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I got 8 correct out 10. I look after my daughter everyday. When we go out for shopping, I just look around.
Could you please look over my sentence, please? I don’t have confidence ^^; Thank you, Adam :)


    Great lesson, Thanks Adam, when looking it up in the dictionary I sometimes confuse with their using way and can’t remember all but until today, I was cleared. I am looking forward to waiting your continuous phrasal verbs.
    Hi Happy04, I like the way you applied phrasal verbs to ask Adam. I think it is correct.


      Thank you, duongtranvn :) I’m also looking forward to waiting phrasal verbs lessons. Interesting and useful :)


        Hi Happy04, are you really looking forward to more phasal VERB lessonS?

        Why don’t you look in on me next time you’re in town? I could help you out (LOL).

        All the best.


          Hi Regino! Yes I like to study phrasal verbs. Thank you lol


    No worries Happy… they’re good. :)


      Oh, I’m relief! Thank you Adam :D


Hi Adam you are really amazing. I got 10 correct out fo 10.


    that’s good!,I got 8 correct out of 10


      Hi I don’t know you, but, can you become my partner in English? I need a partner. we can help each other to improve our English.


      Hi Adam can you recommend to me a good book to improve my speaking skill?


      mee too!


Hi Adam you are really amazing. I got 10 correct out of 10. by the way Adam do have any tip to improve my speaking? How can I use your lessons in a real situation? and how can I download your lessons without any problem? I crazy about you.


    Hi Muhammad,

    Thank you :)

    Speaking improvement is just a matter of practice. You can write out sentences to make sure you remember new vocab, but speaking is just practice. Try to find someone to practice with.

    I’m afraid these videos aren’t downloadable, but you can come back here anytime to view them.

    Good luck :)


      really really thanks Adam.


    you can download Adam`s lessons from YouTube


    I’ve always found a good way to better remember new voc .
    I simply made several sheet on excel. One for each category ( E.g.: Phrasal verbs ; Business; Tourism). Every time I learn a new voc, I usually write it down on excel.
    My sheet structure is the following:
    1- English noun

    2- Traduction in your language (It could be omitted)

    3- Example

    I usually insert a comment on each noun with the noun’s meaning.
    E.g: “Look through” means to check carefully for details.

    It is my personal way to go over what I learned over the years and refresh my memory. Hope to be helpful. Bye


Hi Adam you are really amazing. I got 10 correct out of 10. by the way Adam do you have any tip to improve my speaking? How can I use your lessons in a real situation? and how can I download your lessons without any problem? I am crazy about you.


8 în the 10 that Adam


    Hi Goksel ,how strange is the picture !


္္္္္ ၆- ၁၀ ၇တယ္္္


I got 5 correct out of 10


i got 9 out of 10 . thanks Adam that was much useful i realy enjoyed. but can i say :

1-i look through the garebage to find my ring.
2- i always look over my home when i go away
3- you shoud look after your studing>

thank you so much

nouf abdullah

    I am confused whether “look after” is reserved only for living things.


        Thanks for help!


      Hello, no it’s not. You can also say:

      I’m an accountant. I look after money.

      I look after the money in our family.


        Thank you teacher David.


        Good example David :)


      Hi Prakhar,

      I can ask a friend to look after my car while I’m away. This generally means I will give it to him while I’m gone.


    Hi Nouf,

    They’re good sentences, but sometimes it’s better to think about context; for example, I always look over my house one more time before I go away. This suggests you look at everything to make sure it’s all ok.


i’ve got 8 out of 10.Useful lesson.Thanks Adam


Phrasal verbs are rough to deal with all the time.I think making them a little bit fun maybe could be more efficient.Thank you


    I’m sad to say Kami, that this is about as fun as phrasal verbs can be in a short video. In a classroom, I could do more ;)


Very useful lesson, Adam. Thanks.

Luiz Alberto

thanks for the lesson. I will try to improve on this aspect of learning :)


Thanks adam:-)


Hello everyone, I heard that the most perfect way to learn English or to improve your English skills is by talking to others people in the Skype. but actually I found it difficult to found a partner to speak with. So any ideas about how I could improve my English. to be honest with you I spend years trying to speak this language clearly and properly, but still yet I can’t do it. plz help


    Hi, If you want we can talk on skype. Pls check my account details.


      Hello Sora and everyone, You can contact me on Skype:Kamy Ice for english conversation

      Kamy Ice

    Hi Sora,

    I’m sure there are plenty of people here who would be happy to talk with you on Skype– just ask them :)


    I need some practice too. If you have time and wish, contact me on Skype:dasha11gamble

    Daria Kasnianchuk

    hi sora i guess we are from the same country, we could be a good team speaking on skype and developing our english . i would be happy to share my skills with you
    my skype is: abdelhafid ahjij
    looking forward to hear from you :))

    ahjij abdelhafid

    Sora, hi! i can speak with you on Skype! but sorry i`m only beginner

    Nina Shchukina

Thanks! But there is other one – “look forward to”
I always look forward to your lecture.)


    Thanks Vovchick :)

    I figured most people already knew that one from letters and such. Good point, though.


Thanks Adam, I got one mistake, I guess I must study more to understand the full meaning of the “look in on” phrasal verb.


It’s amazing.
I’ve got 10 of 10.
Thanks Adam.


very nice lesson.. i got 7 ..almost there to be perfect..


Thank you Adam for that lesson.


Thanks a lot for your efforts . I really got benefit from it and I got 8 from ten .
I always look up for new vocabulary in the dictionary .I really hate people who look down on other people and I look up my parents .
May you look through my sentences If there any grammatical mistakes .

Scarlet Letter

    Hi Scarlet,

    You look up to your parents.

    I’m sure they’re proud :)


      i think i am learning new things in engvd

      ali alnokari

Good lesson, Hi everybody I’m looking for people for practice on skype if u are interested u can click my profile for add me on skype, as u know one of the best way for be fluent is just practice so much speaking.


Professor Adam, I got 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I didn’t write my own sentences what I’m used to doing before taking the quiz.

Thanks a lot.


    Why my comment is awaiting, It’s forbidden invite people for get a conversation?


      No worries Marco. Just safe practice. We see you now :)


Adam, is it true that there’s a phrasal verb
for each verb like; ( on a plane)

Please extlinguish your cigarette.
Please put out your cigarette.


    Hi Sonia,

    I’m not sure I understood the question. Do you mean if there is a phrasal for every verb? In that case no, but there are many. Put out = extinguish, yes.


      Now I’m confused, but now about the phrasal verb
      thing but about EACH and EVERY.

      I said “for each verb” and you very politely said

      ” for every verb”.

      What’s the correct word here? Should I have
      said “for all verbs”
      Before writing to you I took a good look in
      all lessons but I didn’t get one specifically
      for this words.

      See, I said All lessons because now I want to
      say All= each and every.

      I want to learn how to use these words!!!!!


Thank you Adam for This Lesson.
Could you tell me what i can do to improve my English speaking?
please answer me because i asked this question to some other Teachers and they did not answer me.
I’m waiting your reply Adam :)


    I asked the same question a lot of time, but unfortunately no one answered me.


    You must watch TV and you must speak with friends in English. I m doing so and improve my speaking skills


    Hi ChadchoudZ,

    You need to practice as much as possible. I know you have heard this many times, but that is the only thing. One way you can practice if you can’t find a partner is to record yourself speaking then listen to the recording for mistakes and such.
    Or, you can ask others here on Engvid if they would like to join you for a conversation on Skye. There are many people here who would be happy to.


Could you give me some advices to speak like a Native Speakers please??


Great lesson Adam!!! So much thanks


What a nice lesson teacher Adam! Thanks a lot for making phrasal verb videos. I can catch every single word you say, I wish I could pronounce as good as you. I’ve got a question just to make sure about one of the meanings of “look up to”, can it be a synonym for “admire”? Can it be used the same way as the word “admire” is? That would help me a lot teacher Adam, thanks beforehand. Best regards from Bolivia!
P.S.: on the minute 4:25 of your video, do you say the word “clues” or “clothes”? I think you said “clues” but on the subtitles it’s written “clothes”. I think it’s a small mistake ^^


    I also heard clues and i’m almost sure that there is a mistake in the subtitles.
    It’s really a very nice lesson, Adam, thank you very much.


    Hi EngBad :)

    Yes, look up to can mean admire and used in the same way.

    And you’re right, the word I said is clues. I guess it’s a mistake. Good ears :)


Hi Adam, thanks. Just one question, look in on is like to be an inspector or someone who controls things?


    Hi Betcheva,

    Look in on is more like a neighbour who looks in on your house while you’re gone to make sure nothing has happened to it.
    An inspector or controller would look over your books to make sure it’s all in order.


Hey!. I got 9 correct out of 10!. You’re the best professor. I really like how you teach. Thanks!!


Hello teacher Adam! :) This is the first time I watch your video! It’s great! I’m sure your videos will help me a lot! Thank you!!!

Poliana Almeida

    Welcome Poliana :)


I am very greatful of these teachers who have been recording for those videos for us.
Dont know how to pay them back for u all. Really appriciated.


Hi Adam, Thanks so much! Your lessons are very helpful!!!
I do not know if you already gave this information…
I really need to know if I can write with hand letter on write test in IELTS. Because in Brazil is common handwriting, and I wrote all my life like this. I will lost my speed if I will try to write different.
Can I use hand letter on IELTS write test?
Thanks so much!!!
Edilene Gama.


    Hi Edilene,

    The IELTS is a pen and paper test, so yes you will be writing by hand. Now, if you mean scriptive writing (as opposed to printing, that is OK. The important thing is that the graders can easily read what you wrote. If they can’t read it easily, they won’t try very hard and you may lose points. Just make sure it’s neat.
    Good luck :)


Great Adam, thanks.


thanks a lot


Thanks! Adam for that lesson.


thank you alot

Hassan Akoshli

9 out of 10,thanks adam :)


i got 8 out of 10 thanks adam

cicin only tachia

thanks a lot Adam!!You`re amazing… I love your lessons!!!


Thanks Adam I got 5 corect out of 10 .




Useful lesson, thanks Adam.


8/10 I must look through my quiz once more, if I want speak with proficiency. Phrasall verbs are very important if we want to communicate in English in an higher level. Cheers, Adam

Jorge Pedroso

Thanks Adam! If you write a sentence about to every phrasel verbs it will be this excellently.


    Hi Yunisli,

    the quiz has some written samples. Have you taken the quiz?


Thanks so much….
but i confused :(


    My pleasure Bahar. Just watch it again. It will be easier with time. :)


liked it really .

Nabin Adhikari

Adam, i have a question on “look upon” that i met in the text: “He was looked upon as an original”. It has a meaning “to consider”, is it right?


    Hello Neleh .. Nice to See that You are an english learner like me .. Also open minded Person :) .. If you interested in practicing English Conversation In order to the Development of Conversation Skills .. It will Be so helpful .. and a great chance For knowing A New friend Also .


    Hi Neleh,

    Yes, it does mean considered, thought of, or seen as.


Thanks Adam Great Lesson! For me the most difficult Look in on.


Thanks a lot! But might I ask you a question about translation? You said “Look over” means a “Quick check”,or just Check, but, in some dictionaries ( including LinguaLeo site ) I found out another meaning for this phrase. It is “Scrutinize”.Is it matter? Because I know that these two meanings are completely different. “Scrutinize” more matches to “Look through” and not to “Look over” I think


    I think SCRUTINY just means TO LOOK or TO GAZE.


      Close enough! The verb form is scrutinize and it means to look at closely. “She scrutinized the doorknob, looking for fingerprints.” Scrutiny is the noun form: “Travellers bringing a lot of money into the country are subject to increased scrutiny.”

      engVid Moderator

    Hi Alexander,

    You’re right, the difference is enough to be taken seriously. But think about the prepositions: over, means moving above something. Through means in and out of. So the latter is more like scrutinize.

    No disrespect to the dictionary you used, but you should try to use an English to English dictionary, especially an American or British one.


      “Auditors scrutinize accounting records” – another example of using “scrutinize” that I learned at college.


I got 10!!
thanks for this wonderful lesson!


A very interesting lesson, thanks!


thank you for lesson! Who want to practice you are welcome my skype is student6003


Excellent explanation as ever!!! Thank you.
You are a great Teacher.


Hi Adam, was a good explanation and easy comprehension. You teach pretty well


Hi Adam, thank you so much for this lesson, it helped me a lot.
I have a question. About an hour ago I saw a video in youtube where one boy decides to scare his cat. He put a mask and walked into the room where the cat was. Then he said ‘That was a good try but she DON’T care.’
I thought we use ‘doesn’t’ for he/she/it. Then why did he say ‘She don’t’?


    You’re right, “doesn’t” is correct. But in informal English people often use “don’t”, e. g. in the famous song “It Don’t Mean A Thing”.

    For some reason, though, nobody ever says (for example) “we doesn’t” instead of “we don’t”.

    engVid Moderator

    Hi Annie,

    This is actually pretty common in the US. It’s bad English, but unfortunately, it happens a lot. Don’t learn from it ;)


adamsın yemin ediyorum


Adam, I like to write donw whatever is in the blakboard during your explanation. can you please write the things in one side and speak from the other side. Thanks I will apreciate it. Great lesson!


    Hi Rouser,

    There is limited space in the video frame. Better to pause the video every once in a while and write things down while I’m at the side.


Excellent method for teaching! I will recommend this page to my friends!


i’ve gotten 6/10, i have to watch more carefully the video again :)

Mario Cardoza

Thanks Teacher!
I enjoy your videos.
Could you make a video about the different between before, beforehand and in advance, please?
I’m sorry, I don’t know where I can send the questions for, so I post it here


    Thanks Thanhtung. I’ll see what I can do :)


It’s amazing.Thanks for shedding more light on how to use phrasal verbs.I got 8/10


I got 7 from 10 and I think it a good level for first time.

Mauro Mannini Junior

dear adam
where can i find videos for practising English.I mean hollywood movies which are with English subtitel. I have searched frequently for it, but i did not found it still.I am a student and i have been learning English since I enter the school but we are not learning English in school well i mean i dont have someone to talk with him regulary English to practise my english. Can you help me please who can i improve my english.
Thanks a lot

beautiful Afghanistan

    Hi Beautiful Afghanistan,

    Youtube might have some Hollywood movies like this, but you’ll have to pay for them. Otherwise, you can try to find some movie sites or download sites that have movies fro free.
    You can also find someone in the forum here to ask to practice with you on Skype.


Thank you Adam.


Thank you Adam.
There’s a grammar problem confuse me often.
“work from home” in this term why we use ‘from’?


    Hi Sophie,

    Generally, it’s because you still communicate or work with colleagues outside, so your input comes from your home (PC, phone, etc.). If you work at home, you are likely self-employed.

    Does this help?


      It’s still a bit confusing.
      Could you explain more or in another way, please?
      Thank you so much. :)



        basically, you work for a company, but instead of going to the office, you stay home. But the work still needs to arrive on your boss’ desk. it arrives from your home. That is why you are working from home, even though you are at home.

        Is this easier?


          Thanks. Adam. So ‘work at home’ and ‘work from home’ have the same meaning, we can use either one. Right?


By the way
i had the quiz before i take the class that’s why i got 5 of 10


Great English teacher!


That really useful in life. Now it is understood for me . I really thank you Adam for a good explaining method which you use . I did the quiz , I get 9 correct answer of 10 . Here is big thank for you Adam
All best

Aboud Omar

hi i need to download this lesson but i can is there any one can help me?


    Hi Javad,

    I’m afriad these lessons aren’t for downloading, only for viewing online. have you tried the youtube version?


Hi, Adam!
Thanks for the lesson. It was very useful)) I got 9 out of 10 :) But I’ve got a question: what tense should we use after the expression “look as if/though”? Can we use any tense depending on the context?


    Hi English Student,

    It depends on the context:

    It looks as though he will finish last.
    It looked as if he were a mermaid.

    In the first, we’re looking at a race and predicting the future. In the second we are talking about a past scene.

    Hope this helps.


      Thank you very much! That is exactly what I wanted to know :)


Hi, Adam! I really like the way you teach! Make me feel my English is looking up! Thanks a lot


thanks a lot dear Adam


Hi again Adam. Say me please, which is correct.
1. What on earth are you doing man?
2. What on earth are you man doing?
Thank you.


    What are you doing on the earth, man? ))


    Sorry! I’d like ask:
    1 What on earth have you been up to, man?
    2 What on earth have you man been up to?
    Thank you.


      What do you wanna ask? I just can’t understand your questions at all. It seems to be incorrect word order ))


        Sorry, this question for Adam.


      What on earth have you been up to, man? shows a little surprise, like I haven’t seen him for a long time.


    Hi Katrin,

    What on earth are you doing, man? = what the hell are you doing? = what are you doing? in a strong expression.


      Thank you Adam.


Using “UP” after verbs very confusing to me Adam. I know that one must use it after verb to mark perfect action, but at any rate it’s not just for all cases(as I can hear it).
Thank you.


    sorry, FOR ME…


    Not really sure what you mean here Katrin. UP is a preposition; it’s not related to perfect tenses.


Thank you very much


Very useful!


hi Adam thank you so much if you can please explain Phrasal Verbs with turn


    It’s on its way Javad :)


Hi Adam, I got 9/10, You are the perfect teacher..


Great lesson Adam!!


Thank you teacher Adam I understand a lot of grammar and all your lessons .no my English is looking up.

Murad Mohammad

hey, thank Adam. I have got 9 points and i think i really understand about that phrasal verb. thank in advance!


Adam, say me, please, how I must to say: I ate a lot of fruit (or fruits). Thank you.


    fruit if you’re speaking generally, fruits if you are describing the fact that you had many different kinds of fruit.


      Thank you Adam, I think, I understand.


Great lesson Adam, Very Useful!! thank you very much!!


nice lesson I got easily………..thanks Adam sir


Thanks, Adam.


Hello Adam. Check it please:
1 The fish is biting.
2 Bees have bitten me!
3 My father bites firewood.
4 The mustard is biting my mouth.
5 That fly is blowing eggs.
6 I broadcast news papers.
7 The doctor has burned my wounds.
8 The jar has burst.
9 He cast his teeth 10 years ago.
10 She has cast a child. I’m sorry!
11 The trees cast leaves in autumn.
12 Elks cast horns.
13 He caught some bad disease.(one disease)
14 I was falling, but I had time to cling a branch.
15 I have crept from fear.
16 My neighbours have cut their cat.(because he had wanted outside)
17 I deal dishes in kitchen.

I think, I have written funny things. (I never heard something like those)
Thank you Adam.(of course I want you help me to say those in right way)


    1 The fish is/are biting. (both ok)
    2 Bees have stung me!
    3 My father bites firewood.- ?
    4 The mustard is biting my mouth.- ok, but uncommon
    5 That fly is blowing eggs.–? lol
    6 I broadcast the news (on tv, radio).
    7 The doctor has burned my wounds.- why?
    8 The jar has burst.
    9 He cast his teeth 10 years ago.
    10 She has cast a child. I’m sorry!-?
    11 The trees cast leaves in autumn.
    12 Elks cast their horns.
    13 He caught some bad disease.(one disease)
    14 I was falling, but I had time to cling to a branch.
    15 I have crept from fear.- need context
    16 My neighbours have cut their cat.(because he had wanted outside)-?
    17 I deal dishes in kitchen.-?

    If I put a ? it’s because I’m not sure what the sentence is trying to convey. It’s most often the verb that doesn’t make sense. Other times it’s because out of context, the sentence has no meaning.


      I must throw out my dictionary! Thank you Adam.


        3 My father chops firewood.
        10 She has lost a child.
        17 I distribute plates in the kithen.


          These are OK :)


Thanks a lot


What’s the difference between AWAKE and WAKE?
Thank you Adam.


    Awake can be a verb and an adjective, while Wake is usually an imperative verb (usually with “up”)and can also be a noun with a completely different meaning.


Adam, I can’t understand one thing(it’s when I can use PAST SIMPLE without breaking rules). I know two things:
1 The action was complete some time ago.
2 We know how much time ago the action was complete.
(I read the book ten years ago)
BUT all the time in movies and in books I read, the sentences are in past simple and there isn’t any mention about time.
Could you give me a full answer?(if you have time). Thank you very much.


    Keep in mind that a time reference doesn’t have to be a date or a time period. It can also be a situation:

    I met her in high school.

    High school is a time period in my life and therefore a specific time for the past simple tense.

    Does this help?


      Yes, it does. Thank you Adam.


T. Adam, i have a good news for you.I got 9 out of 10,yet I would love to get your help.
Adam,how can i write compairson contrast essay and descrpitve essay? Actually, I am in advanced level in english but I am still weak in these sorts of essays and it is shameful of me. I can write both narrative and opinion essay. In any case,I would be grateful if you could make a lesson for these.I waiting your response.All the best!


    I’ll see what can do Mohammed ;)


      Thank you!


Adam what is it LAID BACK?
Thank you.


    “Laid back” is an adjective that means relaxed. If someone is always calm and happy, never worried, you could say they’re “laid back”.

    engVid Moderator

      Thank you very much, I hear it sometimes in interviews.


i got 5 :(

Kashif shahzad

OMG,10 correct come on


Thanks got 50%.

Abdul Qayum

Thank you Adams i got 5 out for 10 thank


thank you Mr Adam i got 7 out for 10


This time i got 6 out for 10


9 out for 10


thank you Adam made it this time


Thanks Adam.

Mas Hakim

Thanks Adam you are always so clear.


Adam,hi again. One more question. It’s from English textbook for Russian students. The question is:
choose correct word…
Where can I change Russian money FOR,ON,INTO British pounds?(there is an answer – FOR). But I believe “INTO” would be more correct. Please help me!
Thank you.


    One more:
    Why the animals important TO,FOR people?
    (it would be great to find some lesson about that)


      Adam,I know the animals useful for people, but student’s book answers confuse me sometimes.


        because answer was TO…


          I had watched that video before Adam. I have watched it again. But I’m not sure yet – is it TO or FOR. I think now it is TO.(not sure)


          Yesterday I watched some videos in youtube and I’m not sure even more.


          Animals are useful for people. Think of the idea of benefit (people find animals to be animals beneficial); in this case it’s for.

          Animals are important to people. Think of consideration (people consider that animals are important); in this case it’s to.

          Does this help?


    For is correct as means exchange A for B. But into is also OK, but I would then use the verb convert instead of change.


Adam I’d like to tell you how long and in which way I have been learning English. It’s not a short story, but I’ll try to cut it short. It began few years ago. I even didn’t wanted to learn anything. I had been working and everything was fine in story for me. But one good day an awful thing happened: I was fired… For a long time I didn’t know what to do(sometimes I was really hungry). And I said to myself: I will learn English! From people I heard that the best way to learn any forein language is by hearing. One whole year I had been listening and watching English video lessons. But the result was not good.
Then I bought adapted English book for 5th form(class) students. I read it but result was not good,too.( I watched English videos and it seemed to me that I understand, but when I turned my head aside I understood that I don’t understand anything.) After that I bought a real English book that was printed in London. I was very happy. It was thick, there wasn’t any pictures. I opened it at the 2nd chapter. I began to read. I watched every word in dictionary(I didn’t write them). It was exciting. It was difficult.
But after 2 month I was able to tell one page of this book by heart and I began to understand
some sentences from English videos. It was great.
About three years past since then. And now here I am.

Thank you.(it is not true you know)
(I hope Adam you’ll improve me…)


    Hi Katrin, this is a bit long for this forum, I’m afraid. Try editing it first to see if you can find the errors, then give it to me in smaller pieces.


      I understand. Sorry. Thank you.


        This lesson was VERY important TO me!


thanks a lot Adam




it’s a really helpful lesson Adam Thank you so much for this :)


Thanks for teach me


thanks adam


thanxxxx a lot

menna Alh



    I’d like to practise! My skype is Gênison ferreira de freitas


I learned look into and look around. I think I can use it in my daily life. Goood Adam


Hi Adam can you recommend to me a good book to improve my speaking skill?


    Hi MG,

    The whole point of speaking is to get out of the books and interact with other people. Try to find someone to speak with, then use any classroom textbook for exercises. (better yet, discuss local news, weather, etc.)



Hey, Adam! Thank you for that video, it’s very useful and interesting as well. I got 10 correct out of 10. To be honest, sometimes I mix up some phrasal verbs with the word “look”, I mean the meaning. Thank you for your videos, I like your speech, it’s really clear. Keep it up!


Hi Adam. I have been studying from you for a year by now. When English becomes difficult, I just watch your video. Then English seems easy again. Thanks a lot!


Thanks Adam! Greetings from Azerbaijan!


Hello Adam! hello everybody! I’m glad to join you.
thank you very much Adam. you make difficult things easy


    Welcome Mariya :)


    Hi-hi Masha )


Hi dear Adam thank u so much .Could you give me a way to remembering ph.v ? Thanks


    Hi Arsinr. It’s the same as remembering any new vocabulary– practice and use it often. (also, it helps to write them down and use them in sentences)


Adam, thank you so much for your wonderful lessons! I just came across them on the internet and couldn’t stop watching them for at least an hour, although I’ve been learning English for many years already and am quite fluent in it. If you ever are short of ideas for new lessons, could you please consider THE vs A and WHICH vs WHOSE. I’m never certain about them!


    I’ll see what I can do Tanya :)


Hi Adam, correct me if I wrong, but I suppose there is mistake in subtitles, you said “clues”, not “clothes” on 4:25. Right?


    Yes Crazy :) Good eye


“My mother isn’t feeling well today, so I will look _______ her on my way home.” If my mother will feel self not well, better i will “look after her” than “look it on her” ) Thx. Useful and clear lesson for me!
9 of 10


Thanks a lot, Adam!
I have one question about the sentence in the quiz.
“Gerry has always looked _____ to Mr. Henderson as a hero.”
I’d thought that “as a hero” is about Gerry.

“smb1 doing something to smb2 as a smb3.”
The question is: is it the only meaning that smb3 points to smb2 and not to smb1?
Actually, I have no clue about the rule name to search it on-line :-( Please tell me, where to look up.


    Hi Konstantin,

    I think you’re referring to the comparative adverbial clause:

    He spoke to him as to a child.
    him being the child in this case, though it is reduced (as (he would) to a child)

    In the example I used, ‘as’ is a preposition, meaning in the position of.

    He saw him as a hero. (him= hero)

    Does this help?


Thank you very much. It ia very useful lesson. I like your lessons about phrasal verbs. my english become better with every your lesson.


Thank you very much.


hello Mr. Adam, nice to have such a wonderful teaching. thanks to Engvid. i have heard Brits adding up the preposition “UP” with most of the words.. i dont really know whether it is a slang or real phrasal verbs or they make it up. could you please give me your explanation on phrasal verb that ends “Up” only..thanks do really appriciate your work. god bless


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Adam can you make more videos about phrasal verbs please?! I’m looking forward to watching new videos from you! Thank you ;)


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Hi Adam. May I ask you a question? It’s about “take a rest” or “have a rest”. some people say that “take a rest” isn’t used. but others say that those phrases have different meanings. for example:
“have a rest – enjoy your free time, doing nothing or spending it iN whatever way you want”
“take a rest – decide to have a rest to get a new lease of life after you’ve been working hard”.
And the others say that there’s no difference.
What is the correct? Thank you.


Great video tip. I’ll look though it again to check out if i understood everything. Thank you! Bye

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Hi,please answer my question.I’m sitting into a stadium and I write this sentence on a sheet,is this a right question ? ezeekiel I wish I get your shirt.or ezeekiel I wish I got your shirt.
Which one is correct or both of them are wrong .Thank you so much.


Wonderful courses, thank u Adam!


Nice video Adam, but you did not explain the meaning of “be + look at…” Pity!


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i have a question ..
can we say (look in on to ) used for human
and ( look after ) used for animals !!


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Teacher Adam, I just want to ask about the “to + ing”. When to use that?
Thanks in advance :) ..


    Would you like to practise english by Skype? If you want you’ll be welcome
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Hi, I like your videos, thanks for them. The eternal problem of non-speakes as to phrasal verbs is the word order of a verb and a preposition. “Look through the text” or “look the text through”, “look up the word” or “look the word up” etc. Would you be so kind to explain how is correct.Thanks.


    how many kind? )




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i cant understand when i can use {figure out} could you please explain to us how can we use it? and thanks in advance

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Very good lesson, thank you. If I could recommend something, I would be glad if I could watch lesson about when I have to use different forms of past time. I mean for example.. I have spoke and I have spoken. I quite don’t understand the difference between them, or better when should I use which. Thank you, gretings from Slovak Republic.

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I really like the video. Thank you so much Adam.
It would really be so great if you make a video about the phrasal verb starting from the verb “LAY”. The phrasal verbs starting from this is very confusing.


Hi Adam, is it right to say “what is she look like?”?


Hello Adam! hello everybody! I’m glad to join you.
thank you very much Adam. you make difficult things easy. thanks alot i am very happy listen to your lession…..may god bless y..


Hey Adam,

hope you’re keeping well. Regarding to the test, one of the questions (Gerry has always looked _____ to Mr. Henderson as a hero), i think most likely the answer is (look up to) which’s not available at the options (just to be sure if i understood properly).
Thanks so much for your time and for your massive help! i’m Learning a lot ; )


wow… Great Job teacher Adam! I will check this website everyday. Big thanks!


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i have a question that is not really related to the topic
you see, about the minute 3:00 you said “to make sure there´s no mistakes”. i sounded natural, but i thought, what about the phrase “to make sure there are no mistakes” which one is corret. both?.

well that´s the question. thank you for the lesson , it was really good.


    hi adam i got 100!!
    i have a question that is not really related to the topic
    you see, about the minute 3:00 you said “to make sure there´s no mistakes”. it sounded natural, but i thought, what about the phrase “to make sure there are no mistakes” which one is corret. both?.
    well that´s the question. thank you for the lesson , it was really good.


      Maybe “mistakes” is uncountable?Sorry if I was wrong.


If you want find a nebula on the sky you should to look through the sky by telescope carefully =)


thank you very much

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Thanks you, Adam. It was very useful lesson, but could you not to give us more examples, more sentances with the examples of using the phrasel verbs for better understanding?


Adam, Thank you! Your videos are very important to understand how We can communicate with phrasal verbs.


Thanks a lot Adam, This is so helpful as usual, Most people ask me when I talk to them, If I was in the US Hhhh, that’s all because of your valuable lessons.
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Thank you Adam, I get 7. I am still confused between “look in on” and “look after”. Could you give me some examples? Thanks


Thank you Mr. Adam, its great work, I appreciate it.


Hi Adam. I get 7/10 this lesson. So I have to practise it more and more. Thanks. I really love your class.


Hello, I have a question. I am confused.I have been fluctuating about the indicated sentence: “things will look up” -is it correct to be used as a future form sentence of that one: ” things are looking up”. Thanks in advance! Furthermore, I appreciate your charity! :)

learn to learn

Hello Adam !!! Can I say this way .

I will look over in the bus ?

would be the same. ( I will check in the bus ).


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Thanks Adam. Your lesson is very good for everyone.


Thanks Adam. I got 9 per 10. There is a mistake what conflick between look over and look up. I look over your lesson and i think it’s great! Although i like to learn what we sort phrasal verb alphabet. Why didn’t you sort ‘look’ phrasal verb? Thank you! :)


Hey Adam thanks a lot for such a helpful lesson…
I got 10 out of 10… ☺


Ahhh I should have got 10 out of 10.
My number 8 and 9
My mother isn’t feeling well today, so I will look _______ her on my way home.

It’s very easy. I choose the right answers (8 and 9) but in the result, my answers are different. ummmmm need to fix this.


i got 10 out 10, that’s awesome isn’t it,?

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Hi Adam! Thank you so much for your all lessons! Can we add another most common phrasal for look verb: look for = try to find


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Q5 and Q9, are there any differences?

5. Q: I have to go away on a business trip this weekend. What should I do with Fido?
A: Your dog? I can look ______ him for you.

the answer being just “look in” doesn’t make it right I think


Hi! Thank you very much for your video! I like it very much! And I’ve passed this quiz and get 9 out of 10.
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Adam, I think that LOOK FOR (search) is used very often too. Isn’t it?


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My score is 100! \o/


what does “look on” means at all.
does it mean that pay no attention


I got 9 out 10! I thougth the answer for question 9 was “after” because her mother ins’t felling well… maybe sick, I dont know LOL. Thank you, Adam. I love your lessons!


Thank you Adam. Very interesting class, I liked it very much. Adam, could you please explain a little bit about The ‘Schwa Sound’. It’s very difficult to me. I really appreciat it.

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Thank you for this lesson. I would like to ask a question. In your video you say: “there’s no mistakes” when you are speaking about “look over”. Is the phrase “there are no mistakes correct”? I think we should use plural form for this.




another great and useful lesson


What about “look at”?


    That’s verry simple… I look at you…!


hi buddy, let me contact u in skype to have any conversation to improve english skill,, or is it have a group ? please invite me to join


I’m English from England but I decided to have a go at the quiz anyway. I actually got number 7 wrong. I opted for ‘out for’ because wealthy people should always ‘look out for the poor’right? Just like I look out for my younger brother.


I got 9 correct answers thank you adam so much i look on to you as a best teacher for me by way this is firt sharing.


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Great lesson!!! Could anyone look over these sentences?! My cousin is going to look into her new style! She asked me to look in on the front door while she was paying her taxes!




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I got full marks. Thank a lot for your lesson today, MR David :)


As usual, I copied the answers to recap.
“Look over” means “check quickly”.
“Look out” means ,”Warning. Be careful”.
“Look around” means “browse”.
“Look up” means “check”, “research”, or “find out”.
“Look after” means to take care of something.
“Look up to” means to admire, respect, or have as role model.
“Look down on” means to see as inferior, lower.
“Look into” means “to investigate”.
“Look in on” means to visit someone to see if they are doing well.
“Look through” means to check carefully for details.

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I will try more times.
thank you for your explanation.


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