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good morning many thanks

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    have a nice day

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    nuke the new word, learn from this video

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I will send to Cheese cake

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I’m into baking sweets. Should I bake a cheese cake for you? I have never baked it. haha :D Thank you for your interesting lesson :)

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thank you Ronnie Very nice!

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thanks so much ronie! great lesson…

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Hello Ronnie
Adam has like this lesson.
Is it fine if you post a lesson that’s posted before ?
In fact you thought me new vocabulary that I didn’t know before ?

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nice work…thanks

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thanks Ronnie, 67%.

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    Don’t let it get you down Abdul!!! We are still on the right track, believe me.

    Keep on the good work!!!
    Glad to see you again.

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Thanks all students for read do ?

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Easy lesson. And easy method to learn us.
Thanks a lot Ronnie.

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Hi Ronnie! for all my life i was in front of these objects, as a professional. Nice video like all of yours, but i have a question. The cooker is the place to cook only a tasteful rice or all the sorts for eating. I think in the question number three you say – a machine that cooks mostly rice – is the correct answer and i,m telling you is that the correct answer or there are more right answers in this course.
Cheers from Athens.

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    Yes, I have the same question.

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89/100 thank’s

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WE NEED AN ENGLISH CLUB, I”M Board of saying this! Please please please.

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    You’re right or “you have reason”.

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Hi Ronnie
There’s a mistake in the description of the video
You wrote /: a oven Not an oven

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    I also noticed this mistake! :)

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    Yeah, you’re right! But we all make mistakes occasionally; it was a minor one, isn’t it?


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At the end of the semester in the University i decided to learn a little English.. :D 89/100 at first

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    You have made an excellent decision!!!


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Thanks Ronnie :D

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you I enjoyed :)

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    Hi,its a nice video, isn’t it ?

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an oven *

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Great lesson Ronnie! Got 8 out of 9. Didn’t know what does ‘cooker’ mean. Thank you:-)

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    that’s my Skype ( khaleduwk )

    maybe we’ll help eachothers

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Nice teacher nice method :) best regards.

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67 is it enough?

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Ronnie, when i can use “Ain’t” ?

Wikipedia: Ain’t is a contraction for “am not”, “is not”, “are not”, “has not”, and “have not”

can you make a video about it ?

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    7/9 without watching the video :/

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    James has a lesson “I seen it and other stupid mistakes” in which he said that “ain’t” is an incorrect form used by simple, uneducated people.

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      uneducated ?! are you kiddin me ?
      go watch some movies, listen some songs for god sake!

      Profile photo of Mehran Sky Mehran Sky

        On the one hand, songs and movies are not the best example for a correct language(depends on who is speaking that way in the movie).
        On the other hand, as I said, is James’s opinion in his lesson. So don’t argue with me.

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Thanks Ronnie, I got a bad score, but I improve the vocabular about cooking.

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Hi Ronnie! I loved your video. It is very useful!! Thanks

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Thanks :)

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hello aliawladhni a oven is correct.

bcz here o sounded like (ah)……

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    in quiz:
    If I wanted to bake a cake, I’d put it in:
    my mouth
    an oven*********
    a fridge
    a fry pan
    a stove

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    Even if it sound like (ah) we have to write an not a.
    Because (a) is one of the five vowel letters

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Thanks :)

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Thanks a lot.

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Tell me, please, is there a lesson in written form and can I read it to check if I understood your each word exactly? Thank you beforehand.

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Great Ronnie!!!! Everytime funier! really enjoy your lessions!

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Hey Ronie
Thanx for the lesson though i have a question.
I used to work at the kitchen in the state of Wisconsin in a Restaurant.
There was a chef who usually called as Cooker
Cant we use ‘Chef’ as a cooker sometimes ?Meybe in Slang language ?

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I`m from egypt and i always listen your videos,,you speak slowly which i need ,, thanks for your lessons

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Good morning mam! very good lesson and I got 8/9,thanks.

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Thank you

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Please help me to study english…. from start :(

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Good lesson I got 8/9,thanks.

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thank you ^^

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Thank you.
It was easy to understand and interesting

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Thank you so much, I will bake a big for you as a little gift for you and all teachers here in engvid.

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Ronnie, it’s “grill and broil *are the same” :)

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thank uuuuuuuuuu ))

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Thank you Ronnie, I like your sense of humor.

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Hi Ronnie :)
I have a question about ‘cooker’. Why the good answer is ‘a machine that cooks mostly rice’. I thought a cooker it is a machine that bakes and cooks more than rice…but maby I wrong :)
I like a cheesecake too. Have a nice day.

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Why didn’t you talk about “boil”? So we can tell the difference between “bake”, “grill/broil” and “boil”. Nice video, though.

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Thank you

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You are great, thank you very much..

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hi, nice lesson, i wish you had time to explain the use of ” aint “

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I get 9%, because I have a mistake in the question of “cooker”. but your lesson video was excellent. Thanks Ronnie

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I got 100%.thanks

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Ronnie, u r great! Awesome job. I’ll try to make a chesse cake for u hehe

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thank you

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thanks, Ronnie!

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v good i like it

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I registered here to say LOVE YOU RONNIE and love your way how to teach us ..thank <3

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An excellen review of basic kitchen vocabulary.
Ronnie, once I was told that the word “cooker” also refers to a person, the one who cooks. Is that so? Cooker=cook

Thanks for this video-lesson and your great sense of humour Ronnie.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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thank you

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Hello Ronnie! Thanks a lot for your wonderful lessons!
Could you help me please? What’s the difference between ‘made of’,’made out of’ and ‘made from’? Thank you in advance.

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I love the way you explain all thing in detail

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thanks. I got 89%

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Thank you so much Ronnie

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In my opinion, the word NUKE could be derivative of nuclear)))

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This is nice. I so have many things to learn :)

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My name´s Rahul singh .I´m twenty five,and i started studying english to get a job on a ccna .I´ve worked there just one month,i don´t like to live in a ship,but i like so much the English language and I intend to continue learn it. whose friend attached with me so join my Skype id rahu7258

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Hi, Ronnie. Could you give me your Skype nick? I’m also a teacher and I’d like to talk about your individual style of teaching. How did you came to that? If I can’t have a simple talk with you, I can pay for one online lession. My emale is : inna.dolgovorodova@gmail.com

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How did you come to that? *

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Hi , good lesson

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Thank u

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Hi ronnie.
i am milad from iran .i want to download your movies but i cant.
plese help me.
thanks a lot

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thanks you! very help me. second try. 100% got it! beginner in my english!

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Thank you Ronnie, I Ned’s thes lesson , I got 7/9

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Thank you riny

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Thank you Ronnie :)

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thanks Ronnie, 89%

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Kitchen… chicken… kitchen… chicken…
Oh! I’m hungry!!
Thanks a lot Ronnie! Love you!

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Good Lesson!

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Thank you Ronnie. That is such a nice lesson :)

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Very easy to learn , thanks Ronnie:-)

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thank you ronnei

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Thank you my beautiful flower

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thank you 4 this great lesson

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You are amazing!

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nice program ,thanks

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Well!!! That was a nice kitchen story..

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Hello Ronnie. Thank for all useful video lessons. I hope you or your colleague can make a video about tools. The Engvid team have teach me so much and I am so thansful to you all.

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Hello, i am one of your new student in this site i am so happy for being a member of your site and your amazing.

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hi evry boday i hope all be fine
if some one want to talk in skype can contact me on my skype contact id SHAUKAT0

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    How you doing Shaukat Khan , i wont to talk with if you don’t mind ?

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Hello Ronnie. Thank for all useful video lessons. I hope you or your colleague can make a video about tools of forage.

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thanks Ronnie, I got 89% ^^

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Very sad only 78% I am not attentive to your class but thanks a lot for teaching practically.

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Dear Ronnie. Is it possible to Notes instead of watching videos. Its taking long time for studying english.

Waiting for your response.

Profile photo of deepu.brighton@gmail.com deepu.brighton@gmail.com

    Many of our new lessons have transcripts! If you click on the “Youtube” in the corner of the video, it will take you to the video’s page. Click the icon after the “add to” link and it will take you to a full transcript.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Thank you very Much…

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hello , I am new student in this web sit,I am very happy
thank you all

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Hey, thanks. I’d never heard of nuking the food in the microwave before.

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Hello Thank you very much for the amazing teaching.

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Can I ask you. You teach American of British English? Or it doesn’t matter? :)

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78% 7/9… Thank You Ronnie

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I got 8 out of 9. Thank you.

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Ronnie…you’re the best teacher i’ve ever knew :-))) You’re so funny. What about a dress vocabulary lesson?? Thanx

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Ronnie, thank you for all your lessons you’ve done! I have one question…before I want or write smth in english, I make a sentence in my native language. It’s difficult for me to start making a sentence in eng. it’s better for me know how it will sound in Russian. is it bad or not?? I think that it is very bad, because I can’t sound like a native speaker..pls help me

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    owww,,there are some mistakes..sorry) it’s just already midnight, but I can’t do anything. videos on this website really attract me) thank you Ronnie and other teachers for their help!

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Why I understand all you say? You are the best. I love your classes.

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Ronnie, thank you for your lessons)) I’ve watched almost ten vids in sequence)) Need to say, it is VERY FUNNY to listen to you and some moments I even just I stopped the video to make myself breathe(couldn’t stop laughing)))you’re brilliant and thank you for the that)) and I want to ask whether you organize lessons on skype?

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Thank you

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Thanks Ronnie

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Ronnie i do not have time i am going to nuke my food in the microwave…….is this correct?

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Very useful lesson.

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My first video with you :) thank you, it was fine.

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Thanks Ronnie, but I don’t understand the third question. I think you can cook rice and beef and chicken too with a cooker.

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I have a question what is knife?

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Thanks Ronnie. Nice lessons! =)

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good job Ronniy ++5

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I scored 89%, I think it was good for the first time

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good lesson

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Thanks a lot love and keep going

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Thank You

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Dear , Ronnie I Like pritty of the lessons!!! I am a new Student of the English in Brazil. But I love your lessons.Thanks.

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thank you :)

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good morning ronnie
well i just found your site last night
but since i think i just felt in love with youuuuuu….your way of teaching is really meant something different ronnie
it is really awesome something that i have been looking for long time
so thanks very much for your program and keep the good one
i look forward to see you in Indonesia

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thanks a lot ronnie..

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Thank you so much <3

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thank you madam .

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thanks so much

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It’s helpful lesson. Thanks for this lesson Madame Ronnie.

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89% better than before : )

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Hi Mis Ronnie i wanna ask you a question about the word nuke why nuke is refers to the following
nuke something to attack a place with nuclear weapons.( i’ve found that definition in many dictionaries) so whta is relaton here to microwave could answer me or clarfiy that for me pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase ! :/ i’m confused

Profile photo of zazi zazi

    Yes I agree with you.
    I’m confused too.
    I hope if you find the answer,please, tell me.

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thank you Ronnie
I understand

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6/9 haysss! but thanks ronnie

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A cooker is a piece of equipment used to cook food over gas flames or electric heat?

Profile photo of BlackBil BlackBil

it is for cooking rice

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Thank you!

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I feel very very easy to learn , thanks Ronnie:-)

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thanks ronnie:-) special leeson !

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great teacher , it was enjoyment lesson
keep going & thanks a lot

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Roniiiiieeeeeeee! It is the best way to learn. Lazy boy

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Me to “LOVE COFFEE” thank Ronnie very funny in kitchen.

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100%. Thanks Ronnie :)

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I’ve got a greatly benefit , thank’s

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hey thank you ms Ronnie. your every lesson is very helpful for me.you are an amazing teacher.

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Thank you Ronni, but I think I’m going to eat out.

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Hello Ronnie

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Thanks !!!!!!!!!

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very easy way to learn english

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Wow! I like your lesson which is interesting very much. By the way, I just keep 100% at the first time since I study by engvid, should I be glad? Thanks ^^

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Thanks Ronnie, nice lesson!

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Hi Ronnie, thank you so much! i exite to learn english again.

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Thanks from Azerbaijan :*

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I laughed a lot at 3:01 hahahha gonna start saying it like that LOL. By the way, I thought nuke was only about bombs.

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Ronnie is it correct if i say “nuke it up” or “nuke the bowl up” means put it in the microwave?

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Thank you Ronnie.

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Thanks, Ronnie. I learn so much with your lessons!!

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Thanks Ronnie. I promise that will bake a cheese cake to you so soon as possible ans send it faster than a bird kkkkk
I’ve learned so much with all the lessons, once more thanks :)

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Thanks Ronnie.You make my English skills is better.

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Thank you, RONNIE! :)

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Hi Dear Ronnie,
I really like to invite you to our home. I want to nuck a special food in the microwave. Then, I will put the pizza in the oven, and add it some chisse and broil it.
Then, I will make a delicious rice in the stove, and tost the bread in the toster. Like me, you love coffee, so I make my favorite and majic coffee in the coffee maker.
Be sure that my recipe is not horrid and the food absolutly will not be disgusting.

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thank u so much!

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What is the “Nuke” mean?
I can’t find its mean in my dictionary : (((((

Profile photo of ThuVSone ThuVSone

    Urban Dictionary to the rescue!

    nuke vt.

    1. To attack with a nuclear weapon, or to otherwise bring about widespread and utter destruction.
    2. To cook a foodstuff in a microwave oven (it is a common misconception that microwave energy is a form of nuclear radiation).
    3. To delete a computer user’s accounts without warning, typically for abuse.

    1. After years of patent hostility, US Emperor-For-Life George Bush finally nuked France in 2020, resulting in the formation of the “Freedom Sea”.
    2. “Just nuke those vegetables for five minutes on High, it’s much quicker than steaming them.”
    3. The webhosting company nuked Jamal’s “penile enhancement” sites because he was caught spamming.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Oh! 100 point !!! Thank you, Ronnie <3

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I’m very hungry after this lesson ….Thanks a lot Ronnie !

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Thanks for the lesson.. I got 100 : )

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hi Ronnie!I actually got 8 out of 9 but the result is different from what I’ve actually got. Anyway I love all your lessons. I wish I were good teacher as you are. Thanks!

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many thanks, i like this program

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Thank you Ronnie. I am very glad. I am learning a lot.

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Thx Ronnie :)
I have a question do you know a teacher who can conduct lessons in Scottish dialect.

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Ronnie is the best!!

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Thanks Ronnie

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thanks ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie

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is very nice the lesson

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Thank you very much Ronnie, that was a very godd lesson about the kitchen stuff’s

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Thank you!I like the way you teach.Greatings from Yakutia!have you heard about Yakutia?

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Thank you dear Ronnie

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You got 9 correct out of 9.

Thank you Ronnie…..I love your lessons very much

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Thanks Ronnie!

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It was nice and interesting!
thanks a lot!

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I love how you teatch
Thanks Ronnie.

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thanks Ronnie, it was nice lesson.

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espectacular i am happy whit the teacher

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Good Teacher!

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Thank you ronnie. :D

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Hi, Ronnie. May I have one question about the equipment which is on the top of the stove and sucks the smoke from cooking. What’s it in English?

It will be much appreciated to receive your response.
Have a nice day!

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i got 89 thanks Ronnie

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Im just new member this one and I learn a lot from you teacher ronnie,thank you very much and im happy i found this website.

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8/9, Your lesson is like a good coffee

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Thanks Ronnie, your videos are very amusing

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thanks you ronnie!

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Great lesson! thanks a lot

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beautiful lesson..thanks

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Thank you so much, you are the best.

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It was very useful

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hummmy lesson

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Thank you! Great lesson!

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Thank you very much, teacher Ronnie! I learned many new thin’s. As every student of your knows, your lesson was fantastic!

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you’re amazing!

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Thank you Ronnie useful lesson

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Thx Ronnie. I love ur classes! God bless u

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Thank you for your teaching.

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You got 8 correct out of 9.

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    the same mistakes Ithink its the cooker,
    isnt it ?

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Hi Ronnie! As always, this is a very nice lesson!

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78 out of 100
but i not understood the question 4 into A STOVE and AN OVEN

Profile photo of OKaba OKaba

    AN OVEN – it`s for cooking cakes and grilling meat
    A STOVE – it`s for cooking with pans and pots

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Thank you, Ronnie!

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Your are the best teacher in English I have ever seen
Good luck

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