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I think there is a mistake in the last question. I mean the correct answer.

Valery teacher

    Sorry, there was a mistake, but it’s been corrected now!


I guess that have a mistake in the last question. Thanks for the video.


It’s a type of class that I really like: bases on conversation and real life experiences!

Thanks, Emma and Benjamin!

Isaias Menezes Silva

This really nice. Thanks a lot Emma


Great conversation accordingly to cover different topic that fantastic

Muhammad Abbas

Thanks! It is a really interesting video covering a lot of topics. I am pleased with it.


I didn’t know there are cultural differences even between English speaking countries. It was interesting to learn them though the conversation between two great teachers was advanced level for ESL students. I think I sometimes understand more than 85% of the explanation but I understand less than 30% of the conversation when I watch movies. To be fluent English speaker, there seems to be quite a long way to go.

Insoo Yeo

Thanks Emma!!Thanks Benjamin!!


Interesting conversation. I love Benjamin’s accent.

Abigail Falcon

Thanks Benjamin!!

Seif Eldawla

I got 6/7, the lesson is pretty hard, I must rewatch sometimes because have many new concept, anyway it is useful for me because i can listen two culture very popular in the world and your accent. Thank Emma and Benjamin very much

nguyen van long

Thank you for your lessons.


Thanks guys for the video, and thanks for the different accents video too
I liked this 2 videos with both. I hope in a future we can see more videos about you (Emma and Benjamin)



Hello! I want to say that your videos are great but I think they can be with subtitles. I can’t undertand everything.


What a nice video, I mean, it’s so cool to learn about culture and details like that. I’ve never visited USA, Canada or UK so this video was very interesting and meaningful for me.

Greetings from Colombia



Emma, Benjamin, thanls a lot!


Benjamin has a very nice accent. I love the sound of it!


Hello, Emma!! You are a wonderful teacher. How easy to remember every word you are saying. Each lesson is so interesting! Thank you!!!


Thank you for the video, it was nice


It’s Strange Emma has a nice voice, very easy to understand, almost as if she was speaking in my native language…
For Benjamin I mostly understand but it seems “out of phase” I’m always about to miss some words…
Visibly the channel is deeper than the atlantic ocean :)


5/7 ^^


6/7! A good listening video. I can hear more times for listening practice.

Jerry Gu

it was clear to me the difference between the languages ​​spoken in North America and the UK, that is, I understood almost nothing of what Benjamin said …….


…on the other hand, Emma’s classes are very productive for me. Thank you very much Emma


Thanks a lot Emma for this lesson. (Azores islands, 13may2021);


Thanks Emma.

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