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Thanks Alex!!! I learned a lot today with you.

Profile photo of Carriazo Carriazo

    When I found out about the topic of the lesson, but especially when I saw your pic I felt a cold shiver of fear run through me.

    Well, the lesson was about fear, however I didn’t see any expression with this Word.

    I didn’t want to post this comment for fear of being penalize (LOL).

    Now we’re ready to talk about Fear. However, to tell the truth it scares me to think that Halloween is approaching.

    Thanks Alex for this scary lesson, Today I learned a lot from you.

    Take care! Bye for now.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Hi Regino. I don’t understand why a cold shiver of fear ran through your spine. Only by a flag? Good heavens!

      Profile photo of Carriazo Carriazo

        I think he replied on wrong place . The pic he talked about is the screen shot of the video .

        Profile photo of Byron Byron

          Yep! You hit the nail on the head! The comment was aimed at the screen shot of the video.

          Wrong place, wrong guy, at the wrong moment.

          Thanks for your comment Byron.

          Profile photo of Regino Regino

I got 9 correct out of 10. Great lesson for Halloween season. Thank you, Alex :) I reminded the movie “MAMA”(I just watched the trailer on YouTube though…)
I thought it was freaky.

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

How about “over a cup of tea”? could you please tell me what it means? I could not find that phrase in the dictionary. TIA

Profile photo of tonnguyenkieuthuc tonnguyenkieuthuc

    Hello Minh,

    You would hear that phrase in a sentence like:

    “Let’s discuss/We shall discuss it over a cup of tea.”

    That means, “while drinking tea”. Similarly, you can say “over dinner”, “over a couple of drinks/beers”, etc.

    Bottoms up (Glasses up!), guys! :)

    Profile photo of David David

      I got it. Thank you, David.
      By the way, My name is Thuc, not Minh. Are you confused me with someone else? JK

      Profile photo of tonnguyenkieuthuc tonnguyenkieuthuc

        Hello Thuc, sorry about that, I had misread your profile before replying to you.

        Profile photo of David David

I got 7 correct out of 10. Maybe I need to more practice. Thank you, Alex!

Profile photo of js93525 js93525

I got a perfect score….

Profile photo of jandym jandym

7/10 that quiz freaked me out. Only 70%? That’s made me shivers down to my spine!

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Thank you Alex. The thumbnail of this video creeped me out. I’m a little scared of it. lol

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

Thanks Alex for this lesson. It has arrived in time for next week-end!
Ciao :)

Profile photo of byte byte

Very useful. Easy to understand and use it. Thank you a lot. I learned many things from it.

Profile photo of Khoa Binh Khoa Binh

Thanks for the video! Hi im looking for a friend to skype .to improvemy speaking .please write me thanks :)

Profile photo of defne ylmazz defne ylmazz

    Please add me my skype is ukrit_2011 I am not good english speaking.

    Thank you.

    Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

I got 100!!!

Profile photo of Alvin the Viking Alvin the Viking

i think that this video was very helpfull because i always write scared etc so thanks.

Profile photo of mohamedswat5 mohamedswat5

good chance ^_^ , I got 8 correct of 10 , this is the first time i shear with this Quiz ^_^

Profile photo of murtadhaa murtadhaa

thanks ,Alex .
i got 100.

Profile photo of devendra111 devendra111

Thank you very much alex

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994

I got 100, thank you Alex :D

Profile photo of Alaa99 Alaa99

i do good :)

Profile photo of khadidja mehdadi khadidja mehdadi

Alex, how about the expression ” It gives me the shits” Can I use it concerning fear?

Profile photo of MariaMeleshkova MariaMeleshkova

    hi maria , could we become friends?
    to improve our languge, when we speak to gother.
    and, I am sorry advance if I bother you!!
    this is my Skype: sos7573

    Profile photo of Anas Almohammad Anas Almohammad

thank you Alex, i appreciate your lesson, i am a begginer from learning english,i undrestand this lesson

Profile photo of siraje siraje

I got 10 of 10 :D It was freaky me out!

Profile photo of rawandramo rawandramo

My quiz part is not working, I guess. Somebody help me please ?I want to answer to these questions

Profile photo of burcinn burcinn

Got 9/10. Thanks.

Profile photo of basiliovillanueva basiliovillanueva

Thank you so much…. I’ve learnt so much…

Profile photo of Luisfer Luisfer

I was afraid,but I get 10 of 10

Profile photo of shahinkoprulu shahinkoprulu

I am afraided of seeing my score after finish the guiz.

Thanks Alex for your good lesson.

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

please anyone add me into your skype. My skype is ukrit_2011 . I would like to improve my english skill. Thanks everyone

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

Thank you

Profile photo of leeminkyu leeminkyu

Thanks Alex!! It’s really helpful!

Profile photo of chiaowen chiaowen

Many thanks Alex. I’ve learned a lot this morning. Your lessons are always clearly and veri nice.

Profile photo of parkpre482 parkpre482

thank Alex very much. Your lesson is very clear and great. I learned many things about scary.

Profile photo of demdemtroi demdemtroi

many thanks! like it.

Profile photo of guiadawn guiadawn

Hi, Alex. Thank you for your lesson.
I’m scared of this bloody thumbnail.
Anyway, you’re one of my favorable engVid teachers. Nice to make friends with you on the net.
Thanks again for your efforts.
Happy Halloween!!!

Profile photo of victor victor

thank you alex for this lesson.

Profile photo of khaoula@ khaoula@

Thank you , I have learned a lot , and got full mark

Profile photo of hamdi86 hamdi86

I was scared I couldn’t understand this lesson, but I got it very well and I got a very positive score, so now we’re in Halloween time and get frightened will be easy I guess! :D

Profile photo of AndreaItalian92 AndreaItalian92

Dear all, Could you teach me about type of presupposition and How to know about the trigger of presupposition.
Thank you all,

Profile photo of boonlue boonlue

Thank you Alex.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

very cool! once i sow some moveie and that skared me

Profile photo of Daniar Daniar

Thanks a lot
Grammar & speaking at the same time
you are innovative Teacher
Worm Regards

Profile photo of Teacher2 Teacher2

Great stuff

Profile photo of markcris markcris

I appreciate being consulted.
Many thanks

Profile photo of Olivier Machumu Olivier Machumu

Thank you Alex
From now on I will not afraid of these word when I need to use them.

Profile photo of slmakbas slmakbas

Thanks Alex! Enjoyed ur lesson!

Profile photo of Kumba882 Kumba882

Thanks Alex !You are an amazing teacher and I learned a lot today!! I got a perfect score.

Profile photo of Hcsilva Hcsilva

9 of 10 pretty well for now, I understand perfectly the lesson but how a word like terrific could be has a different meaning that terrified it’s just too creepy.

Profile photo of jazmani jazmani

Thanks Alex

Profile photo of Tchin Shi Tchin Shi

Thank you very much Alex.

Profile photo of iCzie iCzie

I got 9 of 10

Profile photo of mohammad-5859 mohammad-5859

Thanks sir Alex . You’re doing a great job Sir . I scored 70

Profile photo of Ablu Ablu

that’s good lesson

Profile photo of kadhu5015 kadhu5015

I have been always wondering how i could descibe the word shiver
Now i know how i use it. Thank you

Profile photo of Jiyeon0198 Jiyeon0198

thank you for this lesson

Profile photo of Fruchard Fruchard

i got 9 out of 10 :)

Profile photo of Arianne Arianne

Hey,your accent is so understandable.Thanks for this lesson. 9/10 ;)

Profile photo of ZeynepNT ZeynepNT

Thank you Alex!

Profile photo of CrisRS CrisRS

alex your frightened lesson shivers down my spine!!
thanks for your new expression
by the way you ‘re a perfect lecturer alex

Profile photo of amroo 046 amroo 046

Thank you!

Profile photo of Holger Holger

my mother passed away at car accident. the woman driver crashes her. after one day I had a call from my mather phone. I was so happy for a while.
life is weird

Profile photo of Manolya Manolya

    sorry Alex ,I wrote wrongly. I should have written like this,
    in car accident. the woman driver crashed her.

    Profile photo of Manolya Manolya

Alex, your videos are perfect! I would like to get several lessons via Skype with you. Is it possible? Thank you!

Profile photo of OlgaGreen OlgaGreen

thanks Alex, I hop that I have the first commment

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

Great lesson!

Profile photo of baoshanpang baoshanpang

thanks alex was great

Profile photo of pedroflores pedroflores

It’s good journey for me though it’s creep me out!

Profile photo of Venkata.Laxmi Venkata.Laxmi

Thanks. I’m scared to death of snakes and mice…

Profile photo of Maryana Keleman Maryana Keleman

Thanks Alex, very felpful to me.

Profile photo of zeleon zeleon

10/10 Yeees Thank you sir

Profile photo of houba houba

Thank you, Alex. The lesson is interesting.

Profile photo of mike92 mike92

how can i get the quiz ??

Profile photo of codoo codoo

Thanks a lot but this lessons must have been longer.

Profile photo of aliatakanf aliatakanf


Profile photo of Patricia-Montserrat Patricia-Montserrat

It’s good

Profile photo of Etienne FREDERIC Etienne FREDERIC

thanks Alex you are an excellent teacher

Profile photo of shahrzad1384 shahrzad1384

THANKS :/ :(

Profile photo of christopher17 christopher17

thx alex i got 1 out of 10

Profile photo of mbuyi alpha mbuyi alpha

thanks, I got 60% without watching the lesson.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

thank you teacher. i am a beginner. Actually i’m studying in American Language Center but i try to more improve my English by watching engvid video.

Profile photo of errami errami

I CAnt do the test why ?

Profile photo of Wilfresuar Wilfresuar

These are very useful phrases, thank you. And I like your way of teaching.

Profile photo of max2805 max2805

Thanks Alex!! I got 10 of 10!!
My Skype: william_flores

Profile photo of William Flores William Flores

thanks a lot

Profile photo of salitini salitini

Thx a million!im so happy to familiar with you!plz continue

Profile photo of fereshtehashemloo fereshtehashemloo

I love your lesson Alex.. greetings from Venezuela.. who want to practice english by skype?

Profile photo of rillermo rillermo

tHAnk you so much alex

Profile photo of pongtiku pongtiku

Hey.GOD help you at all of the ways of your life.Thank you for teaching

Profile photo of Hossein4337 Hossein4337

Thanks a lot I have got ten of ten .This lesson is not freaky at all .
I was very afraid that the lesson will be difficult and scary and it will give me the creeps however I loved it so much .You are a smart teacher .
Best regards .

Profile photo of Scarlet Letter Scarlet Letter

Thank you

Profile photo of Abdullah kateb Abdullah kateb

Exited lesson, thank Alex. I got 10out of 10 .

Profile photo of nintouch nintouch

helpful lesson. Thank you

Profile photo of Turay Steven Turay Steven

Thank you for teaching.

Profile photo of Tibidabo Tibidabo

Thank you Alex,very useful & helful lesson
all Engvid members you’re welcome to my skype id:

Profile photo of chababi hakim chababi hakim

I got 10/10. Alex, thanks a lot

Profile photo of svetlankalog svetlankalog

Thank you…they are new info for me..

Profile photo of ayman syr ayman syr

great lesson! Thank you.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

I got perfect 10.. thanks

Profile photo of Sharlene Noora Sharlene Noora

enjoyed listening and learning English with you :)

Profile photo of Nurse Pra Nurse Pra

Great lesson Alex. Today one of my colleagues said something that confused me. Please tell me if we can say “I am printing” while you are physically typing something on your computer like literally pressing your fingers on the keyboard. I didn’t get him and I have never heard anyone saying that.

Profile photo of JackieWS JackieWS

It was a great lesson!

Profile photo of hope2000b hope2000b

This is very great. I hope the TRANSCRIPT will always be available for me to print it out :) GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Profile photo of ChadAguila2 ChadAguila2

It was an amazing lesson, I have learned a lot of things!!! And I got 100 on quiz :D

Profile photo of caioper caioper

What a great lesson. I have learned a lot of things from this website. It’s totally free. Thank you so much.

Profile photo of cherry0103 cherry0103

perfect score.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

thanks much for test=)

Profile photo of Sveta2015 Sveta2015

thank you sir

Profile photo of Amer.Rayes Amer.Rayes

Yeah!!! Got a perfect score… thanks alex… alex how about this? Can you use the word “freak” in other way? Like something not scary or an experssion. For example: let’s get freaky!, cause i’m hearing them alot especially in movies… thanks alex in advance.

Profile photo of Ryan18 Ryan18

I’m not the kind of man who scares easily. Many things make me feel very very uncomfortable. Not because I fear them or I’m scared of them. I just hate them or don’t like them at all.

Profile photo of Andre Miranda Andre Miranda

C’est terrifiant de comprendre, grâce à cette leçon, qu’il me reste tant de choses à apprendre pour parler correctement Anglais.
Merci Alex.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

great , thank you

Profile photo of Mariamrose Mariamrose

Thanks Alex ,great time

Profile photo of Demmouche Demmouche

hi alex sleep peacefully
we are devolop haaaaahaha

Profile photo of alisam alisam

thanks ALEX 10 to10

Profile photo of yudyliranza yudyliranza

Hello everyone,I am a new student.

Profile photo of David-Hu David-Hu

Renata Mayumi Kobata
I can’t stand spiders! They give me creeps. But rats are rather clever animals. I don’t afraid of them, but their tails send shivers down my spine.

Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

Thanks…!!alex today learned so many things even my mistake also

Profile photo of udaysingh9672 udaysingh9672

one of the best ones ! thank you very much !

Profile photo of Soei Soei

9 out of 10
It looks nice when you practise what you’ve learn about

Profile photo of haithem-badidou haithem-badidou

Rattle snake freaks me out, Caterpillar creeps me out, but centipede sends shiver down my spine. LOL.

Profile photo of zyou zyou

So funny! Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

Thank you Alex

Profile photo of zerit zerit

Thank you Mr. Alex!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956
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