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Dear Rebecca i have learnt lots of things from you♡
You can change someone’s life by your informative lessons in a heartbeat:D
Thanks for being:)


I got up at dawn to learn your lesson and try to stay up to date in English which is the international language. Thanks to you, Rebecca.


Thanks, teacher Rebecca for your very clearly explaining of the time expressions. I always watch and study English lessons, but not around the clock to keep myself healthy and wise.


thanks Ms.Rebecca
i opened this Engvid-lesson just in time to learn your new memory technique



Mehdi Masud

IN THE HEARTBEAT is a nice expression.

In my language, exactly for this idea, we have the idiom : “IN THE EYEWINK” :-)


Dear Rebecca,
Thank you very much for this lesson. However, the expression “as we speak” feels a little bit counter-intuitive, it’s as if the Present Progressive should be used:”as we are speaking”. What might be the cause of Present Simple usage in this case?
Thank you again


Have a good day Rebecca. You are a real teacher. Your explanation make any question is easy.


Thanks for you teaching. I can really understand your teaching as you can be clear and to the point. Do you have any lesson on Sentences according to structure?

Moses B. Togbah

Useful, thank you so much for it :D

Yohan Romero

thank you dear, teacher

Aml Mounier

Rebecca ma’am you are a eloquent speaker. so i understand what you say very easily.
Ma’am , I have problem of using “would and would have”. if you will make video on that it wll be useful for me and also for many student who are confsed of using these words. THANK YOU MA’AM REBECCA.




Hello Rebecca, I am one of your students from Myanmar. Since I have made up my mind to study only your awesome and time-saving lessons for my Eng improvement. Thanks for sharing this much great require tips for learning Eng. I will wake up at the crack of dawn and also study Eng from this time on. As little things can change in a heartbeat, I should be ready for that small change, shouldn’t I? HAPPY HOLIDAY, Tr…

karen tz

Ms. Rebecca, I love your classes! I learn a lot with you! Congratulations.
All the Envid Team is fantastic.
Wish you all the best,


Hello, Rebecca thank you for your insightful lessons. I used to be behind times with respect to my English expressions. However, I have decided to work around the lock to take your teachings. As we speak I am currently trying to put into practice what I have learned so far. It’s already midnight and I feel like catching some sleep. At the crack of dawn, I will continue where I left off.


Thanks a lot Rebecca?

Jolyn Han

Thanks madam Rebecca

William Goodluck Merumba

T Thank you.I enjoy studying with you.


Thanks ?


woow it was wonderful lesson
thanks you so much


Got 10/10 nice lesson, thank you Rebecca.

karthika karunakaran

Thank you Rebecca . you are the best teacher !!


I have done the quiz. Where can i see the score and answer?


it’s an awesome teacher for English speaking and learning


It was amazing. class


Many thanks for all what you have done, I am enjoying your lessons


Dear Rebecca, thank you for your excellent video,engvid.com makes me possible to improve English around the clock.


Hi, I’m ten years old. I think after listening to this lesson, I better understand how to these words, and it would improve our writing skills. Thanks! Nice video!

Hermione Granger

I encourage students to write sentences here for each word. Actually, I’m from China.

Hermione Granger

Thank you Rebecca for the informative lessons. I’ll even rearrange my timetable
to be learning your lessons by tomorrow just at the crack of the dawn so as to be fully acquainted with English in a heartbeat. In view of this,I don’t want to be behind the times..


Thanks a lot.

Hieu Tr๏ng Khau

thanks Miss for the clear explanation. I got 100 in my first try!


Thanks so much for your teaching. Thanks to you, I believe my English is getting improve.

wonna htay

Thanks Rebecca. Without your help, I’ll have thought “out of time” means not up-to-date. Of course I translate in French.


thank you Rebecca for your explaining this lesson wonderful

sawsan Nageeb

thank you really u r amazing , can u make an explanation about if conditional?

Sara Abdel Fattah

I got 10/10 correct. Thank you, Rebecca?


Thank you Madam. Your teaching is very interesting and helpful.


you way of teaching is relaxing and amazing and from now on, i will try to keep in touch with you as you keep me posted about your new and updated videos.i appreciate you.


Thank Rebecca.


Thanks Rebecca.


Thanks a lot Rebecca!😊😊😊




Thank you Ms.Rebecca.


I’m that person who wake up early, that means I’m the crack of dawn? 😁😬🤣


thank you so much teacher.


Thank you,Rebecca.This is educative and enlightened.

johnson ogunbowale

Everything can be changed in a heartbeat.


thank you for your precious help.

Alvine john

Excellent, Rebeca, thank you very much!
I like the thought of being ahead of time for all my appointments.


thank you Rebecca.
take care!


10/10 love from pakistan


Wow! 10/10 from East Africa -Tanzania

Thank you Rebecca for the lesson

I believe by continue attending your teachings my English language will improve in a heartbeat!

Massawe E

I believe by continuing to attend your teachings my English language will improve in a heartbeat! ​

Massawe E

Thank you very much, because all your lessons are clear and helpful.

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