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    Hello engvid and dear friends ; SKIKDA, Nataanna, kotoz, struggle for eng,etc. I got back again. You may know, I’ve not been here for a period of time. I wasn’t going to come back. But now I feel, i really need to be here for at least two reasons:
    First, since I’ve been here and found new people, I feel better and I’m more confident. Talking with good buddies, give me an unbelievable feeling.
    Second, I can see easily development in my speaking skill. Therefore I will continue being here.
    Few days ago was Iranians’ New Year
    But unfortunately I had no a normal New year. Because of my mother’s disease, I had to disregard all of my entertainment and even studying lessons. Thank God, now she is healthy and good. That’s why I decided to come back here.
    I want to appreciate Nataanna, SKIKDA and others for their sympathy and great comments. Today I checked your comments. Thank you for your attention.
    Dear Emma, as usual I really enjoyed your teaching. Thank you a lot.

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      Hello provincial friend, I’m so glad that your mother is fine now. recently I find this website and I agree with you, this site is perfect.

      Profile photo of mohamadkh mohamadkh

      Good luck for you!

      Profile photo of William Neto William Neto

    thank you emma

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This technique is really amazing!
Thanks for the new perspectives you showed us, Emma.

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    Yes I got 10 out of 10…easy quizz.

    Profile photo of husamation husamation

      In engVid, the quiz is easy… but… the quiz of… Adam is really hard! :) And it is really hard to get the high score!

      Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

      me either

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Hey emma i am mad fan of your help in english.plz add me fb.Kawsar sabuj

Profile photo of Kawsar sabuj Kawsar sabuj

    hayre public…

    Profile photo of majharul majharul

WOW that’s amazing i got a 100 marks.
yes many thanks from engVid and special Thanks from dear Ms Emma She is nice teacher she have nice method of teaching that’s why its very easy to understands

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Oh!! I was expecting 100 but got 90 ☺. Nice lesson. Thank you, emma. ❤

Profile photo of Annie Annie

thanks a lot , I got 9 0ut 0f 10

Profile photo of Amin Naser Amin Naser

Thank you, teacher Emma! That is a great lesson. I will use this tip from now on.

Profile photo of kendyosiro kendyosiro

“I don’t have enough space here for…”, ahahah, funny, that reminds me of Fermat’s last theorem!

Profile photo of Mauro Mauro

Thank you it’s very useful and you terrific teacher

Profile photo of isam isam

Thanks Emma.when listening at your lesson,i deeply realized in my soul how sacred and so valuable and pure is the word teacher.and you make me taking a decision, to learn seriously;in the way to reach your field, pure one ;to become like you teacher.by the way my score in the quizz was 100/100

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Thanks Emma, this lesson was great..

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

you have a perfect inspiration for your lessons Emma, it’s really pleasant! Thanks a lot!!

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thank you so much Emma, it is a very helpful lesson, please make more lessons like that.

Profile photo of Ammar El Shikh Ammar El Shikh

Thanks Emma, First lesson is very good.

Profile photo of Mahir Kaya Mahir Kaya

Really a very interesting topic if you want to go up with your English level, like a race, you prepare your periods of training, warm up, read and cool down, or may be Know, Want to know, and Learned. I have to review another time the lesson to set up my acknowledge of this KWL method and be sure I have understood it all. Thanks a lot, teacher Emma, it has been a very useful class.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Thank you for the pleasantness of listening to your lessons.

Profile photo of igoq igoq

I think it’s not possible to apply this strategy in IELTS exam….

Profile photo of anik.advance anik.advance

Nice lesson and method Emma, thanks a lot!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Thank you a lot. I made 80 points in the quiz.

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Thank you Emma for this lesson.It was very interesting and captivating.

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thank you so much teacher.

Profile photo of Naoual zer Naoual zer

Thanks, I`II try)

Profile photo of Nikolla Nikolla

An excellent technique to become a better reader.

Profile photo of Ahsan Waheed Ahsan Waheed

super nice lesson, thank you

Profile photo of manuelacorredorb@gmail.com manuelacorredorb@gmail.com

Our lovely teacher has come up with a good technique which I’m quite sure we can apply it to everything we read and get the most of what we read because this technique motivates memory and organizes information in it. What makes Emma different is the way of how she pronounces. With her silvery voice, I enjoy listening to all what she says. We are lucky to have such this great teacher.

Profile photo of khalidqs khalidqs

Thank you for this lesson!
But I have a problem with reading fiction book – such a difficult language there! What will you advise me?

Profile photo of Sceptic Sceptic

Thanks a lot

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It’s very useful for me. Thank you, Emma!

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    your right i’m learning new thing form emma teacher

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    you are right , it is really good to know it

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thank you. it was an importan lesson.

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Profile photo of Tota HU Tota HU

Hi. I got 10/10 thx for lesson

Profile photo of Darekflower Darekflower

I started to learn Englishs by this website, but I’m loving all explanation, everything much simply.

Profile photo of Emersom Emersom

Emma I liked so much this lesson! It will help me when reading! Now I know I have to look for subjects that I like and love to learn or know better. Thanks a lot Emma. You very kind!

Profile photo of John B John B

It was a great lesson please keep it up.

Profile photo of iduncanson iduncanson

Thank you Emma for the great lesson.
I love reading. I don’t read a lot though.
The method you taught is really interesting and will make my reading time more fun. I think I can use this method for not only reading English books but also other languages! What a nice lesson!
Thank you and until next time :D

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

thank you… i got 90 out of 100

Profile photo of Dheeraj1991 Dheeraj1991

Thank you for the video! It will help me from now on.

Profile photo of gabrielpedro2707 gabrielpedro2707

Thank you, Emma. It does really help.
Usually, before reading a book, I’ll start getting information about the subject, the author and others’ opinions on it. And I often highlight when I find anything interesting while reading the book. Should I use a notebook to record all the great things I learn from it? I know I should. But sometimes I’m just too lazy to do it.;)

How about you guys? What is your reading style before you watch this video?

Profile photo of tonnguyenkieuthuc tonnguyenkieuthuc

    I also used to highlight the most important and interesting lines while reading, sometimes I write them down, but for the warm up I’m afraid here comes my laziness :D
    Currently, I’m reading a novel called ” And the Mountains Echoed”, what about you guys?

    Profile photo of Rahaf Rahaf

      Nice to meet you, Rahaf. I would rather use this method for EngVid lessons. I always think about every new lesson before watching it. Sometimes I notice the class at work, where I have no time to study. So, I have much time for my imagination by the time I fulfill it. That’s why it’s the “warm up” or “know”. The listening to the lesson itself is “running” or “want to know”. And lastly, the quiz is “cool down” or “learning”.
      The next time I’m going to make a list of suggestions about the lesson, then I’ll compare it if I guessed correctly. It will be funny. Join me.
      Thank you, Emma, for the new “game”. Studying becomes little boring, I need smth to encourage myself….

      Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

    I think this KWL method isn’t difficult to use by itself, but the problem would be to afford with a difficult topic or subject to develop the same method, e.g. if you read a vocabulary with new and strange words, you will think that it will be difficult to remember and learn how to use these words in the future conversations or communications. I would rather learn to my own mistakes because it’s secure I would have them, whatever the question that I find, I would try to keep it up in my mind. It also depends on your affinity to the topic, if you like it, you will learn easier than if you don’t like it.

    Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Thankyou.It was interesting

Profile photo of Maryam feili Maryam feili

Very useful method. Im going to use the KWL method for what i read. Thank you very much!

Profile photo of VietNam1984 VietNam1984

Brainstorming for students!
Wow, what an interesting way!
(I did not know it).
Thanks so much for this valuable lesson Emma.

Profile photo of Riccardo S Riccardo S

Thank a lot, Emma .Your Engvid.com is very helpful for me.

Profile photo of nyi nyi lynn htet nyi nyi lynn htet

Tx Emma. I got 100. You remember me “The secret of learning is love.”

Profile photo of mgh mgh

I had known anything about this method by the time I watched this lesson. I really like it. This is an active reading.
Thank you Emma!!

Profile photo of mtalha6 mtalha6

I learned more..thank you teacher Emma.

Profile photo of Bhel-rebamba Bhel-rebamba

Thank you, Emma.

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

Really interesting
Than you Emma

Profile photo of PacoBe PacoBe

It was really good.thanx. I got 100% in quiz. Thanx

Profile photo of saurabhb saurabhb

This is cool I have 9/10

Profile photo of Abdi xuku Abdi xuku

Thank you,but this reading strategy is simple a lot. In english corses, we learned the skimming and scanning method. In my point of view, that methods is more pratical and interesting

Profile photo of Fabio Skywalker Fabio Skywalker

Thank you. I’ll try to use your method today.

Profile photo of borshcreator borshcreator

thanks ,i am a english major,ithink it is very useful.

Profile photo of Aaron AN Aaron AN

Thank you, It does realy help me.

Profile photo of Tangchuan Tangchuan

You got 9 correct out of 10.
:)thanks Emma

Profile photo of khadinh khadinh

Thank you

Profile photo of Tagardy Tagardy

Wow! Interesting class and method! Certainly, I will keep in mind better what I will read ahead! Thanks a lot, Emma. God bless you! Greetings from Brazil.

Profile photo of Leo Coelho Leo Coelho

This was indeed a great lesson, dear Emma!
I will keep following up your lessons. Thank you very much!

Profile photo of Jorge Loureiro Jorge Loureiro

thanks a lot !!! *–*

Profile photo of Thais vila Thais vila

Thanks Engvid guys its a great method to use.
I need someone to practice english with on Whatsapp so if anyone interested please contact my number below and it will be a pleasure if one of the Engvid members or a native speaker would help me out even from time to ti

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Great lesson Emma! I got 100. Thank you!

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Does anyone want to practice their English? Here I leave my IP skype: Alexis.walker.mars

Profile photo of Alexis Murs Alexis Murs

Hello Emma!!! You were the firt teacher I have found in Engvid. Since then, I have learned more and more here, and, of course, I knew new and good teachers with different accents in vids. I love your lessons and my comment now is only for congratulation you. Thanks.

Profile photo of MARTONIO MARTONIO

Thanks Emma for the hepful tips!!!

Profile photo of DylaCR DylaCR

Hey Hi There!

Thanks for the lesson.i have got 90% marks.

Profile photo of Jyoti Pandey Jyoti Pandey

Hello Emma! I have a doubt!! Is this KWL method helps you to memorizing the words? Because I’ve been reading a Stephen King’s novel… And there are hard words I’ve never seen before… I writing them, and read and read, but I’m always forgetting the meanning of them

Profile photo of Johnsky Johnsky

Thank you engVid.You had helped me a lot.I am just starting to learn English again.You are my new best friend. More videos to share. God bless.

Profile photo of SMCT SMCT

    Hi SMCT, i am also beginner here. i am search someone to practice english with me. would you like to practice english with me :) my skype id is neeraj.punia1
    best of luck for your future :)

    Profile photo of neeraj.punia1 neeraj.punia1

I have to try it 😊

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Thank you verygood lesson

Profile photo of marcelo oliveira marcelo oliveira

Thank you very much

Profile photo of ehsanullahehsan ehsanullahehsan

It was very useful, I really enjoyed

Profile photo of Basmakhalifa Basmakhalifa

it’s really useful for my reading skills.

Profile photo of hothiphuongthao157 hothiphuongthao157

Hi dear Emma
thanks alot

Profile photo of Saleh-B Saleh-B

another amazing lecture.

Profile photo of tauseef22 tauseef22

i go 10 out of 10,thank Emma

Profile photo of Henry Chuang Henry Chuang

Thanks Emma for the method,but it need some practice to truly understand.

Profile photo of LIN Ting Hsuan LIN Ting Hsuan

Thank you so much
Your style of education is enjoyable and excellent
I have benefited a lot

Profile photo of yousef ahmad yousef ahmad

I’m really impressed by this lesson

Profile photo of msamu0118 msamu0118

thanks a lot emma practical method

Profile photo of yahiadr yahiadr

Hello Emma,
Thank you very much for this video. Easy to understand and to remember. I am surprised that i got 100 in my quiz. Now I going to apply your useful concepts (KWL). I am sure these ideas will help me to improve my learning. Thank’s again.

Profile photo of aaquiahu aaquiahu

Thanks Emma! I got 100!!!

Profile photo of Anna Slukvina Anna Slukvina

    hai anna superb

    Profile photo of kohli gehlot kohli gehlot

Thanks for this lesson Emma, about how we should read.

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Great video! thank you so much Emma

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Profile photo of azizmacchia azizmacchia

Emma excellent teaching ability, thank you.

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Thank you Emma, it was very useful!

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Thanks for your lesson.

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Very helpful

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thank for this lesson.

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Thanks a lot for this useful lesson, Emma! I really love your English lesson, you are best English teacher!

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Thanks!!! Great Lesson!!!

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thanks emma

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Great,thank you

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I got 8 points

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thanks for the lesson, it’s really useful for me

Profile photo of dhitaniki dhitaniki

As I understood the KWL method suits for reading books in my native language

Profile photo of Medbrat Medbrat

Thank you Emma. I used to cannot understand English well and event cannot follow some English speakers. I felt depressed. Today, I watched your video. Your pronunciation is wonderful and speaks clearly. I feel more confident.

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ohh wow
how so fantastic

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thanks a lot

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Thank you Emma. its very helpful.

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I don’t know what’s the mean ?

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Thanks Emma for the great lesson, was useful to increase my knowlegde

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    for the great class, was useful to increasy my knowledge

    Profile photo of Romacio81@ Romacio81@

That’s very splendiferous,I will follow the lesson.Go for it!

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Thanks Emma for this lesson, let me to study better and fast

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Very helpful, thank you.

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thank you

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I love this method, thanks Emma!! So let’s practice hehe

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Thank you to share your experiences and technique

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Thankyou emma i got 90 and thanks to EngVID

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very useful, thank you Emma

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Amezing teacher

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Thank you very much Emma

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thanks for the tips!! Very interesting!

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Can you guys explain about IELTS readin?

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Thank you thank you thank you Emma.I was a bit confused in the start but now i get it

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i got it

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Emma the children in Canda need do the IELTS test

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oh I got 10 out of 10. I was pleased to learn about that !!!

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thank u Emma!

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i like this videos. very useful and necessary to learn english. i really like to learn english. everyone to chat with me and study this language together. please contact: lethibienthuy62@gmail.com.

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This lesson is bichin’

Profile photo of Wclledja Wclledja

    Hey @W,
    What does ´bichin` stand for?

    Profile photo of Angel Pilgrim Angel Pilgrim

Great Topic I well start practice it from now on , Thank you .

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Hello Emma, I have followed your few classes about describe the image in youtube. I liked the way you explains, your expression and all. Well, I am here for, because I am desperate and I need help in, build-up my vocabulary, grammars, pronunciation, Writing and speaking, I planned for PTE exams within next two months. I know your website doesn’t say about PTE, but I don’t know, I am just feeling, I may get some help from you. if you a provide a private tuition online with zoom or skype. please let me know the fees detail. waiting to hear from you soon.

Thank you

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Emma end engVid, thank you for your very interesting video. I am going to practiсe KWL method.

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very fantastic lacture(emma).
i need your email or skype ID for more learning.

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Thanks, Emma! The lesson was very important for me.

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thank you

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I am not sure how it is useful for me. But I will try it.

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Teacher, I Like so much your class. I think you explain in a clear an interesting way which let me understand everything.

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    I agree with you.

    Emma has a kindness way to teach. we feel very comfortable watching and learning with her.

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very helpful

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this is good one. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you so much for creating this website.
I really loved it.!!

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thank you very much!! it is eally useful!

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I like this website. Especial Emma for KWL method.
Thank you guys

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Great lesson @Emma,
Your lessons are always helpful.


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Dear Emma
Tanks for evry things

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It’s a simple but useful and inspiring method!
Thanks a lot!

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thank you for this technique i got 90 out of 100

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its awesome thank you…………

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It’s very useful for me. Thank you, Emma!

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thank u , it sounds simple but i think it’s really gonna help !

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I got 10 correct out of 10. I don’t know how, but I liked!

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Thanks for a very useful technique!

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Thanks it is helpfull.

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You got 9 correct out of 10. Thank you Emma

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Thank you very much teacher Emma

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Thanks from your teaching.I got 9 number from 10 number in the quiz.

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Thanks Miss

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Thanks, teacher! you are amazing.

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Thanks! I got 10 out of 10))

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Emma you are very intelligent, nice and explain very well
Thank you

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It was helpful 😊

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This is great, thanks

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i love it !thanks for the video

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Thank you, Emma. Its very useful .

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Thank you Emma.it’s useful method

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thanks, Emma,

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i am going to read my next book implementing this metod, thanks,

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I am so happy that I find your best website and In TOEFL the videos helped me a lot that I couldn’t think …

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I’ve often tried the quizz with engvid.com with results, but now I can’t do it, even i can watch your video. Could you find what the matter is? Thank you! Anyway the KWL method seems to be a very good one

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Hi friends I want improve my communications skills by speaking. Anyone could you help me please friends my contact ph no +919743206812

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I got 100%. Thanks Emma!

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I like it :)

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Hello everybody i’m a begginer i wish u help me

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Emma, thank you for your lecture. But the quiz.. Sorry. 80% Two answers are wrong

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This is an excelent method to apply everthig!

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I really appreciate you provide this excellent idea!. I’m not the kind of person who loves to read, because I have some teasing eyefloters, but anyhow I must overcome over this, I must read somehow with lot of patience. I am going to try it. Thanks!

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it was great to watch.

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Fantastic class,i really like this class

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9/10. Thank you Emma.

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Thanks Emma

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It’s amazing. Tks so much

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Many thanks.

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Thank you about the video. Your English is pretty clear!

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great as usual

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very interesting method, am about to read now

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Emma I can feel you have a good heart. I enjoy your lesson every time.

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Thank you so much teacher!! This website is the best website I have found in Internet. Congratulations for this amazing educative priject. I know I will lear a lot here. I want you to know I am interesting of practice my English everyday with anyone that wants to practice also. My Facebook is this:https://www.facebook.com/apalominoarias

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KWL it’s really amazing concept for reading.It’s my first class for IELTS ,I am humbled to get 10.
Thank you so much Emma.

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I think it’s an interesting method to learn vocabulary too, because I’ve been reading a book called “Be my guest” and I’ve learned some words I didn’t know. So, I will try to use this method I will see how much I have learned from reading this book.
Thank you so much Emma, I love the way you explain

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Thank you so much Emma

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the lesson is very clear to me ,, I understand everything perfectly .. thank you Emma

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i just learned something new today. am glad and i will practice it. thanks

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Profile photo of mychris mychris

Hi Emma,

great video

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Hi thanks Emma
Great video
Thanks a lot.

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Thank you so much Ma’am Emma

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It was so useful that I would like to use the method which you gave me.

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Thanks Emma! Got 100% Your video is very helpful :-)

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Hi, The lesson is useful.

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I am finding out partners to practice English, who would like to do that with me?
Anyway, i love you ms.Emma. all your lesson are amazing 😍

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Thank you

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Thank you Emma, I was really helpful and great to know about this KWL technique, but I have a question: What if you find a book and it’s title interests you so much in the way that you have hunger to read it, but you don’t know anything about book at all,, is this technique still doable in this case? If not, which technique should we use instead? Thank you again.

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100%. Thanks Emma

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Thank you Emma.

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You got 10 correct out of 10.


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Thank you, that is a good method, I will begin to use it.

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Good lesson, excellent teacher

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Thank You Emma

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Great lesson

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it is all awesom thanks EMMA

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I gonna more practice the KWL method, it’s very important and easily the all compreension during read and understanding. like!

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It was very useful, thank you.

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Hi. thank you. it’s may be useful! after I use that I will know it is good,better or best method. Anyway it was useful useful.

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Thanks for this! I will try this method

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Good lesson. I’m going to try it.
Emma Thank you…. :)

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if i knew these methods i made batter thanks emma

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hello have are you

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Hi Emma, Great video. Thanks

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Thank you Ms. Emma for that interesting lesson, It is really a good method for reading. I have a question please, if I choose a book randomly, how can I fix K stage. I asked this question because I had started reading a book which I did not know anything about it. At the beginning I faced some difficulties in understanding what the author aimed to, but afterwards I got it.

Thank you,

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Appreciate you for your teaching and i hope you will continue studying us for our improving English speaking,
thanks Emma!!!!!

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