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Thank you for these many tips. I also like the academic learning platform edx.org because they often have a real-time transscript beneath their videos. And you can audit many of the courses for free. Further, the content and the production of theses courses are in high quality.

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Got 90 :). Thank you Emma. You are lovely!

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Thank you for this information Emma, ​​so I will try to visit sites that I do not even know yet. For my part, living in France, I have already participated in some groups of learners from different associations; but that does not seem very effective because a lot of time is lost, in my opinion.
Good luck Emma.

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9 correct out of 10, very good!

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Hello, I need to help :) I’m trying to fins someone who training me in English (which content: speaking and listening) I’m agreement internet lessons :) If someone has desire contact me pls <3

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    Yes, me too, so how can we start.

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      can u give me your whatsapp?
      and i’II contact

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        My whatsapp 0201552677686

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      Your whatsapp?

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Thanks a lot Emma!

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i got 7/10 and wrong some place. Thank Emma i will try better next time.

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Thanks!!!!!Emma, your advice about the site Breaking News English was very very useful for me. Thanks again!!!!

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Thank you, teacher…!!

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Thank you very much teacher.

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I got 6/10 wrong. thanks Emma I’ll try to do better next time

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Thank you, for all

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I often use Radio Garden Online. It’s a website that you can listening to the radio around the world radio.garden

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thank you

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thanks for your advices

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I got 10 out of 10 fantastic for me after a long time have been passed, i am away from practice. I would like to go head.

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many thanks emma for your fantastic tips.

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One million of thanks !!

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I got 90
Thank you very much for this great lesson

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a friendly site for French speaking people who wants to learn English (specially: la page du jour, just 3 mn) at https://www.anglaisfacile.com/

A question for Emma or every one: is useful to write in English just for using the corrector and make less mistakes ?

thank you

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thanks for this lesson mss emma❤️

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Thank you Emma! You are a very good teacher!

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Thank you Emma :-) fruitful tips for learning english.

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As for me I attend free speaking club in Mormon church. By the way we have no religious topics in the Class. The last topic was “would you rather to be loved or respected and why?”

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Thank you

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i got 90 marks

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Nice.Thank you

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Making a quiz after the video is a very good idea
it always beneficial and add something to the student
Thank you, Mrs. Emma

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Thank you very much Emma
The course was very useful

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    im from algeria redha nice to meet you

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Emma, thank you very much!

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Thanks a lot!
How do we get the script ?

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thank you so much, Emma, I like your video specially Ielts video Go Ahead and take care

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Thank you very much,Emma.

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Thank you very much, Emma.

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Thank you Emma, I am going to learn english, with your tips. :D, I am happy with this.

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Thanks emma mam

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thank you

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thank you for all

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Thanks for the video..it’s really useful.

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Got 80 . Thank you for your gaudiness miss Emma.

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Thank’s for the wonderful lesson.

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Thanks Emma for these tips, I really appreciate it!!

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nine out of then, very useful thank you.

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thank you miss emma 7/10!

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Thanks Emma, you are my favorite teacher!!

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I really like your method for learn, thank you!

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Very nice video! Thank you

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Hi everyone, have a nice day

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Dear Emma
I am your new student from Kabul Afghanistan

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Emma Mame I am new students from Pakistan..

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I got 8 out of 10.Thank a lot Teacher.EMMA.

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like this hahah

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Emma is the best English teacher i’ve never seen before

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An enthusiastic student to an enthusiastic teacher

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Thank you! You give very useful advice.

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10/10 Thanks a lot Emma!

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Hello, Thank you for the tips for lear more english, I from Chile and I have two questions or doubts.What is the difference between “let´s get started” and ” let´s start”

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Thank you so much teacher Emma. I’m going to have a look at http://www.teacheremma.com, coursera.org and to listen BBC radio. Best regards.

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thanks a lot for the class.

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9 correct out of 10. im happy.

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Hi every one, this video i get more information about the website that i can get more practice and learning.

i appreciate for your teaching this tips that we can practice English language if we were non English speaker countries, again and again thank you miss Emma.

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Great, it is good for me to get this score(you got 10 correct out of 10).

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Hey, Respected Teacher !!!

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Thanks so much for the tips!

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8/10. I will according to Emma’s tips to learning English. Some methods aren’t use at before, but it is very effective.

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Thanks Emma.

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Thank you so much Teacher Emma.

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I got 9 correct out of 10.
Thanks Emma

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