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thank you for this useful video


    . . . well . . . getting back after a short break Adam. It’s good to loose your tie from time to time. I did really need it.

    (By the way,is it the correct context for this idiom?)

    Thanks in advance for your feedback Adam.


      It is indeed Regino :).

      Welcome back.

      (btw, loosen your tie)


a useful video :) thank you Adam


thank you Adam


Very good. I thought idioms are difficult. Thank you Adam.

John B

I am really enjoying the videos although I can’t understand the reason of Adam saying the academic write test task 1 doesn’t need conclusion and Emma says the opposite. What is the correct way ?
Thank you guys !

Rick Bro

    Hi Rick,

    Both are right, actually. You can have a conclusion, but be careful not to actually reach a conclusion. In other words, don’t reach any point outside of what is presented in the infographic. You can have a short summary or general observation. That is why I say don’t even bother with the conclusion paragraph, because you risk adding something unnecessary. However, if you want to add one, you can.


As we know, the native speakers use idioms all the time. Therefore, learning common everyday English idioms is the best way to build up our knowledge and help our speaking sound more like a native speaker.
Many thanks for these useful idioms, Adam. :)


Great lesson, Adam! Thanks a lot! :D


Thank you Adam ,
Always a pleasure to find out new idioms . Let your hair down is the oldest expression I know . I heard it the first time listening to the song ” get down and get with it ” from a band named Slade . This idiom fits well with the hair lenght of the members of the band .
Thank again and see you soon for new idioms .


    :D I’m really impressed by your quote Tsamp: “The only war we should fight is misunderstanding . The day when every peoples understand each other , we will have done a big step toward peace and a better world . Having a universal language is one of the solutions.”

    April Vietlish

      Hello April .
      Nice my “about me” comment made you impressed but no need to be so , it is simply the truth and I hope you agree . I guess I am not the only one and not even the first one who thinks like that but there are still not enough of us


        Good stuff Tsamp and April :)


thank you Adam


Thank you ,some of these idioms ,I heard for the first time..


Great video I got 6 out of 10 but it seem difficult.

Muhammad Abbas

i am having problem with at the sixth question of quiz. i was only wrong while answering this question. But i think there are two correct answers over there. it occurs to me that “a” and “b”, both of them is right.


    sorry i shouldn’t have used this article “at” in sentence of “i am having problem with at the sixth question of quiz.” :(


      Hi Sebernet,

      That’s a good point you make, but the fact that they did get married the following day means he was just scared, not actually against marriage.

      Does this help?


        thank you Adam, yes it does. also i hear more ” get off on the wrong foot”. i like this one especially. truth be told.. i hear it more than these you gave us as example.


Thank you!


thank you 9/10
the 8 quiz you don’t tell us about it
I guessed it . get it wrong


    Sorry about that Marie. I must have associated it with sticking one’s neck out.


    Sorry about that Marie.

    I must have associated it with sticking one’s neck out.


Thank you Adam


Thanks Adam!!Nice lesson as usual ;)


Unfortunately I’ve got only 8/10( But I’ll keep working on it) Thanks Adam, you’re the best teacher ever)

Sergo Z

hello anyone can help me ? pls I have a so big exam four weeks later its like TOEFL I need help for it this exam contain beginner and intermediate pls I want to suggestion from us IF I Wrote false way ım sorry for that because Im new here


    Which test is it Ardazmen?


      youth exchange and study


        Not sure I know it, but good luck :)


Thank you very much for this video Adam


Thank you (: I’ve got 9
Obviously, idioms are very important for us as English learners . I’m so happy with this lesson because that’s what we are looking for.


Thank you Mr.Adam


Thank you Adam!


Thank you very much.


thank you


Great lesson. Thank you! I hope Valen is still with your school and didn’t do anything bad :) Pity she’s not posting lessons anymore. Did she get cold feet? :)


    Hi David, how’ve you been? Hope everything’s fine.

    Just one questions concerning the quiz:
    Which was your answer fot item 6?

    The correct answer for item six, I think, is the first option (got something off his chest)not the second one (got cold feet)since he was not scared. He was brave enough to do what he did (talking about not wanting to get married.

    Thanks in advance for your comments on this.

    Have a nice day!


      Hi Regino,
      Actually, I was not referring to the quiz at all. I used some of the phrases from the lesson in my contribution intentionally. :) What I was referring to is that EngVid teacher Valen used to give lessons as well and they were also great. Check her out from the “Teacher” section :)
      Regards, D.


        I got your point David, but the question I put to you was about the quiz not about Valen. By the way, did you take it? I know that you didn’t need to take it. Please do not get me wrong.

        I’ve seen some of Valen’s videos. I like her teaching style. In fact she’s a ten!

        See you around and thanks for your comment.


          Actually Regino, he was scared. The next day he got married after all, which means he was just nervous, and she calmed him down.


        Hi David,

        I think Valen just moved on to other things. She didn’t do anything bad ;)


hay Adam can i get one on one training program


Thanks Adam. Great lesson.


Thanks Adam. It is a great lesson, a huge usefulness.
They give me more ways to describe what i want to say. Thanks alot!


thank you so much for your teaching.

silvia lynne

Very good, Adam. Thanks!

Júlio César L Sousa

what an excellent video ,, it is so useful !


it’s good


hello… I’m arwa

arwa sadis

    Hi Arwa :)


Hello, how are you, I’m Arwa, I’m not good at English and I want to help you to understand the modus operandi of the site, Thanks

arwa sadis

    We’re just here to help you improve your English.


Adam. Thanks alot u r too good.


Many thanks very useful!!!


Excellent video and learning


hey,thanks for video.if someone wanna practice english,just add me on whatsapp +77777932384 or on skype “batl.1” good luck )


Thank you Adam! Good video.


Thank you Adam, really good class!

Christian Ricardo

thank you, first time


sorry ,I can’t open the video,why?and I can’t do the quiz neither,who can tell me the reason?


    Our videos are all on YouTube, which might be blocked in your country. As for the quiz, maybe your browser is out of date or has Javascript disabled?

    engVid Moderator

Thanks a lot for the class Adam. I got a question. Could you help me with it? I’ve heard this phrase and don’t know what is its meaning… “To get some shut-eye” …I hope you can help me.

Towwwers Arthur

    Hi Towwwers,

    shut-eye means sleep, so to get some shut-eye means to get some sleep or go to sleep.

    Hope this helps.


Adam, in Brazil “to get cold feet” has a completely different meaning. It represents a bad luck person. For example: I never go my soccer team’s stadium, but when I do, my team loses! So, I’m a “cold feet” person. Your videos are great! Thank you.


    That’s great to know Samirsa :)



one or tow of idioms i know but i think the rest cuz i didn’t hear anyone say it before in front of me so i thinks its not common in use like i know but i rethink & listened to u with focus so that’s the trick u think it’s not important but when u think again u know how important r these idioms … Thank U Adam…need someone to have Conversation with so we can practice together leave a reply :D


thanks,Adam for give such a fantastic tips


Valen again? lol By the way, isn’t she Engvid teacher anymore?


Hi Adam,
I’m learnig a lot with your videos.
Thank you.


Hi there! I’ve got one error. Tell me please, what does it mean “loosening his tie”? Thank for lesson


    Hi TimkaZhm,

    I think I forgot to mention that one. To loosen one’s tie means to relax. It’s similar to letting one’s hair down.


Hi Adam! Thanks for this video, it was really ineteresting. I like idioms pretty much, I guess they are used quite a lot in many situations, so it is necesssary to undertand what they mean.


A great platform for learning English!Hi!I’m a Chinese girl! Let’s chat! Does everybody use WhatsApp?18670798823 it’s mine!

Ding Wei

    Hi Violet. Welcome :)


Hi!Everybody!This is my first time here.Nice to meet you all! I’m a Chinese girl,my name is Ding Wei.Well~Since everybody has a English name,you can call me Violet.Does everybody use WhatsApp?This is mine:18670798823.If we can make friends!

Ding Wei

    Oops! A mistake!

    Ding Wei

Thank u so much


thank you nice video


Thank you Adam. I think, it’s time you need to let your hair down. :)


    I wish I had more hair Tammy ;)


thanks a lot, these lessons help me so much


it’s a first time i have know those words and how we use it , thank you


I would like some help with the expression “to be round”. I’ve listened in a music made by Beetles called “Help” and I didn’t understand this part “And I do appreciate you beind round”. What means “being round” in this context?


    Here, “round” is short for “around”. “Around” in this sense doesn’t necessarily mean physically near – more like “you were there when I needed you”.

    “Around” is often shortened to “’round” in informal English, some dialects, and in songs where words often have to be shortened to fit the tune.

    engVid Moderator

      Thank you for reply :D


Thank you ?


Thank you teacher for the lesson, if was useful for me.


    If you want practice your english with me “welcom”


This class is amazing…Thank you Adan


thank you a lot


Thanks Adam for all lessons you made. I finish all of them in 5 days. It really help me a lot from writing content. would you please make a lesson about different from speak to write. the problem, i can speak and understand, but it is hard to write them.I know i need practis


practices. May they have a right way to practices, such as to have more words in your brain, to read more books, to write something everyday. recently, i am trying to read bible, seek beautiful sentence, then i write them down for using them later. please, lesson about guard you to write a epic content. i am not going to do any exams. i just love English. love reading.find myself hard to write. thanks again


    Hi idonomad. I can share my experience,how I did it. It’s easy. You must just write down your favorite English book.(you must do it everyday for 3-4 months)
    Sometimes you will need to write the same page over and over again. Good luck.


      Thanks Katring777 and Adam, i Went to practice the way as you mentioned every day. After 2 weeks doing this, I can see massive of improving. when i find a beautiful sentence, i write down on the paper, try to change nous, and verb. Right here, right now, i just learn one. “it will only be a matter of time before the problem becomes things of the past”. Looks more pro than “Finally, the problem will be solved “. anyways, thanks for the valuable opinions from bother of you.


    Hi Idonomad. Katrin’s advice is very good. Copy a book or the Bible, or anything in English. You will soon get a “feel” for it.

    The main thing is to get some feedback on your writing to see if a reader can understand you. If yes, then you’re writing. As for “epic” content, that takes time and practice ;)


very, very good. I’m getting better every day after watch these videos!!


Thanks, it is a good way for learning new Enghlish expressions


That’s an useful lesson for everyday life.

Dawasang Rumba

Thank you Adam, I love your lessons


Hi Mr.Adam , first of all I want to tell you something (( you do not know how much i admire and love you)) i watch ur videos everyday,,,,,.I want an advice from you , do you recommend me to watch English movies and songs with my first language subtitle or without ??! ,,, u dont know how much i will be happy if u reply (excuse my weak english).

Yusuf .A . K

    Thanks Yusuf :)

    Watch it once with the subtitles so you understand the story. Then watch it again without. Since you already know the story, you can concentrate on the language. This will help.


thank you in advance for these idioms. I´m not sure if I´m going to use them some day or every once in a while but it´s good to met them just in case I use them


Dear, Adam, at this lesson you said “Idiom is an expression WHOSE WORDS alone don’t mean what actually idiom means”. Can one say “Idiom is an expression WORDS OF WHICH……”???


    Hi Andrew,

    Yes, you can, but don’t forget the comma and article ‘the’, “…, the words of which…”


      Adam, thank you very much indeed!!!




Thank you Adam ! After your english lessons i feel myself like i can in soon time speak english very well !


Thanks Adam, very useful idioms in the daily conversation


Thanks Adam, I stuck my neck out, but…I got 10/10.


very mgood


Thanks Adam , but question #6 a bit confusing , i think “got something off his chest” sound right too


    Hi Mustafa,

    It can make sense, but because he got married the next day after all, it means he was just scared and need someone to calm him down.


Hi Adam! There’s an idiom similar to the №1 in russia:
– to make(poo) into ones pants. (very common)


    hello do any one here want to chat,so we i can improve my english skills ??

    ahmad serag

    We have it too Katrin, but in a slightly different way (which I can’t write here) ;)


Nice lesson Adam, last month I went wall climbing , but after a few minutes of trying I got my feet cold.


    You got cold feet? You should try again Soleil (love the name btw) :)


      I mean I got cold feet, I didn’t notice my mistake.Thanks Adam, I will try again for sure :)


        I will try it again.


          And Soleil is been my nickname for years. I like French too.


I came across a couple of these idioms already and this explanation was very useful, thanks!


thanks adam


Adam, can I say: “How many are in this part?” Why am I asking because I watched the next video and teacher says: “How many is in this part?” It is on 28:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2o6MDpL1v0 So I am a little confused. Thanks.


    Hi Katrin,

    Not sure the context she said it in (long video :) ), but keep in mind that even native speakers make mistakes on a regular basis. As long as we’re understood, no one really cares.

    That being said, how many are is the correct way ;)


      Thank you Adam.


Thanks everyone :)


Thanks Adam for this idioms lesson!

Several of them are new to me.

I need to get something off my chest: you all teachers are superb and your lessons are so interesting, important and effective that I return on and on, for more than one year, to learn new subjects.

Fabio Cicerre

Adam, I have to get this off my feet. I’ve been in love with you for like 5 minutes.

You’re the best teacher. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are a blessing to many people.

Could you please include a lesson about: suppose to , used to, have to, ought to.



Adam, I have to get this off my chest. I’ve been in love with you for like 5 minutes.

You’re the best teacher. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are a blessing to many people.
to , used to, have to, ought to.



    :) Thanks Alie.

    I’ll get on those lessons.


Thank you teacher :)

Erroudani wafa

Hey, Adam! Sorry, I haven’t found a tab where I could ask a question, so, I’m doing it here in comments..I’m now watching a movie “Possession”, and there’s a phrase there: “Be a love and check on the duck” What’s the translation? Is that some idiom?

Anastasia Korolkova

    Hi Anastasia

    Be a love — be a sweetheart, darling, etc. = be nice and help me.

    I guess check on the duck means there is a duck being cooked and to look in the over to make sure it’s not overcooked. :)_

    Does this help?


Thank you so much mr.adam ,very good explanation,if i could express my suggestion, using mnemonics and repeat along lesson after all done could be good point of explanation ,10/10


Hi, Adam!
Thank you very much for your lessons. They help me. The way you explain the stuff is perfect!
And in this quize I have 10/10!
You’re the best teacher.


Thanks, Adam.
I would like to ask something about the speaking part of IELTS (AC). Will the examiner concern the logic of what I say or just focus on the grammar, sentence structure? Besides, sometimes there are some questions I am not familiar with. Can I change the topic? e.g. the question focuses on books, but don’t know what to say, then I change the topic like this – ‘I seldom read books, but I like watch TV series, especially about crime, science fiction….’ Will marks be deducted?


    Sorry, get one more question.
    ‘downside’ is a countable or uncountable noun? Can I add s behind it?
    Thanks in advance.


      Hi Sophie,

      Yes, logic and flow do count. And yes, you can change the topic, but first make it clear that you understood the question and that you don’t have an issue with the English, just the ideas. But then keep the answer about the new topic relatively short.

      There can be some downsides to changing topics, so don’t do it too often ;)


thank you Adam your amazing teacher

Mohsen Tatoo

I was watching on youtube and then a friend of mine sent me a chat, asking me to travel. We played it by ear.


Hi! Adam ^_^
Thanks soooooooo much for your lesson.
I try to find the meaning of to get cold feet for an ages. Now, it’s clear!!!!!
You are the best.


I need to let my hair down from reading, listening, and watching engVid on YouTube. Is this sentence correct teacher Adam? Thanks ! Your explanation was very clear. I understood


    Hi Ebermejo,

    Only if reading, listening,and watching Engvid is hard, stressful work ;) Otherwise, you can let your hair down after you finish working and come home to watch us on Engvid :)


Absolutely correct teacher Adam, I am enjoying to watch your engVid Everytime you teach ànd at the same time I am learning too..You have a gift of teaching. Keep it up. Great job!?


Thanks Adam and I have to get something off my chest.
Since I watch your courses in *EngVid* my English skill growing up every day.
Thanks for all you did and will do, you teach well!

A Conde

Thanks a lot for your astonishing lessons. But I have a question regarding question 6. As I understand from the lesson. To get cold feet is to cancel something at the last moments. However, in question 6, we used the idiom despite of that the wedding went as planned. So how comes he got cold feet and the wedding went as planned. Thank you again :)


Hello Adam. Thanks for teaching these useful expressions I’m sure they’ll be very helpful for me to aply them in daily conversations. I like your classes and i always learn a lot from you. Thanks!!


hi Adam sir, how are you…
could you please tell me when and where to use a strong form of word and when to use a weak form of word in phonetic symbols…
i’m transforming an English book into phonetic language so please guide me in this regard… these tow thing are confusing me that should i go with strong one or that weak one…
besides, is it good to use only strong forms in writing…??????


It is good Adam. Can you show me more video clips?


Hi Adam!

Very nice idioms, indeed. I will get something off my chest: if one day I travel abroad, I won’t get my feet cold before speaking English, because I am practising it a lot in Engvid. I know I may stick my neck out, for I can make mistakes. But I don’t mind. I will loose my tie and play by ear.

Eduardo França

today i earned new vocabulary but i don´t know whether i´m going to use them. Anyway, íts good to meet them.


Sir could you tell me ? if i use idiom while speaking with someone , it had better do or not? it is impressive for speaking or writing please help dear

Gaurav dwivedi

Thanks Adam you’re the best:-)


thanks a lot sir. it was very useful and enjoyable :)

fatima khatibi

stick your nose in .this can be used someone is trying to intrude .
could be included correct if i`m mistaken

Abdullah @123



I got 10 correct ^^


hello Adam,in quiz Q5/ can i say sticking his neck out because he really did it? and if not the true answer why? thank you for the theaching

mohammed Akram 90

Hi teacher can we say stick out my neck?

sama ss

    or we must put the name between the verb and preposition?

    sama ss

i like theses idioms


Ahh…it’s pretty complex for me,a beginner to finish the test…


thank you very much teacher


adam. im in love with your lesson. thankyou so much


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I think you really give us useful idioms and phrases.:)


Thank you so much!


Thanx Adam. Actually I decided to let my hair down today and I took the day off!


everything is very clear, thank you, Adam, I’m your fan))


actually i am bad at idioms, however your lesson was rather understandable. thank you a lot


Thank you Adam. With your help I got 9/10.

Saidu F Sesay

I got 10 correct out of 10 thank Adam ?


I loved this lesson. Thank you very much, Adam! :D

Maitê dos Santos Pimentel

Dear Adam, In IELTS can we some sentences like “A rolling stone gathers no Moss”


thank you Adam


Hi, Sir Adam, I really need your help. I am appearing in competitive examination soon after this month. I m so much worried about English grammar paper. Please, help me out.


Thank you soooo much,Adam! It was very useful and awesome video) 10/10. I loved this lesson


thanks Adam


thanks Adam


hey thank Adams. I was just fired off because my boss told me that I have a low voice tune. I’m taking your courses to improve. regards…


Thanks! You’re actually a great teacher. Useful video! In fact, while you were speaking all those words out my mind was working quickly to give me the right meaning in my mother tongue.

DarWin Marenco

Sam, you are a excellent teacher.


I have learned lots of things thanks to you

the big cheese

thanks adam sir

Maddy golu

I got 10/10 Thanks Adam!


Hi Adam, I got 80 of 100 at the exam :).What do you prefer to me for improving English? Videos,films etc? Or books?


HI, Adam, your test is so great! i got 8/10 points
thank you very much.


hi Adama!
would you please tell us those idioms that are important for IELTS test?


Thank you Adam, I had already heard some of these idioms, but, I really didn’t know well what they mean. So, thanks again.


thank you so much!


Today I’m letting my hair down with these amazing English lessons!

Thanks Teacher!


thank you so much


Hi, great video.
Recently I have heard this expression a lot: “wrap my head around”. What does it mean?


Hi, I’m new here, but I’ve seen some others videos on YT.
I was wondering if there is a chance for lesson about how to write formal and informal letter. What are the conventions, what are the useful phrases/words… ;-)


Thanks for these new idioms)


I got full mark, I’m happy for that. Adam I really like and respect you for the hard work that you do.
Man you are really greaaaaaaat person


I got 90 points. I’m happy for that. Adam, you are the best teacher who better than my teacher. Now I know many idioms. Thank you very much.


Thanks Adam. I’m really feeling a progress following your lessons and tricks.

carlos alberto orofino souto

thanks Adam


Got 9 out of 10
thank you Adam
this has been so useful


There is a short way to say to relax for both men and women. LOOSEN UP. And I believe is commonly used.


Hi, Adam.

I’m a pianist, and we use the expression “to play by ear”, when we play without scores, by memory or just using the musical abilities – like improvise.

Thank you for your wonderful lessons.


Xin chao, Adam :)
(It means Hi, Adam in Vietnamese)
I’ve been learning English with you for a while and your video lessons is really helpfull.
I want to say thank you to you.

Le Thi Nhat Duyen

Thank you. Adam, you are a fantastic teacher. I have 100% right I can’t believe it


In the test question, it could be right both the answers : the first one and the second one too.


10 out of 10 thanks you


Nice idioms, thanks a lot Adam, as always straightforward explanation.


Nice dear Adam.
I got 10 score


I had always thought that I had been in over my head but finally I did it although not perfectly.


Thanks Adam, you are great


Thank you Mr. Adam for a good lesson.


thank you sir

hamza lahcen

9/10! Good! Adam, No.6 is any possible the choice “get something off his chest” is also can use?

Jerry Gu

Hi there, Thanks for these!

Mehdi Torabi
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