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thank you Rebecca:)


    Thanks for watching! My best wishes to you.


      Well-designed quiz Emma!It provides useful pieces of advice to tackle specific lexical problems; it was just great.

      Thanks a million for this marvelous video lesson.

      Superb review on advanced vocabulary Emma!


      thank you my dear teacher


      Dear Teacher Rebecca at first sight it looks easy to write correct answer ,but in some of them like success and succeed confusing and a little bit emigration and immigration arise,however thanks a lot of choosing interesting cases to teach us

      Mohammad mostaan

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree


    Hello kotoz,first of all;congratulaion. Second;I have a question: I know the meaning of the top idiom, but I don’t understand the relevance (use)of it with this lesson,could you please tell me???


      Correct mistakes come from learning


      Hello everyone! Have you noticed it’s the anniversary again! The 200th lesson of dear Rebecca! My congratulations to her. I’m so glad to be a student of such askillful teacher as Rebecca. You teach us not back or forward but all year round. Thank you!
      A teacher is like Spring,
      Who nurtures new green sprouts, Encourages and leads them,
      Whenever they have doubts.

      A teacher is like Summer,
      Whose sunny temperament
      Makes studying a pleasure,
      Preventing discontent.

      A teacher is like Fall,
      With methods crisp and clear,
      Lessons of bright colors
      And a happy atmosphere

      A teacher is like Winter
      While it’s snowing hard outside, Keeping students comfortable,
      As a warm and helpful guide.
      Teacher, you do all these things,
      With a pleasant attitude;
      You’re a teacher for all seasons,
      And you have my gratitude!


        Hello dear Nataanna,did you see the comments of my happiness in the last lesson? Check them please.
        Do you remember my expression about NOROUZ? Now it’s NOROUZ!!!!!


          Happy NOROUZ!!
          I wish you and your family wealth and happiness!
          Do you have holidays these days?


          NOROUZ is our holiday!!! It takes 13 days


          Dear Nataanna. Can I ask you something? In these days, you have not been activing. Do you mind if I ask you the reason?


          Sorry, it lasts 13 days.


          Kotoz was right- I’m stressed for my work. And a little bit out of health condition. In spring the weather changes a lot in Russia; many people suffer from that. Me too, unfortunately.
          But I always watch all lessons and comments.
          I’m happy for you. Relax, spend more time with your family and friends. Have joyful days!


          Oh, I’m so sorry for that.
          Spring brings joyful and happiness for people, but it seems this condition is a little different for Russians. I hope that you regain your health as soon as possible. You know, my mother is sick too. She had dizziness three days ago, now she’s better but she becomes so weak.


          Good evening Nkh! It’s very pity to hear about your mother. I hope she’ll get stronger in few days.
          My mom jokes about holes in atmosphere due to space ships launches. She says it causes blood pressure races. Of course, it’s a joke. But who knows?


          Thanks for your sympathy dear Nataanna. You know, thanks God,my mother is very good now. Thank you again.
          And about your mother’s joke; I think she may is right!!! Finally, sometimes, the old, know sth that the young haven’t got any information about that, that’s why they think the old are wrong or tell a joke. Do you agree? Totally, I don’t know too. But to tell you the truth it was so interesting to me. It was the first time that I heared such a thing. But I don’t believe it too.
          Let’s get forget about it!!!!!❤


          Congratulation, you got a witness from Ms. Rebecca that you have a good English.


          Thank you. She is so kind to me. I appreciate her feedback very much. I`ll do my best to please all teachers at EngVid in their work, especially Ms. Rebecca.


        Nataanna, thank you very much for your kind words. I am very grateful. Enthusiastic learners like you make our work at EngVid more meaningful and rewarding. By the way, your English is very good, so congratulations to you on that achievement. I wish you continued success today and in the future.


          Thank you very much, dear Rebecca! My knowledge is mostly based on your and other EngVid teachers` efforts. Thank you for your job!


How you have be always 1st.
Where others NNaatanaa,Skida,..


    I study every day and visit it every day
    Natanna is kinda occupied at her works


i can answer the quiz without see the video


    Me too. I got 8 correct, what about you SKIKDA?


      i got 9 correct, without waching the video , so that means these words do not confuse me.


Well done! See you later!

Valery teacher

All clear and skillfully explained; my sincere thanks, Rebecca.


Thank you Teacher


Thank you Rebecca for this good lesson.


it is the first time, i got 10/10
wow i am so excited
btw thanks teacher rebecca


    Congratulations, boualem! You did it! I wish you all the best, today and always.


Thank you so much Rebecca for this amazing lesson and the quiz as well.

I could score 10 out of 10.for my first quiz that I took on your website! thanks a lot egvid team. Appreciated.

Mohamed Sidi

    Congratulations, Mohammed, on your successful quiz results. Thanks for your kind feedback, as well. I wish you all the best, now and in the future.


Hi, Rebecca thank you for this lessons are really helper , and there was very clear

Ricardo Pizarro

    Glad you found the lesson helpful, Ricardo! Feel free to check our many lessons at different levels to help you improve each day. I wish you all the best. Thanks for watching and writing!


10/10 Rebecca, you are a very nice and professional teacher. Learning with you is a pleasure. My achievements, progress and success go ahead :) Thanks


    Adamos32, congratulations on your quiz results and thanks very much for your kind feedback. I am so glad you found the lesson helpful. I wish you all the best, today and always.


Thank a lot to highlight these words. I got it


10/10 But it wasn’t easy, I had to think about every choice. Thanks for this lesson Rebecca!


    Hi Jorge, Glad to know you found the lesson helpful. All the best to you.


Very Good Class


    Juliopassos, thanks for your feedback. I wish you much success, today and always.


I just got 100 on Quiz after watching your lesson Miss. Rebecca. Thanks a lot. :-)


Thanks Rebecca, this lesson was great.

marcos alexandre

Amazing. Thank you!!


Very useful lesson, thanks Rebecca.


it..it was little difficult but i got it. Thankyou


    Good for you! I am sure you will improve your English as you care about improving. All the best, bakhtawarIbrahim.


this quiz is a peace of caek!


    You mean “a piece of cake” my friend. So glad you did well on the quiz! All the best to you, jahabli.


my big problem >> affect and effect ??


I have to say that effect can also be a verb and affect can be a noun.


    Yes, you are right, Maxxx89. At a much more advanced level, they can be used that way. However, the usage of “effect” as a verb and “affect” as a noun is quite rare, compared to the opposite, which is why I chose to explain the much more common error. Congratulations to you on knowing the difference. I wish you the best, today and always.


      Thx for the answer!


10/10 and , of course, thx for the lesson

I <3 EngVid


grate but a little confusing

Maryam feili

    happy Nowruz to you .


      Happy NOROUZ to you. I wish you a great year.


        Have a nice year


    Yep! I agree with you, but be patient. It takes some time to master these confused words, but don´t give up.

    Keep up the good work Maryan!


This video has been a great success for me. It’s gonna have an effect on my teaching of course. So, if everything goes well, I am gonna immigrate soon. I just have choose the right things to succeed. Thank you very much for this lesson!:


    Manuela, thanks for sharing the usage of these words in the correct way! We know that practice is the best way to master vocabulary, especially when you make your own sentences and apply the words to your own reality, as you have done. I thank you and wish you all the best, from one English teacher to another!


hi rebe i like your pronunciation and I hope to be someday like you


    Thanks, engbro. To improve your pronunciation some more, try listening, pausing the video, and repeating the sentence in the same way. It can help quite a lot. All the best to you.


thanks for the lesson Rebecca, and the quiz questions are really good!


you are the best

Maryam feili

If you want to succeed in learning English, you have to accept Rebecca’s advice.


    Well, that sounds good to me, camellee. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I wish you all the best.


Thanks Ms Rebbeca for this great lesson.
I remember that I asked once my teacher of French about the last two words to immigrate and to emigrate ( in French: immigrer et émigrer), but your explanation was more clear.
I still have a question, If I wanted to mention the source and the destination at once, would it be correct if said ?
-They immigrate from Mexico to Canada.
-They emigrate from from canada to Mexico.


    -They emigrate to Canada from Mexico.


    Actually, you would need to say:

    They emigrated from Mexico to Canada.
    They immigrated to Canada from Mexico.

    So the rule is:

    emigrate FROM somewhere
    immigrate TO somewhere

    Thanks for your feedback and all the best to you.


      Thanks a lot, this is really kind, I still follow your lessons.
      Take care.


Wow!It is a happy thing to have your leasons,Rebecaa.I like it!


    Thanks, biggeragirl! I wish you all the best with your English, going forward.


salam from sunny Kyrgyzstan! :-) You are the best teacher in the world, even maybe universe!


    Wow, what a compliment, Tr0yan! Thank you kindly for your generous words. Each teacher offers us a different way to understand and move forward. I am happy to be able to help you and wish you all the best, today and always.


In Russian Advice is a countable noun, so we can say in Russian:” I am going to give you three advices: 1)…;2)…;3)…” or “I’ll give you a couple advices.”. Could I translate in English such expressions as “I am going to give you three pieces of advice:1)…;2)…;3)…” and “I’ll give you a couple pieces of advice.”?


    Yes, Roman06, you are right. We cannot count “advice” in English, so we cannot say “advices”, but we can count “pieces” so we can certainly say “three pieces of advice”. Thanks for sharing – interesting to know how it works in Russian. I wish you all the best going forward.


Very good lesson!!!!!!

Leandro Cleber

Congratulation Rebecca, it is a fruitful lesson.


Thank you for this meaningful lesson


I knew everything besides the difference between advice and advise. I’ve also recently found out that advice is an uncountable noun. Life is suprising, I was wrong for so many years. Now i know that i should say “I need a piece of advice”, but i sounds strange for my after so many years of saying “I need advices”. So as you can see lesson was useful. Thx.


    Thanks for your honest comment, ChrisOldo. Yes, even if you went away making one important correction after this lesson, it’s worth it, especially when we multiply that by the number of times in your life you might make that mistake otherwise. By the way, you can also say:I need some advice. Please check my resource on countable and uncountable nouns for more clarification and examples:


    All the best to you, my friend.


It was good lesson ….I like it …. thank a lot and Have a nice day ..I have very question but I want Something or Ways for asking … I need for sample : a email or social media .


    Please check our writing or business English sections for many more lessons on how to write email or social media posts. All the best to you, amirrezaee, today and always.


It was good leasson! I’m so happy to found this website!


Dear Rebecca,
Even after 200 lessons, it is always enjoyable and enriching to follow your lessons. Congratulations.
Yours sincerely.


    Thank you very much, Peter. That’s very kind of you. Thanks for watching and caring about improving. Glad to know I can help you. The 200 lessons include videos as well as the resources I have written for EngVid, so do check if any of those can help you further. All the best, Peter, today and always.


thanks Rebecca.


Great lesson, Rebecca. It is very important to know the difference among all of these words.Thanks a lot. Take care!

Júlio César L Sousa

Rebecca Thank you so much.


Thanks Rebecca. I used wrong these words most of the time. It was a very useful lesson for me.


    Wow, that’s great, S.Mohsen! Then, I’m really glad I recorded this lesson. Our mistakes are doorways to our growth. Correcting these errors will make a big improvement in your English. All the best to you, my friend.


Hello Rebecca! Thanks for explaining the differences beween those words, I used to confuse them, but now I believe I get a better understandindg on how to use them.


It has been a very useful review to words like “succeed” and “success”, or “advise” and “advice” because if you are not in contact with them several times, maybe you will be wrong when you find one of them, logically the doubts always come to us with this type of similar words. Thanks a lot, teacher Rebecca, as always a very interesting lesson.


    Yes, you are right, angardiobel. Review is critical as it solidifies our knowledge. I have found many advanced learners who still make these mistakes. Glad you found the lesson useful. My best wishes to you, always.


Very good tutorial. But I feel explaining not thorough enough, maybe offer more details should be better.


    This was meant to be a shorter diagnostic and review lesson. Please note that each of the five word pairs I covered here is linked to another lesson which explains them in full detail. The links are at the end of the lesson. All the best to you, jlg234bob.


Clear and useful lesson, as usual.
Thanks Rebecca


I enjoyed my self? Thank you mam Rebbeca


    Thanks, LoveU. I enjoyed your comment! Learning should be fun. I wish you all the best.


it was a great leason i have ever listened thanks to you Rebbeca .

shafiq loqmani

I like the teacher Rebbeca. thanks


Rebecca, are you sure that your the last example is correct? Emigrants refer to people who go to another country and Immigrants to those who come from another country. Best regards, Jacek/Poland.


    Yes, when people leave a country for good, they are emigrants. When they arrive to stay in a new country, they are immigrants. We are in agreement. All the best to you, JacekPL.


Thank you Rebecca, It’s really a great lessor for the learners.


Sorry I can’t reply to each one who leaves a comment, but I do thank you all very much. It means a lot to us to hear from you, to know what you need, and to understand how we can help you further. I wish you all the best, with your English and your lives.


    Thanks for your answers and feedbacks Rebecca. We also wish you peronal advancement and rays of sunshine on all your ways of life :)


thanks a lot Rebecca!!!! I scored 100, it was a quite helpful lesson


I love this website, it’s very helpful, I need improve my speaking. I’d like English native speaker ID SKYPE valeria.here


thank you my teacher , Rebecca. I love her and her lesson

Le Thanh Thuy

Thanks, Rebecca. Good lesson. I got 100


excellent. I got 10


You are a great teacher.
Thanks for your shareing!
Your thinking way is clear and fantastic.

Sakura kinomoto

    Thank you kindly for sharing your warm feedback, Sakura. Please note the correct spelling of sharing – we need to drop the E when we add ING. I wish you all the best.


I got 90% thanks ms.rebecca


The spelling realy affect English learners. How can I successd my life? :D Thank you Rebecca. Did I say right?


“Succeed” my spelling wrong


Even if I understood the lessen, still confuing to apply to me. :)


    Keep trying and you will get it right, Tammyjang1.
    Our mistakes are great, since they tell us what we need to correct to progress.
    I am sure you will succeed! (verb)
    I am sure you will achieve success! (noun)
    All the best to you.


Thank you Rebecca.


u r an awesome teacher,rebecca


thank you Rebecca:)

husam shikhoni

Thenk you Rebecca only light and positive emotions are going from you and of course very useful information


    Thank you so much for your kind words, ashurik. From one teacher to another, I really appreciate your feedback. We both understand the great role that psychology plays in a person’s success. My best wishes to you.


that was good lesson but we need more

sadam abdulahi

thanks Rebeca…


Thank you Teacher.

khin Swe Latt

I got 09/10.☺ Superb lesson rebecca. Thanks.


Thanks Rebecca..mam….

shiju sadanandan

Thanks you teacher.You are very good teacher.


It’s extremely important my Dear Miss Rebecca.
thank you a lot.
I will always watch your videos to improve my English.
my warm regards to you all


    Thank you very much for your kind words, sackoaly. I wish you all the best.


I got 10/10. Thanks Rebecca =)


thanks mam do more video

aftab allam khan

I think both choices are correct in 4. question, isn’t it. Thanks a lot for this lesson and thank advance for your interest.


    Actually, for both choices to be correct,they would have to be phrased in this way:

    Success means different things to different people.
    To succeed means different things to different people.

    Hope this helps!
    Glad you were also a fan of Robin Williams. All the best, l@tif11.


Rebecca, You are genius. I began to feel English with your lessons.

Ivan Solonovich

thank you a lot teacher,
I really appreciate it.


10/10…way to go!!! thanks Becky very nice video


10/10. Thank you.

ann ann

Tanks Rebecca, really complicated lesson but fun.


thanks rebecca


Thank you i did it! Wonderful?


it’s so rejoicing that all answers are true on the quiz! Thanks for the tremendous lecture

Taha inan



Rebecca, what is meaning of ‘in a way’ give me in example for me please. Thank you for your attention. You are wonderful teacher.


thanks my score is 80


Hi Rebecca!

Thank you for this lesson. You could put some light on this confusing topic. Besides, your handwriting is perfect and clear.

Bye for now!

Eduardo França

Dear Rebecca,

I got 10/10.
i am happy you know because I have found my English teacher.
Have a good day



I got 10/10 teacher. It’s hard for me not understand your explanation. You say it promptly…well done Rebecca.


Such a positive teacher! :)


Great. I got 100

Ir. Maria Teresa

Thank you!


I scored 90, I cleared my concepts about these words that’s why I follow you, due to your understandables lessons, thank you so much dear Rebecca.

fernando triana

10/10 thanks teacher.


thank you so much


Thank you Rebecca.
But my head had confused


Thank you Rebecca.
But my head had confused


Very useful lesson!


Thank you Rebecca


I got 9 without watching but it doesn’t lower the value of her strive.


Thank You Rebecca, for such hectic effort.
I have little bit confusion about the phrase i.e” to beard the lion in his den” can you please guide me..



Rebecca thank you. Are these testable in IELTS exam?
My regards


You got 10 correct out of 10.


M kartal

really important topic.tnks alot..

senay erdeniz

I got 9 correct out of 10. Thank you Rebecca.

Jun Shao

Ms rebecca i want to apply to a call center i want to learn this form of language..


Thanks Rebecca! We all succeed in the English Language with help of yours.


Thanks so much Rebeca.


thank you Rebecca,I’m from China.Your courses are all useful!I’m an undergraduate student,by the way.

Nero Chang

thank you maam Rebecca,god bless


Very good lesson.I sometimes get confuse in the use of advice/advise. T
hank you very much


nooo. ^^
thank you.


I got 10 to 10, so thank you Rebecca :)


Thank you so much


10 correct out of 10. I am a genius! Thanks to Rebecca!


10 out of 10,i get lucky sometimes hahha


thank to teacher


10/10. Thank you for the tutorials Ma’am Rebecca! you’re always a good teacher to everyone!


Thank you so much. Ma’am. I attempted all answers correct.


Thank you so much Rebbeca


Thank you. You are an amazing teacher <3


thanks a lot
a very simple and useful lesson
I like your lessons so much


I need to MORE concentration


10/10 my score
thank you so much rebecca you are the best teacher for me


Thanks, Rebecca.

Osman Musse

Dear Rebecca

Thank you for your valuable lesson . I have been using wrong words all these time or confused over these words . Your explanation made me to understand the very basic knowledge of these words and verbs . Thank you


thanks Rebecca,hugs (Kazakhstan, 02 october 2021)
very usefull for me presentation


This really help thank you very much!

Muhammad Bello

Thanks very much, Rebecca! You are amazing. (Azores Islands, 06Jun2022);


I think the last two questions are wrong:
That’s because we, people that remain in the country, are the reference point. Look, we didn’t move, so someone emigrate TO somewhere… (They’re gone from the place we still are) And when they come for the place we are, they immigrated FROM somewhere TO the place we are. (They arrived here)
At least in Portuguese is in that way.
And thank you so much for your videos, I only choose you to watch videos here because you’re the professor who most make them. I watched already 71, I’m just watching the intermediates ones, after that I’m going through the advanced, thank you so much, for real. <3 s2

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