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First comment hh
Thanks Ronnie for this useful video
Be gentalman/lady by washing and cleaning your self everyday.
A red flower with good smell to you


Thank you so much Runnie I think I smell good like you

Sunantha Atsawakitthada

Hello…I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis?
My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.
Thank you.


    Man, are selecting people? Because I sent message for you and you do not answer.

    Alex Oliv.ira

Thank you for your great sense of humour))

Julie Passon

Thnak you Ronnie for these good advices and easy tasks.
There’s a couple of verbs in some phrases in the quiz that confusied me a little bit. Because these verbs have a base form but I think translated to portuguese have a infinitive form.
Like the verb “decide” in the ninth question. It’s a third person sentence, imperative form?
Thanks for all and have a good one!


Thank you Ronnie. It was a helpful lesson for both hygiene and English.

Insoo Yeo

9:10. Hmmm… Not bad for begining


I really need someone to help brush my speaking


Thank you very much for this lessons.
We should always smell good.

Med Amin

thanks teacher very good, you are nice.

Wilson Barrera

Though everyone knows these basic hygienes but good to know new vocabs such as Reek etc to use. Thanks Ronnie


i’m to getting better


interresting lesson about a piece of culture, western one in modern time, don’t smell but also take care of your health because you can live more than 75 years !


Hi miss ronnie do you have a online english class? I adore you so much the way you teach and I want to learn more.. thanks ronnie


Yeah 10 out of 10. Thank you Ronnie. I didn’t know about I should brush my teeth 3 times a day. I thought only two. Now I will do 3 times a day.


Thank you so much Runnie


Thank you! :) I use your advices every day :)


Thank you ronie


Thank you very much, Ronnie, I like you


Thank you so mach :)


I think I have learned a lot about hygiene, about keeping myself clean, thank you teacher!


nice lesson thanks for your efforts 😇


Hi everyone .
Thanks to the All Mighty , he created soap , antiperspirant , toothpaste and toothbrush, perfume , bath salts , bath and shower after that he created us to use all of these . That is why we are definitely not animals . He simply forgot to create something to make our mind cleaner !


    I have been mistaken
    God gave us Love . So love people more than three times a day even those that reek from there armpits or from there breath . Unfortunately ,in this world , not everybody can afford means of self cleaning


thanks a lot !!!


Excellent lesson Roonie, thanks.


This was good lesson thanks Ronnie. Stay healthy


Thank you 😍 for this amazing lesson and Quiz


Love your all videos ronnie , you are funny and lovely person 😍❤

Abdo jaafer

thanks a lot. i realaly hav a good time with your explanation. i laughed out loud very much.

Hugo Imar

8/10 it’s not a bad result
but i have to make ten on ten last times


thank you Ronnie.

Radwan Salah

Thank you Ronnie.I got 8/10..


I love the way you teach. Your sense of humour causes students to pay much more atention .
I’m pretty sure you enjoy teaching.
Greetings from Argentina

Non wise Denis

but some people have a medical condition that cause them to smell bad !even if they wash their body many times one day ,they still have bad smell .

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