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Hi Emma. Thank you for this wonderful lesson! I scored a full ten out of ten! Again thanks a lot!

palakshi nautiyal

Tank you Emma &
Tank you engvid


Thanks Emma, Great as always

Seif Eldawla

Thank you Emma for the lessons.

Houreiliu Gonmei

Hi Emma!
Here in Brazil we have some expressions quite similar; but our country is big and it’s could be different to one place to another, even in the same state. I live in Rio de Janeiro. I’ll talk about some local animals expressions.

Dog, ass and pig have the same meaning (I think it’s universal!)

Weasel we don’t have it.

Chicken is the person unfaithful in a relationship or those who has sex with anybody.

Rat, here we usually use the expression “library rat” to book lover’s.

Deer in Rio today is calling for male friend. Can be offensive calling for homosexual male. And can be (for male) offensive calling in a strife.

Elephant we use in the expression “white elephant” to public buildings that are not useful purpose.

And finally, Owl is the best one, we use in the expression “Owl mom”, for careful mom.


Silas da Silva

    “White elephant” has a similar meaning in English, too. It is often used to talk about expensive but useless projects. However, it can also be used for small, cheap, often silly or decorative objects. A “white elephant sale” is like a “yard sale” or “rummage sale”—a sale of cheap second-hand (not new) objects, often to raise money for charity, a church, etc. A “white elephant gift swap” usually happens around Christmastime. Everyone brings a small cheap gift. Someone can either unwrap a new gift, or “steal” a gift someone else has already opened.

    Some recent examples:

    Brisbane picked to host 2032 Olympics: “Brisbane said it already has 84% of stadiums and event venues in place to fit the IOC’s modern demand of avoiding excessive spending and potential white-elephant projects.”
    Oakland’s white elephant sale goes online
    How to have a virtual white elephant [gift exchange]

    engVid Moderator

I think they are all said like in Brasil. Thanks Mr. Emma.


her is a nice teacher i am understand 90% her say and is good for me thanks


Really,I like vocabulary.


Thanks!! Was excelent


Emma , you are amazing as usual


Hi Emma, thank you for that…I got 9/10..hopefully I can do better in writing and speaking.


Emma questioned about meanings these words in our language. ‘Pig’ is a rude word in my language and the meaning equal English. ‘Ass’ is a less rude word (in meaning the animal :) ). ‘Rat’ has different meanings (We call so a thief who steal from friends or colleagues. Very negative meaning). We do not have analogs for English expressions ”Elephant’,’Dog’,’Chicken’,’Weasel’. For us these words mean the animals. ‘Deer’ has negative and funny meaning which absolutely different from English (because the deer has antlers(horns) ;) )


thank you my frand emma
I have 70
I stop lerrning for 5 yaers

mohamed alkssr

Thank you so much Emma

bah Ibra

i like a lot your class teacher, thanks


thank you very much Emma


This is my fist class. I’m love it Emma thks!


the lesson is very interesting, I also feel the way used the animal is the same vietnamese, special: the animals such as pig, dog, owl, rat. Thank Emma a lot

nguyen van long

Thank you for help me.


Thank you teacher, Iam really appreciate that


It was fantistic. I had 9 marks among 10.


Thank you so much emma


Great lesson!!Thanks Emma ;)


I am not a chicken anymore but I am still a deer


Hi Emma, you are amazing as always. You teach your lessons very well or I understand you well. That’s why your pronunciation is very good and you explain it one by one. In our Turkish culture, animal names are associated with people in a positive or negative sense. For example, we sometimes call a bad person a ‘snake’. Meaning; I mean, it’s very sneaky and sneaky and can sting and kill you as a treacherous. Best regards


Great lessons, Emma thanks .you are the best.


thank you dear tutor, it is very helpful.


I got 3 score out of 10 aww HAHHA


Good lesson, some expression are similar to my country but others are new for me, hence I think are very useful on informal conversation.


Thank you


In my country people others stupid like a cow but they also say drink cow milk to smarter :)))))))))

I am Vietnamese

    I knew two of them. But now I know a lot more. Thank you mam.

    Rishabh Kashyap

We have dog (people who doing dirty things) , pig (stupid people) and checken not strong buttrying do what strong people doing when they know that they going to lose) lion are good People like strong smart

Maria Waraabe

Nice job, Lady.


Thank you Emma. I’ve enjoy your class so much, You’re awesome.

Jose Wilson Fernandes Silva

so very good


Thanks Emma, great lesson.


hiemma ive learn a ot from you



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