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i wanna practice my english on skype. “batl.1” just add me,and thanks for lessons James =)

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    hi! Can I add you on skype? Where’re you from?

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    I’m “luca.medici88”

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    how add you on skype?

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Hi James! Thank YOU, dear teacher!
God bless all of you for the goodness that you do guys!

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    This is a good start James, just in case we get into trouble; one never knows.

    Being familiar with the workings of the judicial system in the foreign country may help you to handle unexpected legal situation with – I would say- a little more confidence.

    By the way James, are you an attorney or something like that?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    See you soon!

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I love the part of the difference between misdemeanor and felony in Canada and USA which helps me learn more about possible judgement and meaning in different countries.

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I dont understand the last one abt throw out your case and felony and federal charges.

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Fine, you’ve given us some useful tools…hoping that we’ll use them watching a movie and not in real life! Thank you so much, James.

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But I made 10/10

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Thank You Mr James. It is very fruitful

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Thank you, James.

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Hi James thanks a lot for that lesson but is it possible if you can
make a video about word close as a phrasal verb

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James, you are a creative lecturer

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Thanks, James

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Thank you Jame

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I like your video. It is perfect suit for me.

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Thanks, James! Important lesson!

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    Yep! I agree with you! James always addresses important issues.

    By for now.

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Thank you James. Good to see you

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You are so wonderful.

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Great lesson! I hope all these advices are going to help me to understand better the movies … not for other reasons :))

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    Hi Luke.

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10 out of 10.. Thanks James for the great lesson!

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Thank you a bunch, James. That was a good lesson. I tokk 10/10 :)

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James, I wish I looked this damn good with a bow-tie.

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    nice to have your comment around

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      hello ausoby :) nice to meet you

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Loved this lesson. Thanks ;)

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James, it’s easy after your explanation watch movie and do a quiz.Thanks!

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Gracias por esas clases tan maravillosas

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Hi professor James this lesson was so interesting because I learned after this a little bit more about the cycle of the judicial charges.
Thank you very much!

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Thank you James it is very useful lesson

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Hi, I really like your lessons, they are so understandable and easy to learn by heart.I wish all the best and I will try to learn English better by your videos. Thank you!

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Thank you very much Mr James ;)

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    Do you like Dire Straits? I still listen the song “Sultans of Swing”.

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      Yeah, I do love their music. Sultans of Swing is the most famous one, but there´re many many more that´re worth to listen to, i.e. Tunnel of Love, Where do you think you´re going or Brothers in Arms.
      By the way, Rebecca loves the song called Shangri-La by Mark Knopfler :) :)

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Being a lawyer i liked it so much and found a very usefull and interesting. Also I remembered the firsr course of my studying and such laws which was created long ago as codes of Hammuraby, a king of Babylonia, The Magna Carta signed in 1215 by King John under the threat of civil war, and Habeas corpus Act/

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    Hello, Alex! I am attorney too, and had to study these ancient legislation too. And I also likes the lesson of James.

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yey!!!!! i got 100!!!!! :D :D

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Great job, James! Thanks!

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I am flyıng with your funny lessonns….!!!

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Good lesson thanks! That is a very important topic to know

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The lesson is very useful. Great job!. But the quiz is disappointing. This topic may deserve a more challenging quiz.

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Please teach us about divorce court, too.
Thank you. ^^

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Hi teacher. Thanks a lot. I like these special words !

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Great lesson, teacher! Thank you very much! I got 100. Goodbye!

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Thanl you very much James for the lesson, it was particularly insightful.

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Thank you, James! You’re good teacher

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that is really helpful lesson thank u james

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thank you very much James lesson , it was very good.

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Thank you.ms james
It is very useful.

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Thank you James!:)

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great lesson , thannk you James , but there was one word you didn´t mention or talk about , it is a ‘defendant’ the person or even an organization who is being prosecuted in court

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Thank you very much James.

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I’ve got two mistake in the quiz :D

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Thanks for your Lesson and your lovely Smile :D

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Excelent lesson, James. I am not a lawyer, but it was really helpfull.

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One more “l” in excellent, and one less in helpful, lol

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I’m a brazilian lawyer and thought this video was helpful. Thank you!

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    lets practice english on skyep anyone very welcome

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Thanks James. It is a good lesson.

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Thanks James!

Attending to these vocabulary lessons applied to usual situations seem to be an interesting way of learning English.

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thank you James it was very interesting.

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James, tkanks for a very helpful lesson, but I have one more problem. Could you explain the difference between a (law)suit and a case, please.

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thank >>>>you

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I’ll agree with Alex, bow-tie is wonderful! Thanks for lesson, hope I won’t use it in life)

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Thank You Mr James! It is very , very good lesson.

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thank you James.

I like your style. you are a fantastic teacher. thanks for that.. :)

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    Can we practice english regularly using this lessons on skype or anywhere else ?

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hallo everyone,.. nice to meet you all over the world.. lets learn english togather ;)

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Thanks James for superb explanation.See you soon.

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i hope never ever needed to call my lawyer ,anyway as usually you give us a nice lesson! thanks Mr James!

btw 80/100 mmm need more lessons lol

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wow!very good lesson.thank you for all

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hi >>> i want to improve my english by chat with me

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Got a 90% on this lesson. Thanks james…

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thanks buddy is very interesting to know about this kind of things because you never know when you are going to be in this situation …..muchas gracias

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Thanks James.I feel so happy when I am listening to your lesson. Thank you

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Thank you James.

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It was very useful, thanks.

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My quiz: 9/10, good but not better.

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Thanks James and thank you EngVid!

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– I really really appreciate what you teach ! I’m learning a lot with your videos, thank you a lot!

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Thank you for your time and effort, James.

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the vocabulary is very helpful. 9 out of 10 correct, thanks

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Thank you, James! I have studied Law in Brazil, and your lesson was very interesting for me. It will help me a lot if one day I study abroad. See you in the next lesson!

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James thank you so much !! you are the best to teach english !!

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Legal vocabularies could be very hard to explain but you did it in such an easy way! you are a brilliant teacher as so I am falling in love with your teaching style!! keep up the good work James! I would like to watch all of your videos!

very appreciated your lessons.

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thank you very much mr james, i took law majors in college and this video help me alot

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I really like the way you teach, thanks a lot.
By the way, i want to make friend with you guys. My Skype account: damon381584353
Welcome to my life!

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Hi, James! I would be graetful if you could explain the difference between illegal and unlawful. Thank you!

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envid rocks
especially james

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Very useful lesson, thanks a bunch! I’m not clear about the procedure even in my own language, now I know more!

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Thank you so much James! Your lessons are always amazing and useful! You could be a great lawyer as well ;-)

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You are good James!

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James is best of the best

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Hi James, I am glad I got 100% marks corrected 10 out of 10. It is great lesson. Quite informative. I would request to bring more culture pertaining lesson pertaining. Thanks for your usual helping.
All the best.

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You got 10 correct out of 10.


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Thanks James!

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Very useful lesson! Thank you.

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Thank you Mr. James :) You are the greatest teacher

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10/10. Tks James!

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hey there i’m preparing for IELTS exam and wanna practice more and more about each part speaking writing by skype

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