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Walk is the popular verb in conversation everyday, but i don’t think there are too much phrase verbs with “walk”, after this lesson I know more the way uses phrase verb walk, that is interesting lesson, Thank Benjamin a lot

nguyen van long

It wasn´t very easy to pay attention to a lesson about walking when a subliminal message says: “ride your bicycle” hahahah
Thanks a lot for the lesson Benjamin, but you forgot the expression “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits ;)


Got 07 correct out of 09 . Lesson is great and worth watching , thank you Mr Benjamin !


That´s a tough one! I´ll be better next time.

Pereira Santos

I got 5 correct out of 9 questions, so I watched the video again. This lesson was a little challenging level for me, but I think it was very useful. I always thank you for your invaluable lesson.

Insoo Yeo

Great lesson Thanks Benjamin
It’s really nice to learn expressions


Oh, Benjamin, I like to walk when It rains.


Thanks for this lesson


Thanks you overly for your help

John monyping mathiang

Bob was the smartest son of a father. He was given his walking papers at every work that his father found for him. Therefore, although he expected to walk down the aisle together with Sera, she walked out on him. One day his father walked up to him and said that “I will set a business for you. It is a walk in the park. It is your last chance”. Bob felt that he walked on thin ice for this reason. The cows will be entering the factory and coming out as sausages. When Bob asked his father if it was possible to put the sausages on one side and take the cows on the other? His father controlled himself difficulty not to walk all over him and said that unfortunately not. Only your mom has this technology. Now take a long walk off a short plank.

Thanks Benjamin!




wowo great lesson .

Seif Eldawla

Thanks Benjamin!

Silas da Silva

Thank you very much. It is a great effort.

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