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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.
This is the _____________ chocolate cake I've ever tasted.

Of all the athletes at this year's Olympic games, Michael won the _____________ medals.

Pickle-flavored popsicles are the _____________ food trend of 2018.

This romantic comedy was so bad that it received the ____________ marks on the film critic's website.

Nineteen is the __________ amount of hours I've ever slept in a row.

Chad is the ___________ muscular guy on the football team.

"Cleo is the most friendly girl in my class."
Is this sentence written correctly?

Which word is not a superlative of "simple"?

Which word is not a superlative of "gentle"?

Steve was the laziest worker at his job and always did the ____________ amount of work.

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I suppose the second question in the quiz was about Michael Phelps?

Saturday, March 30th 2019

i got 5 correct but i have put knowledge in this quiz.and i think i need to understand the sentence. thank u and te’ll next time.

Saturday, March 30th 2019

THank you for your course, it was great 👍

Saturday, March 30th 2019

Seems I need to study more.

Saturday, March 30th 2019

Thank you James!

Sunday, March 31st 2019

I guess this is a mistake with two incorrect answers in the question №9. Gentliest and gentist are not a superlative of “gentle”. Am I right?

Sunday, March 31st 2019

gentist ?!!!! Hello James you know I love you. but what is gentist

Sunday, March 31st 2019

Hi James, everyone. Here are my five sentences.

. Pluton is the farthest planet.
. Sun is the biggest astro of universe.
. Engvid.com is a online english school much better than any other.
. In a second time I did the quiz I got out better than first.
. In some restaurants in china Mr. E is the most popular dish.

All the best for everyone.

Sunday, March 31st 2019

thanks James

Sunday, March 31st 2019

80 % with doubts at the question 5 and 9…Thank you very much teacher James.

Sunday, March 31st 2019

Thank you Mr. James!

Sunday, March 31st 2019

I’m concern with no.9. Thank you Mr. James

Sunday, March 31st 2019

Thank you James.

Monday, April 1st 2019

Thanks a lot, James! It wasn’t surprise for me. But it’s very useful to refresh own knowledge. My result – 100.

Monday, April 1st 2019

Hello James thanks for Benefit lessons

Monday, April 1st 2019

Dont think gentist is even a word. Just check it

Wednesday, April 3rd 2019

thanks for the lesson, by the way james,I want to ask something, where is the part 4 of Master Modals with the SEAM Method?
Thnk you

Wednesday, April 3rd 2019

Hey dear James stunning class now I know much more about superlatives thanks to you…… anyway….. greetings from surco

Thursday, April 4th 2019

Seems I need to study more. Thank you

Sunday, April 14th 2019

the number nine is a little bit confused, I marked gentist because it sound crazy, but not the true answer.

Tuesday, April 16th 2019

Nice gramar lesson

Tuesday, April 16th 2019

I got 8 out of 10.thank you sir.

Wednesday, April 17th 2019

I enjoyed that lesson, i’ll to do my best!

Thursday, April 18th 2019

    I enjoyed it!

    Thursday, April 18th 2019

hi james
please help me out with the meaning of the word ‘heuristic’

Friday, April 19th 2019

I have three wrong out of ten. Knowledge is power .thanks

Thursday, May 2nd 2019

I got 3 out of 10.But,this is fun and it challenge me more.I am not good in English,but I married American guy.One day he told me that my English is a shit.And I promised to myself,I will do the best thing I can to improve my English.I don’t have money to go back in school.Thank God that he make a way for me and for everyone who can’t afford to go in school.Thank you Mr. James,and to others for helping us.God bless.

Sunday, May 5th 2019

I’ve got 9 out of 10. Greaaaaaaaaaat

Monday, May 20th 2019

Got true 9 out of 10
Pleased and thanks.

Friday, June 28th 2019

you are the BOSS )

Wednesday, July 31st 2019

Good evening James,
Thank for your teaching, but can you tell me where to send my Homework to you Please?
Madeleine from Paris

Wednesday, September 18th 2019

Good afternoon James,
How are you today?
Here are some Exercises:
Create five sentenses using the comparative or the superlative.
1) Paris offers better life opportunities than Lisbon
2)New Dhli is the mostpoluted city in Asia
3)Africa has the worst child food balance in the world
4)Madeira first monks produce the best in the country dispite the worst acces to testing

5) Winter is comming, the worst time of the year


Sunday, September 22nd 2019

9 out of 10
Thanks for the lessons James! You are a fantastic teacher.

Monday, September 23rd 2019

Hi James,
6 out to 10. So I have to work
Thank you Teacher

Tuesday, September 24th 2019

very useful!, I’ve been using your videos to teach my son.

Sunday, November 17th 2019

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