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    omg then if you know that this is bad why do you speak about it.

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      shit man

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Thanks Ronnie for teaching us these interesting expression!!!

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Thanks Ronnie. you are the best like every time and this lesson was grate and unique.
PS. about Tie the knot: It refer to ancient Roman ceremony that groom should open the knots around bride girdle before marriage consummated.

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Hi thanks for this interesting lecture. I really like that hand writing and I’m still thinking how could some one’s hand writing be so good.

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Hi my teacher Ronnie and Engvid Moderator, your this video doesn’t appear on the list of Engvid web site. Just look on youtube list and can only enter here from youtube. I wanted to let you know.

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    Thank you for letting us know! It’s fixed now.

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You got 8 correct out of 10.

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Cool t-shirt. #Bolsomito17

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Thanks, Ronnie! Your lessons are so funny, we often laugh loudly when listening to your lessons. In China,long time ago, the people who will get married couldn’t see each other before they get married. for example, my grandfather and grandmother tie the knot, the first sight is on their wedding.

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Thank you Ronnie

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It’s a good lesson, thank you Ronnie.
I got the 10 answers right.

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hello, great class, thanks for the lesson

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Very nice lesson. I enjoyed a lot! Thanks Ronnie, you’re the best!

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usful expressions
Thank you Ronnie

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…but you are actually not standing, well, you could, depends on your style… nice touch, Ronnie

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OMG! we have store here named Mr.Quickie that fixes shoes and bag. Would that name be OK?

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    Hahaha! There is a French expression used in English, “double entendre” (two meanings), for words or phrases like this. They have a meaning that is ordinary or innocent, and a meaning that is a bit rude or sexual. People would understand the first meaning (the shop fixes shoes/bags quickly), but also the second. It’s funny, whether the store’s name is an intentional double entendre or not. 😊️

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Good job ronny

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Useful lessons and beautiful t-shirt!
Thanks Ronny!

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Awesome 👏🏻

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That’s why I like you ma’am, you’re funny!

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Ronnie, UR GR8! One can easily guess who wrote the questions for the quiz. Absolutely hilarious! I’d like to pop it up to you)))

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Thank you Ronnie!! It’s nice learn new expressions!

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Hello everybody,
I got 10 i am happy to learn with you Ronnie
Thank you a lot bigg kiss
I can’t wait for watch next video

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plz don’t say any bad words because maybe a kid saw it.
thank you

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and i mean sex

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