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I have been doing this quiz for two minutes, and I get 10 of 10


    me too man, this is awesome . yupiii


      me too , thanks !


        Me too, ☝️???????


    I have been learning English for 25 years, and still got problems


      25 years do you know you are broke my dream of learn english


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      alberto ferrara

    Me too . ??️


    actually you “got” 10/10


    you should say, and I got 10 out of 10.
    don’t forget time, you are talking about something you did in the past, you could use get when you describe a habit that maybe used all times.
    thank you


    me too thanks alot emma


    I think you have wanted to say: I done this quiz for two minutes and I got 10 out of 10. Am I wrong?


I’ve been on engVid lessons ever since I happened to find one on YouTube. Your pronunciation is one of my favorite among other teachers. Thanks, Emma?


    i agree, she has an accent very understandable.

    ilson santos

Thanks Emma
I’ve been watching Emma for Seven months


Hi Emma. I would like to ask you about 8th question in the quiz. Does it mean that Kyle is still doing laundry or that action was done?

P.S. Thanks a lot for the great lesson :)


    She is still doing laundry. Present Perfect Progressive (Continues) is about action that has been started in the past and is STILL in progress at the moment of speaking.

    This sample may sound strange. But laundry is all sort of activity: washing, ironing, etc and so it can take pretty much a lot of time.




I have been watching this video almost 18 minutes,and understood the whole topic) Thank you,Emma for this)

Mir Murad

Very Good Lesson, Emma. As always. You have been giving very good lessons for such a long time.

Valery teacher

I have been staying on engvid for 2 years


100 ☺. Thank you Emma!


Thank u Emma. I have been following you for six months.


100/100 thanks for you emma
I have been watching your videos for 3 months


Thanks Emma! I got 10/10!I have been studying English forever!)

Anna Slukvina

Dear teacher Emma, I have a questions for you: shouldn’t we start or finish the question with the preposition “for”?

Valeria P. Konishi

    It may be specific in your language. It would still be interesting if you write some sample. But in English sentence does not finish with “for” word. It can be started with “for” word like: For 3 years I have been working there. But it sounds better to use time at the end so: I have been working there for 3 years.


      What about: You are the teacher that I always have been waiting for.


Thank you Emma!
I have been watching your videos by Youtube for 2 years.
And I will continue to do it!


Thank you, Emma
I have been watching you on youtube for two months


Emma you’re like an elder sister or like a mother to me.I’ve been watching and following you for a long time.Please keep studying us as long as you can :)


I have been doing this quiz for 1 minute
I have got 10/10 thank you Emma
I have been watching engvid video for 1 years ❤️❤️?


Usually your lesson are interesting

Mouhcine tene

Thank you emma


Thanks Emma, I have been watching your videos for two weeks.


I have been preparing for IELTS test for almost one and half year but now stuck up in writing.

aftab anwar

thank you very much good explanation for tense of present perfect continuous


I have been watching EngVid videos for a long time and finally I am leaving my first comment here =) Thank you, Emma! Your videos are very helpful for me.


Dear Emma, I have been studying this lesson for two hours. ;-].
Thank you for the way you’r doing this.
Best regards, Peter


Thank you very much Emma. I’ve got 100%.
I’ve been stadying English with you only for 2 months.


I have been watching Engvid.com for a long time, and you’ve been one of my favorite teacher. Thanks a lot Emma!


I have been stadying with you for 1 hour

thank you teacher Emma


Thank you very much Emma for the good explication about the Present Perfect Progressive!!
I have been learning English for 6 months and I have been watching your videos for 3 months.


Emma, thank yo for this lesson. I have been learning English from you for two months.

Baba Sani

Got it, Thanks

Shamsullah Yousafzai

I got 10/10!
I have been studying English for a long time.
I have been watching Engvid videos for many years.

Thank you, Emma. You’re a great teacher :)


Thank you Emma! You are awesome teacher.


I got 10 correct out of 10.XD
I have been studying English for many many years! This “Present Perfect Progressive” have confused me so long(not now). Thank you very much, teacher Emma!


Hi engvid.I have a question. I appreciate you if you answer why don’t you change the form of website? I mean please make the form of web better by changing or making some differences in it.
One more thing:you and your group are perfect. But I have one question. Can you put some more facilities for members? Can you add somethings to your web to make here more fun? Please answer. I feel here became boring Thank you.


    Please provide some ideas…


i have been working out for 1 year , thank u Emma


Hi Emma, I want to take 3rd-time IELTS exam. I got 5.5 but I need 6.5. please, Emma, help me how I can be got 6.5. speaking and writing 5.5 listening 6 and reading 4. please Emma give me an advice. how I can increase my number.


I have been studying English for 2 years.

SACKO Hamidou

Hello Emma! How long have you been living in Canada?
Now I´ll know your age :-)


Thank you Emma




I have been learning English for a long time. Thanks, Emma!


I have been looking for this kind of website for years and now I find this engvid. There’s a lot of very good teacher in this website and they are very good at teaching, so much beter than my english teachers at my english classes. Thanks a lot engVid :)


Excellent lesson Emma, i always have been stadying english sice last year.

Thank you very much!!!


I got 10 correct out of 10
I’ve been working for 2 month in my new job


I have been studying english with engvid for almost two years, and I always like when pop up one more video…

William Neto

I have been learning the present perfect progressive for your lesson
thank you so much, Emma and all of the teachers

Latef Amer

Thanks, Emma! Good lesson. I got 10


I’ve been watching the Emma’s video for 2 months.

Kicheon Cho

I have been looking for a teacher to teach like you!


Great lesson Emma! Really. Congrats! Well, I have been fighting against plastic pollution for four years. I have also been studying recycling and new technologies eco-friendly for years.

John B

I’ve have been studying english for 5 months, because i love the north american culture!
Thank you for your classes Emma!


I have been watching this video for 7 minutes.

Vinicius Rodrigues

Thank you Emma. I have been watching your video for several months and I found myself get better understanding in english :)

wiwik junus ismail

Thank you Emma. I have been watching your video for 3 days ..


One minute,10 points!! Thanks Rebi.


Sorry Emma,not Rebi…I was to rush!


I have been learning English for two years and you, Emma, are great teacher for me,thanks for your job


    hiii and please can you make me friend


    Yes.she is’s great teacher.


Hello. I have been living in my town for all my life.


I have been dating her for a long time.

Dhanmay sharma

I have been writing this message for 30ty seconds. You have been teaching us for 20 minutes. They have been taking a quiz many times. We have been expecting this lesson so long. He has been listening to Emma’s lesson since morning. She has been st


Great lesson, thanks Emma, nice wearing, colors from nature)))


I’ve been teaching Chemistry for 13 years.

I love your classes Emma. Thank you!


Very nice lesson. When are you going to explain Past and future perfect progressive and also explain the difference between for and since in that video.


    When you are just telling the story that follows one action after another, then Past Simple is usually used. Sample: I waited on bus station. Bus arrived. I went home.

    But Past Perfect Continues is used to express activity that happened before some other activity in the past and you want to explicitly state that some activity happened before some other activity.

    Sample: I had been waiting for ages (<– Past Perfect Continues) before the bus arrived (<– Past Simple).
    Form: Subject + had + been + verb-ing

    Future Simple is used to express some activity will happen in the future.
    Sample: I will go to the cinema tomorrow.

    But Future Perfect Continues is used to express activity that starts now and will continue till some event in the future happens.

    Sample: To the end of the century most national resources will have been disappearing slowly by firmly.

    Form: Subject + will + have + been + verb-ing


      … and difference between for and since.
      For is used to express duration. It is expressed in quantity of time.
      I have been smiling for 3 minutes.
      For 3 years she was babysitting the next door child.
      They have been listening to teacher lecture for whole day.

      Since is used to express some event or point in time that action starts from.
      I have been working hard since Friday.
      She has been crying hard since her boyfriend left her.
      They have been singing since they came to the stage.


Thanks Emma, you teach that tenses so crystal clear :)

Here is my sentence:
I have been studying English with EngVid for 4 years.

sisca y

Thank you for your lessons Emma.
.he was passed on me,
He was passed by me..what’s the difference


Thank you, Emma!! I have been trying to learn English forever… With your lessons, I hope I can!


Thanks Emma. I have been playing human towers for 20 years


I have been loving Emma forever! She has been the best teacher that I´ve met. Kisses


I have been loving to learn English with Emma for two years :)


how long have you been working in eng vid web site


Engvid,please answer to my question. I like to get my answer.


I’ve been studying seriously English since Last year.

Gustavo Perez Criollo

i have been looking forward for a teacher like EMMA for decades and now i found her, i am very happy, i am a luck man, thank you EMMA

ilson santos

hi i am student im lean university im going to lean english i am new student in this when i went to helps dhis rules and uses of lessons


Thank you emma. I have Been learning your lecture for 2 month.

Akib hossain

Thank you Emma.

Jdair soufyane

Thank you emma


I have been learning english for ten years


can u teach us the differences between present perfect tense and present perfect progressive tense. I am quite confused by these 2 grammar
and because u already taught us present perfect progressive tense why do not teach us the past perfect progressive tense also
Thank you teacher


    Present Perfect is used to express activity that started in the past and is still continues into the present.

    Sample: I have been studying English for 5 years.
    Explaining: I started 5 years ago and I am still studying it up till now.

    Difference between Present Perfect Simple (Tense) and Present Perfect Continue (Progressive) is just in expressing that some activity was lasting longer time, you are focused on “lasting”.

    Present Perfect Simple
    Sample: I have worked at my company for 5 years.

    Present Perfect Continues
    Sample: I have been working at my company for 5 years.

    Both above samples have very similar meaning. First is just expressing the fact. Second expression may be understood that 5 years is little bit long. Something is lasting longer.

    Some verbs are more suited to be used for Simple and some for Continues and can have different meaning if used as Simple or Continue.

    Sample Simple: I have finished my picture.
    It means I was drawing a picture and finally (probably few seconds ago) I finished it.

    Sample Continues: I have been finishing my picture.
    This statement is expressing the activity is lasting. It is still not finished, but I am close to it. Activity will probably continue in the future.

    Past Perfect Continues (Progressive) – please see my comment above at some other user that was asking the same question.


      Thank you for the explanation rokaly
      God bless u


I have been talking English for 4 years.

khem phakna

Thank you Emma.I have been playing soccer for one hour.


Thank you for this lesson!!! I`m scored 10 of 10!! Very nice explanation of grammar topic.


I have been following umma for 7 months


Thank you Emma,
I have been studying your lesson for 10 months.


Thanks Emma, I have been studyng your lesson for 30 minutes and I loved, congratulations :D


Thank you Emma for your kind reply and explanation in details.


yes perfect..thank you teacher Emma


Thank you!)

Iryna Zakharuk

I have been listening Emma for 3 months


thank you, i got 100


Perfect Emma!

I have been learning english for 2 years.
I have been studying your lesson for 10 minutes


please, can someone tell me what she said in the minute 9:47?, because I understood “How — we do that” I suppose that it’s a contraction but I’m not sure all at.


I have been learning english through engvid for one year


Thanks! İ have 10/10.


thanks emma, now i understand the present perfect progressive
i have been watching this video for 30 min


thank you Emma, i have been watchining you in all moments..

Rafhael Alves

i have been watching this video for 20 minutes and it is great to understand the present perfect progressive. Thank’s emma


Thank you Emma for you have been teaching us for a long time. Your lesson is very good.


its great to listening to you

khedr mohamed

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Yeahhh 10/10


Thanks Emma. :)


it’s a pleasure to follow your courses.
Thank you very much!!!


You got 10 correct out of 10.Thank you

M kartal

8/10 for me

Hari Jangam

Hi! I liked this video because I have been learning English for almost 2 years and this video has helped me a lot. Thank you, Emma!:)


i’ve been doing this quiz for 1 min and a half and i got 10 correct out of 10


hi,as long as iam doing something, that means it has a starting time and has not ended yet, in this case I use this tense.
very good thankyou, I added something to my language.


i’ve been watching your video for 3 weeks and now my english was getting better than before and i found new vocabs and understood how to use some grammer. thank you for teaching us english.




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Ahmed Sharef

Hi there, I have been watching videos of eng vid for years to learn english. This is a good plat form to learn english.


I can not believe, I finally understood and did everything right. Oh my gosh




i have been learning english with her for 2 weeks , love her


thanks for your video Emma, was a great help …


Challenging in a good way. Thank you Emma.


Good lesson.
Could youplease explain the difference between past continuous and past perfect continuous tense?
1. We were playing tennis when it started raining.
2. We had been playing tennis when it started raining.

How do differ these?
I hope you will answer to my question.
I have asked you few questions before, but you have never considered me yet.


great lesson, thank you Emma


Hi. Thanks a lot Emma


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I am taking 100/100
thank you emma
best regards

mohamed alkssr

I have been watching engvid’s video since morning. Thank you!


I have been watching your videos for 2 months.


i got 10/6


I have been studying English for 6 months. Thank you for your lesson!


Thanks Emma. Your lesson is very good.

Alejandro Salazar

Really I love this site


Thanks Emma! That was such a great lesson!

We have been trying to understand present perfect progressive for so many time. Now you make it clear!


I have been watching the videos emma for 6 months and i have improving my english so much!!


finally 100\100 :)


hi Emma, thank you for the wonderful lesson :)
could i ask you to explain the difference between these two sentences:
“i’ve been dating for 6 years”
“i’ve been maried for 6 years”
i’m asking about the difference between present perfect and present perfect continuous
thank you very much


Thank you !!!

koralys m

Well done, Emma! You are the best!


It was my first quiz test but I did very well I get 10 out of 10 it was amazing and very interesting.


very interesting keep it up


i’m think it very good and it can help everyone study english


Thank you, Emma really you are amazing, appreciate your offer.

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great class

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hahaha! i have been watching this video for eight teen minutes and i answered the quiz up correctly.


Hi Emma,
it was awesome,i do like your teaching style.thank you so much please do upload how to identify subject in sentence.


this lesson was good


How long have I been studying for English?
It has been studying for many years,but my English still not so good! What can I say?
Do you have any idea,Emma? I thank you for you teaching me an English so well,Emma.


Thank you Emma!


I got 10 correct out of 10. Thank you for teaching.

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I have benn studying english for 5 months. This lesson was great, thank you Emma, I love you.


WOW I GOT 100/100 TOO


That quizs are very easy for me.

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Good morning Emma the lesson of present perfect progressive was very good.

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mostafa abdelhamied

Exellent explanation, Emma!
Could you explain this sort of question
‘Be’ it’s a stative verb, but not so long I’ve seen this sentence’I’ve been beeing here for 6 years now’ IS it coorect to say??? Or verb ‘live’ more relevant?
Thank you!


I have been answering quiz for 3 minutes

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    Greetings from Brazil!


Thank you Emma,Really helpful.


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(true or false)


THANKS Emma that is very good and I learn what is present perfect progressive tense. I use to learn present perfect and now I can learn new grammar. YIPPPEEE. LOTS OF THANKS


hello teacher
I have been doing this quiz for two minutes, and I get 10 of 10


thank you, good lesson ! 10/10


I got 90 ?
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Thanks Miss Emma… ?


I have been learning English for one month. Emma, you are the best.


I have been this quiz in 5 min and get 100. Thanks Emma!!


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Yeaahh…. i got 10 correct out of 10


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I got 100% my dear Emma. I’ve been watching Engvid classes for six years, and you are my favorite teacher.

Sally Brazilian Student



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I have been watching this video for 47 Minutes and also I have been answering the Quiz for 2 Minutes

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I have been learning English for many years. I have been studying language under the guidance of ENGVID for 2 months, and find it very effective.
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Thank you, Emma. Your video really helps me understand present perfect progressive. Anyway, where can I find the material about verbs of demand? (Verbs which are followed by simple present) Thank you!

Tia Aulia

Thank you,Emma.
Your teaching lesson is helpful and useful to me heavily.
Thank you very much!

Qi Zhou

Thanks for this informative lesson.
I have a question. Although it’s not 100% related to this topic,I’d appreciate it if you answered me.
I want to know if either of the following sentences is correct:
1 “It’s been a long time that I’ve been interested in sth”
2 “It’s been a long time that I am interested in sth”


You rock Emma! :)
Thx for all.


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Very good video for English learning students.I have been learning English for a long time.


I’ve been studying English for a long time, but not on a regular base. A little time during my secondary school, so I began again while doing the Medicine School and so far, by myself. I really thank every teacher on this website for the amazing English lessons. It helps me a lot to improve my English.


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I have been doing the quiz for 3mints. I miss read one by mistake:( I will be more careful next time.

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      What are doing now ?? graduated?


it is high time I wrote a comment.
I have been studing english for a long time but I still discover new things every day.
present perfect continuous is well known to me, but the lesson was was very intersting .
thanks Emma realy I appreciate your efort.


Present perfect Continues or
your support please


Thank you Emma . Wonderful lesson-

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Beautiful emma i don know how to thank you about this useful way , i totally got this grammer , i need u to explain or provid a lesson for past simple n present countinues and etc .. plz i want to email u if u can replay on me i will be so happy ❤️


Thanks, Emma! I agree when you said somewhat it’s easy to learn English but sometimes it could be hard to speak them out. I have been watching your video and other engVid vidoes for a month and I must say I’ve been learning a lot. :)


Ouhhh,, godness! it’so help us to improve our skills in many ways at english especially ☺?

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HELLO! Good job Emma!let me tell you that you are a good teacher.
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Thank you Emma for your lesson. I’ve been using a wrong grammar for so long, like I used to say “The task has been done”. And I just realize now that it was wrong.
Also can you help me to tell which one is right between these sentences?
“We have been marrying for 5 years now”
“We have been married for 5 years now”

Thank you.


I feel that I more understand Thank you EMMA


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Hello, Dear Emma
Thanks for posting such a nice videos in an interactive way it’s so easy to understand. You and Adam are my favourite. I would like to request you to post some videos about ” GERUND AND PRESENT PARTICIPLES”, I mean difference between them. I expect you will consider my request.


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I got a score for this challenge 10 out of 10. Thanks Emma for your great support for us.

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Very clear
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Thanks EMMA Mam this lecture is really helpful for me.


I have been using the present perfect continuous for 60 years but this tense is no longer taught in Italian Grammar Books for the middle school: I can’t understand the reason considering that there is no better way to express an action which has started before and is still going on! Thanks for the lesson. I tried the quiz and I got 10 out of 10.


Thank you teacher Emma. I have been watching your video for 2 weeks. I ‘d really like it.


I have been watching your video for 2 weeks. I ‘d really like it. Thanks.


If we win this match, our school will have won 5 matches.
is this correct?



    engVid Moderator

      Hi! Ms. Emma and Engvid moderator, I just recently joined in here but I have been watching your videos for one week. And I’ve learned so much from you especially Ms. Emma who has been teaching clearly when making a videos. I would like to ask, how long have you guys here been teaching in this website?

      Are my sentences correct? Could you please tell me? I wanna inprove my english since I have been studying english for years but not that improving especially in verbal. Thanks.


        engVid has been around since 2008, and Emma has been teaching here since 2011!

        engVid Moderator

Thank you so much Emma for this lesson ❤❤


Thanks for your kind response, moderator.
I have a few more questions:
please mark, which are correct?
1. She will have been working as Director for eight years by this June.

2.She will have worked as Director for eight years by this June.

3. They will have constructed the Metro System for nearly


4. They will have constructed the Metro System for nearly eleven years now.

5. They will have been constructing the Metro System for nearly eleven years now.


Thank you so much. :)


I have been studying present perfect progrissive lessones for 2 hours. I hope I never forget it ^^.


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I got 10 correct out of 10!Hurray!
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Thank you for your help,Emma. :)


100…Thank for help emma


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Hello, i’ve been studying english for 3 years or more and my opinion about is, english is a pretty interesting lenguage it has a lot of words that u can use to express yoourself in many ways. I think i’ve got addicted to learning english, i love learning grammma and new words. i always try to keep me learning new words every day ‘ and i’m happy to be able to understand your videos.


i have 100 point .


There’s still no news from Eddie. I ___________________ to reach him the whole morning, but his phone keeps going to voicemail.
have been trying
have tried
which answer correct ???


    have been trying is the correct answer

    Teatua Lasi

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I’ve been serving in Africa for six months.

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I think there was a mistake in definition of past perfect progressive. It refers to an action that started in the past and continued for a period of time and finished in the past !


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I couldn’t understand a different between Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive (Continuous) ? Could you make a lesson about it??


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Why he coming with have in 10 question?


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Thanks Emma, Excelent lesson. A question, Are there the Future perfect progresive tense??

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I have two questions.
1. What kind of accent do you have?
2. “Has been a hard day’s night, when I’ve been working like a dog…”. This variant doesn’t coincide with your explanation.


hi. can you tell me
what different betwent ” i have been in Usa for three years ” and ” i have been living in Usa for three years” . THANKS


Eveyone can explain help me .


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Question 9 , the correct answer is ( I have listened to you for hours.) if we choose an example of a present perfect progressive sentence , why it’s (I’ve been listening to you for hours.) knowing that’s a present perfect continous . It’s a fake question or what ? & thank you .

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I have been working for this company for 25 years.
She has been crying all night.
How long has Sara been cooking in the kitchen?
It has been raining all night.
He has been playing basketball for 2 years.
Kind regards, Emma


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