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Thank you very much for your interesting lesson! Have a nice weekend!

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Your lesson is very useful. Thank you a lot. You speak so clear. I love your accent. You are a amazing teacher. Thank you again. I alway wait for your lessons ^^.Have a good day!!!

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Hi, Gill! Interesting subject. Thank you.

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Thank you for the interesting lesson :)

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Very useful lesson Gill, you are great. Thanks.

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Thank you very much. I do like your lessons )))

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Got 10/10
Thanks so much

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I tried the Quiz.
I missed #9 and my score is 9/10.
I don’t know “anxious”. It’s a new word for me. Thanks for a good lessen!!

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Hello everyone , Hello Gill .
Interressting lesson . One thing among many others that stresses me out when speaking English is to meet people from different places with different accents . I remember the first time I went to London. I was at Heathrow waiting for a connecting flight and wanting to kill time , I ordered a beer at the bar inside the airport . If the bartender understood what I had said when it come for him to speak it felt like he was speaking a language that was totally not English and it really upset me . Actually , londoners are the most difficult people to understand ! It is very surprising that you, Jade and Benjamin are all from London and have so different accents . Maybe it comes from your birth place.
A lesson on how to recognise accents from everywhere in the UK would be interressting and could help all of us feeling less stressed when encountering people from London , Kent, Scotland , Wales etc…
Thanks in advanced and carry on

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

    What a nice comment!!! It was very good to read your comment. Intersting story.

    Profile photo of Danddan Danddan

    how long have you been in London? I think everything is ok with you now

    Profile photo of jelly.quater15 jelly.quater15

      Hello ,
      My stay was very short as I was waiting for a connecting flight to Istambul . It is now a story from the past as it stood in 2005 . At this period I wasn’t learning English and the basics I had , seemed to me appropriate enough to have simple conversations . this is this kind of situation that makes me more realistic
      and pushes me to go further . I deal more easily now with londoners but think that their way of speaking is always difficult to follow .
      Thanks for reading me

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Thank you!

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hi dear

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Thank you very much Gill!!!I´ll follow your advice: I´ll try not to get worried anticipating the worrying events ;)

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Gill, it’s a big pleasure to watch your videos. And your quizes are interesting, too. Thank you.

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Thank you Gill for your lessons, but belongs to question number two I got confused between. Is the correct answer “comfort zone” or
“comfortable zone”?. Thank you.

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Thanks for this lesson. Your pronunciation is so good and I understand almost all that you have said. Thankful, once again! This help me a lot!

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Thanks Gill for this lesson!

I am frequently anxious about not learning these English subjects very well, being stressed out, but I always try to push the envelope.

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It is great the way she teaches.

Profile photo of Marcia Gomes Marcia Gomes

Thank you very much. It’s good not to hurry.

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Before the lesson: 4/10 After the lesson 10/10!
Thank you very much for the advices, too, Gill! See you, then.

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Great video. Thanks. It was helpful.

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thank u for this lesson, i wish u the best

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i get 10/10 thank u very much

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Nice lesson, bat my listening no quite good yet!

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It was cool

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Good lesson I love it.. .

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hello every body I want to learn english
I wish you can help me
thank you

Profile photo of sara madoune sara madoune

Thank you!

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Hi Gill,

Great presentation, as usual, you make it crystal clear.

But can I raise one point ? (Because it drove me a little confused)
As far as I’ve understood it, stress and anxiety haven’t always the same thing.
In the strict meaning of the term, stress is a physiological response from a given event and, also at a given point in time.
This physiological response involves producting adrenalin and all its stuffs, so your body will be able an extra physical effort (“to fight” or “to run away” for example).
Useful in a wild environmement, maybe much less in our nowadays lifes. (lol)

So I would say :
– stress at a given time (and surely unhealthy if it occurs too often)
– anxiety remains in you, more in a continuous way.

In my experience, describing stress is also a smart way to get prepared and to deal with it.
Trainer Gill, I wonder if we wouldn’t have here food enough for a new lesson.
Keep on staying with subject “talking about STRESS” and focusing on vocabulary related with its effects. (be paralyzed, out of breath, sweating, stammering, knees shooking … no idiom coming to my mind, but quit sure they are numerous)

Looking forward to reading / hearing you.
All with my best,
With my kind thanks.

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Very useful thanks!

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This was a very helpful lesson. Thanks!

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Thank you Gill.

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it’s not only English lesson. It’s also good lesson about know yourself.

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Good lesson!

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very helpful

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great lesson. Thank you.

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7/10.. ThankYou Gill.

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Amazing lesson. I got 9/10 but it’s well when british accent is not allowed for american or latin people.

Thanks Gill The best ever.

Profile photo of Anthony Anthony

Generally, when people get stressed, they can become tired, sick and unable to concentrate or think clearly….
Thanks for this helpful lesson. My best to you, Gill.

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Thank you. Clear, interresting, well documented for every day conversation (not necessary to have a psychologist lesson on stress, of course). Never forget to watch one of your video. Thanks again.

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I appreciated either lesson and quizz. Thank you so much

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when I check your video-lessons out,I write down a lot of new words and take a note as a phrase verb.
Thank you so much

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I love your lesson, thanks Gill.

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Wonderful teacher, thank you

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Hello Gill! Thank you for the lesson! I liked it because I heard new words from you, I like your vocabulary and your British emphasis.

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7/10 thank you Gill.

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i don t speak english

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thank you i liked this lesson

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This is a good lesson, however i have a doubt regarding this;
Is there any differences between I WISH I HAD/HADN’T & SHOULD HAVE/HAVEN’T ?
1. I wish i hadn’t slapped him.
2. I shouldn’t have slapped him.
The above examples have the same meaning?

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Please add my skype zara_zettira

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Thank y Ou so much Gill!!

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Teacher that was a very important lesson (STRESS).
Because some times it is difficult to manage it. Thanks.

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This is my first time to watch Engvid’s lesson,and it’s very useful. Thank you so much~ I will look forward to your new video next time.

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Thank you very much!
This lesson was very interesting for me!

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Thank you for the great lesson.

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Excuse me teacher Gil . Which is correct ..?
1- my brother is very clever. He will be a teacher
2-my brother is very clever. He is going to be a teacher.
Please I really need the answer.. and why?

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Gill, i do really likes Your lessons. :)
Thank you!

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    Hello! As you are talkin as first person, you dont have put the S on like. I wish that you have understood me. See you soon bye

    Profile photo of dfantauzzi769 dfantauzzi769

Thank you very much.

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I got 5.hahahaha, Thanks

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Thank you very much!I really enjoy your lessons

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Thank you!

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It was very interesting

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I liked so much this class! :)

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thank you so much

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Thanks :-)
is a pleaser to listening you, Gill.

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Thank you so kindly!

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Thanks teacher Gill! Ve nice lesson!

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This lesson is realy good , thanks for your effort :)

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Thank you for helping.

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Teacher, no comprendo porque usted utiliza “Get out” en el titulo de la clase.
Que traduce esta expresiòn?

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Thanks a lot, dear Gill!

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Wonderful, thanks.

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thanks mrss gill really its good lesson and i understand as well i got new vocabulary …. thank so much

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Thank you Mrss Gill your lesson it´s helpful, I understand you!!

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I don’t understand no. 5

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thank you teacher Gill, I will learn all of your lesson and wait you have a new one

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Dear miss Gill,
It was a wonderful lesson. And thank you so much ! Please keep posting new lessons I have been following your lessons over and over. Thanks again!
Best wishes,

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Thank you very much for interesting teaching and good explanation Teacher Gill.

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Thank you very much.

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Thank you

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thanks dear teacher !

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10/10. After the second try . even without watching video ! Thanks .

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Nice with thanks

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i have done 10 it is incredible

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i have done 10 it is incredible fhyrhyhyh

Profile photo of davidtorosheli davidtorosheli

Thank you Gill!

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Thank you very much. I always wait for your lessons :)

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Thank you very much

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Hi Gill,thank you for this interesting lesson. Stress has been my biggest problem for a very long time but thank Godness today I’ve learned something from you.i need more lessons from you. God bless you

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you

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Very helpful lesson !. Today I had a stressful day at work and the test was a perfect match to the situation :-) Thanks !!

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thanks Gill

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Thank you very much, Gill.

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Thanks Gill really it joy to learn from you
you are awesome

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she is a great teacher <3

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