probably not find in the high street of a poor neighbourhood?

Which shop does not sell clothes?

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33 Comments on “Shopping in England: Everything you need to know”

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After this lesson, I’m going to go shopping with my mom! :3

Saturday, August 4th 2018

hi, this is Eddie from Hong Kong, nice to meet you~

Saturday, August 4th 2018

oh! it’s very interesting, but it’s a bit big.
Best regards.

Saturday, August 4th 2018
Saturday, August 4th 2018

Wow! I believe that is the biggest lesson on EngVid ever! Please, correct me if I was wrong! Thanks Jade.

Saturday, August 4th 2018

    I think you may be right!

    Sunday, August 5th 2018

      lol ;)

      Tuesday, August 7th 2018

Almost 1 hour long?! The english lessons end boss!

Saturday, August 4th 2018

thanks jade for your avaliable time to teach us

Saturday, August 4th 2018

What do you mean with “being a bit german about it”?

Sunday, August 5th 2018

Thanks you so much for this interesting lesson Jade!!
We all know much more about supermarkets and stores in London now ;)

Sunday, August 5th 2018

Thanks Jade. Clearer is water

Sunday, August 5th 2018

A bored lesson in my opinion.

Monday, August 6th 2018

It was a great video!! Jade

Monday, August 6th 2018

Good lesson Jade! You explain very well for a beginner. Thanks

Tuesday, August 7th 2018

Thank you so much for this helpful lesson jade.

Tuesday, August 7th 2018

I need someone to start chat with me i wanna improve my english

Tuesday, August 7th 2018

Great lesson! Probably now I know about shopping in England even more than shopping in my own country^)

Wednesday, August 8th 2018

Jade I have one doute ! Why ‘Y’ is sometimes vowel or sometimes not?

Sunday, August 12th 2018

    Wait “Y” is not vowel dude! Vowel: “u, e, o, a, i” lol, vowel and consonant are the basic English dude!

    Friday, August 17th 2018

Sorry, but it’s difficult to understanding for me.

Wednesday, August 15th 2018

Marks & Expensive ;)

Wednesday, August 15th 2018

I love your accent Jade, very much!

Friday, August 17th 2018

Oh my god. This lesson helped me to improve my listening. Thanks, Jade!!

Monday, August 20th 2018

Can you share full script of this video?

Saturday, August 25th 2018

I like it

Monday, September 10th 2018

Love it

Tuesday, September 11th 2018

Thank you so much

Thursday, September 13th 2018

I believe I’m ready to visit london next holiday :)
Thank you Jade

Thursday, November 22nd 2018

Thank you

Thursday, February 21st 2019

Hi, engvid!

Some words in the subtitles are wrong.

Tuesday, March 12th 2019

Is it right to write “butches” or “butchers”?

Friday, August 16th 2019

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