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Abdishakur Jama

Great Lesson I got 5 correct out of 6.

Muhammad Abbas

    do you want to practice English with me.

    abduullah 1

Great lesson, very useful to compare both accents!!!Thanks Emma and Benjamin!!
Btw, where did you record that video??Was it in England or in Canada???
Can´t wait for the second part ;)


    It was recorded Canada before the pandemic. The second part will be released before the end of October.




Joining Engvid.com today isn’t a coincidence! It is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever dreamt of. Just can’t wait to expand my learning experience. Cheers!


do any body want to practice English with me.

abduullah 1

    I can differentiate both accents, this really helped me.


    I am Ready.

    Muhammad Abbas

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    Muhammad Abbas

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    Alex Oliv.ira

Great lesson of some main diferences between those lovely accents you know for learning a language we should be familiar with all the accents and cultures it has, and here for learning english in my case i’d rather to learn and can able to speak and understand all the accent wether it’s american, british, indian, autralian, and e.t.c

Parwin sayyad

Interesting video comparing British and North American accent. It’s great to see my favourite teachers at the same time. Thanks for the superb lessons for us.

Insoo Yeo

Very interesting lesson with a huge vision about the english language and how it’s make the difference to understand and communicate confidently with natives. Thanks Benjamin and Emma!

Isaias Menezes Silva


    Alex Oliv.ira

I got 5/6, actually, I feel Emma’s accent is easier for listen. In fact I prefer American accent to British, but I like BBC news so i usually hit difficult when listen them. Anyway thank Benjamin and Emma very much, your video is useful and interesting, hope see you next time

nguyen van long

Is it weak to speak Rusyngish?


That’s great!

Marta Maria

    Hi I am Abbas Khan from Pakistan, would you like to add me please. its great when we share something new from each other that fantastic to learn and step forward.

    Muhammad Abbas

ohh! Where you are? England or canada?


Hi I am Abbas Khan from Pakistan, would you like to add me please. its great when we share something new from each other that fantastic to learn and step forward.

Muhammad Abbas

I believe the climate and geographic conditions may affect the people’ character and also their accent. If people live in a region or a country with a harsh environment for example, they may be stronger-willed, and their accent may, likewise, be harder. This effect can be noticed easily, when you compare the south and north England, or England and the north America.

This lesson was so helpful. I realised that I used both English and American accent time to time. An accent is born

Thanks Emma and Benjamin!


Well, I got 83%, 5 of 6 :D. It was interesting the video to understand and learn well the pronunciation and accents in both countries because being a Latin guy in Spanish wherever the place where speak Spanish the pronunciation will be the same, onle the accent will be different XD.


Great video guys, I will wait for the second part


really a great video, thanks a lot


Can someone help me how to use this website plz


    Welcome to engVid, Andullahi!

    We have many years of videos to watch! You can search for videos by level, topic, and teacher using the English Lesson Finder.

    Some lessons also come with downloadable resources, like lists of words.

    All our teachers are on YouTube, and there are playlists for different levels and topics. And if you want to know whenever a new lesson is uploaded, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

    If you have any questions, just ask! Have fun ?️

    engVid Moderator

      An informative and educational video
      I just scored 6/6 I really love the British accent


fantastic video


Thank you for this class/video.
I’ve seen a lot of movies and the accent changes in many different ways, but it’s so cool at the same time, it’s the same language and different way to pronounce a word. This helps me a lot with my journey (learning English)

Take care, stay safe.
Greetings from Colombia.


Hi all Frindes




if Im talking about “American English”, it goes without saying that includes all the english speaking countries (of the continent). it is not an issue when people from the US call themselves Americans, the problem is that they think they are the only Americans in America.


Thank you


Hello Emma, I noticed I usually mix both type of accents; is it wrong?..Obviously I haven’t noticed before of this video, buy I do. Thanks for helping me.

Duber A

Thank you very much Mr. Benjamin and Ms. Emma.

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