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I agree with you.


Thank you. As always, interesting and helpful. I’ve been binge-watching White Collar for the last three days. And my neighbor is a toxic person. She is quite a Karen. Now I know the right words for her!


excellent tutorial & quiz. I got 8 out of 8.

MD Sanju



I’m sorry and must truly speak I’m impressive about your dress special belt of dress that is very nice, it made me distraction sometime of period first videoclip, anyway i’m still have 10/10 thanks your explaination is very clearly and easily to understand, thank Emma so much

nguyen van long

Thanks for this class. In my opinion you should include “protocol”. In Brazil this word is used a lot in this year.


Thank u so much. In 2020 the world that I see a lot was to STAY HOME.

Anderson luis de souza moraes

Hi…I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis?

My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.

Thank you.


    You can try Speak Peak. There’re a lot of people there with the same goal, and it’s free.


I wouldn´t have chosen a better word for 2020, although I can´t agree on the term itself. We can talk about physical distance, which is not the same as social distance. I´m wondering who´s spread all these words all over the world….
Thanks a lot for your lesson Emma ;)


Emma, thank you very much for this video! Your lessons have helped me to improve my English. I’ve watched all of them twice and I’m looking forward for a new one! You are an amazing and encouraging teacher! And your lessons are always entertaining and actual! Thanks for your work!!!

Zhanna Maltseva

Is there any Saudi Arabian?

Omar. Kh

I’ve seen a lot of toxic people around the Internet. They could be really mean sometimes. :(


    I get emotional when they speak harmful words to me.


    That’s very sad :(. Try ignoring what they say and think positive!


      Thank you for the wonderful advice. You are a pretty nice person.


interesting lesson Emma.

karthika karunakaran

Thanks Emma :)
I have binge-watched El chapo and Money heist despite I am not a real couch potato
Best regards


Thanks Emma, I loved this lesson.


Hello everyone, I hope your all doing well.

What is the different between feat and mix


I enjoy from your teaching method. Thank for you, dear teacher.


Great class, I had so much fun! Thanks Emma


Thanks Emma :D

Saint Thiri

Very good Emma, That’s great lesson

Dr. Raman. G

ı love your lessons EMMA :))


I binge-watch EngVid videos today. Thanks Emma.


thankyou so much, it is really commented words and expressions that I didn’t know.

azin kmi

i got 100 it was easy or im smart


Thank you dear Emma .I am so glad that you are my teacher.Have a nice time.

Nooreddin Asadi

Thank you, Emma! As always, very interesting class…


I recently binge-watched Dirilis Ertugrul seeries

Hamza Saleem

Thank a lot.

Khin Myat Thin

Thank you so much, Emma. You were born with the gift to teach English.


Actually all of the names for the years are perfect except 2020 if I want to choose the name of this year I will choose hardly life just because the corona virus that makes the life really hard thanks alot 🙂 for the teaching ❤🙏🙏

King ali 2000

Emma, you are amazing and you are the best teacher I have ever seen thank you for your lessons and your efforts to research and preparing this wonderful video.

Mosay Jala

Emma,it is a good leason

Abdull khabir hamidi

Thank you very much. A great video with important words. You are the best teacher.


Thank you for the great lesson, and I’d suggest
that “zoom/zoomed” is a new verb that I used a lot in 2020.


Thanks a lot Emma for sharing a good lesson.
My word for 2020 is lockdown 😢 I was unable to travel on my annual vacation.

Hasan Soledad

    Exactly! I agree…


Emma, thanks a lot for the lesson!! :)


Thank you, it’s very actual frases.


Very nice questions.


Thank you, It’s very great lesson.


Excellent lesson

Junyoung K

I agree with you, but what about ( endemic ) word?

Mr.hany physics

    That’s great❤️


In my country we use the name Susana to refer to social-distance, su means you, Sana means safe in this case.


you did a thorough job Emma! thank you!


I love this course, thank you emma!


Thanks a lot Emma !
I’m from Brasil and really people are very distancy but I suppose that is because Coronavirus or sometimes because they are strange even though I’m from Rio de Janeiro but for now I’m leaving in Criciuma, Sta.Catarina and some people are really weird…

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