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I learned English of course, but I will know more about the coffee that we drink so often, too often in France.
Thank you Adam.


    Thank you. I like regular median coffee. 2 cream and 2 sugar in usa.


I am a big coffee drinker and I found this video very useful . Only I’ve never seen the word goormay spelled like that lol . Actually in French we spell if “gourmet”. Allthe best!


    So do we Jerry. That’s the phonetic spelling :)


Thanks Adan, in this class I got 100% score, maybe is because I like very much drink a coffee! If I don’t drink a coffee during the day, sometimes I got a little bit headache. Yes, I’m already addicted to it.


Thank you for an update, I learned some important phrases and words related to coffee grinding, brewing, and serving.


Thank you very much Mr.Adan, a very interesting class.
Today I learned a few words from your coffee class. Great job I will follow today onwards, it is my first online class. I didn’t get a good job because I always feel, lack of English.


    Welcome Arifullahsyed :)

    Keep practicing and improvement will come.


thanks Adam!Have some words that I don’t understand meaning, so I answered wrong.

Anh Ngoc Dinh

    That’s ok Anh. That’s how we learn :)


I get so much from your coffee lesson , 3Q ! I cook coffee by myself , and at least twice one day, I drink coffee more than 5 years .In china ,coffee is accepted by more and more young people , we have a big market .


    hi fellow.Im from shanghai,how did u view this website? By phone or pc? I have no idea why I can’t open the videos. Appreciate your reply!


      You can use engvid.cn to go to our current videos for Chinese viewers, hosted on Bilibili.




      the videos of this website from Youtube , so you need to get out of th wall .


Thanks Adam now I would a coffee with double double


Hi Adam! Thank you for the lesson. My result of the quiz is 9 of 10. In the third question why I can not say “What do you want? Coffee?


    “what do you want” is somethings means when you go to a store , the seller maybe ask you ,but here i think you are supposed to what kind of coffee to serve .


    Hi DinDim,

    First of all, it is a very impolite way to ask a customer (what would you like?).

    Second, double-double means the way you want your coffee. Coffee? yes, double-double. (the answer doesn’t have a yes, so not the right q


      … not he right question.

      Does this help?


Thanks sooo much!!!


I was very bad, but, I learm.

Ricardo M Queiroz

    If you try, you are good :)

    Keep at it Ricardo.


Thanks Adam for your lesson.


Thanks, Adam, a lot, although my quiz is 60%.But I,m looking ahead for success!


Thanks Adams, I just wonder if ( Can I have a drip coffee ) consider as “too polite or beginner in the language” should I just go for the order without saying ( can I have ) ?!


    Hi Rofan,

    If you’re confident enough, absolutely, just say the item you want. The server will understand.

    It’s not too polite, just polite, but most servers don’t really care.

    Hope this helps.


Thanks for ur kindness

Leila soleimani

i get very bad marks in my exams. but i’m not worried because this is my first exams. SO thank you very much

youssef ait lahcen

    Keep trying Youssef :)


Thats great.
Thank u


Thanks Adam!

Sunhenglay Hak

Thanks Adam!


Hi Adam. Thank you so much for your videos. I enjoy them a lot. I have a question though. What is the difference between bland coffee and blonde coffee? At 8:53 in the video you explain this but it is not clear for me if it is bland or blonde. Thank you again. ?


    Hi Marimora,

    Bland means no taste.
    Blonde is a roast type. It is a light roast so the flavour is not too strong. For some people, a blonde roast is bland, while a dark roast is rich in flavour.

    Does this help?


      It does. Thank you.


Finally. somebody who has explained me well how Brits and Americans people intend for coffee :-)


Wow this is my first lesson great thanks

Sharmake bare

    Welcome Sharmake :)


Hello, Adam. I am Rahul, I live in India. It’s very hard for me to pronounce the English. I am practicing daily to improve myself. So please help me to develop. My interest has increased much on learning English when I saw your channel in youtube, so please help me to learn english, tell me what to do to feel more better in speaking English.


    Hi Rahul,

    Keep practicing and if you can find someone to speak with, take every chance you get (native speakers or non-natives).

    Good luck :)




Thank you Adam. My coffee is black, no sugar.


Could you make a vocabulary video for… people’s reactions? to chuckle (upon), to be flabbergasted, to gasp, etc


    Good idea Nutondev. I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks Adam, I really enjoyed it, I am Colombian and it is similar here.


I loved the class thanks Adam!


very useful .thank u

Yan Ivanov

Great job Adam!!! I love your tutorials.

Antonis Evdaimon

Thank you, I got 100


Thank you everyone :)


Hi Adam, thanks for this lesson. I learn some more vocabularies today. In France, we can take ” un café gourmand” not a gourmet. It’s a coffee with some small cakes or sweets. Do you know it? How do you say for this?


    Hi Jaouen,

    Yes, I’ve heard it before. We would just say coffee and sweets or coffee and cake :)


That’s good lessons! Thank you!

Marta Maria

Do You have life class?

Marta Maria

    Hi Marta,

    Not sure what you mean :)


Hi, everyone
Myself Hussain Mehdi
I am from Pakistan
I want to increase my Vocabulary any suggestion for increasing Vocabulary

Hussain Mehdi

Thanks Adam

Sam Island

It was fun and interesting class about coffee. Thank you Adam!


Hi Adam,
Your lessons are really interesting.
Thanks a lot!


Hi adam
so it’s oka to : double regular? it means 2 cream and 1 tea spoon of sugar, right?


Thank you so much)) so many interesting information for my brain)) I am drinking a cup of coffee actually ))


Good lesson for both English and knowledge of coffee. I didn’t know dark coffee has less caffeine in it.

Insoo Yeo

Hi, yet another unrelated question: I have recently encountered the word ‘come’ used as a conjunction, in a sentence similar to: [Trump] will obliterate the GOP come the November elections.

I was wondering if this type of construct can always replace ‘when … comes’, but when I tried out this one: ‘You gonna regret it comes your mom! – said nanny to the child’ – it didn’t sound right. Seems like what follows ‘come’ has to be a noun (an expected fact), rather than a person coming physically to a place. But this is just my guess. Could you elaborate on it? Thanks.

So, besides ‘had’ and ‘come’ – are there any more verbs that can serve as a conjunction?


    “Come [noun]” (to mean “when [noun] comes”) is generally just used with times and events. Some examples:

    Come the revolution, they’ll be first against the wall.
    – Students will return to university come fall.
    – The heat wave will be over come Friday.

    All of these also work if you use “when [noun] comes” instead.

    engVid Moderator

im from brazil and im enjoing your classes if you wanna learn portuguese i can teach you freely also

ary medeiros

Hi, I like your videos and have been watching them for more than seven years, but I would have been happier if you had said that many of the words used in this video were Italian, such as Latte espresso cappuccino grande aroma venti barista..


Informative vid?


I had better order a cup of cappucino for a drink right now.At least it makes me awake while i am studying this lesson. Anyway thanks for this good english knowledge for learning english like me. It is very fruitful lesson.

Naw Ring

10/10! I like black coffee no sugar. Americano is my favorite type.

Jerry Gu

Hello dear Adam,

I’ve got 10. Your a magnificent teacher. Appriciate you and following your helpful lessons. Thank you dear Adam.

Catherine G

Thank you! Very useful information for me!

Aray Aryn

best regards ,Adam
greetings from Kazakhstan 16 Dec2o21:)


Thanks Adam.

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