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nice ! thank you.

rameshwar rao p

I got 6 out of 10 It is hard to memorize coin history, but it is historically information, because hold is gold as well as teacher Gill.

Muhammad Abbas

    I agree with you. I got 7 out of 10.

    Júlio César L Sousa

    Thanks Julio Cesar.

    Muhammad Abbas

10/10 thanks


    do not throw




very interesting, thank you:)


8/10 THANK U.


Hi gill. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I haven’t scored well because even though I watched your video, I was able to recall what you said. So please forgive me for this. I am staying in India so I have no idea about the British currency and all that stuff you taught. But while watching this channel, now I have come to know about all your british currencies. Thank you once again.

palakshi nautiyal

    I think you are much better than me.Sometimes I find I no
    patience to learn.

    Carl Chen

Hello Gill! Very nice lesson about British currency. I found it a little bit complicated, but very interesting.



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Very interesting! Thank you, Gill.

Júlio César L Sousa

8 out of 10
Y’know, I am so bad at history
BTW, it was a wonderful lesson
Great thank


Thanks a lot, Gill.Great stuff.I think all of students would like to see more of such kind of lessons.


Thanks Jill. Diccken’s novels is something like accounting books and I hope it will help me in the future reading of hois books.


Thanks Gill!!
I didn’t know that Mr Adam Smith was on the back of the 20-pound note!Nice to have more knowledge about Britain ;)


Thank you. I have to concertrate more.

vandana a kulkarni

I am rather confused in pounds pence and shillings.

vandana a kulkarni

Iam confused in tenner , fiver and quid. Slang words are new to me.

vandana a kulkarni

Thanks Gill.
I hope your wonderful lesson was Very interesting lesson,Also useful lesson.

Muad Abdiaziz

What a usefull lesson, thank you very much, Gil!

Cristina Canale

Thank you Gill, nice historical information.


My favourite Teacher !


Really good lesson for those who love English, Britain and history.


    Hi MayaSamps! I agree with you. I love History of England as well, and I liked this lesson very much. I love Engvid!

    Eduardo França

Like teacher


Hello Gill!

That is amazing!! Actually, you are a brilliant teacher. You always approach interesting topics in a very creative way. Congratulations! I also know an idiom related to money: “bee and honey” (it is rhyming slang from East End (London), but I think it is out-of-date).

The old British currency was rather complicated. You British must be very good in Mathematics (and I am sure you are).

Thank you very much, and I look forward to your next lesson.

Eduardo França

thanks a lot


i hope that the admin of engvid put place where the users members can do conversation like skype to build our skills in english


so interesting :)
Many thanks.


Thanks Gill for this historical lesson about the UK!

In 1971, after the decimalisation, the new penny become more valuable, keeping the same value for the new pound, or the new pound become less valuable, keeping the same value for the new penny, or none of those?

Fabio Cicerre

    …none of these?

    Fabio Cicerre

    become -> became

    Fabio Cicerre

Interesting lesson…Thank you teacher Gill.


WOW, 7 of 10! I’m very happy*! Thanks Gill!

(*Because is not easy for us that always we use the decimal system.)

Riccardo S

I got 8/10, very happy. Thanks Gill


I do the same thing …


Hi, this lesson needs concentration
I will watch it again


please I want the captions which appear on line to be written on the video to be downloaded


i got 9 out of 10,but how sbout sterling?Gill。is it older than all of these coin of cash?


how can get live programme


Hi everyone. Thanks a lot for the lesson. I sorted out how much a ginea is at least ! It confused me before.
Could I ask you, Gill, to explain which one is correct to WRITE:
Here’s ten pounds or Here are ten pounds?
Do you see the money as a single amount? Does it refer to banknotes? Thank you in advance.


Guinea *, sorry my misspelling


how good ! Thanks teacher.


This lesson was especially useful to me because I’ve always got confused when it comes to currency while reading some English books or watching English films.So thank you very much for this one, Gill!


very fruitfull indeed,thank you


6 correct unfortunately,But

Already I don’t like money


Cute,useful and interesting at the same time.Thanks…

Amira Abo Amrow

Very interesting… But it was perhaps difficult to use the British money before the decimalisation… :-D


Wow,that was hard. 60/100. But still very interesting. Thanks!




I am new and I don’t know anything about British currency


Thank you Ms. Gill. I like the Lesson. It’s very interesting.

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