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Smoking is _______________ in most public places.

It is important to be _______________ of current events.

Used cars are often not _______________.

Dedication is _______________ to success.

We have made _______________ progress.

If you ride your bike at night, you should wear bright colours to make sure you are ___________ to drivers on the road.

There are _______________ advantages to buying instead of renting.

Employers want employees who are _______________.

You should keep your money in the bank. It's more ___________ than hiding it under your bed.

When writing an essay, your supporting details should all be _______________ to the topic.

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thank u Alex for the lesson.i dont know who is the sponsor of this web but what u guys do is very noble.trying to help other people is good,really generous

Thursday, May 29th 2014

    Not a problem! Thanks for your support!

    Thursday, May 29th 2014

    Yep!!! I agree with your comment Culprit. This website has made relevant contributions to people are interested in learning the English language.

    By the way, I’ve learned a lot from it and with all EngVid users. Apart from all of this, it is a reliable and flexible site.

    Friday, May 30th 2014

      Just some comments on this lesson Alex:

      Most of these adjectives are not really a problem for Spanish speakers since we see them as cognates.

      Words that come from latin are easy for us to learn, for example . . .

      . . .”Relevant” in English is cognate with “relevante” in Spanish.

      As usual, you explain grammar and vocabulary with great easy.

      Thanks Alex for this excellent vocabulary lesson.

      All the best to you.

      Friday, May 30th 2014

        mmmm … as usual making mistakes . . .


        “As usual, you explain grammar and vocabulary with great EASE”.

        Saturday, May 31st 2014

        mmmm … as usual making mistakes . . .


        “As usual, you explain grammar and vocabulary with great EASE”.

        Saturday, May 31st 2014

      yep, it is nice. i am learn more. Thank u

      Saturday, June 21st 2014

        i want your skype or facbook account to chat with you .. to improve our languge

        Tuesday, August 5th 2014

    Thanks, Alex for teaching me !!

    Friday, June 6th 2014

thanks Alex , we need more lessons for IELTS and ToEfl

Thursday, May 29th 2014

    I will certainly keep that in mind. :)

    Thursday, May 29th 2014

9 out of 10, not that bad for me. :-)

Thursday, May 29th 2014

    Nice work!

    Thursday, May 29th 2014

Thx Alex,I think it’s always a good idea to use these adj in a daily conversation, it makes me sound a little bit smart when i am talking to others peoples haha…idk but i like to use them, thx again.

Thursday, May 29th 2014

    Perfect! I’m glad to hear that.

    Thursday, May 29th 2014

    If you want to exchange information.. feel free..to contact

    Tuesday, October 14th 2014

    Thanks, Alex!

    Tuesday, October 14th 2014

Got 10 of 10! Yay! Those words aren’t strange for me, I’m a Brazilian and they are common in our language. TOEFL will be easier than I thought!

Thursday, May 29th 2014

    Well, TOEFL is not only about vocabulary. :) These words will definitely help you, though.

    Thursday, May 29th 2014

      I know but when I heard that TOEFL academic is about to words that you don’t usually use daily it gave me some chills hahaha. Anyway, it gonna take some years till I apply to it. I’m going to do it to go work in Canada!

      Friday, May 30th 2014

)9/10 Immediately after I did the last exercise I knew I had made a mistake. I’ll pay more attention next time.

Thursday, May 29th 2014

    Nice job! Keep trying!

    Thursday, May 29th 2014

many thanks alex ….. i secure 8/10 i need give more attention on studies

Thursday, May 29th 2014

I am on my way to watching your video but I was tempted to take the exam. I got the perfect score. The result has drove me more to watch your video. Thank you Sir Alex. This is such a great source. Hope to see more of your tutorial.

Thursday, May 29th 2014

I got 7 correct out of 10. I was very confused. But I thought the score was not so bad. I’ll review your lesson. Thank you, Alex :)

Thursday, May 29th 2014

Thank Alex, you did a great job. It is crucial for the beginner like us to know about the adjectives.

Thursday, May 29th 2014

Thank you sir, nice lesson. You are obvious, your notes is visible, your technique is flexible.

Thursday, May 29th 2014

I got 10 correct out of 10

Thursday, May 29th 2014

hi alex
thank for share
i wonder if you could provide to us a biological and historical vacb. i mean a short stories or articles like Tales of Mystery and Imagination, Level 5, Penguin Readers that you provided in another video

Thursday, May 29th 2014

Thanks Alex.

Thursday, May 29th 2014

Great Mr. Alex! Thanks for your support

Friday, May 30th 2014

Hi Alex
I am six-month newcomer to Toronto.my vacabulary extend is good,but I need to learn some more smart adjectives or nouns that i can use them in my daily conversation and writing essay.
I got 10/10

Friday, May 30th 2014

We need more lessons like this one. Thanks

Friday, May 30th 2014

Hi alex. im a student right now and i want to learn more about the english proficiency cause our school they are not teaching that one. Please do help me

Friday, May 30th 2014

Many Thanks Mr.Alex, I got 100%. It was a very nice lesson and your rule is significant to understand this lesson.

Friday, May 30th 2014

i did it 10/10 …
it is significant job ..hahhah

Friday, May 30th 2014

Thanx for your support!!!!

Friday, May 30th 2014

yeaay.. I got 10 of 10.. Thank you Mr. Alex for the lesson. It’s very useful for me. :)

Friday, May 30th 2014

Thanks … Fresher to this website but I found is very reliable to improve English and prepare for IELTS…. And to make my dream come true…
With big hug

Friday, May 30th 2014

I’m supprised very much…I got 10/10 )

Friday, May 30th 2014

I like this way of learning adjectives, very helpful, because we need to use more sophisticated adjectives in our writing exams. Thanks Alex.

Friday, May 30th 2014

Thanks,I got 9 out of 10.

Friday, May 30th 2014

as usual guys im so grateful by learnin news words wiht u. thxxxx

Friday, May 30th 2014

i got 8 out of 10 i need your advice as iwant to improve my english language and be more able to speak English fluently

Friday, May 30th 2014

I got 10 out of 10. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Friday, May 30th 2014

thanks Alex it was a useful lesson

Friday, May 30th 2014

10 of 10 NICE!

Friday, May 30th 2014

Thank you Alex! You are amazing teacher!!! Igot 10/10!!!

Friday, May 30th 2014

Pronunciation of these words is not easy. Thanks Alex :) Ciao!

Friday, May 30th 2014

9/10, thanks very much. ALex

Friday, May 30th 2014

Thank you so much. As always your explanation is pretty clear. Therefore I got 100%.
By the way, I’d like to learn more relate to verb RUN in different ways of phrasal verbs. Could it be possible? I really appreciate your job for people to learn English. Thank you so much

Friday, May 30th 2014

Thanks Alex, I have made a significant progress with this lesson!

Friday, May 30th 2014

I really enjoy your lessons. Thanks a lot, Alex.

Friday, May 30th 2014

Good morning .First many thanks indeed. Scand I would like to explain the deal, tackle and solve.

Saturday, May 31st 2014

Thank you very much Mr. Alex, very good lesson and I got 100%.

Saturday, May 31st 2014

Thank you Alex, so much. it was so good and i hope will see more videos :) good luck.

Saturday, May 31st 2014

i got 10 correct out of 10…….thanks alex.

Saturday, May 31st 2014

    Well done

    Wednesday, July 2nd 2014

Thanks,I got 9 out of 10. :)

Saturday, May 31st 2014

It’s very important for me to leanerd best the english language.

Saturday, May 31st 2014

This IS nice PAge ..:)

Saturday, May 31st 2014

Hey Alex How’ve you been?
I’ve been listened twice the video and I got a 8 kkkkkkk gooooodddd job for u
Thank you!!!! You helped me a lot.

Saturday, May 31st 2014

Hi, Alex. Amazing list of adjectives. Thanks a lot!

Saturday, May 31st 2014

Watching your lessons is crucial to my learning! I have made significant progress in my skills thanks to you. I got 100%

Saturday, May 31st 2014

Tanx Alex for wonderful lesson please provide more lesson with difficult words like juxtaposition, rabble , quagmire :)

Saturday, May 31st 2014

Interesting lesson
Thanks Teacher

Saturday, May 31st 2014

THANKS and great it was very useful i am planning to do the TOEFL

Sunday, June 1st 2014

Always brilliant

Sunday, June 1st 2014

good lesson

Sunday, June 1st 2014

Congratulations, very good explanations.


Sunday, June 1st 2014

Great lesson Alex, thank you.
I have a doubt about pronunciation. You’ve said: ” a crucial” like you were spelling the article as the letter a. When should we use this pronunciation?

Sunday, June 1st 2014

    Thanks in advance.

    Sunday, June 1st 2014

10/10 I begin to feel very secure about understand English. Anyway, when the subject is speaking, here I ‘m not so reliable.

Sunday, June 1st 2014

thanks alex . you guys doing really a good job . go ahead .

Sunday, June 1st 2014

Thx, was easy.

Monday, June 2nd 2014

thanks very much

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

Its amazing because at this time no person have spare time to ask these type of question so is is awesome.
please keep on working on it to make it more useful and effective.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

Hi! Do you have videos about Listening and Speaking section? I need to improve them, thanks!

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

im about to have ilts exam i like your videos the most … could you please do more videos such as this :) ?????

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

    good luck on your final exams!

    Tuesday, October 14th 2014

it’s great alex….I really want to see more than this….thanks so much! I got 10 correct answers

Friday, June 6th 2014

really interesting alex!!! thnaks

Friday, June 6th 2014

Alex ,,, u r a great teacher

Saturday, June 7th 2014

i got 10 / 10 :)

Saturday, June 7th 2014

Beneficial videos :)

Saturday, June 7th 2014

well done
quite voice and convincing

Saturday, June 7th 2014

I have already known these words, yet your examples are very useful. Thank you so much!

Sunday, June 8th 2014

Thank you so much.

Sunday, June 8th 2014

Thank you so much Alex.

Monday, June 9th 2014

Thanx mr Alex it was a useful lesson. i got 10 out of 10 :)

Tuesday, June 10th 2014

Hopefully I’ll keep this words under my belt! :) Thanks a lot!

Wednesday, June 11th 2014

thank you Alex …

Wednesday, June 11th 2014

thanx Emma mam

Saturday, June 14th 2014

I did not understand the fourth question. I know what means dedication but…

Tuesday, June 17th 2014

Yay!!.I got 10/10.Perfect!!Thank you for this free site. Hope to gain and learn more knowledge about speaking English well..Love it.More power.:)God bless engvid.com.

Tuesday, June 17th 2014

Thanks Alan for this class.
I love the way that you explain it.

Tuesday, June 17th 2014

Thank you so much EngVid for your help..i made 8 of 10, but im very glad to learn something new from your video…Thanks again.. and we all the learners are behind you guys..

Wednesday, June 18th 2014

Thank,this website is significant helpful. I aware of its success. It is absolutely relevant to the improvement of the TOEFL Test.

I got 10 out of 10. Although I know the meaning of it, but I’m not secure that what I wrote is correctly or not? ><


Friday, June 20th 2014

Thank you Alex, I know myself that I really don’t do well when it comes to adjectives, but this lesson helped me really well!

Saturday, June 21st 2014

thank u… i love it!

Saturday, June 21st 2014

I got 6 out of 10..feeling bad ..

Sunday, June 22nd 2014

Thanks, Alan for your obvious explanation. you are really a clever teacher.

Sunday, June 22nd 2014

Thanks Alex

Monday, June 23rd 2014

I got 9 out of 10 you:)
Thank you Alex for your effort :)

Monday, June 23rd 2014

8 out of 10 ! good score !

Tuesday, June 24th 2014

This is a helpful website…I always watch the new videos from all the teachers and I’ve learned a lot since day one … keep doing it!

Tuesday, June 24th 2014

Sparkling Lesson!

Tuesday, June 24th 2014

thanks alex

Thursday, June 26th 2014

thank you Alex . your lesson is useful

Thursday, June 26th 2014

Alex,thank you very much for your lessons!I like the way you do it,it’s perfect)i’ve got 10 of 10,thanks a lot!

Saturday, June 28th 2014

thank you alex for your lessons i have got a lot to learn from you . iam really pleased with your way of explanation.
tkanks again

Monday, June 30th 2014

Hi Alex
you are amazing teacher! I’ve got 10 of 10. I wish you had individual website for tutorial.

Tuesday, July 1st 2014

It”s great to see such an amazing source of learning English for free in the world of capitalism and Mormonism.I am new and appreciate it so much.Many thanks to Alex and his colleagues.

Tuesday, July 1st 2014

i’m confused with using words: obvious….visible

Tuesday, July 1st 2014

Thank you Alex, your lesson is verey helpful. Keep going guys, it is one of the best web that i have seen for learning English :)

Wednesday, July 2nd 2014

thanks Alex

Thursday, July 3rd 2014

Thanks Alex
I always enjoy your vocabulary sessions. BTW i got 10 out of 10

Sunday, July 6th 2014

Thnx 4 u lessons (I ‘m using informal writing message :))

Sunday, July 6th 2014

Thanks Alex

Monday, July 7th 2014

I got 9.alex thank you vary much.

Tuesday, July 8th 2014

tnx alot for free and excelent teaching site

Wednesday, July 9th 2014

thank u alex

Thursday, July 10th 2014


Monday, July 14th 2014

learn new vocabulary is always helpful for our speaking, thanks for the lesson

Tuesday, July 15th 2014

:) tnx

Saturday, July 19th 2014

these abjectives appeared frequently in most video games i had played but i couldn’t understand their meaning.and now i get it right. many thanks for your lesson sir.

Saturday, July 19th 2014

GOT 10/10 that was your pleasure

Sunday, July 20th 2014

It’s very helpful to learn new vocabulary)

Sunday, July 20th 2014

Thanks.I think I got it already. 10/10.

Sunday, July 20th 2014

9 out of 10 not bad :) thank you so much

Wednesday, July 23rd 2014

Thanks you Alex

Saturday, July 26th 2014

thanks alex

Wednesday, July 30th 2014

wawww 100 % totally. Thanks Alex a lot.

Thursday, July 31st 2014

I am a new member.I get this website from my training and i am learning Alex’s lessons.So,thank Alex for your lessons.

Friday, August 1st 2014

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I’m so hopefull now! :D

tnx for your HELLP.

Friday, August 1st 2014

Thank you, Alex.

Saturday, August 2nd 2014

Thanks alex ..It’s my first time to get 100 :D

Monday, August 4th 2014

Your lessons are very easy to understand. But I got 70%. So I need to get rewrite again and again that make me sure of remembered its meaning clearly. Thanks a lot for teacher Alex.

Monday, August 4th 2014

Thanks a lot Mr. Alex

Monday, August 4th 2014

60… is it bad?

Thursday, August 7th 2014


Saturday, August 9th 2014

it is crucial for me learn English and Alex you do the relevant job. thank you for that

Saturday, August 9th 2014

It is greatful to practice !

Monday, August 11th 2014

Its a Wonderful Initiative.. I have done almost 5 quizzes and i have not been able to get all the 10 questions correct. I got all 9 and i think is a sign of improvement in my English..

Wednesday, August 13th 2014

Thank you that was helpfull

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Monday, August 18th 2014

Thank you Alex!
I need to learn more vocabularies about TOEFL so this kinda video really helps me a lot.

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Friday, August 22nd 2014

Thanks teacher Alex so much. 9/10 is not a bad score

Monday, August 25th 2014

Thank you Alex! You are a nice teacher =)

Tuesday, August 26th 2014

I had 10 in mr first quiz thank you

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I am an student I need improve my english speaking. I am going to take TOEFL the next year. I need help >_<

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Thank you much,Alex ^^ It is helpful!

Wednesday, September 10th 2014

Hi Alex
Thanks for teaching me ilets and toefl. but i have a question. my question is. how can i get more lessons to study ilets and toefl? can i get engvid web, i saw only small topic about ilets and toefl.
i wait you suddenly responding.
secondly thanks my teachers you and your friends engvid

Sunday, September 14th 2014

I secured 10..Too much happy..I gave all the answers glibly ;)

Thursday, September 18th 2014

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Thanks alot T/Alex

Saturday, September 20th 2014

got 8

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Great lesson alex .. l love learning new vocabulary .. keep us posted with any new :D .. thanks

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Thanks you! I’m very happy that I have an opportunity to study English with Engvid teachers. Your job is a crucial part of getting knowledge for many people.

Monday, October 13th 2014

10/10. Thank you so much teacher, very useful lesson.

Thursday, October 16th 2014

thank you my teacher Alex for your valuable lecture and I hope you allow me to contact you for more advises and questions
best regards

Saturday, October 25th 2014

Thanks Mr. Alex for teaching us some of CRUCİAL words in English

Thursday, October 30th 2014

Thank you very much. I think this lesson is very useful for me.

Monday, November 3rd 2014

thanks a lot alex

Sunday, November 16th 2014

10/10………..very helpful lesson

Monday, November 17th 2014

Where can I find the list of vocabulary?

I cannot find the source page

Saturday, December 6th 2014

Thanks Alex, it is getting better and better

Tuesday, December 23rd 2014

Thank you very much! I’m happy!

Monday, January 5th 2015

    hello , would you like to practice English through skype ?
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    u r welc

    Sunday, February 28th 2016

Got 10 of 10!
Thanks Alex

1st guy From Bahrain here

Tuesday, January 6th 2015

thanks allot ,Alex , it is really good lectures, to learn English language .

Wednesday, January 7th 2015

I can only say: “Thanks God to have you as teatcher.” I am going to review the lesson again.

Friday, January 9th 2015

10 out of 10,

Thanks again, Alex. Great lesson.

You “make” me love the English language more and more.

* the causative verb “make” here is too strong,
isn’t it? I’ve studied causative verbs with you. Could you tell if, in this case, it is
too strong?

Sunday, January 11th 2015

Thank you.

Thursday, January 15th 2015

7 out 10,thanks to the lesson !

Tuesday, January 27th 2015

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Tuesday, January 27th 2015

I got 10/10! Thanks for the lesson!!
Alex, I’m going to take TOEFL/ITP next 10 and I’d like to know if you may inform me how I can get material to study for the test.
I’m waiting your answer and thanks again ;D

Saturday, January 31st 2015

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I learned lots of new vocabulary in the class

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Sir,how to download E-book for reading part of ielts.pls

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Thank u Alex!!!Great explanation about adjectives. By the way, what about prepositions? Keep it in mind.

Sunday, August 2nd 2020

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