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I can’t believe it! I’m the first comment! I got 60 of 100 points :s. I confused several questions but that mistakes make me learn more master :). Thank you Gill!

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Thank you

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Hi Gill. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got 100/100 in this test. Thank you so much and stay safe :)

Profile photo of palakshi nautiyal palakshi nautiyal

Hi Gill,great lesson and very helpful for me, now i know the difference between on time and in time.

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Appreciate your great lesson. Thank you.

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So useful lesson! Thanks a lot!

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Good day Gill! Could you help me with the time’ theme.
I’ve heard it said on the BBC – “5 pm and MORE twenty” or something like that.
Would you explain this phraze.

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    Hello – I’ve never heard that, and it doesn’t sound right. Perhaps you could check and write it down, next time you hear it? Thanks!

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      Good day Gill! Sorry to interrupt. This is my mistake. I didn’t hear what the announcer said correctly.

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I got 90 of 100 percent. I really like this topic. Thank you so much.

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oh!I finish the cours in good time, so i have a confortable learning~~~: )

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Thank you so much 10 of 10

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Thank you for useful and practical lesson. I enjoy watching your lesson. :)

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Thank you so much Gill!!!It´s always a pleasure to learn with you ;)

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I’m so glad to join you and I’ll try daily to learn well with your great method. Thank you for your time. 🙏🏽

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This was really helpful. Thank you mam!

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Its very nice lesson.

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I got 100 % marks

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Tsk Gill. As usual it is a helpful lesson. From now I understand distinguish between in time and on time. I think I need to arrive to important events in good time because I want to have time to prepare. And it’s very polite to do that I promise to people on time.

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Thanks so much for the useful lesson Gill!

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Hello… I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis?

My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.

Thank you.

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I got 90… tnx… u teach me a lot of things

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Thanks a lot. It is very good lesson . It isn,t about time we learnet all these expressions?

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I´ve improved my English grammar so much since I’m watching you guys. Thanks a lot to all teachers at EngVid.com

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thanks for this great lesson

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it was really helpful to me


Veey clear lesson. THANK YOU:)

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Thank you for the lesson. I got 100%.

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I got 9/10
Thanks ❤️

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Thanks gill This is helping me lot as my school is closed

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thanks it was so important lesson t
i got 60% out of 100

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hello, thanks Gill, I got 9/10


Thank you, Gill!
100 % 100

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This is a very useful lesson. Thanks

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I got 90. But this is very useful. Thank you.

Profile photo of Nurainee Hania Nurainee Hania

great way to teach, I got 60%.very tricky quuestion some confussed but great way to logical test.Thanks

Profile photo of sanyasi sanyasi

good lesson, very clear
thanks Gill!

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Good lesson, thanks

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Excellent! It’s simply and clearly as always. And practical.

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Thank you very much, Gill! This brilliant lesson is utterly useful for every English learner whatever level one has. I didn’t know the exact difference between these phrases, now I do. Just amazing!

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Thank you Gill! That is very useful, interesting & understandable lesson. Your explanations are extremely clear!!! It is about time when I really understood almost all sentences. All the best & stay safe!!! You are very cool!!!

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Thank you so much Gill. I learned how to use about time!. It’s wonderful to me.

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thanks a lot for the lesson

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Thank you for the lesson Gill, it’s always a pleasure to attend it.

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Thank you very much for good lesson
Frankly, i enjoy your lessons.
It is very good method to learn with exercises

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Thanks Gill. I love your accent. it is so clear to my ear:) I got 80/100. I will pay more attention.

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So helpful! Thanks a lot, Gill.

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thanks. I learned how to use in/on time. it’s excellent.

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Thanks It was very usefull lesson

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Thank you

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Thank you a lot M’M

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A very thankful for your wonderful lesson.It’s really so useful,more informative, and very clear.once again thanks for your great efforts and taking time to help us.I love your lesson as always.You are eloquent,amazing,and great mam.I do many things in time.

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thank you a lot, i took a new lessons just in time

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Great Gill ☆°•° I rly like your style

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I got two mistakes..not bad I think, thank you Gill I am really learning from you :)

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